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Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (Arcade)

Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder Arcade
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Beat 'em up
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Developed by: Sega AM1 R & D Division
Released: 1992
Platform: Arcade Machine

It's no secret that for Sega, the arcade market of arcade machines was a priority before and after the release of its own popular game consoles Sega Mega Drive and beyond. Sega has traditionally done well in the arcade machine market. And naturally, many of Sega's title titles already existed in one interpretation or another on the arcade. The Golden Ax series of games also hails from arcade machines, as you know. Golden Axe: The Revenge of DEATH ADDER is a separate branch of the series, which was released on the developer's special arcade machines, in particular on Sega Modeler.

The game's plot is traditionally simple and straightforward. Another villain decided to enslave everything and everyone, take everything away, destroy everything. And in all this he is assisted by an army of henchmen who, on behalf of their lord, burn villages and villages, drive the inhabitants into slavery, export other people's resources and souls for the benefit of their obviously not good plans and ambitions. The leader of this malignant campaign was a certain Death Adder, who put revenge and violence at the head of his mind. As is clear, this character is not sucked out of the finger, but is one of the main villains of the plot of the Golden Axe series of games. He himself calmly commands the army from his lair, which is located in his personal castle carved into a giant rock. And again, in his powerful paws, the Golden Axe and the Serpent's Magic Shield, making him simply colossally powerful.

The slavery and exploitation of civilians, the seizure of territories, the destruction of cities and villages would have continued if not for a handful of brave heroes who decided to take on the burden of liberation from the greedy invaders. It is here that everything is transferred, as they say, into the hands of the player who threw a few coins into the machine.

You get the opportunity to choose a hero, of whom there are only four (or five, since Goah is two characters in one, so to speak.
  • Stren is an athletic young guy with a powerful sword at the ready. Possesses good hand-to-hand combat and combat magic. Accordingly, this is the leader of a group of good heroes.
  • Goah - this one is a giant, on whose shoulders sits the gnome Gilius-Thunderhead (known from other series). He is armed with an axe, fists and kicks. The gnome sitting on Goah's neck uses death magic, which makes this duo very effective in battles.
  • Dora is a centaur girl armed with a gladiator's pole. Accordingly, he uses his hooves perfectly in battle. Has good combat magic.
  • Trix is ​​a young kid with a trident as a weapon. He is also distinguished by the fact that his magic is peaceful - he grows fruits that heal wounds, which makes him a necessary character when playing together.
From the first minutes of the game, you are provided with the traditional beat-em-up atmosphere: isometric game space and crowds of enemies. At the same time, Golden Axe, as one of the main representatives of the genre, provides the player with many features that are traditionally unique to him. In the course of the passage, you can use various animals that you can ride. These animals turn out to be either giant insects, or some kind of dragons, which, you need to highlight separately, have their own fighting techniques. For example, you can ride a giant praying mantis that can paw, run and run, and spew flames to burn enemies. By the way, opponents can also use this transport, knocking you off the saddle and taking your place. Interestingly, when Dora (a centaur girl) sits down, she turns into an ordinary girl - apparently the developers did this for aesthetics, since a centaur (half horse, half human) would look ridiculous on horseback. But the giant Goah, on whose shoulders there is also a gnome, does not transform into anyone, thus, if he climbs on any animal - you control a three-story living structure - it looks very interesting. By the way, in the course of the passage at the levels, there will be not only crowds of enemies and some animals, but also residents who need to be freed from the shackles and bonds, beating them off from their slave owners. Well, an additional stationary weapon such as mini ballistae and catapults - you get into it and throw arrows or cannonballs at enemies on all sides. And if you are riding on any animal, then these devices cling directly to the board and become mobile.

Of the techniques, there is nothing special to tell - a sufficient set of techniques for each player, including jumps, from acceleration and close-up. The fighting is carried out just like in any other beat-em-up, only here in a medieval fantasy setting. About this very entourage. The action takes place in high-quality locations in terms of graphics and design. Interactive elements, animated decorations. In some areas, there will be cliffs, pits, and so on, where you can throw off enemies so as not to mess with them, but you can accidentally fall there yourself. In the cave you will come across switches that turn on the light, merchants will meet in the city square, and there will be passages between the zones deep into the location, in some cases giant stone ramparts will roll on you. The levels themselves are very picturesque and some moments are worthy of true admiration, so beautifully conceived and implemented: falling waterfalls, dark catacombs, bright mushroom groves and much more.

The genre is straightforward, but the gameplay is quite rich in many original and interesting features that brighten up the monotony of fight-and-fight. And the passage of the game is non-linear! Between destinations, you are presented with a map view of the route, where you choose which one to take next. This will determine which levels you skip. The choice of the path at the forks is another distinguishing feature of the Golden Axe game from other similar ones, as those who have played in other parts, including the subsequent ones, can understand. For these reasons, this game can be played repeatedly.

And, of course, a spectacular ending, or rather a showdown with the main villain - Death Adder himself. You fly to his lair on a special platform that is mounted on a giant dragon. Death Adder's castle is made in the form of his figure. After passing through the sections of the castle, you gradually destroy your hands and other parts, and then climb onto your head - to the higher tower, where the one who caused it all started is waiting for you. Death Adder appears effectively on a small area and the battle begins. He has a Golden Axe and a magic shield with a dragon's head in his hands. If, of course, he waves in all directions with an axe (she is large), then with a shield he does not only fight back. This very head, which is depicted on the shield, comes to life and spews out flame, then lightning, striking everything in its path. First you knock out the shield, then you defeat. Thinking that the end has come, you leave the tower, on the same dragon that arrived here. The castle of the defeated villain collapses right behind you. But then suddenly he appears aboard your dragon and a new battle ensues, in which it is destined to inflict a crushing blow on him. This is where the adventure ends.

In general, this is a very colorful high-quality game, besides, the best representative of its genre. In all respects, the game is at a solid level. She is able to delight the player as worthy of a quality arcade game.