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Inca II (DOS)

Inca 2: Nations of Immortality
Genre: Action, Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Setting: Pre-Columbian Americas, Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Coktel Vision
Released: 1994
Platform: DOS

On the continuation of the game "Inca", dedicated to the further adventures of Supreme Inca El Dorado, pinned enormous hopes. In some ways it is "Inca - 2" surpasses its predecessor in something inferior to him.
Technically the game is done perfectly - improved space battles, and added a lot of new weapons look more impressive landscapes and game screens. Graphics is more diverse, its style is not limited palette sinezolotoy the first part of the game. Fixed an absurd complexity of some dynamic moments, and now success in space battles, you can achieve almost the first time.
Inca II: Wiracocha title
On the other hand, the sound design is made weaker and does not have long remembered the hypnotic charm of tunes from "Inca - 1". Heroes - both positive and negative - have become much less mysterious and mystical, and the game is lost elusive refined "atmosphere".
Control remains substantially the same as that in the first game. Moving the mouse moves the cursor on the screen, whether it be in sight space battles or normal cursor to the puzzles. By moving the mouse in some puzzles you can also call the "scroll" the screen horizontally. To check if this is possible, move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen. If the shape of the cursor will change and there will be an arrow, click the mouse button to move to the next screen portion (for turning on the spot), or just keep moving the mouse in the same direction. These methods do not repeat each other, so be careful. The left mouse button is used to:
- Taking various items.
- Closer inspection of objects on the screen.
- Committing various actions with objects.
- Direct application objects.
- The use of weapons in space battles.
The most significant difference concerned the use of the right mouse button in the puzzles, it is now used to display the list of items to choose from and it used the subject. In space battles right mouse button to change weapon to the next on the list.
With the passage of levels with puzzles by moving the mouse cursor to the top edge of the screen, you can cause a four auxiliary znachkov- icons.
Floppy - download games, exit to DOS, or information about the game. Note - Save the game takes place automatically as you complete levels.
Monitor - here you can listen to all the melodies that sound in the game, and again watch any movie scene. You can watch videos only already passed levels.
Chest - a list of the property. A more convenient way to access the property is to use the right mouse button.
controls - on / off music and some additional information (in general, it is unnecessary).

Space battles

Since the mode of space battles undergone the most drastic processing, it should stay more detail. Many new types of weapons, is a list of weapons and other equipment, along with faster access keys (so that was not required each time to scroll through the list of weapons the right mouse button).
F1 - laser.
F2 - homing missiles.
F3 - torpedo.
F4 - nuclear bomb.
F5 - grappling hook.
Also used in space and other additional control buttons:
F6 - next target.
F7 - previous target.
F8 - space map.
F10 - switch to work with a mouse / joystick on the control panel at the bottom.
+/- - Increase / decrease speed. The speed is shown in red figures next to the gun.
Space - select another target.
Control Panel "Tumi" the target type (bottom left). It - rotating three-dimensional view of the current target. You can change the display scale information manually, but it is easier to provide a computer to do this automatically.
Radar (bottom middle). On the radar shows the location of all targets in relation to the "Tumi", the current target is highlighted.
Information about the weapons and the ship (bottom right). Here you can set the current weapons (although it is more convenient to do it in other ways), as well as to check the degree of damage to the ship. Switching these modes is selecting the symbol square / circle on top of the buttons. The weapon selection mode through the available weapons carried arrow keys, but still much faster than the weapon chosen directly by pressing the accelerator F1-F5.
Brief description of the weapon
Rate of lasers - the only weapon with unlimited ammunition. As the firing rate of fire everything slows down, and to restore the state lasers, it is necessary to temporarily stop shooting and let them recharge.
Homing missiles - the destructive power of these missiles exceed the power of lasers, plus they own aim. When the target image on the screen blinks and a buzzer characteristic squeak, then the rocket captured target and it can produce.
Torpedoes - killing power of torpedoes is very high, but they hit the target really only at close range.
Nuclear bomb - exploded or the purpose of the collision, or after a short period of time after firing the bomb. The bombs are used to destroy the target group.
The gripping hook - used to cling to the ship to dock or boarding.
The main site of action becomes a kind of battlefield in the front. Pay attention to the sight; beside him figures are current speed of the ship, and the yellow line shows the direction to the current target.
Firing of protective turrets essentially no different from the battles in the "Tumi", except that the vehicle more sluggish, and less weapons.
Now, when the control description is finished, you can go directly to the scene description. Recall that at the end of the first part of "Inca" Supreme Inca receives power over the three forces-Inti sun and prepares to revive the empire of the Incas. However, in a duel with the leader of the conquistadors Aguirre Eldorado sacrifices himself and destroys Aguirre. The explosion of the dying sun receives the necessary energy to it, and the Inca Empire reborn.
At the beginning of "Inca - 2" it turns out that El Dorado, and Aguirre survived. Eldorado becomes the Supreme Inca and ruled his subjects, and Aguirre sent to the depths of space to again try to deal with the old enemy. The family Eldorado reached adulthood son Atahualpa, El Dorado and plans to attach it to the management of the state.


