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Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (NES)

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge NES
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade
Vehicular: Automobile, Track racing, Vehicle simulator
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Developed by: System 3 Software Ltd.
Released: 1992
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

In the "Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge" we play the role of the pilot of the "Ferrari" team, and we have to go through a whole season, that is, 16 tracks located in different parts of the world. For the final victory, you need to score the largest number of points in the overall standings. Before each race, you must drive a qualifying circle, according to the results of which our location at the start of the main heat is determined. There are 26 riders participating in the race, and one of them, A. Sessions, is our team mate, with whom we will need to earn points in the constructors' cup.

From the settings of the machine, only the choice of the type of transmission can be distinguished: automatic transmission or manual (3 Speed). A manual gearbox gives more speed and acceleration than an automatic one. however, when passing qualification, the speed of the car for any type of transmission does not exceed 325 km / h (although when passing qualification on a manual gearbox, the speedometer shows a speed of 335 km / h at maximum acceleration).


  1. America (Phoenix);
  2. Brazil (Interlagos Circuit);
  3. San Marino (Circuit Enzo and Dino Ferrari);
  4. Monaco (Monte Carlo);
  5. Canada (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve);
  6. Mexico (Rodriguez Brothers Circuit);
  7. France (Magny-Cours);
  8. Great Britain (Silverstone);
  9. Germany (Hockenheimring);
  10. Hungary (Hungaroring);
  11. Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps);
  12. Italy (Monza);
  13. Portugal (Estoril);
  14. Spain (Catalonia);
  15. Japan (Suzuka International Racing Course);
  16. Australia (Adelaide).
When participating in the Grand Prix, we are given 5 laps to complete the track. After the end of the race, the six first arriving participants are added a certain number of points to the overall standings: the first arriving receives 10 points, the second - 6 points, and so on in descending order of places: 4, 3, 2 and 1 point, respectively.

The game has 2 modes: Qualify and Practice. Qualify mode is the main mode, that is, passing the championship, gaining points in the overall standings, etc. In Practice mode, you can test your driving skills or just study the tracks.

The Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge uses special codes to save game progress. At the same time, information is saved about the trails passed, the names of the first 6 drivers in the overall standings and the number of their points, as well as information about the type of car transmission we have chosen.

Known bugs in the game

  • It is impossible to arrive first in the qualifying race, that is, to break the track lap record.
  • During the qualifying race, even when choosing a 3-speed manual gearbox, the car cannot reach a speed higher than 325 km / h, despite the fact that the speedometer shows a maximum speed of 335 km / h (this is why the first bug appeared ).
  • During the Grand Prix, it is quite rare, but still there were cases when the position counter (POS) went off. At the same time, even if we overtake three rivals displayed on the map, the counter could well show the position in the race 02 or higher.
  • During the Grand Prix when entering the pit stop on some tracks (Monaco, Belgium and Australia), the car often stops not at the pit stop itself, but as if at the exit from it. At the same time, after changing the wheels, the car does not leave the track for a long time, but drives along the pit stop for about half of the circle, and only then unexpectedly joins the race.
  • The save codes in the game are thought out rather unreliably, and if you know their structure, you can safely make a fake sequence. For example, B5VBCD7FZZBBBBBBBBBB4 will be considered the correct code, while in the overall standings we will be in first place with 153 points, and the rest of the opponents will have 0 points each, and the next track will be Brazil. The fact is that the first 2 characters are responsible for the number of the next track (B5 is Brazil), the next 6 characters are the names of the first 6 riders in the overall standings in order (V is us), then there are two characters - these are the points of the first rider in the overall standings (ZZ is 153 points), then 2 more symbols are the points of the second rider (BB - 0 points), then two more symbols are the third rider, and so on until the 6th. The last symbol is responsible for the selected transmission in the game: 4 - manual, B - automatic.
All of these shortcomings prevent the game from gaining a lot of rating points, since its graphic design is also not up to par - in 1992 I would like to see something more. Of the undoubted advantages of the game, one can single out its full compliance with the rules of real Formula 1 races, as well as the fact that the game features 16 real championship tracks. It is also worth noting that the music for the game was written by the famous Neil Baldwin, who is also involved in such projects on the NES as: "James Bond Jr.", "Jungle Book", "Magician", "Dropzone" and many, many others ... The game is recommended for passing only for big fans of royal races.