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ShadowCaster (DOS)

ShadowCaster DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: ORIGIN Systems
Developed by: Raven Software Corporation
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

A little reminiscent of this wonderful game "Wolfenstein 3D" and "Doom", where you like to look at what is happening around you through the eyes of the main character.
However, "Shadowcaster" can be considered the original and even unique game because of its ability to change character during the game form, and, accordingly, their abilities and capabilities. You can take the shape of a dragon and fly up to the ceiling, or swim under water as amphibians -So ability to command his body is very fascinated.
Control is carried out entirely using the mouse. On the left side of the screen you see all the things that need to see ourselves Kirt. the image size can be changed by clicking on the blue button next to the image of the head of Kirti top right - if you make it a little, then the image will change more smoothly and quickly. Pay attention to the height of the regulators, which are on both sides "of the form of the eye." For Kirti, is in its usual form, they do not matter, but for the flying form, you can move the controller up and down and thus to change the altitude. Pens control in the lowest position in the form of an amphibious-Kapha, you will be able to dive under the water (there is similar to adjust the depth at which you swim).
At the top there are two color stripes. This is - the most important indicator of your performance, energy and health.
Energy (blue stripe) is mainly spent on the use of spells and commit some action. Be careful - when the energy drops to zero, Kirt automatically becomes a man, because it is not able to maintain some form! Healthcare (red stripe) characterizes received Kirti damage. When health drops to zero, Kirt dies. Corrects and energy, and health, you can use found objects -First of all elixirs in vials matching color, colored fruits and cups. By the way, health is best to recover, taking the form of healer-Cahoon, treatment in this form is most effective.
Several buttons under the "view from the eye" refers to the functions inherent in the current form. The first two buttons are always the same - to call the system menu to save / load games and challenge level of the card; output back to the game by pressing the mouse on the screen RETURN button.
Assign other buttons may vary depending on the form adopted, and they operate somewhat differently. To acted button, you must select it by pressing the left mouse button, the buttons around the frame appears. Now, if the screen cursor hover over an object and click the right mouse button, the selected button will work, that is to be applied or the spell struck with a sword, or your character will jump up, etc.
Buttons with the image of the hands or paws always do the same thing - if the hands do not have any items, the hero in his form strikes the hand, and if things are - they are used (wands shoot magical discharges shuriken methane into the enemy, the sword deals kick drugs restore health, etc.). The main thing - to use an item, do not forget to give it into the hand of the hero. When an object is no longer triggered, you can safely throw it, it is no longer needed.
There is another way to use the object - you simply point at it with the mouse and press a key, and the mouse pointer takes the form of the subject. Place your mouse pointer on the altered some space "kind eyes" and then click the right mouse button.
If no button is selected, then click the mouse button on the "form of the eye" makes actions such as opening arrays, yanking the chain, the actuation of the magical energy of the obelisk and so on.
On the right side of the screen space allocated for the items that is your hero. Please note - items in each form are separated, that is, if you give a sword in the hand of one form and transform into another shape, the sword in the hand of this form will be gone. However, things can and pass from one form to another, it needs to "grab" the object by clicking the mouse button, and leaving it to turn into another form.
Description of the game screen, we will finish the buttons located at the bottom right. These buttons provide some additional features not fit on the left side of the screen. In addition, the button to convert from one form to another is also located at the bottom right (on these buttons shows the heads of different forms, in which you can turn).
Buttons with the symbol of a magical triangle symbol - "Dummy", they do not have any action.
The story told in the game, begins on a rainy night, when the grandfather tells his grandson by the name Kirt about the past ... and the future.
For Kirti was a great surprise to find out that he was born in another dimension, whose inhabitants - MetaMorph, ie have the ability to optionally change the shape of your body. Property changes in the shape given to the energy contained in the magic obelisks.
By the power of evil out there eager to Vesta, the leader Snatchers forms. After a series of bloody wars Vesta defeated his opponents and became the supreme ruler, the remnants of the defeated have gone into exile. Obelisks, giving the property change of form, there are very few, four of them have passed into the possession of governors West.
Kirt Little, one of the last heirs of the legitimate rulers, became a mystery to the prophets - no one could read what awaits him in the future, like the fate of the Kirti was in the shade. For this, he earned the nickname "casts a shadow". Being in a different dimension, Kirt had to grow up, get stronger and get ready to return and battle with the West.
But to finish the education and training of Kirti was not destined - Vesta found it. Sent word magic lightning revived monster carved in stone, and it was impossible to escape. The last thing that had to do Kirti grandfather before his death from the clutches of a stone monster - sent his grandson to his native dimension ...



