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Ultima VIII (DOS)

Pagan: Ultima 8 DOS
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: 2D scrolling, Isometric
Gameplay: Action RPG, Puzzle elements
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: ORIGIN Systems
Developed by: ORIGIN Systems
Released: 1994
Platform: DOS

Richard Garriott, also known as Lord British, has promised to release the final trilogy of the Ultima series. He created Ultima VII, perhaps the best RPG, if not of all time, then of that period for sure. He got everything he wanted. The future seemed bright, and he had two more attempts in store. And he decided to create something slightly different from the world he created earlier, because if the idea turns out to be unsuccessful, he will still have a ninth part to rehabilitate ...

The world of Ultima VIII turns familiar laws upside down. No more Britain. The mighty Guardian has thrown us into another dimension. There are no more helpers, now you have to figure it out yourself. Now there is no more need to feed the character. The autoboy disappeared, and jumps appeared. Trainers disappeared, and the hero began to develop as he used certain skills.

The world of Pagan is new. Houses are decorated with an ornament of bones, skulls are embroidered in gold on pillows, and necromancers are honored and respected. This world is cruel. This world is new. This world is interesting. The ingenious Lord British was mistaken in only one thing. He was not given time to finish this game. A completely logical addition to it never came out. Sometimes during the game you can even see these blanks for the add-on, whether it be a door, as if specially created for a golem, or an executioner girl who, for some unknown reason, migrates to Mithras, a hermit living in another dimension. But Origin considered the project not profitable enough to create an add-on. But even in an unfinished state, the game is very interesting.

The magic system has been slightly updated. Now it is split into schools. Since the Avatar is not familiar with this world, he will have to learn magic from her adepts. For example, to study the magic of necromancers, we have to go down into the deep catacombs in order to personally talk with the dead and find out their secrets.

The spell is composed of several parts. First, you need the ingredients. Everything is quite common: the wings of a bat, the blood of a baby, some ash from a witch burned at the stake ... Secondly, you need to know the text of the spell. Thirdly, a certain ritual must be performed. For earth magic (necromancers), you need to put all the components in a separate bag and use a special "key" on it. For fire magic, you will need to place them in a pentagram.

The game has become much more arcade, but at the same time, it sometimes adds depth to it. Sometimes you have to climb somewhere, using the pull-up option, or jump.

Fortunately, the amazing interactivity has not disappeared anywhere. Things can be dragged and used thanks to the game engine, not scripts. But, on the other hand, the interactivity of the NPC has disappeared. Now they spend most of their time idly wandering around the city, taking no action.

The world, although smaller than in Ultima VII: Part 1, is still quite vast. Traveling along it, you can stumble upon many interesting things, such as: abandoned huts, hiding places, or an abandoned camp with a campfire that has not yet cooled down.

The world of Pagan is filled with legends. There is a whole library in which you can learn a lot about the gods, traditions and history of this world. Also, in the books, sometimes there are descriptions of artifacts and their history, which is also quite pleasant and adds atmosphere. Indeed, we are holding in our hands not just a sword, but a needle, which has turned into a formidable weapon in the hands of a woman who protected her children from trolls, or the legendary Sword of Flame, forged by Pyros himself ...

You need to break out of this world, because while you are locked in it, the Guardian is going to take over Britain again. You must learn about this new world, feel its depth and subjugate its powers in order to oppose them to the Guardian.