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Urban Runner (Windows 3.1)

Windows 3.1
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV)
Narrative: Detective / mystery
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Coktel Vision
Released: 1996
Platform: Windows 3.1

Are you a reporter who made the incriminating photos of a mafia boss, meet with them in the bath for an agreement, however, find a corpse in the steam room mobsters. After that, your shadow starts to chase the mafia, and later the police. However, first you walk off the leader's bodyguard was killed, and then start to investigative journalism, in which getting and crank torrid affair with a former lover who was killed (which, as it turns out, actually penetrated the protector of the nature of its organization), find another mafia corpse go away from enemies, talk with the police and collect clues, discovering an entire criminal organization dealing with illegal biological experiments.
Coasters, deception, just trying to shoot you - all this in the game will be enough. It is understandable, because in front of you on the table is the most natural detective, and even interactive. Trivial pursuit and shooting for a long time are not a full-fledged feature of this genre, they were replaced by puzzling riddles (which abound in the Urban Runner) and promotion, through brainstorming, complex chain of crimes.
Cinematics in this game enough. Sometimes even more than is necessary (for example, in the initial episode of the ten-Drawing upon each other, roofs, basements and abandoned buildings). But between the inserts real action is required from you. How are they produced?
Basically, it's all done easily enough. Control of the game is entirely based on the mouse, and all actions are performed by pressing (or mouse-) on the left button. Right-called inventory. This is the place that holds almost all the found items. If the item is in your hands - then Right-he throws himself on the floor, or retracted back
in inventory. All other actions with objects and people executed simple mouse-(ie tap). When you can do this, the cursor changes from a simple hand with fingers loosely arranged in the index finger (and below shows the name of the object or creature).
The only exception is the transformation in the hands of the shooter. This means in this direction may move or rotate. Use of this pointer is replaced by a picture (and, of course, the movement). In addition, the cursor when picked up in front of you there is a stylized image of a telephone handset with buttons. This - the main menu of the game, hereinafter referred to as simply - "your phone". Descriptions of the keys and the actions they produced, is given below. Calling the phone image pauses the game - remember this because the game has a lot of moments calculated for a limited time on the timer. During the pause movies possible.
Now the buttons. Button "Management" with the image of a circle and a halo around it. These are the basic actions not related to the game itself - save (save game), load (load the game), quit (Quit the game), version (version of the game).
Urban Runner Win3.x title screen
The next button, "Jokers", featuring three card symbols - a hint in the game. If you shut up somewhere and you can not go further, you can use it.
The button "Memory" with the image of a point inside the two arcs. There (as if you have in mind), the images are stored all the documents that you were watching, but failed to take home with them. This is a similar inventory, only with missing items.
Of course, the very "Inventory", with a stylized bags. The items that you carry with you - what else could it be?
And the last button - "Magnifer" - the left-most, with the eye and the inscription 3D. As a rough examination of the subject. Just select the object, click it to them kpopku - and you have it razrostetsya almost to the size of the screen. Here, like all. You have only a little understanding, and practice will solve all problems. If you die - do not worry, even if you do not have time to save the game - you just select the menu item "try again" - and you get the opportunity to take a piece of a failed again.



Turn to the right. On your left there are metal lockers. Check them out (it is enough to move the cursor on the cabinet and one mouse clicks). You had an interesting find - baubles with hook (fishing line). Use it on the stairs (stairs). You prepared great trap, now go to the door (go up to the door). After delivered you so insulting tirade bodyguard clearly offended. As Only enter it to you, you go in inventori, choose lures (fish hook), and use it to bring on leg guard (feet). After this the holder long hair with a wild cry navernetsya down, click on it the cursor - the You will be in the hands of a nail nail file. Go left and then forward. Before you will be composed of blocks of the wall. Place on the center part of the nail file. After a little cleaning, repeat the procedure by bringing nail file to the central square. You got out of one closed room, but got into more!


