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Terminal Velocity (DOS)

Terminal Velocity DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Flight / aviation
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: FormGen
Developed by: Terminal Reality
Released: 1995
Platform: DOS
Terminal Velocity DOS conlrol keys
Those who are friends with the carpet in the famous «Magic Carpet», master the management of the new aircraft will not be difficult. Between these games, there really is something in common, despite the fact that the "MS" is basically a fantasy story, mixed with witches, monsters and magic, a «TV»-pure science fiction, earthlings attempt once again to defend their sinful the planet and save it from enslavement. And the enemy, like, different. On the one hand - made of flesh and blood, endowed with tremendous force, and at the root of evil magic. On the other - made of steel, armor, concrete, filled with modern electronic equipment and armed with lasers, blasters, homing missiles, and God knows what else. Further, from the viewpoint of the game approach to «Magic Carpet» and «Terminal Velocity» different. If the first game was crucial strategic moment, the ability to plan their actions and dispose of the benefit of the rich arsenal of magic, the «Terminal Velocity» the determining factor is, after all, the art of piloting the ship, that is, to a greater extent, the arcade moment. And, in spite of everything, the connection between these games can be traced quite clearly. The main reason - a real sense of reality (even in the most napridumaet, fantasy, on the one hand, and science fiction, on the other hand, scenes). Full three-dimensional, a giant area coverage (in the same way you can fly indefinitely), elegance graphics, smooth flight, exceptional maneuverability of both vehicles - all this makes the «Terminal Velocity», at least visually similar to the «Magic Carpet» . However, there are other programs, for example, «Commanche» or «Descent», resembling latest work «3D ReaLms». However, the name «Terminal Velocity» byproduct, copies of their predecessors, in any case impossible. It has lots of original findings, which we are sure will make this new blockbuster game in the near future.
Terminal Velocity DOS title screen
So, from a bird's eye you overlook the surrounding expanse of another planet you, find the enemy, and lead the fight to its complete destruction.
Say at once, «TV» to aircraft or space simulator has nothing to do. There are no overly complicated controls. All relatively simple. Your ship is in constant motion, which can speed up or slow down. But it's not a helicopter, and stop completely impossible. But you have absolute freedom in choosing the direction, moving in 3D, not only near the surface of the planets, but also soaring upward, breaking through the veil of clouds, or swooping on the target, rapidly escaping from the dense curtain of storm clouds. And all this - with almost a second does not stop hard against the enemy. The game is big. It includes three episodes, each of which consists of three missions (planets). Those, in turn, are divided into three levels. Total - nine planets and twenty-seven levels.
Now take a short excursion into history to understand why, in fact, were at the controls of a fighter TV-202. 2704 AD. Earth is headed by the Council, which is sounding name «Alliance of Space-Faring Alien Races» or, in abbreviated form, ASFAR. Agreement was signed, the aim of which is to keep the peace between different civilizations. Earth has provided all the planets in circular special protective computer systems (PDC). The world did not last long, only seventy years. The second in September 2704 Armada offensive technique all the other members of the system have fallen to Earth, destroying the building and killing millions of people.
In this tragic situation, command the defense forces of the Earth and trusts you to the newest fighter Terminal Velocity (TV-202), which is at the controls and you will spend the entire game. Your task is very simple - to destroy the enemy's equipment and manpower as much as at all possible. What was the reason for the treacherous attack and that the Earth was once again under the threat of death - is not entirely clear, yes, indeed, and absolutely does not matter. The main thing - she has a chance, because the cause is taken you. Do you have a Terminal Velocity (TV-202) ...


PLAY GAME - start the game.
OPTIONS - multiple sound settings, graphics, controls, and other items without first setting where neither play nor, especially, to get from the gorgeous graphics aesthetic pleasure, is impossible.
INSTRUCTIONS - a summary of the management of TV-202 and its onboard systems.
SCORES / CREDITS - table of the best drivers and information about the creators of the game.
ORDERING INFO - Information about the benefits of CD-version and how to legally purchase any version of «TV».
QUIT - exit to DOS.
Now some options MAIN MENU elaborate.