Kirt - this is the most normal person in good shape. In the transition from one form to another acquired the human form must necessarily serve as an intermediate.
Kirt is able to fight with his hands and feet, moves quickly and efficiently uses the weapon. We form Kirti has another advantage: the energy and health are restored to it in due course the fastest, so if you manage to find a free place from enemies and relax there, the vital signs are improving.
Kirt proved defenseless in its dimension. The first thing he encountered there - a monster that pribizhaetsya him with obviously aggressive intentions. To avoid death, there are three options:
- To try to score a monster karate techniques, and use only their feet, so strike gets stronger. The disadvantage of this option - in the almost inevitable loss of the health.
- This option is more clever and requires a lot of effort, but if you're lucky, you can not lose health in general. You need as quickly as possible to run down the hall to the monster, and, dodging him, run around and find a yard of the first obelisks. Obelisk Energy will give you a second form (Maorin), and by hitting a monster claws Maorina falling apart almost immediately.
- In the yard is the rod that can shoot fireballs. Running past the monster, get the stick and shoot him.
The obelisk, located in the courtyard, gives you an opportunity to take a second form.


Maorin - quadrumanous mighty warrior of the cat family. He's very strong, quick, and blows his paws can overwhelm many enemies. The special properties Maorina relates his feline eyes, allowing him to see the placed traps.
Note - Maorin not tolerate water!
Open the gates will lead you to the teleporter, which will forward you to the garden.
Carnivorous plants in the garden without too much trouble distressed Maorina paws. Pick berries that remain after the death of carnivorous plants, they will need to cover the plants floating solid network quicksand here, in the garden. Plant can walk freely, both on the ground.
Perhaps you will soon find in the garden teleporter, leading to the city. Take your time there! Your first task - to find quicksand and overcome it. For the sand there is a place where traps are placed - you can get around the trap, if you use eye Maorina. Be sure to get shuriken - throwing weapon pointed, he will be very useful in the future.
To overcome the fiery obstacles, you need to hit shots from shuriken or wand glowing flame of a button. The flame will disappear after all three buttons are disabled.
For flame Take the statue's head and return back to the garden. Take a flying chest that periodically shoot fireballs at you. By the way, during the game you will come across chests often just break them and do not think of a more civilized way of opening - keys, for example. The flying trunk methane shuriken as long as the chest does not fall apart. From the trunk, take a triangular key. Set it on a pedestal in front of the throne, in the open ground nearby teleporter. Take the form of Kirti and jump into the teleporter.
The underground river do not try to deal with predators crawling on the ceiling, they are too "strong". Instead, as soon as possible swim forward until you find the chain hanging from the ceiling. Pull the chain, the water will disappear and will open two new rooms. In one of the rooms get the skull and bring the skeleton to head off on a throne in the other room. Put the skull to place and finish off the animated skeleton, then you can go into the opened passage in the wall.
In addition to heap all sorts of useful items you find in dungeons another statue's head, do not forget to take it. Go up to the surface through the teleporter.
It is time to leave the garden and go to the city. With skeletons inhabiting yuschimi-city, the easiest way to deal if to retreat backwards and continuously throwing shuriken at the enemy.
The town has a playground, surrounded on all sides by water, and on this site statues; No statues have four goals. Two heads you already have, another lies at the foot of one of the statues. If you carefully searched the city, you will find the latest and head. Install the head in place, and with the platform will rise up the tower. Go inside.
Inside the tower, you will soon discover the river with an acid, on the other bank of which button is moved. Leave the shuriken into it, after two or three successful hits over acid spill over the bridge. Vaschi adventure will be rewarded with another obelisk and found another form.


Kaun - a small creature resembling an elf. He - physician can cost a small power consumption significantly improve health. Oddly enough, in spite of the small increase, Kaun able to jump higher than Kirt.
Cahoon is also able to apply various support spells spell "light" illuminates dark areas, the spell "Insect Swarm" enemy surrounds stinging and annoying gnats. Spell "invisible foot" allows you to sneak past the enemy, without attracting his attention.
To get four possibilities for further transformations, you have to take away from the magic obelisks governors West. Ways to four obelisks are from the northern part of the old church, where you find yourself after the tower. To open a road to the teleporter, you must disable the shuriken hits four buttons in the side rooms of the temple.
The first obelisks stored in the captured castle werewolves. The road you consistently block the door closed (it opens when to pull the chain in a room far away) and barrel. To cross the barrel, take the form of Kaun and jump to the top.
When you get to the throne room, you can not teleport to the library, there is still nothing useful there, except that the information that in the northern part of the castle with fairy rasprlozhen pond water, reducing energy. Fight with the werewolves and constantly looking for where the descent into the labyrinth bathed in blue light. In this labyrinth and lives surrounded by his retinue the king of werewolves. After the fall of the king of your hand, be sure to take with him the body of the obelisk tip. Behind one of the doors and is itself an obelisk. Restore his energy, reinforcing the tip top. The gods grant you a new form!


