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Gobliiins (DOS)

Goblins DOS
Genre: Puzzle
Perspective: 3rd-person
Visual: Fixed / flip-screen
Interface: Point and select
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Coktel Vision
Released: 1992
Platform: DOS

People's imagination, as usual, portrays the evil goblins and ugly dwarf, and this tradition is maintained in many a fantasy story games. But in the French company "Coktel Vision" goblins games quite different - handsome call them hard, but they are its very cute.
The game "Goblins" marked the beginning of a whole game series; so far published three games of the goblins. Oddly enough, the characters are different, and the games themselves are very different; similarities basically is an excellent graphic design, humor and unconventional actions taken. It should be noted that the company "keeps the brand", and each subsequent game is even better than its predecessors.
Gobliiins dos title
Compared to other games of the genre "quest" in "Goblins" has several characteristic features. The game is clearly divided into sequentially passable levels. The scene here is limited to one screen, and go further in the game only after performing all the necessary actions. Player no longer suffer the question "and all I did Or maybe somewhere something missed?" and may be firmly convinced: here in this very screen, it should be how to use your loaf, and everything you need he has.
As is evident from the screen, in the kingdom of goblins there was an unexpected and unpleasant problem: the king of the goblins came under the power of the evil sorcerer. Warlock different ways tormented doll depicting King - sticks pins into it, tickle feather and so on. It is clear that the king can not focus on public affairs, and threatens the kingdom declined.
Save the King instructed the three worthy goblins; each of them is able to do only one thing, but does it well.
One - bald and bearded - can conjure, making objects or changing their properties; in the future we will conditionally call it a "magician" as names Goblin history is not retained. Another deals with all sorts of physical activities: climb somewhere, hit, pull, and so on. We call it the "Athlete", you will easily recognize his horns on his head and face brutal expression. Finally, the third goblin can take different items and use them; We call it the "User". The name is clearly longish, but nothing better comes to mind.
The actions of this team and the player will have to manage. At the beginning of the game Goblins themselves have no idea what to do next, so it is essential to get an audience to the wizard for instructions ...
To control the mouse is absolutely necessary goblins. The general idea is this: at any point in the game is one of the goblins is "current", ie all the player's team will perform exactly the goblin.
Each of the three goblins can give orders to two types:
- Go to the other place indicated by the mouse.
- Use this place its "corporate" property.
In addition, the "User" can pick up objects and throw them on the ground.
When you select the function you want, then just click the left mouse button anywhere on the screen; Goblin is likely; he figured out what you want from him. And if you did not realize - puzzled shrug, and you have to look for another solution.
On the left there is another key application. If you give an order to move a goblin and hold down the key, the goblin will move at an accelerated pace.
Enumerating the functions currently selected goblin by pressing the right mouse button. The mouse cursor changes shape while; When the cursor changes to an arrow, the team will be given on the movement of the Goblin, and when the cursor takes the form of a fist, a goblin will apply its special property. For the "User", there is another form of the cursor (hand), it is used for the taking or leaving items.
Switch between member gobliyami squad in two ways.
- Click the left mouse button on the goblin that you need - it automatically becomes "current", which you can check the appearance of his face on the white circle at the bottom of the screen.
- Click the mouse button on the white circle at the bottom, and there will be an image of another goblin. So you can choose the one who you need in the moment.
The lower part of the screen is reserved for a different kind of service needs. Besides a white mug with a picture of the currently selected goblin, which just mentioned, there is an indicator of health of your team - a long horizontal strip across the screen. Health decreases from making wrong decisions critical, and is restored only in one place. But when you consider that you can always replay the first level, where the lost health, the health indicator is not so critical for the passing game.
Upon successful completion of each level of the password on the screen appears, it should be written. If in the future you enter the password when prompted to download the game, then the game will be restored to the time when the password was reported, and health level will be the same (largest health information is contained in the password).
The main part of the screen shows the current level and goblins are on it. Here, the player with the mouse gives goblins his orders and see their results. The whole bottom of the screen is reserved for supporting information and general functions * level load and exit to DOS.
On the shelf at the bottom right will appear magical objects found by you; use them all the same it is impossible, it is just information for the forgetful player. At the beginning of the game on the shelf items have already shown, but it is just an indication of what you should do in the future.
Below left, an orange rectangle, will indicate which item is currently in the property from the "User".
Clicking the mouse button on the skull (lower right corner) is a small menu where you can enter a password to download a specific level (the LOAD) or quit the game (EXIT). CANCEL button again will return you to the game.