SOUND OPTIONS - complete sound system:
- SOUND FX - on / off sound effects, by the way, very decent, accompanying the flight and fight;
- MUSIC - on / off background music;
- MUSIC FREQ - four different frequencies of sound. From the minimum to the fullest 8287 22050;
- PLAYBACK - sound mode: mono, stereo and surround SURROUND;
- SOUND VOLUME - volume as a percentage;
- MUSIC VOLUME - volume of the music as a percentage. GRAPHICS OPTIONS - adjusting the image. 

This is the most important mode of installation, which when properly handling will get the most enjoyment from the game:
- SKY TEXTURE - on / off drawing of the sky (clouds, clouds, fog and so on);
- IMAGE QUALITY - by which computer generated image. (A case in point is the degree of performance). Two options are available: 486 or Pentium;
- SHADOWS - drop shadow game objects on the surface of the planets. Three modes: off, medium (486) and maximum (Pentium);
- TEXTURE - the quality of detail in the image of the surface of planets and coloring objects. If your computer is available with 8 Mb of RAM, you should just Mode LOW DETAIL. However, the beauty that we painted at the beginning of the chapter, are only possible from 12 Mb;
- RESOLUTION - degree graphics resolution. The situation is similar to an option TEXTURE.VGA - 8 Mb of RAM, SVGA - 12 Mb, unfortunately. These constraints are due to a large amount of graphics and the need to process a unit of time huge graphics array, as the whole game is based on the dynamics and rapidly-changing landscapes;
- DEBRIS - mode of flying debris. When hitting the target you destroy enemy objects. In this case, they may fall apart NORMAL and OVERKILL (especially) or just quietly disappear without spilling into separate parts mangled NONE.
CONTROL OPTIONS - choice of input devices, and some of the settings that accompany normal operation of the fighter:
- CONTROL - choose the means by which you will control your ship. The range of possibilities is very wide - the keyboard, mouse, joystick, GAMEPAD, and so on;
- CALIBRATE - joystick calibration;
- CUSTOMIZE KEYBOARD - redistribution of the control buttons while playing the keyboard.
By default, the authors offer a perfectly acceptable option. But if you think that this is not enough, construct their own management;
- CUSTOMIZE JOYSTICK - the same applies to the redistribution of the buttons on the joystick;
- CUSTOMIZE MOUSE - Mouse control settings menu. With it, you can completely reconfigure the mouse, depending on your desires. Migrate to be almost everything from the sensitivity of the separate horizontal and vertical redistribution and ending with buttons;
- AUTO LEVELING - on / off, thanks to which your ship will automatically restore its horizontal position after the completion of your next maneuver or hit in the body of enemy missiles.
LEVEL BRIEFINGS - on / off briefing before the start of each new episode. (This is a pre-tactical units.)
DEMOS - on / off transition of the program in demo mode of configuration menu by long delay.


This option will allow you to either start the game from the beginning NEW, or download the current state, recorded earlier by one of the eight slots RESTORE GAME.
If you start a new game, you get to the menu selection of missions SELECT MISSION.
The game is designed so that its episodes are completely independent of each other. You can select to play the game and thus at any place. Freeing one planet, you move on to another of his choice. For the successful completion of the mission to go to the end of its three levels. Before starting the task, select the menu SELECT DIFFICULTY LEVEL suiting your level of difficulty from easy to EASY completely impassable TERMINAL. Here can serve as a guide only your skills in «TV». Be warned, however, that even on the easiest hero to die very easily, and enemies abound in every difficulty. Enter your name and nickname battle, listen to a briefing, please read the tactical task and to the objects and purposes to be destroyed in the first place, and then finally get behind the wheel and TV-202 - the battle.


