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Companions of Xanth (DOS)

Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Graphic adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and select
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Legend Entertainment Company
Developed by: Legend Entertainment Company
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

Very nice game in the style of "text quest". The manufacturer is only slightly modified the traditional scheme similar games issued by it, the most significant changes were the graphics - allowing fewer, but the colors and the intermediate beautiful images - more.
In the bottom left of the screen are icons service, allowing you to see the image instead of map, or call the system menu with commands save the current game, download, information typed at the moment the glasses, etc.
A little more to the right provides information about the objects available to you at the moment, and a list of verbs that are used for the preparation of teams.
The basis for the plot of the game has made a series of novels of the American science fiction writer Anthony Pierce of the world and Xanth Mundenii - world of ordinary, everyday. Pierce created a wonderful fantasy world inhabited by exotic creatures, in which the familiar and everyday magic. However, those who have not read these stories, everything will be clear enough and so, as the hero of the game, Doug, you are driving, never heard of Xanthus.
The plot is as follows: two demons (Demon of the Earth and the demon magic world Xanth) argued that, should there be magic in Xanth. Allow them to reasonable dispute means failed, and they made a bet on which one chooses earthling-representative, and these same representatives compete in the fight for the prize. That is, the Prize with a capital letter, because it decides to be or not to be magic in the Xanthus, which means - and to Xanthos. Representatives are a boy and a girl Doug Kim, who have no idea of ​​the fallen to their share of the problem.


The game itself is very light on the interface options have been exhausted. Sooner or later the solution will be found, so that sooner or later the result of the actions will be felt, well, if you do not come, then you will gain solyushn. Management is carried out using the arrows in the bottom left corner. And the white arrows allow you to go in a certain direction, and gray - no.


     LOOK AT - look at anything;
     PUT - put anything anywhere;
     TAKE - take anything;
     LOOK - look around;
     OPEN - to open anything;
     CLOSE - to close anything;
     TALK TO - talk to someone.
Also, sometimes there are certain options at things, but they will be discussed at the appropriate time. Otherwise, it is asked, why I write this solyushn?


At home

Take a note on the computer. Read it (READ). Take the letter from the table. Open it, read the letter. Click on the single arrow to turn. Find a switch in the hallway. Turn it on (PUSH). Go left to the kitchen. Take TEABAG the table. Wait a bit. Should the phone rang. Answer. Tell me the third, then the first, second, second and third sentences. After that, return to the corridor and wait for the call. After the call, open the door. Take the parcel. Open it. Open the game. Go to the computer. Insert the floppy disk into the drive. Close the plug on the drive. Turn on your computer (FLIP). Look at the screen. Talk to the man. Tell him the last sentence. Select Princess (3). She will accompany you. Others - traitors.

In Game

Wear sunglasses (WEAR). Now you perceive the world much more colorful. Open the door with bars, but somehow it opens another door. Incredibly, the result is obvious! You will come out of the cave into a fairy village.