Go forward into the yellow door. Then to the right. Try to do everything quickly - otherwise you just get shot. You must be in the room with black cabinets without doors (cubbyholes). Zoom in on them. Now flip the switch to the left of the shelves (switch), and look on the Shelves any documents. Excellent! Rolled off the shelf for your plan! Now, at any moment you want to see it - your call phone, and click Memory - and a map in front of you. We advise to look at the plan right now. Go back and to the left. Now the door. You have to run a runaway fire in another room - lavender hue (if suddenly you it does not work, try the other door, which is a little further away from the cabinets). Go ahead. Turn to the left. Right over the door (in the upper left corner) is your goal - rfusebox. Open the first flap with the image of a horizontal light bulbs (Shelves fuse hoi), you will be in the hands of the fuse. Stick it in fold with vertical lamp (panel fuse hold). Step away from the box, Turn right and go into the doorway to the red light (room with wall panel). On the left wall - sliding locker. Open it. Rewrite for yourself combinations to control the conveyor belt (I it was respectively up - k, k, h, k, down - s, k, k, h). Go back (Back, left, forward), to the electric control, and place the fuse in the sash with the image of arrows pointing up and down (document transporter). Stand back, and use the elevator to the documents on your right. Raise the lift up, using a combination of previously recorded red and green buttons. Pull the handle to your left. In your hands - documentation (manual) to the water system. In order to look on it, take the manual in hand, call your phone, and click a manual on the left-most button - Magnifer. Now, remove manual pressing the right mouse button, move away from the box, and go to the raspredschitku (If you think that the bodyguard was almost there, just go to some of the nearby rooms, and immediately return back - win time). On raspredkorobke move the fuse sash with the image of wavy lines (pump fuse hold). Then stand back, and go forward into the room with the pipes. Turn left closest to you valve to the right 3 times (you can check the readings on the flow rate, located on the junction of the same length - then there should benumber 576, the one you saw on the manual). Second, the distal arm turn left 4 times (to the pressure gauge (manometer) stopped at the figure 2). Then turn the main lever (start pump), and turn left. Run forward. Now cross the corridor through the door on the right. Again, turn to the left (remember the place on the layout inscription?). Climb up into the well (water tank). Now there is no water, She turned off a minute ago, and nothing prevents the journey up through the drain.
You managed to get out - it's good. But there are also bad facts - all the police Paris is now looking for others in connection with the prosecution of the murder of Marcos. Becomes hotter and hotter, and our hero is thinking about the possibility to apply for asylum in U.S. Embassy. But first you need to pick up some data from the apartment, you're shooting in Paris.


Wow! What is that guy sitting on your chair and holding your phone? Point to the halogen flashlight and click the left mouse button (on the white phone, standing in a room on the right). Then, hit the ball (ball), now take the gun (revolver) from the hands of "a huge guy," and then dropped out of it stolen film (film).


Here it is better to keep the game as if you are too slow, the it will end badly for you. Try to do everything quickly and accurately. Open the door to the ladies room. Then, click on the switch. It is to the right of the door, behind a white chimney. Then take the board (plank), looks out from the left side of the doorway and for spryachtes door with a jacket (hidden place). Once you see the woman entering the toilet, go to the left (out of the ambush) and hover board (plank) on the toilet. The goal is achieved.
Next place littered with trash. It is better to keep the game as all you need do again very quickly. For a start, zoom into black switch
(Switch unit), located on the left wall. Turn the handle on it up. Step away from the switch. Place your cursor on the bottom of the arc hanging cable (under the picture illuminates pool cable) and detach the cable. Now take a can of dark color (can), standing next to the severed cable. Pour the contents onto the floor (floor). Now turn the knob on the black switch down and wait ... No, all the same electricity - a useful thing.