The keys control the flight and the environment:
LEFT - turn left;
RIGHT - turn to the right;
UP - fly down;
DOWN - fly upwards;
SPACE - shooting from the selected weapon;
A - gradually increase the speed;
Z - gradually reduce speed;
HOME - TV-202 rotating counterclockwise (without changing the direction of flight);
PGUP - clockwise rotation (without changing the direction of flight);
INS - head turning and inspection of the terrain and the situation on the left of the destroyer;
DEL - the same right;
- The same lower (in KEYPAD);
+ - Same as above (on the KEYPAD);
BACKSPACE - monitor output on the current status of the task, where:
- WEAPON - selected in combat arms;
- CURRENT OBJECTIVE - another to be your attack target;
- NEXT OBJECTIVE - the next object of attack;
1 ... 7 - choice of one of seven different types of weapons in preparation for battle;
TAB - Switch-range airborne radar (two modes)
- The control panel at the top right;
- The screen takes up the entire cockpit, superimposing an image on top of the main picture. In this case, the crosshairs and becomes the center of the radar screen. (For details on the radar - in a special chapter.)
ALT - the use of the afterburner - of fast forward. Only used if appropriate in your arsenal of additional energy gleaned in the field.

Keys modification screen

P (PAUSE) - a temporary pause in the game. V - switching cockpit view the image behind the ship. (There are two options, and both failed.) With - enable / disable the cockpit and instrument panel. There are three options:
- The full picture;
- The lack of control of displays and sensors;
- The lack of displays, sensors and a compass.
X - on / off crosshair in the center of the screen.
ESC - return to the main menu of the game.
+ - Increase the size of the game screen.
- Reducing the size of the game screen.

