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Police Quest (DOS)

Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel, PQ, PQ1
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Top-down
Perspective: Isometric
Narrative: Detective / mystery
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1992
Platform: DOS
Police Quest 1 city map
VGA version of the famous quest, released five years later. The main changes affected graphics, which has now become 256-color, and the interface, which is now not text, but push-button. Dialogues, as well as some other elements of the game, have undergone minor changes.

Police Quest I title
This city has not been calm for a long time. From every corner, another drug addict may attack you, or a simple thug decides to get rich quick at your expense. But as long as there are people like Sonny Bonds in the police, the city can sleep peacefully.

Sonny Bonds gave the Lytton Police Department a full 15 years of his life. I've seen everything, experienced a lot. And now he will have to deal with the most terrible scourge of any city - drugs. Essentially, Police Quest is a classic 80s adventure game with a graphic design, but with keyboard commands; a few years later, a re-release for VGA was released, where the commands were replaced with the usual icons.

Your goal is to lead the ordinary life of a simple policeman: sit in boring meetings, write reports, and patrol. Although the game is periodically distinguished by almost bureaucratic meticulousness, there is no time to get bored here. The action is very intense and active, rarely when you can find two identical tasks. Of course, not everyone will like the game, but at least it will be useful for any fan of adventure games to get acquainted with it, and who knows, maybe you will get involved in Sonny's life, so ordinary, but so interesting!