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Club 3DO: Station Invasion

Club 3DO: Station Invasion
Genre: Educational
Perspective: 3rd-person
Educational: Geography, Graphics / art, History, Math / logic, Reading / writing, Science
Published by: Studio 3DO
Developed by: Studio 3DO
Released: 1994
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

A group of kids decided to multiply their savings by buying out a bankrupt television studio. 5 shows are launched at once, everything is natural for children, and you can participate as a producer in any of them, or in all of them in turn, as you wish. The guys tell you what they would like to see, and you go out of your way to realize it.
  1. Show Mysteries Schymysteries. In it, the child tells you about all sorts of stupid secrets, like the secret about your socks.
  2. Children's soap opera Sundae's of Our Lives. I didn't want to watch it at all, it's full!
  3. Sopha Talk Show. The Leading Sofa is cheating on various guests. It was boring, however, there were some interesting moments.
  4. What’s That Smell - game show. The participant must identify by smell what is in front of him. This is really cool!
  5. I’m Grounded - in theory it was supposed to be a comedy, but you are unlikely to laugh, rather cry out of pity for the meager imagination of those who created it.
All game shows are designed for quick wits and elementary education, you will need to guess something, write something, or count, but without knowledge of English it will be difficult. After successfully completing the round, you are invited to watch a portion of the show that you worked on as a reward.

The action is beautifully animated, real children tell and show something against a drawn background, so it's worth looking at it, something like this can now be seen on children's entertainment channels, but then it was only 1994! The tasks are not very difficult (maybe because I chose a simple level), and in general, if you are not curious, the game will quickly get bored, as some videos start to repeat many times.
In general, the game is rated 6-7 on a 10-point scale.