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Veil of Darkness (DOS)

Veil of Darkness DOS
Genre: Action, Adventure
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: 2D scrolling, Isometric
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Strategic Simulations
Developed by: Event Horizon Software
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

Curtain - role-playing game, in it you are talking, fighting, get and find a common and magical items. The game executed in perspective (top view and side view) of the projection, with small characters figures. All businesses, despite the small size, painted a very accurate and detailed. Especially nice to see, with some plausibility decorated home, picked up and the characters depicted. The action takes place in Romania, in a valley surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. Time comes to a standstill in this valley, people, cut off from the outside world and live in the old way, without using or knowing about the progress achievements. The right place cairn, a very old and powerful vampire. It serves numerous representatives of the dark forces. Cairn set their own rules in the valley, and the people, frightened and unable to withstand the impact of a vampire, is dying out. You act as a seasoned pilot who falls into the valley from the outside. Very soon you will realize that you do not leave this doomed place, while above it is ruled by the forces of darkness. Moreover, hospitable host shows you an ancient manuscript, which clearly says that fate is predetermined for you to rid this place of damnation.
Most simply run the game using the mouse. In this case, you almost do not need a keyboard, and you can easily perform all the necessary actions to you.
Pay attention to what you are at any point in the game can be put forward as the statistics screen, while retaining the ability to walk at the same time. Move the cursor to the edge of the screen, and it will take the shape of a double arrow. Now press the left button and, without releasing it, move the mouse up. The screen to make it stretch. You will be able to push it back into place similarly.

Statistics screen

In the upper right corner of the portrait, whether by character or, for example, poisoned,
. (Greenish complexion) or weakened (swelling under the eyes).
A little more to the right shows a hiking bag.
As the filling of various objects (mainly affects the weight, rather than size) is changed, becoming more fulfilled.
To the right of the bag has a small figure of the hero, lying in a coffin. With the application you wound figure takes the form of the skeleton (bottom-up). In this peculiar instrument you can easily find out how you feel.
Bottom left shows a large, our hero. Ba can attach it to the right or left hand weapon or object, or put on his amulet.
Closer to the center there is the contents of your bag, the expansion on the shelves. Note that in a field bag can be bags, boxes, etc., in order to identify the contents must be placed in their left hand.
Nearby there is a frame in which information is given about diseases. In it are pictures depicting the ailment. For example, a picture with the image of an old man with a cane shows that you are relaxed during the battle with the energy vampires, and need treatment. This you can see by looking at the portrait.
Below is information about the subject. Indicate you are interested in the subject of the cursor (it should be on the shelf), and click the left button. You will see the details and a picture of the subject.
Above are also two symmetrical windows that symbolize the action of the right and left hand. First of all it is - a blow. Put a weapon in either or both hands in advance. In battle after the attack with one hand it takes some time to recuperate before the next blow.
Below are two similar windows smaller. They are used for throwing, or throwing objects.
In the upper right corner of the displayed icon of a floppy disk. Pointing to it, you can activate the game menu.

Movement and control things

During the movement of the cursor takes the form of various arrows showing direction. When you hover the cursor on the person it changes form, and clicking the left mouse button, you will be able to talk to him.
In order to open the door, just go as if it does not, at the right time a character opens it himself.
To move a heavy object (cabinet, carcass, etc.) stand next to him and go, so that the subject was on the line of motion.
In order to take an object, you can point to it and press the right arrow key. In this case, the subject will fall for the next free compartment shelves.
It is also advisable to take a subject by pressing the left button, and then specify a location on a shelf or in a pouch on which you want to place it.


During a conversation with people, some keywords are highlighted in a different color, emphasized the. You can choose any of the keywords in order to talk to the relevant topic. If you simply click on the text box, then to the end of the conversation you will be shown a list of keywords from which you can again select you are interested. In addition to talk to nekotorye'temy, you will need to enter certain words. For example, to take the coins from Ivan, you need to enter the word COINS during a call. In order to complete the dialog, you can either enter a word a BYE, or simply press the right mouse button.

Useful tips

- Inspect the labyrinths and catacombs as fully as possible, in them you can find many useful items and money.
- You will be treated in a gypsy for free.
- Many of the monsters are not killed with conventional weapons.

skeleton ritual mace;

will'o wisp rowan staff;
Zombie silver sword;
Werewolf silver bullets;
Banshee amulet of protection;
Vampires holy water;
the shadow of holy water / candle;
perfume holy water / candle;
snakes in the maze machete;
- In order to make money, you can sell herbs pharmacist.
- To recover from the unpleasant effects, it is necessary to have an antidote (drugs, herbs).
weakness Nasturtium;
poisoning Carline Thistle;
Motherwort aging infection
wounds Yellow Potion;
- New places on the map are detected in the course of conversations with people, often in the tavern.