Function keys

F1 - help.
F2 - game record in the battle for one of eight slots.
DEL - deletes a previous recording in F2.
F3 - load current position to continue the game.
F4 - written in the form of a video game image file PCX.
F5 - on / off sound.
F6 - the quick recording of the current game.
F7 - cancel all button.
F8 - end the current game.
F9 - fast loading previous previously saved position.
F10 - exit to DOS.
The game screen «Terminal Velocity» functional and is crucial for a successful game information.
The top of the dashboard is containing data on the state of the ship and the radar display. On the left side there are five indicators, each of which is required for the adoption of the next tactical decisions in combat. SECT - the exact coordinates of the horizontal and vertical (referring to the two-dimensional map) sector, which is currently in your vehicle.
DIST - distance to the next object of your attack. NAV - characteristic of the next point of your job, where there are the following orders:
- TGT - followed by another goal that must be destroyed according to the military purpose;
- SNK - follow to the control point on your route;
- DUN - your base ship that serves as a vehicle transporting you to a new level;
- TUN - enter the tunnel;
- XIT - find a way out of the tunnel;
- BOS - destroy BOS (BASIC OBJECTIVE STRUCTURE) - the main goal of the system of enemy vehicles and structures.
- WEPN - ready for battle weapon.
This indicator shows which weapon system will work during the next shot. The maximum number of portable weapons - seven.
- PAC - PLASMA ASSAULT CANNON (plasma assault gun).
- ION - ION-BURST GUN (ion burst weapons). - RTL - RAPID-TARGETING LASER (bystronavodyaschiysya laser).
- MAM - MANUAL-AIMED MISSILE (plain, suggestive hand, the rocket).
- SAD - SEEK-AND-DESTROY MISSILE (homing missile).
- SWT - SHOCK WAVE TORPEDO (shock torpedo).
- DAM - DISCRETE ANNIHILATION MISSILE (missile with multiple warheads).
- FLY - FAST LOW YELD - afterburner mode. To arms the device, of course, has nothing to do. But finding the correct source of energy, the yellow ball with the word AFTERBURNER, you can hold down the corresponding key on the keypad, to significantly increase the speed, quickly breaking up your ship. This mode operates for a certain time and the score is displayed with WEPN inscription FLY. (You can not use afterburner and fire the weapons of war can not be!)
AMMO - ammunition for current weapons. On the right side of the control panel are the following indicators:
- The upper yellow scale - the state of your energy shield. The shorter the shaded part, the closer your death. The disappearance of the yellow band is accompanied by an instantaneous death;
- Blue scale - the speed indicator with TV-202 which moves in the space. If the band is gone, it does not mean that you stop. Movement, just as the slow, ongoing;
- Radar display - located on the top right. It is an essential tool with which the navigation not only in the usual sense of the word, but the targeting of your vehicle to the next item, depending on the content of a military order.
First, the conventional functions of the radar. The display marked goals, which are in close proximity to the TV-202 (normal mode) and at a substantial distance (zoom mode switch). Different in form and color, the mark thus carry information about the various sites. Your place is not marked on the radar and is located at its center. Gray arrow indicates the direction of movement (toward the tip, of course);
- The red crosses - targets that are above you in the air;
- The red strokes - aerial objects, but flying below the TV-202;
- Blue touches - ground targets, tanks, robots, and other hardware;
- The yellow touches - the entrance to the tunnels (talk about this special, but in a moment).
The upper part of the radar when the arrowhead indicating the direction of flight looking straight up, like a small red triangle. Please note, this is the main navigational and tactical part of the game. If the hunter instinct dominates you over all other feelings, you can, of course, to fly in all directions, hover above the clouds, poskolzit above the surface, shooting with everything and everyone who comes handy. Such tactics are permissible, but only if you have plenty of spare time and you have no interest in the outcome. However, if you're wondering, after all, go through the game to the end, do it all differently. It will help you and the coveted red triangle. This is the - direction indicator (absolute precision) to your next victim of those who need to destroy mandatory. May swarm around the enemy aircraft, the entire surface of perepashut enemy tanks. But they are only interested in you because they interfere to perform the main task - to safely get to the main purpose (for tactical briefings about them discussed in detail) in order to destroy them. Position the pointer controls vertically, so that it would coincide with a triangle appeared, you thereby deploying its fighter and lie exactly on the course nearest target. In this case, the left panel indicator DIST will count the remaining distance, and by sensor NAV you can broadly identify the type of target, the enemy object, tunnel, your base ship and so on. After the destruction of another goal, again brings the ship to the next object using a compass and so on until the end of the level.
After the destruction of some opponents, especially their bases, you can improve the quality of your TV-202. For example, to strengthen energy shield to get an extra dose of AFTERBURNER or purchase all new weapon, the next laser or missile. All these wonderful things are usually in the form of multi-colored balls on the ground destroyed your works. In order to take them on board, enough to fly through them.
The most important role in the game is performed tunnels. Finding them is not very easy, but it is absolutely necessary. In these narrow and winding maze is completely bloodless collect all the things that on the surface is given to fight. In some tunnels prizes just mountains. You flew into the poor, and come out to the surface, hung with all sorts of special equipment. However, this is only one possible course of events. In other cases, the tunnel is clogged armada of enemy equipment, miss each other which can not be due to the thickness of the pipe. Therefore it is necessary to engage in battle with little hope of a successful outcome. In some mines awaits playoff with his main target in the job - the main force of the enemy, BASIC OBJECTIVE STRUCTURE.
In such situations, the fight is delayed for a long time. Given the strength of the enemy and the impossibility in a small underground room to maneuver fully, your efforts are often in vain. Guess what awaits you in the depths of the tunnel, you can not.
Therefore, before the fly into an open mine, be sure to save the current state of the game. Once inside, reduce your speed to a minimum, so as hitting the walls of the tunnels are very sensitive at high speeds cause significant damage to the energy shield. And if the next corner you will find the enemy, the mission will fail.