Hotel "Buena Vista"

Talk to the girl in the black dress (customer), sitting in the distance. She knows something. But will not tell you this. Show her a fake police id card. Girl in white sitting at the next table - of 227 rooms. Talk to Clarice (this is the girl in white). Show a fake ID, and she will give you the keys (If you suddenly do not want to give, to show again, now will act exactly). Climb up the stairs to your right. Next to the door 225 rooms lying on the floor of something white. Take it, it's earring. Now go into the inventory, take the key and try to open the 227 closest to the you the door (room 227). He ran up to the girl to give you the earring, and it will fall behind. Again, use the keys. Now click on the next door (room 225).
Go back down. Talk to the girl in white, sitting at a table right. She will look for you in the registration book. To divert attention, at a time when Clarissa will see the book, throw a match (inventory, book of matches, matches) in the trash at the counter (rubbish bin). When serving otbezhit for a fire extinguisher, grab the registration book. Now that you have the right information!
You go in the inventory, select the photo, again in the inventory, and use the pictures on the box of matches under (book of matches). Now go to memory - and you have the full name and telephone number of the club. Use the phone, standing on a table next to a palm tree. Click on it and select from an inscription "Club Zanzibar phone N". After the call, click again on the phone, and select the "Reception phone N". Step away from the phone and talk to the girl behind the counter - it will give you the keys to room 225. Go upstairs and use the key (key 225) to the far door (room 225).
The room have a look at the phone, then on a piece of paper lying on the left ofphone (paper). Check its contents on the button memory (champagne) in your phone. Now click on the phone, call room 227 phone N). Now, call our customer service (bar phone N). When she opened the door to the waiter, click on it (Adda).

Pool House

Click on the glass with the number 8. Show LShU in figure 8 (Sergio) police ID. Then give it a watch. For such a generous gift, he will tell a lot.

Before the Office of Lagrange

You have to break through the security lock. To do this, take out inventory chalk and use it on the keypad. Will mark the numbers. This game is one of two ways:
  1. Were noted figures 2,4,9,0 Press them a few times (2,4,9,0,2,4,9,0). You can just dial the area code (this is 0249). The castle is open, and you're inside.
  2. Were noted figures 2,4,9, 2,4,9 or A, B Try to push them (in descending order). You may be lucky and you guess the code right. If not, try again - and on the approaches to the building will be a man. Wait until he comes closer (Max shout, "Go on, Adda»), and press forward. Girlfriend Adda peeped code is 249A (or 249V respectively)! Enter it.

Inside the building.

In order to defuse a guard, take a plas-tic cup and use it on the right hand guard (right hand). The guard is temporarily incapacitated. Press the keyboard (keyboard) to unlock the elevator. Go to the elevator (it is on your right) to climb to the top.
Check upstairs cupboard. Similarly, Adda remember that it hid the keys to the Lagrange Office. Click on cardpunch. Keys in your hand. Now step back, click on the con-fetti. On the right hand closest to the door leads you to the office of Lagrange. Zoom in on it and then open it with the keys found (office key). Pull bangle. Inside - a turn around back to the door, and close it with the key - you do not need to interfere with the girl one. Turn around back, turn on the lights (left arrow). Please note on the board to the left of the table. It hangs three documents. Remove the top (it's empty, but you obviously need a magnet on it). Now the average document. Check the file contents on the memory options on your phone (this is an interesting enough). Now the lowermost document - it is also worth to scroll to memory. Click on the pencil stand next to the chair (pencil holder twice) - is useful to you a vial of ink. Repeat the search, and be able to remove it from the stand still and coded wire for the dictionary (wire). Take a look at the safe (move it close). The safe is a computer. Now, take out inventori transactions (wire) and use it on the electronic diary of the same inventori. The resulting hybrid to use Safe-mechanism. Turn on the dictionary using the red button on the right and press on. You will be asked to enter a secret code (a little hint - the code room in which dwelt Marcos - 227). When asked for a password, enter adda (very much he loved the girl that his undoing).
Browse by key memory on your phone content found hoe (elite file). And now we have to run - when you open the safe in dryhnuvshego Inlet kid alarm went off. Turn off the light (left arrow), take a look at the door on your right. This is the entrance to the toilet. Open the bolt, then the door. Choose from inventory magnet and use it on the bolt. Now, if the toilet would be closed from the outside, so you can just wait until the guard did not check the room Lagrange (then your characters will automatically leave the toilet).
Now turns to the door, open it with a key, go out into the corridor, and hide in the cupboard.


