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Rise of the Triad (DOS)

Rise of the Triad: Dark War, ROTT
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct control
Published by: FormGen
Developed by: Apogee Software
Released: 1994
Platform: DOS
Rise of the Triad DOS control keys
Tired of Doom's monotonous corridors? Tired of Heretic and Hexen's fantasy weapons? Do you want mountains of corpses, rivers of blood and hallucinogenic mushrooms to boot? If so, then Rise of the Triad is the game for you!

The plot of this uncomplicated shooter resembles a typical second-rate action movie - you, as a member of the Super-Secret Squad of Mega-Cool Commandos, land in a very dark and terrible fortress of a totalitarian sect that wants to send the entire population of the planet ahead of schedule to heaven by violent means. Naturally, you need to prevent these bad comrades by paving your way through more than 30 levels crammed with various enemies to the eyeballs. In your noble Crusade against everyone who is not with us, you will be assisted by high-tech cannons created by the mad mind of a megamaniac; It should be noted that most of the weapons presented in the game are various types of "heavy artillery", which demolish almost every enemy with one shot.

If you like to turn your enemies into ketchup, evenly smeared on the walls, a rocket launcher was specially created for you, spitting out four missiles with an offset center of gravity in one shot. For those who like it hot, a unit with the good name "Fiery Wall" is in store - it is, naturally, a moving wall of fire that turns the oncoming vigorous adversaries into charred skeletons. Well, if you love John Woo's films, then you can shoot two "Berettas".

Another feature of the game is that the weakness of opponents (you know, for some reason, very few can withstand a direct hit from a bazooka to the head) is compensated by their numbers (and there are just herds of them here) and intelligence (for 94, the opponents are quite smart). In addition, a very important part of the game is the original level design - it would be more suitable for any adventure game like "Lode Runner": a lot of traps, many caches, moving walls and the like - by the way, traps can (and should! ) lure enemies, where they will die ingloriously in the name of the victory of Good in the whole world.

Bonuses are another legacy of the heavy arcade past. After passing the level and at the same time fulfilling certain conditions - for example, collecting all the coins scattered across the level (yeah, just like in "Mario") or killing all opponents - you get a little more extra points. There is no particular value in them, so, a nice little thing is one of the many that good developers have put into the game.