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Wings of Fury (DOS)

Wings of Fury DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Vehicular: Flight / aviation
Setting: World War II
Published by: Broderbund Software
Developed by: Broderbund Software
Released: 1989
Platform: DOS

The action takes place during World War II. U.S. command , finishing off already doomed Japan, recaptures her previously captured the island in the Pacific Ocean . such a strategy Americans have won the title “ from palm to palm .” main strike force were carriers .
You served as a pilot on one of these carriers . at start game displays a splash screen, and then you go into mode rank selection ( ascending )

(invoked during the game keys «CTR-G», if your plane is on the deck of your carrier ) .
Choice from the menu by pressing the arrow keys and « Input « .
If you start the game with the lowest rank , you are on performing multiple missions assigned to the next , and so on. With increasing rank increases the number and complexity of missions passing game ( there are new types of weapons from the enemy ) . Control: acceleration / deceleration on the deck of an aircraft carrier - «forward» - «back « ( arrows) in the air - « arrows diagonally « ( or simultaneously two arrows «horizontally « , for example , arrows «up» while the «left» are the same as the arrow « up-left « ) . «Space» - the firing of guns , the «Enter» - the use of weapons on board , as well as lifting / lowering of the aircraft hatch on the deck of your carrier. after lowering the aircraft hatch is fully fueled by (FUEL) and oil (OIL), and you can choose the type of weapon :
ROCKETS - rockets, 15 pieces;
BOMBS - bombs , 30 pieces;
TORPEDO - torpedo (one ) .

Your current rank mission number in it (MISSION), the initial number of islands , occupied by the enemy (ISLANDS) and enemy vessels (SHIPS). Then you find yourself on the deck of an aircraft carrier here same cost replacement aircraft. Number of all your aircraft appears at the bottom of the screen near the image plane and initially equals three . Displayed at the bottom of the same level of oil and fuel provides a front view of the cockpit of your aircraft and the number of downed enemy aircraft and icons that represent them, and the expense . It also provides a view of arms and ammunition on the amount of data board. If on the dipstick or fuel flickers red triangle - it's time to think about returning to the vessel . If it is necessary to take off the front part of it , then sit down - from the stern . There's a ring between which stretched across the ship landing ropes . Pressing the « Up» you cling to such rope and immediately stop. Then thruster hatch and press the « Enter» key. If the aircraft does not fall , so you do not quite accurately adjust it. At this point it is best to click «CTR-G» and go to work with the disk. Here «LOAD» and «SAVE» - loading , record to disk situation , «RESUME» - enter Game Mode , «EXIT» - exit to DOS . When loading and write the name you choose one of the eight situations shown below, and consent to the removal of the old situation when overwriting .
During the game, «CTR-S» turns on / off the sound , «CTR-E» switches the speed of the game ( first established slow) . on fast speed aircraft harder to dial resistance , but it accelerates faster . Thus, it is necessary to accelerate fast, and straighten the air after leaving the aircraft carrier - on the slow speed. «CTR-R» puts you in the selection mode of rank , while situation in the memory is lost. «CTR-Q» - exit to DOS . During the game , the entire upper part of the screen shows your plane and the surrounding area. If you climb high scale changes and everything is displayed in a reduced form . So, the first task you need to rank MIDSHIPMAN destroy Japanese forces on one island. There's a couple emplacements that tamp bombs , as well as barracks and command building. all this, as well as shifty soldiers , destroyed by bombs . more soldiers You can shoot a machine gun . For this we need to fly low over ground , tilt the nose down and keep down «Space» . Emplacements can not be destroyed . When there run up soldiers need to quickly reset bombs on them , otherwise they re-« live» . Sometimes over the ocean appears plane . His position about your machine informs the white arrow showing left or right. She appears in the front view of your booth . Need to sit down on the enemy 's tail and calmly shot him with a machine gun , and it will be beautiful if reset it to the island - and there he remain.
Then on the islands will appear on the special emplacements shore. Of these, the soldiers did not run out , and they are suppressed missiles. If there are two or more in a row , the rear should be shot , directing the nose to the ground. It should be quite high to avoid crashing into a palm tree. The islands become planes fall under tents . Bombs and other weapons they are not destroy . One of the planes taking off , and the battle begins . he usually lasts several sessions between the recordings on the disc. this plane so just do not give sit on your tail. when you turn around , he also unfolds. It is necessary when you have this tail , fly very high, and then almost vertically descend . At the same time he is in front of you , and you can release in a few bursts of machine gun. Sensing something was wrong, it unfolds , you sit down on the tail , and it all starts with beginning. He also has a gun , so I have to sit down a couple of times - restore the oil level , and fuel too.
Further in the game there are ships. They can stand Your aircraft carrier parallel and perpendicular to the can . they eating establishments , destroying missiles and aircraft. destroying all enemies , we must sink the ship torpedo. It is thrown into the sea before a vessel (either side ) . About promoting it say water splashing. After impact, the ship sinks . I must say that all the islands and courts , there is Japanese flag . From him there is only the shaft , when all enemies are destroyed, and can only be successfully torpedoing ship without a flag . After destroying all the enemies on the island or vessel congratulate you after this mission - even congratulate better , and what ceremony awaits you when the next rank - see for yourself.