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Psychic Detective (DOS)

Psychic Detective DOS
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV)
Narrative: Adult, Detective / mystery, Horror
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Colossal Pictures
Released: 1995

The first adventure game in the genre of interactive movie, where your actions depends on the development of the plot . At the very beginning of the game we see as a " magician " medium - Eric «Flash» Fox demonstrates his talents in a nightclub , and then a lady , smiling seductively , offers him a couple of packs of crisp banknotes for performing simple tasks. She asks to find out who killed her father and save her sister from a deadly danger. Of course, Fox should use their abilities - and not just for the sense of touch to determine the various items related events , but (mostly ) for the endless "jumps" into the heads of the other characters who are close to him or the last " live camera ". So Fox can observe what is happening around them, and eventually retire from myself pretty far. Some individuals , however, - though sometimes not by choice - manage to " throw away " our hero's mind.
Psychic Detective DOS title screen
All the action of the game takes place in real time and in total is less than an hour, but due to the fact that the behavior of all the characters completely removed from "their eyes " and the part ( of the order of 700 mini- movies total of more than 3.5 hours) , the sequence of events may be very different . Only manage to jump from one character to another to even understand what is happening and how to act in order to achieve at least one of the lucky endings. In all endings, according to various sources , 14 or 15 , some of them happy, some failing . The most successful , Grand Slam ( all the goodies saved, defeated evil ), is achieved through repeated training.


Around the main screen are placed portraits of people, in whose brain you can infiltrate. Objects can also tell you something useful.
There are many variations of passages. Moreover, at each stage there are several solutions, leading to different endings. Proposed your attention the option is not the shortest, but it covers most of the plot threads of the game. Guided by the main passage, without turning to the side, you will come to a better ending, "the Grand Slam Solution", the possible plot twists to other endings are discussed below.

Pozok Mansion

Laina your character will lead to your house and provide its guests. When Mioki will appear at the beginning of the stairs, to introduce into his brain.
Moki briefly talk with Chad, view photos, and rises to the top. He will fight with online, and he will remember some of the details of her past. Moki then come back down to the kitchen and make a deal with Chad. After Chad out of the room, Moki will search the office and read a newspaper. Sylvia introduced in the brain when Moki see her in the mirror.
Sylvia will take on the kitchen knife, and go upstairs to the office. Pierce Chad's brain. Look at the green notebook.
Focus on your thoughts Sylvia when she enters the room, until the moment when she will rush with a knife on Chad.
Fox says Madame T. (Anna), and she asks Chad to look at the top. The study finds Fox Chad's body. Consider a knife and a note. Monica shouts, saw the body. Fox finds Laina and leave the house.

Outside Pozok Mansion

In the car Fox Laina asks about the green notebook. Leon come out of the machine. Select «Help me», when he will appear. Leon returns to the car and talk to Fox. Consider her bracelet. Line out of the car and leave. Moki and appears to speak with Fox. It ignores his offer and select «Follow Monika».

The Brick Night Club

To introduce into the mind of Monica when she enters the club. Repeat the same thing with Sylvia. Sylvia will be viewed in the monitor tables in a nightclub, with her greet Bobby.
To see how Janina has sex, it can infiltrate the brain Bobby. However, do not do it, if you want to continue on the scenario «the Grand Slam Solution».
Wait until Sylvia hears how Monica would call address Laina (848 Lanton Drive). Select the inscription «Go there», when orders Silvia bodyguard Lanka to go to this address. Fox will go to Laine.

Laina's House

Fox closer to home. Laina uses psychological collector. Sergei implemented in the brain. He was shocked. Select the inscription «Barge in», to enter into the room.
Laina speaks to Fox. Select "Help Laina". Lyne tells Eric how to examine her brain and see the past.
Laine will collector Fox, who wants to learn how to use them. Sylvia implemented in the brain, when Sergei starts to sputter.
Let Sylvia watches Moki conversation with Max. To introduce into the minds of Moki and Max. When Max would tear Moki note quickly deploy Sergei mind to see his own killer. Sergei fatally Lanka. Action collector end. The police came to arrest Fox.

