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Knights of the Round (Arcade)

Knights of the Round Arcade
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Beat 'em up
Setting: Europe, Fantasy
Published by: Capcom Co.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1991
Platforms: Arcade Machine, Super Nintendo (SNES)

Here you can choose from 3, completely different in their characteristics, knights of the round table: Lancelot, Aurthur, Percival. In terms of its dynamics, it is similar to the first Golden Axe, although it is slightly inferior to it in a variety of techniques, but otherwise it is no worse, even superior in some way. As you progress, it becomes more and more interesting, you have the opportunity to ride a horse-heavy draft, crushing enemies to the right and to the left, with an increase in experience, the character has additional uniforms that improve protective characteristics, and the size of your sword changes, which is so necessary when fighting large bosses and various enemies, of which there are many.