Outwardly, it looks like a ball floating in the air with one eye and two tentacles. Opsis moves slowly all the other forms. He brings great effects magic, but it is very susceptible to physical damage, so a fighter out of him weak.
Opsis belongs to a race of magicians and owns many powerful spells he can hit the enemy fire, and cold. Powerful spell "touch of death" leads to more energy consumption, but the enemy is acting solely strongly.
When you return to the temple, the way you block the wall of fire. To cope with fire, freeze it, taking the form of Opsis.
Next obelisk located in underground mines, where the dwarves mined treasures. Located in the mines magic withered tree, and you have to spice it up; it is not too difficult, the main thing - to find the tree itself and the lever next to it. Click on the lever, the tree will blossom, and you will be able to go further.
Small spiders from the ceiling is a shoot down bombs, generously scattered on the previous level, or shuriken attacks. Look for a room where roam spiked balls, belching fire, and out of the - out to a pond with an acid. Opsisa approaching in the form of a hanging chain and pull for this circuit. In the same room will open a secret door in the wall, behind bars where you will find the second governor of West. Defeating them will open a secret door in the room with a pond. There also is an obelisk, giving you the fifth form.


Poluchelovek-polulyagushka, creating, leading predominantly water lifestyle. Kapha only one of the forms able to swim under water. With the enemy can fight the use of the "energy discharge" and "acoustic shock", and under the water efficiency of this unusual weapon is much higher.
Health Kapha and the ability to endure physical damage roughly the same as men.
From the temple, you find yourself in the dark catacombs. Look for the key that can open the metal grille! In addition, there are other valuable items, which are very necessary Cape - aquatic armor, water cannon and a trident. Spending time on finding them, you will save a lot of time later in the underwater kingdom.
Once the key is there, and the grille will open, take the form of Kapha and dive under the water. This is done by adjusting the height of your position to the lowest position, "sea level" (about the height of the regulation, we have been told).
We must honestly say that the journey will not be easy in the underwater world. There are so many enemies, and fight with all of them, in general, impossible. Shy away from battle and look for the room where the king lives underwater! And when Kapha kill the villain, take the floor behind the throne covered with hieroglyphics tablet, ascend to the ceiling and the top of the throne swim to the teleporter. You will find yourself in a castle drakonoidov-Shire. Wasting no time, throw your tablet taken in the acid stream nearby, then the Shire will not touch you. The acid is converted into the water safely climb over it and look for a room with the obelisk.


Winged fire-breathing flying reptile, like a small dragon. Mighty pointy tail and claws are made of Kapha a great fighter, but he did not move slower than, say, Maorin. No special features, except the ability to breathe fire, Shire is no different.
It is best used for Shire flights and battles over the lava flows when Opsis is too slow.
When you go out of the temple in search of the last of the obelisk, then your first concern should be finding the tip of the obelisk, which is hidden in a secret room. Locate the circuit printing, hanging from the ceiling, and thrust it to open in the course of the wall. Take a tip and go to exit the search.
When you find a room with a blue ceiling, pick it two stones and put them on the plate located immediately with the image of scales in the floor. Pull the chain appeared - the path to the teleporter free.
To open the secret door to the next level, get to the wall face of the frog, take the form of Kaun and apply a spell, "a swarm of insects." Frog gobbled them and close the mouth, and will run in the wall.
On the way to the last obelisk sure to look for the sundial. Obelisk jumping from place to place, and it is difficult to catch him. Insert the sundial in a plate with a niche in the wall, obelisk stop. Congratulations - you have collected all the forms that they could!


Generation of earth and stone, Grost different supernatural power. The weapons he hardly needs the stone fists a few blows demolishing any adversary. Spell "earthquake" performance is comparable to the "death touch" Opsis.
The only drawback is its slowness Grosté; however, he still moves faster than, say, Opsis.
To exit from this level, take shape and find Grost false wall a short distance from the place where you found the obelisk. Break the wall, locate the teleporter and move to the temple.
It is time for the final battle, and the temple will take you to the palace West. For the last move you will need three crystals: Blood crystal, crystal and crystal flesh bones. Crystal bones you simply will discover he is in a maze. To get a bone chip, get the stone sword and bring it into the room with a stone statue. Give the sword in the statue's hand, and the wall will open a secret room, and there is crystal.
With all the blood crystal is not much more difficult. Take the form of Kapha and dive straight into the river of blood. Enemies there is not too much, and can deal with them. Swim in the blood until then, until you can float in available to you in other ways of the maze. Ascend, near the ceiling pulsing heart. Take the form Kapha and destroy the heart, he drops the crystal.
The crystals must be attributed to the place where the sex of the stick three multi-colored cylindrical pedestal. Each crystal has to be applied to the pedestal of the same color, then the pedestal goes into the ground. When all three crystals are used successfully, it will teleport to the final battle.
You see an old man who says that he has heard from your grandfather? This is the insidious West. Sincere advice: take the shape of a giant stone Grosté thresh old man and a good fist, until it begins to take other forms. The energy of the beach - you'll need it when the news will take its present form silver winged demon, then no spell "earthquake" you and he can hardly cope.
Destroy Vesta is not very easy, but quite feasible.
If you manage to cope with the news, then your shadow over the fate of disappeared - on the race you obviously written to become the supreme ruler of this dimension.