Fairytale village

It will be a conversation. Click on the single arrow. Take BUTTERCUPS. Now, place the flower on midges. Catch one of them (CATCH). Go to the right. Look at the puddle.
Go down to right. Talk to the guy. Ask absolutely any questions and answers. You will be given a key. Take the stone road. Open the grate with a key (UNLOCK). Then open it.
Go to the pier. Take a piece of cloth there. Look at the rope. Try to take it. Then talk with Nadia, your ally. Tell third, second sentence. It will take an anchor and rope and give them to you. Go to gnats. Tie the rope to the anchor (TIE) and throw this thing in the log (LOG). You log appears.
Go to the grid. Talk to the guy. Tell him the third sentence. Wait a bit. He will give you a board made of logs.
Go to the right. Place the plank on the stone, and the stone, which took - on the board. Then, talk to Nadia. Tell her the first sentence, and then the second. Go up. Take the bucket. Go further on the two screens. Will come to the door with the eye. Open the mailbox, remove the letter. Read it and put in place !!!
Talk to your eye. Tell me a second, second, second and second sentences. Open the door. And one more door (also open). Go up. TEE Take off the ground. Up. Take the egg out of the hole. Go up and right. Talk to the chemist. Tell me the last, first and fourth sentences. Get the recipe. Read it.
Throw midge, egg and handkerchief now in a bucket. Go to the door. Put the two EYE SCREAM dose into a bucket (FILL).
Go to the pool. Look at the grass that grows next to it. Try to rip one (SNAKE). Then, talk to Nadia. Tell her third, third sentence. Then click on the WAIT option. She picks one berry you something? But you need two. To do the same. Throw this thing into a bucket. Then go to the Mote. Take a piece of butter (BUTTERCUPS). Empty the flower (EMPTY). Roll the butter in a bucket. Now fill the bucket with water (three doses).
Go to the grid. Posryvayte plinths of light from the pillars. Go to the chemist. Talk to him. Now you have two cap potion. Go to the ship. Pour the contents of one of the caps on the smoke (POUR). Go right. Similarly. Come out of the marina. It will be a conversation with the guy. Get the sword. Go to the chemist. Talk to him. You will see a new arrow. Click on it. OH! MOMMY !!!


Click WAIT. Nadia speaks to you. Once again, click WAIT. Hey!!! Talk with Nadia, click WAIT. You will see a door. Talk with Nadia. Click WAIT. The door should appear clearly. Do this for as long as the door is not actually appear. You go into it.
That's got. Go to the right and down. Are you the girl-talk shit. The second phrase. Now try to get away. Refuses to drink water from the lake. Do this until he lost consciousness. You released. Go back, go up. Open the door and enter the dungeon.


Go up two screens, one right, one up. Somewhere in this area Nadia disappear. But the flame will burn, and then dark. Dark affairs. Then Nadia pulls you out of the cave and go to the lake. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER OF LAKE !!! Talk with Nadia. In your conversation must be cut girl hell. Tell her that she is so-and-so (the second, fourth sentence), and then the second sentence. It will carry off Nadia. It just was not enough!
Go back to the dungeon. The card can be viewed through a MAP option and return to the picture - PICT.
You have to find in the maze of the following things: stone bowl, mortar, glass jar. Stone bowl look in the lower left area. Mortar - in the upper right field (zigzag path). Glass jar is behind a massive door that is in a different maze, which can be reached through the hatch, which is located in the upper left corner of the maze (it's very easy to do, so I did not even sketched both labyrinths card).
Further, in the center of the labyrinth (the first), you have to find a wall switch. Click it. You will see another. Click it. And so on. Remember, if you make a mistake, you have to start all over again, and this - Hre-HO-BO. After all the taps will be two symmetrical columns of switches. Click all again. You will see one big button. Click it. You will see a door. Descend even lower.
That's Nadia. But, but what is it? SHE - MERMAID !!! Talk to her last sentence, and when run into the phrase "OK, I CHECK OUT THE ...", and tell her. Otherwise Nadia prefers death. Put the blue moss from the wall of the jar (FILL - fill, MOSS - moss). Do not forget to open a jar. Put the moss on the circuit. Then, talk with chains ... (you have probably noticed that the walls and chains talk to you). That freed Nadia. She is alright. Take more moss (in the bank). Go to the hatch. You get into the level where the massive door. Behind her tree. Put the moss on the tree. Go through the door.