We present a complete solution for the "Goblins", but it is recommended to use it only in cases of complete hopelessness. The game is made so that even the results of wrong actions can be very -zabavnymi and unexpected, so do not deprive yourself of the pleasure even.
Before a description of each level of the code that you must enter to go to this level with full health.
(No password)
Goblins are before the house magician, but ... come inside fails, the wizard does not accept. The athlete has a stone arch of the gate, and head to the fortified gates of horn falls. The user takes the horn and blows it, the sound of a tree branch falls. The magician enchants branch lying on the ground and turns it into a pick. The user takes a pickaxe.


The user is temporarily puts the pickaxe on the ground. The magician enchants the extreme right apple and athlete blow knocked him to the ground. The user takes a fallen apple and throws it into the gap in the bridge. The same thing is repeated with a second bone on the left. Apples plug the hole in the bridge, the user can again take a pickaxe and hit her on the shiny pebble in a crevice. From crevices falls hidden diamond, and the user takes it.


User uses diamond doors wizard house.


Finally goblins were in the house of the magician, now it is necessary to attract the attention of the owner. The user puts the diamond and picks up the far left bank. He uses the right bank near the plant; plant eats fly off from the banks in the future will not hurt the goblin. The magician enchants the left plant and athlete climbs onto the table grew up on the stem. Blow Athlete knocks down the table a great book. The user takes over the diamond, climbs on the table by the book and puts a stone in hand magician. The floor opens the door, it is necessary to click the mouse button.
To save the king, according to the wizard, you need three magic items: Spider elixir, an underground mushroom Eirene and baldness plant. Goblins go in search of ...


The magician enchants maloprimetny pin at the foot of a stone head in the bottom right of the game screen. The athlete who grew up climbing the rod on the ground and has a stone head in the right eye. The user takes the leaning language. Mage is the sarcophagus and enchants "fork" of the sarcophagus, then wasted no time, running to the user and gets on with him the language. Athlete again gives a stone head in the eye and the tongue rises up - the goblins are out of reach nightmarish one-eyed mummy from the sarcophagus. Mummy scared the guards and return to its place in the sarcophagus. Athlete for the third time has a stone head, goblins descend on the language, and user selects thrown guardian mushroom Eirene. The fungus appears on the shelf, it does not take place among property.
Mask planted at this level for the blind; You can, of course, take it and try to show the guard the mummy calling, but to succeed it will not.


Athlete climbing the thick web of the central upward and pulls one of two smaller webs. For what exactly? Here the choice is purely accidental, so rely on luck - or the ability to pass this first level. When the athlete pulls the "correct" web, the spider will rise up and will allow users to pick up a gun. The user shoots a gun under the sleeping spider left dissatisfied spider out. The user takes a pillow and puts it under a big spider in the center. The magician enchants big spider, and a soft pillow spider drops a bottle of elixir. The user takes the elixir again picks up the gun and shoots under the spider, which blocked the exit.