This chapter will help you complete the game from start to finish. However, the author strongly recommends that you try to go it on their own for more fun. In parentheses are the keywords to be entered during a conversation.
"From the eternal dark sky descend bird of steel for the Salvation of the damned innocent."
These lines from the prophecy of Lord Nicholas performed automatically after watching the cutscene.
"He rejects the role assigned to him by fate, until he finds the bloody weapon unclean."
Speak with Cyril in the living room on the 1st floor. He asks you to do him a favor. Talk with Ivan, type of COINS, and he'll give you some money. Find the house of Edward (running, with broken windows). Inside, move the cabinet, which is blood trail. On the floor, pick up the coins and take the torn piece of cloth, in a secret room, take a hammer. Return to Cyril and talk to him again. Now you know about the tradition and the idea that you have to do.
"He should liberate man, cursed my curiosity."
Ask Cyril of tube (pipe). Talk to his daughter, and she will give you a ribbon. Go to the drugstore and buy fennel seeds. In stock buy tobacco (tobacco), nails (nails) and a lamp (lamp). In a small house take the crowbar between the pharmacy and the warehouse. Go to the tavern and talk to the bartender, he will offer you a match. Talk to the regulars of the bar, and you'll learn the location of the farm. On the right side of the screen appears a small map with which you can move from place to place.
Go to the farm. Talk to the owner and his wife. You know, where is the barn. In the barn you can take a fork and use them as a weapon (very effective against wolves).
Again, talk to people in the tavern.
Go to the site of the crash. Talk to the tree. Now light the lamp (take the match in one hand and a lamp in the other), throw a lamp in a tree. Collect the remains.
Talk to people in the bar.
Go to the monastery. Talk to the abbot. Go down, and one of the rooms you will find Pius. Inspect all the rooms, you have to find a ritual mace with which to kill the skeletons. Read his story and tell him the word pen (quill). He was happy to give it to you. Talk to people in the bar.
Go to the Gypsy village. Talk to the woodcarver, go to the camper and talk to Maria. Tell her about Edward (Eduard). She'll give you a clue.
Go to the village and again - Edward House. Open the locked door in the first room. Move the cabinet and enter the catacombs. Note that the card has changed, in the labyrinth on the map automatically documenting your travels. Find your way to the cellar, Kirill. (According to the author, Edward dug into the cellar entrance of the cave in order to enjoy a fine collection of wines). Take the key to the cellar and a good bottle of wine. Go to the bar and talk to the bartender. During the conversation, you will be able to get a cup. With a cup, go to the monastery.
Ask monk revive (ressurection) man, and he will perform the ritual. Talk to the man-tree, and it will tell you about where the dead have taken the aircraft.
"He will heal the child lapsed into insanity."
Go to the swamp. As expected, the aircraft no longer fly. Pick up the gun, rope and lighter. Next to the tree on the left is a hole. Throw a rope to a tree and go down into the cave. Locate and take at least one fungus. Go back to the village.
Read news in a tavern. On the second floor in a room, take the key and violin.
Talk to Seller son of candles. Ask him about Natalia (Natalia) and then on the lock of hair (Lock). He will give you a lock. Go to the catacombs and open the locked door key. Locate the "smiling pitcher" among ceramic fragments and ring seal. Go to the other village. Talk with her to find out about the leaves, which it chews. Talk to her son Constantine, find out about his collection, buy an amulet, ask for the Lord's sons, Nicholas. Also ask him about the leaves (Betony). Go to the gravedigger and learn from him the whereabouts of the cemetery. At the cemetery, get the leaves (in the northwest). Go to the gypsy camp. Ask gypsy drug manufacture (potions). Give the mother a drug sick girl (on the second floor of a warehouse). It will give you a gold needle.
Go to the cemetery and talk with the spirit of the girl's father. He will give you the key to the labyrinth.
"Woe hanged he should reveal."
Go to the intersection of the roads. Talk to hanged. You can also learn a lot of useful information from the witches.
Go to the second village. Talk to the judge. In the garden next to the house gravedigger tear parsley and pick up a shovel. In the house, take the empty bottle and the torn shirt. In the first village ask the pharmacist about the parsley (parsley). Go to the judge and talk to him about the killer. Imagine all three of the evidence to the judge, and he will order to hang the real culprit. Now you can take the book home to shower gravedigger.
