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Phantasmagoria 2 (DOS)

Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh DOS
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person, 3rd-person
Gameplay: Fixed / flip-screen
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV)
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and select
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Narrative: Horror, Romance
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1996
Platform: DOS

Such a hit as Phantasmagoria, just could not get going on. However, if you think that you will meet again with the heroine of the first part Endrian writer , but the game itself is dedicated to gothic horror , you are deeply mistaken .
Much has changed in the game. She , of course, still devoted to horror, but not gothic , and sci-fi . Changed and the graphic design of the game - its heroes still represent the digitized video , but it imposed , in most cases , on the digitized photographs and videos have become much more extensive and numerous.
Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh title
The hero of the second part was a young man named Curtis Craig, working in corporations Wyntech, engaged in medical research . In this corporation has very peculiar partners - representatives of an alien civilization . Curtis was very unlucky with his parents - his father , the founder of the corporation, was killed for refusing to cooperate with the aliens , and the main occupation of the mother was subjected to little Curtis most diverse tortures and torments . Childhood memories , probably affected the intimate life of Curtis - one of his mistresses is finished sado- masochist and not slightly off to torment the poor man .
Once you start playing for this chronic loser and he plunges into the maelstrom addictive nightmarish events - friends and colleagues , one after another, victims of massacres Curtis pursue obsessive hallucinations - scenes of murder , hideous monsters , corridors filled fluorescent lights , and other operating not too pleasant places .
The game keeps you in suspense relentless - even the terrible events of the game begin almost immediately ( in the first part of all the horrors were concentrated at the very end of the game) , you will not get tired and start to jump on a chair .
You until the end and did not know whether Curtis crazy killer , and he was a man at all. The game's plot , with all external chaotic , subject to strict laws of logic - in the game of chance there is little, each most incredible fact can find a logical explanation .


Password to login Curtis - BLOB ( good name for a pet rat ).
After Bob made ​​zapodlyanku Curtis in his komputere ( This is when the letters run ) - RATBOY or RATMAN - differently!
Password to login BOSS (ID - Pwarner) - Carpe Diem - current acts on the computer in his office, Paul !
The password for the Arhive - carpe Dim.

Remember the note found in the office of Paul with the inscription Infection REVELATION Desecration
This is the code acc. Section Memos
Access.doc - infection
Energy.doc - Revelation
Curtis.doc - desecration

Code to the room with other people's computers - 10958 - remember the line highlighted in yellow on a piece of wallpaper ?
Code to the computer itself - ROSETTA - it highlighted line in the book of table BOSS



