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Rally Championships (DOS)

Rally Championships DOS
Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Arcade
Published by: Flair Software Ltd.
Developed by: InSide Team
Released: 1994
Platform: DOS

Rally - the race on the road relative to conventional production cars. A cursory acquaintance with the game it seems that it focuses more on children than the serious, adult amateurs ride on computer machines. The game is not that always turn expect from racing games - kind directly from the cockpit. In this case, the developers came to the decision not to fine a number of traditionally we, driving a car during the race, looking at him as if from above and from the side. This gives a very nice three-dimensional space-plane view, a characteristic arcade shooters. But this unusual, as well as rich and complex storyline make the game very attractive in appearance, and after detailed acquaintance with it, and internally.
The essence of the game seems to be simple: Offer a car is necessary to drive the track as quickly as possible, so that, after passing the barrier qualifying times to gain access to the next race. Along the way, you are not forbidden to place and track record (although this will have to travel to and work hard for a long time).
What is a game that in more detail?
After you download and enter a password (do not forget to first run the file-cracker Crack, to enter any letter), press the SPACE key. the main game menu will appear.
Rally Championships DOS title
GAME TYPE - there are three different options:
PRACTICE - Training Run;
SINGLE RALLY - single race;
More information about all three modes later.
PLAYER NAME - to enter your name, select this option, confirm by pressing ENTER. Then, using the arrow keys and the ENTER, type a name (no more than four letters). Underneath you and will compete in all future competitions.
OPTIONS - you need to put three options:
CONTROL TYPE - driving with a keyboard or a joystick. (We recommend to abandon the use of obedient, which is important, given the abundance and the steepness of turns on the route);
SOUND - decide what you more to taste: visual effects with music or without it. By the way, the sound design of the game great. Naturally roaring motor car, shrill squeaking brakes, co-driver in a strained voice recalls the next turns and so on;
GEAR TYPE - the most difficult decision - which prefer gearbox: automatic or manual. It makes you want to give preference to machine, so nothing distracts from the much too tortuous route. First you probably should do so. But remember that, as in this car, and in this game, will disperse the car can only correct it using manual transmission. Therefore, we recommend acquiring general skill drive in this game, then choose MANUAL GEAR.
MAIN - return to the main menu.
Further developments depend on what type of game you choose. Let's start from the beginning.


After pressing START, you can select one of six cars at its discretion. (Oh, if such a luxury was available in the official scoring race!)
Press the cursor - Up / Down you can look through all the models and see not only their appearance, but also, more importantly, with the main technical characteristics of which are major: the engine power and the time required to accelerate from zero to 100 km / hour.
Everything is relative. Even someone who knows nothing of real machines, understands that PORSCHE RS is what you need. Due to the much greater power of the engine and it can accelerate much faster and develop Kutsan higher maximum speed. True, just to keep on the track following a high-speed machine is more complicated than, say, for PEUGEOT 205 RALLY, but technical capacity multiplied by the driving experience obtained in the course of the game will certainly bear fruit, and you will PORSCHE afford to even put a record track.
But, looking ahead, we note that in the credits racing you have to go a long time, until you have the money, after all, on the PEUGEOT 205 RALLY. So it and exercise it. As long as you do not "feel" his car, success is not achieved. Requirements for the passage of a line and a high-speed barrier of the computer is very, very high.
Finally, you decide, they have made their choice. Click START.
First, you have to train on the track, laid on the ground and on a country dirt road.
What is the game screen and that, apart from the road, you should pay special attention to?
At the top of the screen from left to right the following devices:
SPEED - Digital speedometer - actual speed at which your car is moving in km / h;
CEAR - tachometer needle indicating the number of revolutions
TRANSMISSION - the handle indicates the number of the gear. With manual switching speeds, this position becomes critical;
TIME - how many minutes have passed since the start of the race.
At the bottom of the screen:
FUEL - the extent fueled car. Indicator completely shaded green indicates
that the tanks are full;
DAMAGE - the red part on the transparent display shows how much damage received by your car during the race;
LAPTIME - time benchmark, for which you need to go this route (appears on the screen at the time when your machine starts moving).
To move in the automatic transmission mode, press and release the gas pedal (SPACE) until such time until you have a decent speed.
In manual speed change, first press on the gas, then the cursor keys UP engage first gear, again a short press - and the second, as the speed increases, the third and so on.
For braking you can use the cursor key DOWN, but it is better to slow down just releasing at the right moment the accelerator pedal (in manual mode at the same time the button DOWN downshift).
The steering wheel is turned left / right keys. Functional buttons in the game is not much:
ESC - exit from the race in the main menu;
P - pause the game;
F1 - reduction in size of the game screen (if the speed of your computer is insufficient for smooth animation);
F2 - Returns the size of the screen to the ground state.
Having been in operation PRACTICE need to successfully drive the skills, you can move on to the next type of game.