Mission 1

Planet Ymir. Located in the star system Bornardo. Distance - 5.97 light-years from Earth. The name of the planet was named after the ice giants of Norse mythology, Ymir. It's cold, frozen, covered with snow and ice desert. Scientists have developed a laser system Bornardo «GUNNAR». This system - the most powerful ever built. You need to discover on the surface of the planet and the power radars, and find him, to destroy them. Then you need to determine the location of the ice tunnel, which houses «GUNNAR». If before that you have destroyed all the stations, you may have enough time for it to survive in a decisive battle. Protective computers Bornardo control all enemy ships in the air above the surface of the planet. And these computers are working against you.
Airships opponent:
- SNOW SNOW SCOUT - pretty slow, but deadly, a heavily armed fighter. In the air, they are a great deal and cope with all It is not possible;
- ICE RIDER - as powerful as the previous one, but much faster, and therefore even more unpleasant.
In addition to these hostile tehsredstv enemy you encounter and some others, which are not mentioned in the briefing. In this case the tanks. They are not very much, and if you fly at a decent height, you can not be afraid of the fire.
Structures that need to be destroyed:
- YIC-7 - radar stations. Without destroying it the ultimate success of the operation is practically impossible. Try not to miss a single;
- YEC POWER STATION - power station. They energize the whole system of protecting the planet. While YEC work, to cope with «GUNNAR» unreal;
- STORAGE BUNKER - these structures is the enemy arsenal. If you are interested in energy shields, afterburner, a good gun - it's all there inside. Way to get what you want - break all the bins.
After the mission go to the conveyor dropped from the command ship that will take you and will take on board the main spacecraft.

Mission 2

Planet Kritaniya. Located at a distance of 11.3 light-years from Earth. Intelligence reported that the vast interstellar battleship is ready to re-attack the earth fortifications. With a strong body and strong arms, this ship is the pride enemy, guaranteeing the inviolability of borders Kritanii.
Your task - to attack «HELLHAWK» before that first strike. Appearing on the reverse side of the mountain range, fly through canyons, destroying as many enemy targets.
The main forces of the enemy:
- SHOCKSTAR - kritaniysky fighter. Is the main enemy patrol craft;
- GBL TURRET - powerful ground-based laser system;
- SKY HAWK 2 - fast and powerful aircraft equipped with ion cannons. It is extremely dangerous in combat.

Mission 3

The purpose of the mission - Moon Dagger (MOON DAGGER). Distance - 7.80 light-years from Earth. At the time, MOON DAGGER was created with one purpose - to destroy the entire planet. Huge, equipped with multiple missile systems, he has incredible firepower and can cause a lot of anxiety earthlings. Your task - to destroy as many as possible of equipment and structures that are outside MOON DAGGER. Follow to the control center of the GROB and break it. Do not trust anyone in the air. All equipment, located around you, is controlled by outsiders.
The main forces of the enemy:
- GRAY GULL 1 - short-range fighter, equipped with dual lasers;
- MSF MAX FLAK GUN - tower guns. Try to eliminate as quickly as possible, as their fire is extremely damaging to your TV-202;
- WSF RAZOR 4 - very fast, maneuverable aircraft equipped with ion cannons;
- AFIGHT 2 - fighter, whose crew consists of two people - a pilot and a gunner. This allows the enemy to aim carefully and carry very heavy fire.
Structures on the surface:
- SCORE RADAR DISH - radars that are used to communicate with other ships of the fleet;
- SCORE COMM ARRAYS - too radar stations that must be destroyed before you go to the Control Center GROB.

Episode 2: HEAVY FIRE

Mission 4

Planet Teytenga. Distance 8.56 light-years from Earth. Here, according to our intelligence are the enemy base, which was attacked by the east coast of the United States.
You need to find the base XI and destroy it.
Enemy forces:
- TTA SANDSTORM - extremely fast fighter;

- TTA PENETRATOR - maneuverable fighter, which is difficult to destroy;

- TTA DUSTDEVIL - camouflaged for combat operations in the desert and will sneak up on you quickly.

