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Police Quest III (DOS)

Police Quest 3: The Kindred, PQ3
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Graphic adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and select
Narrative: Crime, Detective / mystery
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1991
Platform: DOS
Police Quest III: The Kindred map
Here is the final game of the trilogy about the difficult everyday work of the former officer, and now detective sergeant Sonny Bonds. As to the first two games of the series, a hand in its creation has made the retired policeman Jim Walls.
Police Quest 3 Murder map
Despite the fact that the game's plot covers only six working days Sunny, they who would doubt it will be a very eventful. You are lucky enough to pokolesit patrol car through the streets of Lytton, to be a witness in court, to solve the case of the attempt (at best scenario) for the murder of his wife, Marie, and to "cover" a dangerous religious sect (the author of the script made "mother" Gabriel Knight - Jane Jensen), which in the end turned out to be ... find out for yourself.
Gameplay, though in a new wrapper in the form of a game engine SCI1 and 256-color VGA-graphics, back to the first Police Quest'u and consists of two components: a car race through the city and part of the quest itself, which includes work on the challenges . The plot is not moved away from the canons of the series and was quite straightforward, and progress toward their goals is possible only with full and accurate execution of police procedures. However, we note some interesting points in his very pitch.
Police Quest III: The Kindred cheats
So, the creators tried to symulirovat development of the plot in real-time: do not have time to come to the challenge - the charge of official negligence and - in most cases - the end of the game, ignored questions of Deputy District Attorney in the court - a lost cause, and all in the same spirit. And the plot, I want to note is developing very rapidly, almost giving the player a breath. And the best part - all of your attempts may lead to two results: the good (from "they lived happily ever after") and not bright ("to the end of his days Sonny blamed himself that is completely devoted himself to work and forget about your favorite "), and that does not include a whole lot of losing endings, when you did not even manage to get on the trail of criminals.
Colorful graphics (hand-drawn backgrounds and live actors), catchy music, moderately twisted detective story in the style of militants late 1980s - early 1990s, an integral fraction of humor and point'n'click-friendly interface will satisfy fans of the genre.