It remains to find only one item, baldness plant. Mage the power of his art carries the seed bag closer, and you can take it. The athlete stands next to a scarecrow. User sows the seeds of a flower bed. It should be a switch as soon as possible to the athletes and the appearance of voracious birds knock on the scarecrow; frightened birds fly away. If the focus was not successful from ^ for delay, it will have to be repeated - the birds will eat the crops. When the seeds are saved from birds Mag enchants right a cloud; rain will moisten the soil, and the plant quickly grow bald. The user takes it. From the air the magician materializes, the User is up to him to give items.
It is not good to be too trusting; it turns out, was the wizard and the evil witch that tormented the King! A Goblins only helped him, for he is "only" imprisoned them in the dungeon. The situation should be corrected urgently.


Magic Magician temporarily animates the skeleton and the bone loses. Magician turns to bone flute. The user takes the flute and played on it before a snake curled into a ball (on the left). Snake cranes and athlete breaks up the neck. Big red button to push, of course, should not be - too it is noticeable to benefit. Magician and the user must turn to stand on the edge of the swinging board to the right of the platform, and the athlete throws a blow on top of the stones; board throws goblin standing at the bottom of the top. Finally, at the top are the three goblins.


User neatly bypasses dozing crocodile meat picks up and uses it on a hollow tree.


The user applies the meat on the hollow, then takes a dip net. The magician comes to his short twig with three leaves stirring and enchants her, after which it becomes grown on the edge of the branches. The athlete stands on a rock and pulls the tab at the bottom of the branch, Mage soars upward and enchants plug. Now exactly the same way you need to throw up and the User; he puts the net takes the cap and plug it a central hole in the trunk of the tree, then takes a dip net and becomes close to the second hole. The athlete is coming to the hollow of the bottom, where from time to time peeping bird and hit the bird. The user must have time to catch a bird taking off net.


User again carefully avoids crocodile and shows him the bird. Crocodile comes to happily-excited state, and Magoo fails to enchant it, again without approaching too closely. We crocodile grow wings, and it rises into the sky. Athlete blow open the door to the storage room (be careful not to confuse with the door into the house magician!).


The user assumes the closet floor with a feather and tickle their heel skeleton, then puts pen to the floor, and Mage makes the pen fly swatter. The user takes a rattle on the right side of the screen and use it on the hand of the skeleton, next to the key. As long as the skeleton of fun with the rattle, the user takes the key and gives his imprisonment in a cage essentially then selects the fly swatter, climbs to the top shelf and begins the hunt for a fly. When he prihlopnet fly Magician turns it into a dart. The user takes a dart and throwing it into a portrait of the wizard on the wall, opens a cache; The user takes out of it a magic doll depicting King. Then he takes the elixir of invisibility (this is the leftmost bottle).


Goblins need to somehow get out of the house magician. The magician enchants snag and user instead of taking elixir bird decoy and applies it on a nest with eggs, then again picks up the elixir. Magician and fit in the athlete. When the bird flies away, the Athlete has jumped out the egg and chick enchants Magician. As a result of the flight would Mage in a safe area on the other side. He enchants horn that lies across the pass at the gate; care must be taken not to catch the eyes of the sorcerer. User fits closer to the aisle and uses the elixir of invisibility. While Elixir acts, the user runs a carrot, takes it and uses a mouse burrow. The athlete becomes closer to the aisle, and the magician turns the mouse appeared from the hole (what? You would not guess until we see ...). While the magician distracted Athlete quickly and rush to the right for the rest of the goblins.


Magician sends charm on a flat stone - grows staircase. The user takes a stick and puts it into the small hole on the surface of a large, flat stone slab, appears watering. The user takes a watering can and watering the growing carrots. It is absolutely necessary to water the third to the right and first left carrots, all other carrots are purely for entertainment. The magician enchants the carrots.
Athlete blow knocks the key, and key user takes and applies it in the keyhole.