Sentinel Huarachiko Atahualpa offers to choose a test to prove that he is worthy to attend the Council of the Wise. You can select a test of strength or wisdom - depending on your inclination and mood. Test easier wisdom and is much faster. To start the test, you need to enter in one of two gates.
Test of Strength (right gate).
You find yourself on board the spacecraft, and your task - to destroy all the statues at a distance, without missing a single one. On average, each statue takes 2-3 hits. Use your primary weapon - a laser, and do not make too sharp turns, and that the target can be lost. After the defeat of one goal immediately proceed to the next; It shows the direction of the yellow line in sight. Gradually, the statues are all close to each other, which complicates your task. Remember: the statue is destroyed only after a blue flash, do not rely on the red explosions when hit.
If you successfully pass the test, you will be able to continue. Otherwise, try again or go to the test of wisdom.
wisdom Test (left gates).
Pick up a stone from the floor and take the pen with the guard's head. Bring the water to the first statue, setting the stone above her head, then tickle statue of a feather; one of the grids to rise. The same needs to be done, and with a second statue, only the test of wisdom will end successfully.
The father of Atahualpa, El Dorado, is pleased with his son and invited him to the counsel of the wise to discuss the problems of the Empire problems. As it turns out, is approaching Earth asteroid was captured by the troops of Aguirre and Aguirre are now going to suspend all forms of communication in the territory of the Empire.
Eldorado is not going to enter into a direct confrontation with Aguirre: forces for this is not enough to have to prepare for war. But impatient Atahualpa did not agree with his father. He insults the intelligence officer Celt, and his expel from the Council.
Atahualpa susceptible to the provocation, he decides to capture poorly protected space fighter father, "Tumi", and single-handedly deal with the Aguirre forces.


"Tumi" is protected by only one guard, special difficulties will not,
Take the rope coca leaves, and then take a rope with a pillar. Put a pillar at the gate on the right. Take the stone from the pile and toss it in the guard. While Stone has not yet managed to hit the target, hide in the tree crown or behind the fence on the right. If the attempt fails, try again.
When the guards come to see what was going on, pull the rope. Fallen pole knocks the guard on the head and make way for Tumi.
In space, Atahualpa is in an area controlled by forces Aguirre. By "Tumi" rush enemy fighters - get ready for battle.


To learn how to fight in space, mentioned above. The first two fighters to kill is not so difficult, and you would not have to use anything other than a laser.


three fighter starts from the border station, this time the problem is a little more complicated. Except the fighters, there is also the station, but it is necessary to attack the least - too much time passes before the station explodes.
At the end of the battle you to join Eldorado and Celt Celt on the merchant ship. Anything taken too late rash actions Atahualpa led to war. Eldorado and Celt sent to repel the enemy attack. You stay on the merchant ship Celt. Eldorado strict orders not to touch anything.


Turn to monitor control of the ship (it behind you) and click on the "3" button on the front panel. Press the button on the numeric keypad to the right until you hear an alarm. Celt turns off the alarm on and off the ship's security system. As can be seen on the screen, do not work turret protective due frozen hinge.
Open the door next to the control monitor, you'll be taken to the warehouse. Inspect the left "sleeve", next to him is a crowbar: take it. Open crowbar box of vodka in the center of the warehouse, take the bottle and again to the "sleeve." Open the "sleeve" (clicking on it with the mouse button) and pour vodka inside. Return to the bridge and switch lever to "ON". ship Mechanisms are heated, and the hinge is thawing. /
Select which setting you want to control (button 1 or 2 on the front panel).


In the beginning you fight with three fighters, but in the end you have to attack al. Despite the desperate warnings of El Dorado, a merchant ship shatters into pieces. Atahualpa was killed, and from now on in the game you take the role of the Supreme Inca El Dorado.
Conquistadors back down, and you have to fly to the rescue Celt - his vehicle lost control and drifting in space.


Catch a drifting ship at maximum speed (remember: the speed increases and the key combination Shift +). When you are far from it, switch weapons on the grappling hook and shoot Celt ship. Hook must seize the ship Celt, and you will be together on the board, "Tumi".
Gravity nearby planets have captured a ship and you must be prepared for an emergency landing.