Police Station

Pierce brain Lieutenant Grieg, when Fox will lead the camera. Detective Fox leave the site. On the street in mind to introduce carrier.
During a meeting with Laipu read her thoughts. She apologizes. Seeing the baby pa roller gloss, penetrate into his brain.
Riding through the city, the child will face machine Max and Sylvia then pass by Monica on MirageQuest. When the woman with the bag, introduced in her mind. The lady stopped near the pawnshop, and Fox learns that there is collector.
Lieutenant Grieg Fox wake and free him. Lyne take Fox from the police, he would tell her about the collector.

Pawn Shop

Fox and Laina enter the pawnshop. When Fox sees the host, he can use psihokollektorom. Sylvia introduced in mind.
Max double face Moki. Fox will return to the pawn shop. Impact on pawnshop owner with the help of "Affection", that he gave Laine psihokollektor. Fox and Laina return to her house.

Pozok Mansion

Laina is Eric's house. Consider triangles pas floor and choose the inscription "Walk pattern", to follow in the footsteps and open a secret door. Laina Fox will enter the secret room. Examine the contents of the reservoir, symbols and tools. To continue "the Grand Slam Solution", quickly select the inscription "No, Go to Madame T.". If we continue to explore things in a secret room, follow the scenario "Maximum Eric Solution".
Laina tells Fox that her father killed Max Mirage. Hearing the cries of Madame T. Laina Fox run to her bedroom.
Fox dragged from Madame Sylvia T. Use "Monicas trouble". Anne thank Fox, and he will go to Laipu MirageQuest.


Sylvia quarrel with Max and angry and leave. Meanwhile, Fox Laina will arrive in MirageQuest. If you choose the inscription "Find Monika". you keep the script "the Grand Slam Solution"; selecting "Seduce Silvia", follow "the Hot Head Solution"; and in the case of "Go to Max" will follow the scenario "the Healing Solution".
Lyne give Fox a collector, and they enter the building.
When Janina come to the stairs, enter her brain. She flirts with Lanka - this picture will remain in the memory of Fox.
Laina and Fox Jounins pass by in the hallway, a closet. When Lanka scream, use collector and "Affection". Against Monica, emerged from the pantry, quickly apply the "Aggression". Fox takes a weapon Lanka and together with Monica online and run out of the building, but Max subdue his will. Fox throws a gun, come back into the building and give Max a collector.

Black Diamond

Max will cause Fox to play "Black Diamond". Select from the offered best options. Good option - it's Madame T., Kite, Monica online and Sigarett. Monica weak against Moki and King DoH'a, Laina weak against Sergei and King Doll'a, Fox weak against Sigarett and Max - Kite against.
If you want to finish the script "the Grand Slam Solution", it is necessary to win. If you lose - you will go on the script "Doubble War Solution".

Scenarios "Pretty Bracelet Solution"

Please use the collector to infiltrate the brain Sylvia. She will find a yellow kite in the green notebook. Fox online will be held in the hall, and there will be captured Lanka. Max force Fox to play "Black Diamond".
Win the game "Black Diamond", to complete the "Pretty Bracelet Solution".

Scenario "Hot Head Solution"

Laina give Fox collector. They will enter the building. Fox will leave online in the hallway and go into the office of Silvia. Select an image "Seduce Silvia". Operate the collector and the "Submission" to Sylvia. Fox will take the green notebook and leave the room.
Lanka will come to Fox and Laina, at this time you need to work on his header and "Affection". Lanka will give weapons online. When they leave the building. Fox finds yellow kite in the green notebook. Max force Fox to return to the building.
Win in "Black Diamond", to complete the "Hot Head Solution".

Scenario "The Healing Solution"

Fox will pick the collector Laina, they enter the building and face Max. Take advantage of the collector and select the image "the Read Psyche Max." Fox learns of yellow kite and a cure Laina. Max force make Fox Laina leave the building.
Win the battle to end "the Healing Solution".

Scenario "Maximum Eric Solution"

- In the mansion Pozok
Continue to explore the objects in the secret room, including a kite. Hearing the cries of Madame T., Fox and Laina will run to her bedroom.
Madame T. asks Fox finally deal with Max, and Fox Laina go to MirageQuest.
- At the MirageQuest
Sylvia quarrel with Max and leave. Fox and Laina arrive in MirageQuest. Select an image "Go to Max" - Laina give Fox collector and both enter the building. Operate on the collector Max. Select the image "the Read Psyche Max". Max force Laina force Fox to leave the building and fight in "Black Diamond".
To complete "the Maximum Eric Solution", select a kite and play.