Pressing the START, you will get the following menu, where you have to choose the level of difficulty of the race:
EASY - easy;
MEDIUM - Medium (normal);
HARD - heavy;
EXPERT - Expert (sverhtrudny).
Your choice will affect the complexity of the upcoming tracks (the "cooler" level, the more twisty sections on the track, sharp turns, narrow bridges, wells, puddles with spilled someone's artful hand oil, humpback jumps, etc. etc. .) and your car endurance. (It's nice, of course, with impunity to endure road poles, fences, and other attributes of a car race, but each physical contact with "alien" body constantly is your car out of the system and to the early completion of check-in. The lighter the selected level, the longer the car will remain suitable for use). Next you will see the name of the route and the time of the race, as well as the best time of the other riders. Then you get into the garage. This is a fundamentally important point, because this is where you can fill the car with fuel (move the cursor in the form of hands on "gas station"). By pressing SPACE, enter the corresponding mode. Since the race has just begun, you refueling is not required. Here you can change the wheel, buy a new car or repair the old (by moving the cursor to the rack in the right side of the screen). As the car is still intact, and a new you have not yet (as it is banal) money out of this mode, you can safely leave. However, without which you can not do nothing, so it's without a visit to navigators room (chair in the center of the screen).
Here you have to choose their companions in the navigator, who in the course of the race will warn you of upcoming bends and other slopes voice cataclysms. His team will be duplicated on the monitor corresponding arrows. At best navigator information timely and detailed. The problem seems to be easy, because, of course, want to better the navigator. But, sadly, it is a pleasure worth the money. And the better the navigator, the more expensive it is. Why settle for those of them who are too tough for your wallet, "weighing" at the beginning of the game $ 8000. By choosing the same partner, you can proceed directly to the race.
What has changed on the screen and on the road, compared with a regime PRACTICE?
1. In the lower right corner of the fateful figure of qualification. Focusing on them, you need to pass the road for even a second faster. Otherwise, check-in will have to repeat again and the next track you have not yet seen.
2. On the road, scattered in a sufficiently large number of various prizes, with which you will be able to, on the one hand, to maintain a more or less satisfactory technical condition of the vehicle, on the other - to save precious seconds, so necessary at the finish line, with a third, save for a small kapitalets in order, to frolic on the road, and then repair your car in the garage, and can be later and buy a new one. Yes, and the navigator does not stop to take better. Unfortunately, the prizes are often in hard to reach places runs and is hard to think, and whether to save time with the risk to break the car to pick up the prize. And yet, if possible, it should be done.
Prizes on the track five types:
- Icon with the image of dollar - congratulations, you earned money. And anyway, who said that the money is on the road do not roll? ...
- Inscription TIME - savings at the finish of a second;
- The FUEL canister - refueled "in the air";
- DAMAGE wrench - rr-time! and machine podremontiro- valas;
- The question mark "?" - Followed by hiding any of the four above-mentioned prizes.
Selection of the prize is supported by automobile horn.


It differs from the previous regime carried out a long line one behind the other races (if you are able to keep within the allotted time). Game pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of trails. Why are there only: and dashing turns on the intricate narrow streets of a provincial town, and sliding on the virgin snow of winter forest road on the background of steadily falling snow, and without it, and the hot sand dunes and rocky, broken time, country roads and narrow embankment along the lakes and marshes with the frightened frogs and prairie with tepees and Indians stupidly surprised. Neither day or night, you will not be peace. Just an unexpected variety. However, it's WORLD RALLY.
Depressing only what is available to you, it will not immediately. Championship you start on the weak car PEUGEOT 205, and only in the course of the race (very long) will be able to buy something better. For comparison, if your PEUGEOT 205 is $ 31,200, then, for example, TOYOTA CELICA - 51700 $, a PORSHE RS - as much as $ 60900.
In order to gain as much money to take part in a huge number of races, pick up all the dollar prizes, not to break his old PEUGEOT 205, so as not to spend money for the repair, and regularly keep within the allotted qualifying time. Not an easy task.
If in the course of the race you are unable to meet the QUALIFY TIME, seeing the inscription TIME OUT, at least try not to break the car itself in the trash and reach the finish line before the inscription present on the screen. In this case, the computer generously offer you to try again.
In the left you have two more lives. Agreeing with this, go to the garage (but first make sure that you have the finances, the capitalists do not do anything for free). Fill the car - fuel level is indicated in dark blue on the indicator. One liter costs $ 20. Click REFUEL option. On the overpass podremontiruyte car REPAIR CAR. But it is worth it in the end is very expensive. You can change the wheel and again behind the wheel with the obstinacy doomed to wind around and around in a vain attempt to get through the qualifying sieve.
In conclusion, some tips concerning riding technique on the track.
  1. If possible, longer hold the gas pedal (SPACE key). Only this will allow to maintain constant speed.
  2. For braking on corner entry release gas (briefly) only after warning the navigator or after themselves will see the turn.
  3. End the turn while holding down the gas pedal to coming on a straight part of the track, the car's speed was already close to the maximum.
  4. Use proper brake only in extreme cases, when the threat of a collision with a foreign object seems inevitable. In all other cases, the brake accelerator pedal (releasing) and clutch (in manual mode).
  5. Do not try to buy all the prizes. Located on the "inconvenient" sections of the route, they distract you from the main goal - the maximum speed and time-saving. If the car is damaged, attention prizes repair (even if you and limped to the finish line, the repair money would be very expensive).
  6. When driving in the direction of rotation, is pressed against the inner side of the track. The car, in any case will bring, but then you still have room for maneuver and maybe you will be able to not pull over.
  7. breezing on trampolines strictly in the middle and align the car relative to the road. Otherwise, the inevitable multiple coup and, as a result, a serious breakdown and a full stop.
  8. Avoid the pits on the back roads.
  9. Beware of puddles on city streets. Ego spilled oil. The machine will spin and it will inevitably stop.
  10. Remember to be careful when driving, but nothing more. In this race above all important, after all, speed.
  11. Among the other terms of victory, the chief, of course - playing a flawless response.