You have to draw a map the surface of the route to the right place. Simply follow the instructions by clicking the mouse button in the right places maps:
- A source of water in the West.
- Walk through the valley to the northeast 160 miles.
- Go through the mountain pass rate east-northeast 100 miles.
- Go south past the rocks 150 miles.
- You have to be at approximately the same latitude as the source of the east; go to it 330 miles.
Perhaps the first time will not have to try again.
After two days of traveling under the scorching sun Celt and Eldorado are Observatory astronomer Una. Learning about the asteroid Aguirre, Yuna agrees to help
- Its equipment can calculate the location of the asteroid and prompt manner of its destruction.


Yuna gives you the antenna control unit that you have put the antenna on the asteroid. Your task - to drive the black circle in the intersection of the three lines in a triangle, for this at your disposal arrows "+" and the three areas of displacement.
As it turns out, the asteroid is in the formation stage, and it can be destroyed if placed on the three planets of enormous energy sources. The computer will tell you the dates of the planet, and Eldorado can only use their mystical powers (see "Inca - 1".).
To repair the "Tumi" you have to take him to the station, and this close just has an old steam locomotive.


Take the crowbar next to the refueling tower. Enter the train, take the oilcan and a leather strap with swivel wheels. Turn the wheel back and forth. Lubricate using an oil rig at a gas flow and apply the crowbar on it. Steam locomotive fueled for the trip.
Enter the locomotive. Press the ignition button. Lom knock the pin out of the lever the direction, pull the lever - let's go!


The locomotive is under attack from the air. As soon as one of the four arrows on the panel flashes, click on her mouse button - go out fighters to attack. Move around the screen crosshair and strive to put the fighters as much damage, so they are less damaging to the locomotive. Your task - to hold out for a certain time (about two minutes).
After reflection attacks Eldorado directs steam locomotive in an old tunnel, so as not to become a target for the next attack.


Once this cave served as a base for miners, it is worth digging a closer.
Examine the cabinet on the right side of the cave. Take the hammer, a razor, a bottle of mercury, lead and loaded with the key. Go back to the rope tied to the drawer on the left, and cut it with a razor. Take the rope. A closer look at the box and clean the sand in a rusty key. Open the drawer and take the key of the paper. In the papers you will find a description of something called "Boomerang" and scrawled at the bottom of the sheet numbers 1,8 and 3. Go to the safe on the wall, pour mercury on the wheel to wash away the rust. From left to right, type the desired combination of (1, 8, and 3). In the vault are the drawings of the ancient spaceship "Boomerang". According to the Celts, such ships were easy to build, but in the battle, they were very effective. Celt decides to try to build a ship, is busy with Eldorado "Tumi" repair.
Researches Una end, and it gives the crystal with his coordinates listed in the relevant three planets. When the energy sources will be installed, the asteroid will be in the intersection of light and explode. Eldorado instructs all imperial affairs Celts, appointed him commander in chief of the armies of the Empire, and he is sent to arrange energy sources on the planet.


Turn the switch at the screen and put the resulting crystal from Una in the niche. You will receive the coordinates of the first two planets; choose where you go first - "A" or "B" (select "A" to avoid confusion).


In space, you will have a meeting with the killer Atahualpa, captain Diego de Almagro. When you destroy the ship detachment Almagro, Al rush to flight, and you will be given a choice - to chase after him to get back (YES), or continue their journey to the planet (NO). If you feel the strength to shoot a couple of dozen enemy fighters and three space station, invulnerable to bombs and lasers, the chase and die with honor. Well, if you really think about themselves and do not allow emotions to blossom - choose "NO", and otpravlyayts to save the Empire.


You land on a planet and find yourself on a tropical beach. Take a look at the stems of the plant - recently there was someone. Take the land of palm leaves, and will clear the sand, revealing traces. The tracks lead you into the woods - go there.
Take an oyster, place it on a flat stone and smash with a hammer. Take out the broken magic pearl oysters, pick up another oyster. With palms jumping monkey and begins to threaten you - toss in her oyster. Frightened monkey escapes by flushing from the nest bird ibis. Inspect the socket and attach to the magic pearl jade egg. There is a demon Grove and tells you to take an egg and the pearl, but always have them with you when you return * otherwise it will take away your soul.


Footprints led you to the person sitting next to a fossilized crocodile. This is a shaman, he agrees to help the Eldorado, but first need to revive the crocodile - it killed the demon Grove.
Look at the crocodile, insert the magic pearl and jade egg in the orbit of a crocodile. Reptile revives, and the shaman immerses you into a deep trance.


