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The Three Stooges (DOS)

3 Stooges
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Cinemaware Corporation
Developed by: Cinemaware Corporation, Incredible Technologies
Released: 1987
Platform: DOS

The Three Stooges - is famous in the U.S. series of short comedy films that are coming out at the cinemas in the first half of the last century . All of these films had one common idea - three shiftless dunce seek ( and find ) adventures on their heads . Getting into all sorts of situations , they try to solve their problems in many comical ways. As a stuffing used time-tested banana- tortny humor , witty dialogue and although there was a place too .
Composition Three Stooges has changed several times , but the most memorable part was the 1932-1946 gg. , Which starred together actors Harry Moses Gorvitts ( as Moe Howard ) , Jerome Lester Gorvitts ( as Curly Howard ) and Louis Feinberg ( as Larry Fine ) .
Glory came to them during his lifetime. And now short films featuring Three Stooges are considered classics of American comedy.
In 1983, at the Three klutz there own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
In 1987, the office computer arcade Cinemaware released "The Three Stooges".
Plot complication of the game is : once walked along a country road three of our hero - sheared "under the pot " Moe , Larry and Curly Curly short-haired . They walked , then somewhere on business , but , passing next to the old children's shelter , they drew attention to the weeping old woman sitting on a porch at the door of the shelter . She told them about his sadness : greedy , sneaky and evil , just prezlye banker demanded shelter $ 5,000 for rent. If within 30 days, the impressive amount will not be collected , the banker will select shelter , and children will be on the street.
The Three Stooges DOS title
Not very long thinking , our heroes decide to help the unfortunate old lady and the kids , promising that they will jump out of his pants , but these will produce the required five tons of tanks ! I do not know , three Screwtape would help poor old widow , if not next to her was three cute little daughters unmarried ... Well, leave it to their conscience.
Now our heroes are full of power and ready to turn the whole world for the sake of shelter , miserable lonely widow and her little daughters . But how to earn $ 5000 if your head just a couple of gyri , and can help you , only two friends who did not smarter than you ? But fortunately for our trio, they live in the United States of America - land of opportunity in which any hardworking person can make money regardless of how narrow his frontal lobes . Time is Money - this motto will become the credo of our heroes in the next 30 days.
The first working day began . And Mo , as the brainy , took over reading the section " job " in a local newspaper . Through a random hand cursor points to one or another way of earning. At the right moment you must quickly press SPACE, and one of the six options will be selected. Beware buttons with the image of the banker - premature encounter with this spineless person does not bode well . Also try not to " touch " mousetraps - touching one of them leaves your hand cursor one finger . It is not difficult to guess, you have a right to make a mistake of not more than five times. If you run out of fingers, the game will end prematurely.
So where did our trinity go in search of work ? You can get to work as waiters at social acceptance and use cakes stage a third world war. You can try to dispute hold 8 rounds in the ring against a heavyweight . For this case would be the best diehard Curley . You can arrange the race karts at a local hospital , picking up along the way from the floor discarded medicines , syringes, and ship - all in the name of Hippocrates ! All for the good of the patient ! You can navigate the city in search of " easy" money and come across on wallows wallet packed full of crisp bills. And so on and so on ...
Even for a wasted day ( button with the fingers Moe pokes Curly in the eyes ) Cinemaware was able to come up with a mini-game - going to the bare brick wall , Moe realizes that the day was spent in vain, and anger begins to distribute slaps Larry and Curly . Not without our help , of course. It would seem , what reason can be from these fists ? It turns out there is a reason , so what! If Mo as follows napoddast Larry and Curly , in the future when a new source of income hand cursor will move much slower than before . But there is a downside : if Larry and Curly will successfully dodge slaps Moe and even respond to it the same cuffs , then hand - over will be more quickly and dramatically move the menu selection works much further complicating the walkthrough . It remains only to be removed before CinemaWare hat for how they competently implemented one of the cinematic jokes branded 
The Three Stooges - this game a couple of nights , which can be fun even for those who do not dream, nor spirit never heard of this comedy trio.