Now, you play the role of Ada trying to calculate the address of a secret laboratory. Let's hope that she will succeed. Draw nigh to an open body. It can not be that they carried empty boxes. Take a look behind the cloth covering the boxes (blanket). Found nice tongs (tongs). Now, get out of the car, and with the help these forceps to carry off the paper (delivery sheet) from the table on the right. Scroll through their in memory, pay close attention to the phone store (warehouse tel) - Hell be sure to read it. Again, climb up into the body of the car and rummage twice in the pockets of his cloak (jacket), hanging to the right of you. Take the capsule and take a look at the ticket (do not forget then call memory and examine it more closely. Ada to name the person to whom it belongs.) Take a look at the poster hanging on the left side of the machine (poster). Now, look in the memory glimpsed a postcard, make sure it closer. So you can see the phone number of the driver's girlfriend.
Now use the phone hanging on the far wall of the vehicle. Call girl driver («Girlfriend phone N»). Has now become known phone number in the car. Get out of the car and walk to the left, deep into the warehouse. Come inside a parked car, and try to use the phone inside it. You need a machine to the left. Call him at a warehouse («Warehouse phone N»). Now, with a phone call to the right of the carrier vehicle («Van phone N»). Now click on any of the handsets (receiver) and connect it to the other. Now men are too busy, and you run (forward arrow).

Pool House

Events after the club and shooting with the "big guy" Eraser. You ran out into the street. Go to the right, and when you try to bring down the machine to slip under it (down arrow). Now you have to choose where to direct his steps. Choose the "Max at the hotel».

Hotel "Buena Vista"

All around is full of spies - you clearly overlaid the police. And sure enough - tlefonny call warning that you rise to the inspector. Rather, you need a minute to destroy or hide the evidence. It is highly recommended to save the game before you start doing it.
Take a capsule of inventori with radiation warning sign (cap-sule) and hide it in a vase with candy, standing on a table next to the bed (bowl with candies). Come in inventori, select ink (ink), again go to inventori, use the ink on the document. Now open minibar, located in the bedside table with a phone and take out a bottle of whiskey. Now again go to inventori, choose the police id card. Back to inventory and use the certificate on the bottle label (whisky / label).
It remains to sit and wait for the arrival of the inspector. He does not find anything, but, nevertheless, attempt to kidnap you (he, too, is clearly in this bunch of bandits). You probably do not like a walk in the trunk of a car, so that the following items of action. Take inventori of ink (ink), and pour them on the inside of the trunk (clean blanket). After the inspector extremely lightly stoop to the trunk, click on the trunk lid (boot lid).


Now you are in the role of Adda, and are in the editorial room. Check the arrival of new mail (mail area, on the table on your right). Take the glue and writing (mail). Read one of the letters (DD'S Message) through memory. It looks like you had a helper-wisher. Pulls away from the table and look at the table with coffee (coffe area). Click on a bottle of water (boil the water). As the only coffee-score jet of steam (stream), put it in envelopes with the post (mail). Come in inventori, choose a letter of Max (Max message), re-enter the inventori and use an open envelope (mail). Again in inventori, take clue and use it on a printed envelope (mail). Now go in the door, located directly in front of you.

Editor's office

So, Fred cops sit and ask him questions slippery. Give him the letter (mail), but in order to distract the police after finding Freddie your message, click on the box of staples (paperclips). After a talk with the editor. He will ask you to cook for him coffee. Well, well, this request is not strange. Get out of the office.


Take a look at the table with coffee (coffe area). Click on the box of coffee (make some coffe). Take a cup (sire) and use a tray with coffee (tray) on the office door Freddy.

Editor's office

Place the tray on the cloak (raincoat), lying on the table. Spoiled raincoat in your hands, and with it the photos and capsule. The game comes another fork in the road, look for the "Max at cemetry».