The user takes the matches in the lower right corner and puts them near the guns. The athlete has a pile of kernels, and then - on the barrel of the gun, so that the barrel was placed vertically. The user takes the kernel and charges them a gun athlete again returns kick the gun barrel in a vertical position. The user takes a match and set fire to the wick of a gun, shot knocks ceiling carrots. User matches Kindle hearth under a pot, take a carrot and charges her gun. Now, again, you need to shoot a gun - this time, not the kernel; and carrot, but the barrel during firing must be in a horizontal position. Carrot falls into the soup, and Shedvin magician wakes. From the ceiling need to bring down the core of another carrot (just as it has already been done), magician turns the fallen carrots in the auditory tube. The user takes a pipe and uses it to Shedvina ear; conversation leads to the appearance of the stick. The user takes a stick and hits her in the bell, and then picks up the pendulum appeared.


The user takes a small stone and put it in the cross hairs on the right side of the screen. Magician conjures twice on the stone, and there is a ladder. Upstairs, magician turns the smallest palm (leftmost) in the pick and pick athlete blow knocks down. The user takes the pendulum and apply it on the ground as long as the pendulum starts to twitch in a certain place. Then the user takes a pickaxe and hammer repeatedly ground in this location, is in the ground does not appear in the dungeon entrance.


Athlete knocks of wood from the woodpile, and the user takes it and applies to the trap. Trap slammed shut, and a piece of wood remains; The user puts it on the ground, and the magician turns the piece of wood in the aerosol canister. Then the magician comes down and pulls up close magic bag of seeds; at the same time it must do everything very quickly, so that the dragon had spit in his fire. The user takes an aerosol and puts it next to the woodpile, then descends and takes the seeds. Further maneuver requires skill and dexterity: you need to sow seeds, to have time to put a bag and pick up the spray, and finally the aerosol spray ran a leg, when the leg is briefly delayed on the seeds. Paralyzed spray foot user takes and puts on a flat area in front of the dragon. Dragon fire roasts leg, the user takes to get a steak, and it offers a toothy bridge in the center. The bridge shall be satisfied, and the user will be able to pass through it to the right, take a knife and put it in front of the dragon. When the handle of the dagger turns, the user takes the dagger again.


The user sets fire to a small circle with a dagger in the chest of the statue of Serenity, and then becomes a statue on the right hand, takes the key and clicking on the left hand of the statue, use the key on the head. On the right hand opens a spatial passage to have to spend all three goblins.


Athlete blow knocks the banana of the bunch. The user takes a banana and apply it before dark, frowning figure. Following this, he takes the stage and applies the same soap and a fake nose. His efforts are in vain - the figure comes in a good mood, and the user can take a spell of laughter. Mage spell opens the grate of the screen depth.


It is time to get a miracle weapon for the last fight with a warlock. The magician enchants the end of the arm sticking out of the ground in front of a sculpture of a warrior. The athlete has a lever and magician enchants the ear plug in a genie. The user applies the ear genie spell of laughter, then puts a spell of laughter, he takes the bowl and puts it under the left eye genie. Again taking a spell of laughter and applies it to the genie ear; bowl filled with tears of the genie. The user takes a herring (the tip of its tail protruding at the top left), and puts the herring just to the right of the place where there was a bowl. Tears pouring genie he appeared evil creature and takes a slingshot.


The user shoots a slingshot at a bunch of bananas, and the lifter stroke presses the lever hidden behind the banana. All three goblins must be put on the back of the fish (do not forget to take a slingshot!).


The user shoots a slingshot sorcerer and magician enchants a flat stone on the ground - there is a ladder. Athlete taken avian skeleton of the wing. Mage uses spells to a sorcerer converted ... and he gets to his feet. The athlete is already in the right place, he has a sorcerer and frees the Magician; but it turns into a witch and spider hangs on the web Athlete. The user takes off the ground a large bag and puts it under the spider, and then picks up a slingshot and shot wide web breaks, releasing the Athlete. When the athlete is saved, the user gets near the bag. Magician rises up and makes a big spider in a bunch of small spiders.
Spiders are showered in a bag, and the user must have time to grab a bag, while spiders do not escape to freedom.
General popular jubilation over the rescue of the king ... and the fact that the goblins adventure will continue in the next game!