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Martian Memorandum (DOS)

Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum DOS
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Graphic adventure, Puzzle elements
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Narrative: Detective / mystery
Published by: Access Software
Developed by: Access Software
Released: 1991
Platform: DOS

2039. Six years after the events of Mean Streets private detective Tex Murphy is still working on their craft. Once he calls the head (!) Terraform mega-corporations, Marshall Alexander, and asks pomoshi in a very delicate matter, his daughter Alexis kidnapped.
Adorable Tex has no idea where it would lead the investigation: through a huge city, deep in the past Alexander to Mars - where Terraform creates suitable conditions for life and where in the end the rules detective reveals the secret of the Martian Memorandum ...
Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum DOS title
Unlike previous games in the MM is nothing of the simulator and arcade chase - it is pure adventure, darkened, perhaps only a couple of timer brainteasers. Mouse or joystick are over, the keyboard helps a little to make life easier: a series of F1-F12 keys are replaced with a menu from which the selected action. It may not seem very appropriate prompts that appear in abundance, one has only to click on help at any of the locations.
Many of the characters - a "talking heads", digitized images of real actors (though obviously not the best). And their remarks sounded and sponges are moving to the beat of the words. Some locations do almost photographic quality, as far as was possible in those days.
Entourage natural cyberpunk really excellent script, again coined by Chris Jones (co-authored with my colleague Brent Erickson) - all this in spite of the actors and voiceovers Krivlyak a tape quality Memorandum makes a welcome piece of bread is not even in a year of famine.


Throughout the manual we will refer to user input through the generic term SELECT.  For mouse users this means to place the mouse cursor over an item and press the left button.  For joystick users this means to place the cursor over an item and press button #1.  For keyboard users this means to move the cursor over an item (using the cursor keys) and press [ENTER] key.
The majority of the game time will be spent searching for clues at various locations.  There are several commands to use in searching and manipulating objects in rooms.
LOOK - This command allows you to inspect an object.
MOVE - This command allows you to move an object from one position to another.
MOVE can be used to move an object form place to place, such as a pillow, or to change a state, such as flipping a wall switch.
OPEN - This command allows you to open an object, such as a box or door.
GET  - This command allows you to pick up an object.
USE  - This command allows you to manipulate one object with another.  The USE
command always uses an item from inventory (see inventory section) on an object in a room (e.g. A door is locked and a key is resting on the floor.  To open the door you must first GET the key.  The key is now in your inventory.  Next USE the key on the door.  The door will now open.
TALK - This command allows you to initiate a conversation with another charac-
TRAVEL-This command allows you to travel from location to location (see travel section).
HELP - This command allows you to get hints to aid you in completing a search of a room.
DISK - This command allows you to Load or Save a game to disk.
To search a room, choose a command you wish to use (the command will highlight) and select an on screen object.  The command will be executed.  If nothing happens the object may not be affected by the command (LOOK will almost always return an answer if the object is defined).


You will run across many characters that have valuable information.  You must extract this information using your wit and charm.  At different points during a conversation, you will be required to interact with the character.  Simply select one of the on screen responses to speak the reply.  Often you will be able to offer or ask about items (if the character allows it).  There will be numerous subjects you will be able to ask characters about.  Try to be very thorough when questioning.  In addition, it’s a good idea to go back and talk to characters, which were previously interviewed, when a new name appears on the ASK ABOUT list.  Don’t think that just because you’ve talked to a character once, you’re done with them.


At some point in the game you will find yourself crawling through an air duct.  The controls are simple.  To move forward, select the arrow pointing to the top of the screen.  To move backward, select the arrow pointing to the bottom of the screen.  To turn left, select the arrow pointing left (if you’re not at an intersection, selecting the left or right arrow will simply turn you around).  To turn right, select the right arrow.  You can tell if you’re at an intersection when the area in the middle of the arrows shows a cross.  When a cross is showing, is possible to turn in a new direction.  Your current heading (north, south, east or west) is shown as a highlighted arrow.  This highlighted arrow is the direction you are facing.  If you want to travel in the direction you are facing, select the arrow pointing up, not the arrow that is highlighted.  If you’re still having difficulty and you’ve tried everything , see the “troubleshooting” section.


Your secretary is your constant companion through the game via you COMLINK (if you find it).  Your secretary is your information source and will keep you informed of events happening throughout the game.  To access you secretary, select the USE command and select the COMLINK from your inventory.  Your secretary will ask you what you would like to know about.  Select an item from your ASK ABOUT LIST.  Your secretary will return the information and it will automatically be entered into your TRAVEL or ASK ABOUT LIST if appropriate.


Tex may travel only when the situation will allow it (if Tex is tied up in the basement, he will not be allowed to get out by traveling).  If you wish to travel, select the TRAVEL icon.  A list of locations which Tex currently knows will be displayed (this changes as Tex gathers clues).  To travel to a loca-tion, simply select one of the locations from the list (select the OK icon or select the location twice).  Tex will arrive at the new location in  a short time.


The inventory is where Tex stores items he picks up.  When Tex uses the GET command on an object in a room or when a character gives Tex something, it goes here.  The objects can be retrieved by either USING them in a room of OFFERING them to a character.  The list will grow and shrink as Tex obtains or uses items.  There is no limit to what Tex can carry, so it’s a good idea to take everything you can, you never know when you are going to need it.


The ASK ABOUT system is similar to the inventory except that it stores names and intangible information as opposed to physical items.  ASK ABOUT items are used during character interrogations or with your secretary.  Items are auto-matically added to the ASK ABOUT LIST when Tex come across them.


Games can be saved anytime during a room search.  Select the disk icon from the command bar.
To save a new game; click on the box next to the word FILE.  A flashing cursor will appear signaling that it’s waiting for you to type in a new name and press [ENTER].  Select the SAVE icon.  To save over an old game; choose a file name by selecting a name from the list, and select SAVE icon.  A box will appear to verify that you really want to save over the file.
To load a file; either select a current file from the list of files of select the box to the right of the word FILE and type in a name.  Select the LOAD icon.


Game hints are available at any time while searching a room.  Hints are con-text sensitive, meaning that the only hints available will be based on the current room the player is in.  To access the hints, select HELP icon from the command bar and select the object you need help with.  Hints are given at different levels- from vague to specific.  You can stop at any point if you don’t want the puzzle to be given away.  To advance to the next hint level, select the same object again.


press the [INS] key, [O] key, and move in any direction.  This will get you out of the ducts.