Hurry up, the time you have is very limited. If you do not hold the doctor's, your friend will be more endangered. Take inventory of whiskey, and gave them a chauffeur cars (chaffeur). Walk forward to the people at the grave. Take a look at Dr. Dramisha (dr Dramish, it stands in the middle). Click on it glove. Go back to the standing driver. Go forward to the road. Once again, forward. Take a look at Centralia car, look in through the window. Click on the inside of the glove car. Step back from the machine, and click on the trunk of the "Peugeot» (tailgate). As a precaution it is left open. Take notes, behind the glove box (score). Look in the memory, and check the notes. Pay special attention to (do not forget to click) on the circled 8 notes - they still come in handy. In the same glove box take heart drops (flashk / hearth medi-cine). Come in and use inventory drops on a bottle of whisky. Get out of the car. Take out any clues inventory (paul's keyring or tony's keyring) and use them on the rear wheel of a car (value). Go back to the car with the driver (back, forward, backward). Again treat him whiskey (this time they contain a little surprise). Now wait, and your plan will work!


The player once again changes the sex-now you play as Hell. In order to get into the lab, take a stick, leaning to the right of the door. Come in inventory, and move the stick on the candy (caramels), stolen from the pockets of the inspector. The resulting rod through the hole put your mailbox. Letter (insur letter) read by pressing the memory on your phone. Click banish every paragraph, do not forget to turn the paper (written description of the defect in the security lab will only help you to overcome it). Just take this opportunity to take a look at photos, you saw a police officer in a cloak.
Now, go into the garden (the arrow in the upper right corner). Take a pair of binoculars hanging in the upper left corner. Now, your task - to find three surveillance cameras that monitor the garden. Binoculars leading through the garden, pay special attention to the bottom of the screen - when the camera is held binoculars, lights up at the bottom of the word «glint». Tag to the camera by pressing the left mouse button once will mark all three, click the right mouse button. A little hint - the camera located in the thickets of ivy on the walls of the house.
Take a closer look - the tree has a bird's magpies nest. Click on it with the mouse, and repeat it twice. You now have the keys! Go forward to the door and open it with a backdoor key. You are inside. Now we have to open a door protected by a combination lock. Take the Points (polarised glasses) with a gray mask. Rummage in the trash (rubbish bin). You are holding a torn, but still diagram of an electronic lock. Look again, and find the posting (wire). Open the first drawer nightstand, and you will find a tape recorder.
Go back to the garden. Use the voice recorder to the magpies nest. Again, visit the lab. Use your points to an audiocode. Now you can see the letters on the keys - that's good. Take recorder from inventory (tape recorder) and use it on audiocode. Click on the play button on the recorder. You need as closely as possible to repeat the combination peep chicks with the keys of the castle. Here can help musical notation of memory (score) - there is a special sign each note is assigned a letter. If you replace the notes on the letters squeaking chicks in strict accordance with this document, we will get EEFGGFED. Enter this code and you in the lab!
Look at the lab coat. These pliers you obviously useful. Now click on the wires leading to the safe in the top left corner (electric wires). Use them the same ones found by wire strippers. Now you go in inventory, choose found in the nightstand wires and connect them to the stripped wires safe. Safe deposit box is opened. Take a microfilm of it! Use them on a microscope. Carefully make out two small white spot on each of them. At first it MIV, the second CLI. Remember these codes, they will still come in handy. Step away from the microscope.

In the edition

Freddy hit by a car. Ada kidnapped (or left on their own? Well, exactly, she at one with them - except for her, no one knew the address of your secret place). Now you are prepared to shoot. So that this unfortunate fact was not fast pryachtes for cover (down arrow).

On the street

When you pass by the garbage can, throw back glases are you in inventory (this will confuse the marks). Now you need to play the card game (similar to thimbles, but here you have to correctly identify the location of the card with the image of the Queen). The stakes are the clock. Lipschitz hours you do not have money too. And do not believe in credit. But - there is a way out - inventori climb in and out of the Adda's bag reach for a business card and put it in your hand thimblerigger. Inspectors are respected, and you can temporarily play without betting. Your task - to win 3 times - and your desired watch Marcos!