Look around the rods in the rock. Take the rod, the stone door opens into the rock. Come in and cut-vessel calabash razor, take two halves and go back to Stella. Put the rods on pedestals on both sides of the stele and put half a calabash on a pedestal of stele. Go to the hole in the rock and set the second half calabash in a niche above the hole. Sun beam is reflected from the objects you set and breaks the glass cover on the stele. Set on the first of Inti stella stones.
Then Eldorado safely returned to the "Tumi" board (and the Demon Grove took care saved the crocodile).


In space, the two fighters are attacking you. When you destroy them, the Celts reports
the successful construction of the "Boomerang" and that Aguirre sent a battle fleet to attack. If the new Celt forces will fight the attackers fighters, it will lead to large losses and Celt asks if you can help it. This, of course, a personal matter, but we advise you to answer "YES" and a bit of a fight.


You are faced with a large fleet: a few dozen fighters, and behind them - five heavy bombers. According to the on-board computer, the chances of success equal to 5% ...
To survive and win, quickly select from your weapon and shoot bombs at the enemy ships congestion in front of you. The bomb struck a large space, but keep in mind: to further the explosion takes place a short time.
When you finish off a certain percentage of the enemy ships, you will see the Celts. If, after your application Celt bombs and is not visible, it means that the chances of success you miserable.
After destroying the bulk of the fleet bombs, finish the remaining lasers or the torpedoes.


Eldorado is the second planet in the Valley of the three dreams. Man rescued them from the rubble, said that the conquistadors Lama imprisoned in the fort.
The fort is necessary to climb the rock. Sling cord with a load through a tree root at the top and attach the cord to the rope. Pull on the rope, so it does not sag. Install the pin in a large stone hammer and hammer it deeper. Tie the end of the rope to it and remove the pebbles from under the large grounds. Eldorado under the weight of the stone flies up and releases from Lamu Fort.


Lama agrees to help, but first you need the prayers of the favor of the gods. Lama offers to find the best prayer.
Click the mouse on prayer scrolls 2, 4 and 7 (it scrolls that rotate counter clockwise); the successful work done Eldorado gets a sink.


Lama leads you to the Buddhist chortens.
Look in the hole and take the chain. Tie a chain to the top of the Chorten. Lightning melts the tip of the metal is collected in a tray. Lom bring down the tray and vozbmite it.


Lama leads you to the glacier, and says that the ice hides a lot.
Pick up from the ground a wooden stick and he had built in the snow tripod. Adhere to the tripod leather strap and attach a strap tray. Hit the gong hammer to receive and give Lame shell. Lama blows in the sink, and the avalanche opens the way to the temple in the ice.


Vozbmite wineskin and hit the hammer on the stalactites. Pick up fallen stalactites and put them under the sunbeam, the water from the melted ice to collect the wineskin. Put in a bowl filled with a wineskin, a pedestal; glass cover is broken, and Eldorado can be installed on the second stele of stone-Inti sun.


In space, Eldorado is going to go to the third world, but all of a sudden he is going around the fleet Aguirre. The first wave of three ships trying to destroy the "Tumi". Although you can deal with them, but to destroy the whole fleet is absolutely unreal.
Fortunately, timely arrive Celt with his fleet of "Boomerang". Enemies regroup to defend the asteroid, and Celt announce that Eldorado wife kidnapped and held hostage by her on an asteroid. Consequently, the original plan to destroy the asteroid has to change.


Celt and "Boomerang" should distract the enemy while Eldorado try to break in alone on an asteroid. If you've helped the Celts to defend from attackers, but now you will be easier - you will be smaller enemies.
Successful completion allows Eldorado battle to land on the asteroid's surface.


Examine the body of the murdered guard. Cut the twine with a razor in his neck and take three zhemchuzhinyB. Lom knock the cover from the castle. When the lid is not, paste gems in the form suitable for niches and driving them deeper into the hammer. The panel will open and you will see six buttons. Press repeatedly on the first five keys on the left so that the key became dark again. When you press the five buttons, temporarily exit from this screen to the right, which lifted the lid on another castle (in the hole to the right of a large enclosed passageway in the rock). Locate a small ledge niches and strengthen it scrap (or a hammer, it does not matter). Go back to the castle, click the last six button and pick up dropped out niches pearls. Go back to the hole with the inserted scrap and clean scrap.
Insert the pearls in the form suitable niche.
The door opens into the rock, and El Dorado meets his wife. It turns out that Aguirre solved Eldorado plans and threw the third planet all his army, but there is another way to get rid of the asteroid - to apply the last effect in the heart of the asteroid. ALCL alone departs from the asteroid, but Eldorado has completed its task and sacrifices himself.