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Gold Medal Challenge '92 (NES)

Capcom Gold Medal Challenge 92 NES
Genre: Sports
Perspective: Side view
Sport: Olympiad / mixed sports
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1992
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

Whoever missed the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona can somehow rehabilitate himself by winning 18 virtual competitions: running 100, 200, 400 meters, shuttle running and obstacle course, weightlifting competitions, high jumping, long and triple jumps, shot and javelin throwing, jumping over a horse (gymnastics), 5 types of swimming, and, for a snack, a marathon.

Up to 8 people can participate inclusively, however, at the same time - up to a maximum of two players. Each athlete can choose one of 12 countries: USA, China, Great Britain, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, CIS, Canada, France, Romania, Hungary and Japan.

Pros of the game: funny animation, everything is adequately voiced, many competitions, two save slots, simultaneous participation of up to 8 players. Cons ... Perhaps, I will name only one - this game is designed to destroy joysticks, since to achieve success you need to hammer buttons A and B. Yes, since the days of "Activision Decathlon", little has changed.