Chapter One

Click on the right.
Phantasmagoria 2 DOS logo
Open the drawer in the bedside table ( left mouse button) .
Take the chocolate there , a screwdriver and a photo.
Go back to the mirror and click on it .
Go to the front door.
Take the mail in your mailbox.
Walk into a large room ( where there is a sofa bed).
Give Curtis'u mail ( click first on the mail, then Curtis'a).
Take a photo of the table.
Turn left and click on the hamster cage .
Go back to the front door and click on it.
Return to the large room.
Click on the sofa .
Take the hamster and let it under the couch .
Then lure him chocolate and going to the front door , click on it.
Go to WynTech.
Examine the purse ( click on it and then click on them in the eye ) .
There you will find the card.
Use it on the reader , first front right, then left at the door .
Enter the office WynTech'a.
Click on vodosnabzhitelnom apparatus as much as you can.
Then , next to this device, there is a door . Go to her.
There you will see two doors. One - on the right , the other - on the left.
Come to the right booth ( booth Jocilyn).
Talk to her .
Show her the card and all the photos.
Get out of here and go to the left booth ( booth Tom'a).
Give him the purse and card.
Talk to him and leave .
Go to the office.
There go a little further and turn right.
Go to the right booth ( booth Bob'a).
Talk to Bob'om .
Get out of here.
Go to the left booth ( booth Therese).
Talk to her and show the card.
Come out of this booth and turn left .
Then left again .
You will see an empty booth - it's yours (ie Curtis'a).
Go to it and take the green chair .
Then click on the picture and hear the name of the hamster "BLOB".
Look in the phone book.
Click on the phone and dial :
6992 (Jocilyn)
6125 (Trevor)
6120 (Tom)
3038 (Therese)
And call yourself .
Then get out of the phone.
Now click on the computer and type in the password - BLOB.
Come out of the booth .
Go right into the booth ( booth Trevor'a).
Talk to him , show him a card and photos.
Give him a card .
Return to Me ( Curtis'u ) in the booth.
Click on the chair, then the computer.
Look at all the files and find the document "Venimen_Sagawa".
Click on it until , until you see a glitch Curtis'a.
After the 6125 call (Trevor).
Click on the computer and then on the mail system .
Answer all emails and leave from here.
Exit the office and go to the warehouse ( in the corridor room on the right ) .
Otodvinte all the boxes by clicking on them with the left button.
Then try to open the little door hands , then with a screwdriver.
You did not work out ? Do not worry , we will open it , but later.
Come out of the warehouse.
Go back to the booth Trevor .
Talk to him a few times and you go with him to the restaurant.
Click on the restaurant menu , lying on the table and talk to Trevor'om several times.
Return to WynTech.
Go through the open door (this office Paul'a Warner'a, about vodosnabditelnogo device.
There first check all around , then take a look at the same table . Click on the photo , lying on the table.
Then, open the drawer in the table.
You drove , but what to do . Who said it would be easy ?
Go to his booth and try to open the document "Venimen_Sagawa".
Dial "RATBOY".
Go into the booth Bob'a and talk to him .
Go into the booth Therese and talk to her .
Go back to the warehouse.
Therese went behind you and you met her at the moment.
Talk to her and go to a restaurant to meet Jocilyn.
Talk to Jocilyn and go home .
Click on Jocilyn house several times.

Chapter Two

The bedroom Curtis'a click on the mirror.
Take mail.
In a large room let Curtis'u mail .
Click on the cell Blob'a .
Click on the bookcase.
Use the map Dr.Harburg ' and for free.
Go to Wyntech.
Talk to Jocilyn, Trevor'om and Therese.
Log in Paul's office Warner'a .
There will be a police officer. On the floor below, take a piece of paper .
Leave .
Enter the office and talk to WynTech'a detective.
Click on the booth Curtis'a .
Go to the restaurant "Dreaming Tree".
Talk to Jocilyn twice.
Click several times on Therese.
Go back home.
The apartment consider cage hamster , bookcase, and mirror.
Return to WynTech.
Enter the office WynTech'a.
Detective force you to leave . Come back here again and go to Tom's cabin .
Call the office to Poul'u Warner'u .
Go to the office Poul'a Warner'a.
Click on a table .
Look at the photo on the table and writing.
Open the drawer and take the key and all you can D:_V6(2)
Examine the plate in the wall (calendar).
Come out of WynTech'ovskogo office.
Go into the cabin to Bob'u .
Take a button on the floor.
Exit the office and go to the warehouse computers .
Move crates with computers (right) , you will see the door to the castle.
Open it with a key .
Click on the cabinet with documents.
Take a box of tools .
Exit the room and go home .
Give toolbox Curtis'y.
Take a folder and lace .
Click on a box and there is nothing else has .
Ride to Dr.Harburg 'y.
Click on a Dr.Harburg.
Show both photos .
Show card from Therese.
Show folder.
Show lace twice.
BOB Show button .
Show her business card.
Click photo to the right.
Look at the table , look at New Year's garbage .
Go to the restaurant.
Talk with Max - the waiter.
Go to the Borderline.
Show tall man card from Therese.
Click on a person in the bar.
Click photo to the left. Look around the room stay.
Come out of the septum.
Click photo to the left and go to Therese.
Talk to her until you do not drink drink.
Click on the drink.
Click on the guy doing the piercing .
Come back home .
Click on your new navel .