Mission 5

Planet Ositsho. Distance - 2.58 light-years from Earth. Most heavy fleet around the planet has forced commanders to send you on a reconnaissance mission. Judging by the thoroughness of protection for Ositsho is some important object. In the name of the intercepted radio message appears MAGMA DRAGON.
Network security Computer planet is working smoothly, so sneak unnoticed unlikely.
Enemy forces:
- WEDGE FIGHTER - aircraft, equipped with the latest engine;
- OSO PHOENIX FIGHTER - one of the most secret enemy fighters;
- QUADRAM - heavily armed fighters. Especially dangerous in close combat.
Structures on the surface:
- OPG HEATMINERS - thermal plants supply power for all weapons systems Ositsho;
- OSO CONTROL TOWERS - the control tower. They were built to disrupt the interaction between the different forces of the enemy;
- SENTINEL TOWER - the watchtowers.

Mission 6

Planet Erigone. Located at 10.6 light-years from Earth.
Some time ago, scientists began to study related to the creation of a new nuclear (quark) bomb. Its basis was the element thorium IV, neutral isotope which could in the interaction of accelerated particles to cause an explosion of monstrous destructive power. Within a radius of its action, all matter is not even broke into atoms, and quarks. However, the project was so dangerous that the entire database destroyed, and the study was stopped. However, on this planet, the work continued, and the robots are in full mined Thorium IV. You need to destroy not only protective facilities, but all mine facilities and service their hardware.
You have to fly through tunnels, and try to destroy everything associated with the extraction of thorium and, most importantly, building that houses the stock. It is accessible only from within, but to destroy conventional weapons shell impossible. However, to get in and out easy.
Enemy forces:
- MINE POWER - conveyors carrying the tunnels of thorium to the ships;
- SHRIEK FIGHTER - his main force in the stunning speed of the flight;
- RANDORIAN - «-defense" forces Erngona. These guns to protect all of the major objects of the planet;
- EMC COMMAND POST - the command posts of the enemy.
Destroy them all.

Episode 3: THE MAD GOD

Mission 7

Planet Centaur-3. Distance - 4, 37 light years from Earth.
The planet has on its surface a few islands. The rest of the territory is occupied by the ocean. The atmosphere is poisonous, but it does not frighten scientists are conducting their experiments related to military robots B-NOMES and C-NOMES. The plans include the creation of entire enemy battalions of robots Series C and, with their help, a new invasion of Earth. You need to prevent the work being done on this planet, to destroy the robots themselves, aircraft and bases, which produce new fighting machine. Pay special attention to the destruction of all C-NOME.
The forces of the enemy;
- C-NOME - fighting robots of the new series;
- HYDROS LED - patrol agents to protect the island, which conducted the study;
- CAF ATTACK FIGHTER - fighter air cover.
Structures on the surface:
- ENEMY GROUND FORCES CONTROL CENTER - enemy ground control centers;
- ENEMY CONTROL HEAD QUARTERS - the enemy's headquarters, asking for all the management of the current work.

Mission 8

The goal - the asteroid Ceres. Huge dimensions, it moves by ion engines toward the Earth. On an asteroid found a huge number of modern navigation equipment, so there is no doubt that he will be able to achieve the goal, if not stopped in time. You need to destroy all the defensive towers, connected to the entrance of the tunnel, as well as PULSE MOTIVATOR.
Enemy forces:
- DTS-1 - Transfer Vehicle, intended to fly into the depths of space. Equipped with super-powered lasers;
- SHIELD TOWER - Panel-mounted turret. They must be destroyed;
- Atava - homing artillery batteries guarding the tower.

Mission 9

Planet - Proxima 7. The distance from the Earth - 4.2 light years. Your main enemy seized the planet and turned it into a huge supercomputer XI, and which worships. Your ultimate goal - to destroy it.
Enemy forces:
- XI TRACKING TOWER - targeting the tower, one of the most advanced technical means enemy;
- HEAVILY ARMED DRONE - a heavily armed transport ship the robot;
- RELAY TOWERS - relay tower.