If you find it difficult to win against Schuller (which is understandable), you can trick it in two ways.
  • The Queen is never that card (usually falls after shuffling on the very first box), which is supposed to be. Watch carefully for that card, which, after shuffling is placed on the second box - that she is the most royal.
  • No one is stopping you saved before specifying the card, and return back with the load game, and call the correct decision.
  • Here is a new obstacle - code door. Come in inventori and Choose the ink-stained paper (stained document). Take a look at it, using the magnifier button on your phone. Ink is highlighted on it
  • Secret inscription! Read it using the memory (coded document). Just do not forget to bring the list! So, everything is clear. You need to take the key out of inventori Tony (tony's keyring) and place it 4 times in the left hole, 2 in the center and one at the right time.


After a series of murders and debriefing with your ladylove, which happened in the shower and on the shape of a killer (that she killed Marcos) you heroically quarrel and find themselves at the closed door to the laboratory of the institute. Behind the door, someone nice chats. Take a timer (bell) from the nightstand next to the door. Turn right, and use it (bell) on the frame glass (window sill). At this point in the game crept into a small mistake - do not call up the menu in the form of "your phone", so inventory call by pressing the right mouse button. Turn left, and when the timer is triggered, go in the door and use the dagger (knife) for a male doctor (Kevork). Just do everything very quickly - speed is paramount. After splitting the doctor Dramisha, and its full recognition in villainy should be murder. And you're in a room filled with deadly gas. Quick, take out the magnet's inventory and use it on a white box with metal (system). The door is open, and you are free to fall into the arms of his beloved.

The door to the secret room

Take out inventori watch (watch) and consider them more closely with the Magnifier button on your phone. Click on the clock on the right (pool the winger). Remove it (removew the winger). Click on the center of her hours (center). Insert the pin back in the hours (hole). Expand the clock with the left arrow. Click on the center circle (turn the disc). Then, on the outer circle (turn the ring) and the notorious button (winger) left. Repeat these three steps 2 more times. If you did everything correctly, the clock will automatically close (they are now called activated watch) - and now they need to use the code lock to the left of the door (system).

Secret room

Move away from the terminal. Open the yellow bedside table (drawer) - first top drawer, and then lower. Now you have a portable laser and remote control. Look on the nightstand (behond the drawer) - now you have another bottle and insecticides. Take up the remote control and get accustomed to it using the Magnifier button on your phone. Enter the room number A2 and turn the switch to the highest temperature (up to reds and all the way). Now insert the remote is programmed into the hole, it is designed for (reciver). It is on the wall, the left side of the door, and almost at the lock. You will hear a little puff, and now you have to wait for the moment when the time expires, and the thugs will break into your room. First, Kevork, to kill with a balloon with insektetsidami (insecti-cide), the second - the big guy Erazera - with a pocket laser. If there is still an inspector - it means you have completely forgotten about the previous operation with a remote control, and you should do it from the start.
A little later, you have to solve a difficult question - post a hell to live, or to let her die. From here you have nothing depends - it's still going to die! Just do not forget to rummage around in the pocket at the Kevork killed - there is necessary to you the keys. If you sit in front of the terminal and can not find a body - do not worry, just step back from it, and the body will be on your left.
Last, solve puzzles. How to run a car? First, turn it - the switch is in the upper right-hand corner. Pull the fourth left cartridge (cart) with the button on it. Insert it into the main drive (slot). Now, you need to correctly set the switches under the slot. The exact answer to this gives torn card schematic, lying in your bag's inventory in Adda. Take it, and collect keys by Magnifer on your phone.


  • The red rim - it edges scheme (they need to collect first)
  • I Downstairs is a dark stripe and the inscription «data card»
  • In the middle of the circuit are blue and gray rectangles that are perpendicular to each other.
  • Then you have to understand yourself. It is not difficult to be precise thing, otherwise the system will put the pieces is clearly not there.
Now associate each of the switches to ours. If next to the switch painted two red circles - it is open. So, in order to scheme to work, we need to lower down 2,3 and 6 switches. Check the (red button to the right of the switches).
Should light up black numbers at the bottom. Now enter through the black key code 151 (remember the microfilm? Now, CLI is more than words, and the number 151 written in Roman numerals), insert the key Paola (Paul's keyring) in the keyhole to the right of the number keys. Now the code in 1004 (the word MSU), and the key is Tony (Tony's keyring). And the number 10, and Lev's keyring! Everything passed! See the cartoon of your salvation!