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Icebreaker II (3DO)

Icebreaker 2 3DO
Genre: Action
Visual: Top-down
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Shooter
Interface: Direct control
Published by: Older Games
Developed by: Looney Labs
Released: 2007
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Icebreaker 2 was written back in the 90s, shortly after the first game, but due to poor public reaction to the first part, it was not released. For a long time, the only place where Icebreaker 2 could be seen in the form of an amateur arcade machine was the home of Andrew Looney, the creator of the game. But the revolution thundered the news - it was possible to crack the 3DO encryption system. So Icebreaker 2 was released for 3DO by Older Games on August 3, 2007. But already on December 14 of this year, Older Games was absorbed and no longer sold discs.

The player has 150 levels at his disposal.

Despite the same visual component, the game has undergone significant improvements compared to the original.
  • Psychedelic Seekers: Very unpleasant, rainbow colored creatures. Like static pyramids of the same color, they fall apart into pyramids with a random color. And this, in turn, litters the playing field, prolonging our torment.
  • Invincible Seekers: Truly impenetrable beasts. They can bypass obstacles, but they do not notice traps, so they can only be destroyed in a lava pit.
  • Hiding Chameleons: In the first game, there were "Limeys" chameleons disguised as green pyramids. But these are disguised as red.
  • Blue Chameleons: Disguise themselves as blue pyramids. Especially disgusting, because the blue pyramids collapse on impact!
  • Mirror pyramids: like the blue ones, they collapse in a head-on collision. Just don't try to shoot them! The fireball will fly off at an angle, and the reflection can kill you.
  • Steel Pyramids: A cross between concrete and purple pyramids. On hit, they heat up, and after about 7 hits they melt into a lava pit. Keep in mind that they cool down quickly, so it will not be so easy to destroy.
  • Viscous Pramids: Has the same properties as a red and purple pyramid, but also like a swamp cage. When they hit you, they kill you. When hit, they turn into a swampy cage.
  • Seeker's generators do not need any comments.
In addition, a cutscene is built into the game, which turns on after 5 minutes of player inactivity.