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Rage of the Dragons (Neo-Geo)

Rage of the Dragons Neo-Geo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Fighting
Published by: Playmore Corporation
Developed by: Evoga Entertainment, Noise Factory
Released: 2002
Platform: Neo-Geo

"They are comin 'back!" Indeed, despite the surname Lewis, which belongs to the two main characters, and the unknown boss Abubo, they are easily recognizable as brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee and their eternal enemy Bobo from the legendary beat'em up series from Technos. Rage of the Dragons is a sequel to the excellent fighting game Double Dragon from the same Technos, released on the Neo-Geo platform in 1995. Such strange transformations in the names of the characters, most likely, are explained by the lack of funds or the unwillingness of one of the parties, respectively, to buy or sell a well-established trademark.

The creation of Mexicans from Evoga with the characteristic Latinos flavor looks very dynamic and lively, on the face of a fairly decent selection of characters for a debut, good animation, suitable music, and also a rather rare guest in Neo-Geo fighting games - a team competition that only KOF could boast so far , this greatly diversifies the game.

Initially, together with your partner, who is waiting for his turn, you are placed in a rather narrow ring, which, however, can be easily widened by sealing your opponent well against the wall and punching a hole with his body. Each of the heroes has their own five-button combo, the key combination is shown on the screen every time you successfully enter the combo mode (press C + D during the battle). Their role in the game is quite high, do not forget about it, otherwise the enemy will keep you in the air for the whole round, because the fighting game is quite difficult, and the enemy is dangerous even in the first stages of the game. You can always surrender to the enemy by holding all the buttons at once for a while (A + B + C + D).