Again, go to the intersection. Freed Spirit will give you the key.
"Dispel the dead, but forced to serve."
Go to the monastery. Open the locked door. Take a book of rituals. Go to the second village and ask the wizard cast a bell (bell). Buy a candle in the first village. Consecrate it to the monastery. Go to the cemetery. Dig iron nail from vampire grave. Go to the mausoleum, appears red spirit. Light a candle. Tie the ribbon to the bell. Hit the nail on the iron bell. Spirit will disappear.
"He has to kill the predator, hunting in the night, and her bag of silver require for their needs."
In the second village, ask the master to make you a silver bullet (bullets). Talk to the judge about the award. Go to the farm. Hold the gun at the ready. Say a farmer's wife that she is a werewolf (werewolf). Shoot as soon as it becomes possible. Go to the judge for a reward.
"Seven of lost souls will be asked to provide them a favor appeasement, they allowed him to go."
Go into the dark forest. Find Bone Horn (lying next to the skeleton). In the northern part of the forest is a hunting lodge. To get to it, you must wear an amulet of protection, otherwise you will kill the banshee. In the house pick up the hat.
Go to the witch, and ask her to cut the horn magical runes. Go to the lake shore and blow the horn. From the bottom of the lake will rise utopshy ferryman. Talk to him, and he will take you to the island. Find a decorative dagger and return.
Go to the maze. You need to find six garlic sprouts. To do this, you have to be like a long time. Be extremely careful and try not to miss the garlic, otherwise you will have to navigate a maze in the second round. Organize a study of the maze, to speed up the process. Also in the north you'll find the crystal, which in use increases vitality. In the north-east of the maze exit located on the estate of Misha. Talk to him and exchange tobacco on holy symbol. Also go up to the attic and take the sword.
In the first village tell pharmacist that you have garlic (garlic). It will make you a necklace.
Go to the second village and talk to the woman in a trance. Ask her about Andrew (Andrej). It will tell you an interesting story about Cyril and his son. Ask the master to make you a silver sword.
Go to Cyril and take his room key. Open the locked room upstairs and kill zombies Andrew. Pick up the diamond.
Go to the cemetery to the mausoleum. Go down and get a room in which there are seven lost souls. By now you should have all the necessary things: a ring-seal, diamond sword, rare coin (received an award from the judges), violin, golden pen, cap, decorative dagger. Soul will open the passage to the room where you will find the magic box.
"The secret place elicit it in crazy and talk to the embodiment of evil for evil dark lord."
Talk to people in the tavern. In one of the rooms on the second floor, find Matthias. Ask him about the kooky Franke and buy his tooth. Go to the gypsy camp to Mary and tell her about your needs (needs). She agrees to do the voodoo doll (you also need a candle) for you. Go to Frank and talk to him. Frightened by your threats, he would agree to reveal his secret. Now that you know the location of the cave. Buy multiple vessels of holy water and go into the cave. Open the locked door with a crowbar. Talk with a book by Agrippa. Then you will not be able to communicate with people, until they take off the curse.
Go to the cairn castle. Kill the skeletons guards and one of them take the key.
Go into the room and open the gate.
Explore the castle and find the release of the book of spells (on the cover shows the eye). Talk to Cyril's daughter (she is in the cell next to the coffin). There you take the key.
Go into the cave and free book. Record real name cairn. There are various options:. T'san, Yfelan, Beaulu, Bhenblod etc. Get rid of the curse of Agrippa through the book.
"He has to take the side view of a vampire and resist fangs and claws Then take a holy attack and release imprisoned light real name to say that dark force weaken He may not be wrong even once because it means his death, and if he will forbid the lord of darkness his resting place, the curtain of darkness will fall and the rule of fear is over. "
Last talk to Cyril and take the hammer (hammer) Ivan.
Then go to the castle. Make final preparations. You have to be things following items: orange mushroom necklace of garlic, nails, a bloody hammer, magic box, and you must know the real name.
First stab coffin. Put the garlic necklace. Then rising cairn in the room and quickly eat a mushroom.
Then talk to the vampire. When you are able to see again, throw holy water at him. Then open the magic box and release light. On top tell real name.
Go to the coffin and talk to the weakened monster.
Game over.