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Network Q RAC Rally Championship (DOS)

Rally Championship: International Off-Road Racing DOS
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, 3rd-person
Pacing: Real-time
Published by: Software 2000
Developed by: Magnetic Fields (Software Design) Ltd.
Released: 1996
Platform: DOS
Rally Championship control keys
In my opinion, one of the best rally simulators on PC for those times, I would even put it on a par with Colin McRae Rally. There are many reasons for this: very decent graphics, the ability to normally drive a car with a view "from the cockpit" (as it happens in real life), which arcade races usually lack, realistic weather effects (rain and snow really interfere with driving). The game keeps you in suspense from the beginning of the track to the end, and at the end of each stage, a certain amount of time (very small) is given, which must be allocated to repair your iron horse, you have to decide which is more important: a serviceable gearbox or an electrician, there you can also customize the car as you wish. Non-working elements remind of themselves already on the track - try driving at night with broken headlights. So you have to listen to the navigator, so that not only the wheels reach the finish line. Plus there are several game modes and six different cars.