Level of fire

Go to the right and down. Go further. Meet the fiery man with a dog. Talk with Nadia. Ask her all the questions and all the answers say. You should see the bun. Right. Pick up a pencil now again speak with Nadia. Ask her last sentence. You will appear at home. Take mustard from the fridge (MUSTARD). Come to the game again. Pour the mustard on buns. Do not forget to open the mustard. Dog gone. Talk to the guy. Now go back to the first level. Find the stone slab just above the center of one of the bifurcated deadlocks. Smooth out the paper (FLATTEN). Hang it on the stove. Chirknite pencil on paper. Take a read. This recipe for fire fighting. Leave level ever (my greetings to God). Talk with a man (of fire). Ask him a question first. He will give you a fire-water. Put water in the bowl of fire. Put a flower in a bowl. Tap on the bowl and pestle (USE). Get the flour. Put the flour in a bowl with a hole. WAIT Press twice. Pull the flour. It will be a conversation with the guy. Then get out hand. Talk to her most recent sentence. Then go to the right-up. Throw a bomb that appeared after you talk to the guy in the wall of fire. Wait. The fire goes out. Go up. Cast the anchor. Climb up.

Water level

Go upstairs. You meet on the road Troll. Tell him "Don`t eat us" ( "Do not eat us"), "We can help you" ( "We'll help you"). He will tell you that you have found his key. Go up. Turn off the water. (TURN OFF). Take the hose. Go back down. Go down into the Troll's house. Go left. Press the blue button on the wall. Turn on the water. Connect the hose from the water and a well. When one is full, swim in it (SWIM IN). Remove the key.
Talk to the Troll. He will give you three puzzle. Find a match game. Look for light puzzle. Solve four or five Matchbox tasks. Troll will let you go with God and you will master key. Get out of the house. Go upstairs. Walk along the right road. Enter the cave. Since you speak machine. Say you want to take the test. Pootvechayte questions Podbornoe first test and the second test questions as follows: 1 - O; 2 - B; 3 - F; 4 - E; 5 - insert the TEE car. It will be a conversation with a machine. Insulted her. You have the virus appears. Insert the virus into the car. That's it. With peace of mind can go up and to the right.

Water level

Go right (in the house). Take a sock on the wall. Come out. Go to the plain with mountain views. Get out there bag. Go to the kid who can not get the ball. Pull the sock on a jet of water. The kid will go with you. Return to the starting position. Try to lift the wheel. The kid can help you. Take a sail which lay under a wheelbarrow. Go to the mountains. Go up. Fit to sail a yacht. Open the bag. Untie the rope off the rack. You umchites God knows where.
The guard must talk to you. He will ask you ten questions. Answers to them I do not speak. There is an infinite number of times. When the answer, you will miss. Go to the tower. Climb the stairs as high as possible. Take the plate. Go back. Go into the house. Give a sign to the old woman. It will turn into a girl and will give you a potion.
Find kannibalihu near the hut. Give her a potion. You will see a new arrow. Click on it. Send FIG winged gazelle. Go on. Talk to the snake. Go on. Send to a jack bison. Go on.
Here you will betray Nadia, and you will have a new companion. You are in a ravine. One on one with the dragon. Said with a cloud over him. Praise him several times. In the final result, the dragon will go bankrupt. You find yourself in a castle.


Talk to the cat. He will show you a place where the false bricks. Click on it. Press the switch. This will open the gate. Go into the yard. Go left. Catch the gnat that flies around the nose of the animal. It falls asleep. Move on him in the ditch. Take LOC PIC. Crack open the hatch using the master key. Jump down.
Go to the circuit breakers. Click the third and fifth. Talk to the guy. He will give something. Go away.

House zombies

Go upstairs. Do not fight with zombies, and go to the right-up. Crack open the hatch using LOK PIC. Climb down. Darkness.
Find the rope dark key. Open the door with the key, which is located at the top left. Come out. Tie a rope to the lever. You go up the stairs. It will be a conversation. Click on the button that on the left wall. Take the pill with books. Turn three thin books on a shelf, which is closer to the left side. Select. Use the pill on the window. Open it. Take a walking stick.
Go up again. Hook hook crutch for the hatch. That's the prize. Throw him a sword ...
So you have won a prize. To return back home. Go to the kitchen. Talk on the phone.
And I can only congratulate you on a successful passing game!