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System Shock (DOS)

System Shock DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, RPG elements, Shooter
Setting: Cyberpunk / dark sci-fi
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Electronic Arts, ORIGIN Systems
Developed by: Looking Glass Technologies
Released: 1994
Platform: DOS

Despite the fact that «SS» action game - most of the time you have to deal with numerous mutants and cyborgs. The creators of the game have paid great attention to the story (here we must pay tribute to the professionals from «Origin»). You do not just go from level to level, killing everything that moves, no - you are an actor in an exciting and unpredictable adventure.
«System Shock» gives you complete freedom of movement: you can walk, run in all directions, jump, crouch, look up or down. In addition, using found objects you, you will be able to fly up to the ceiling on the anti-gravity boots or ride on hovering over the surface of the "skateboard" (just like in the movie "Back to the Future 2").
System Shock DOS title
In order to enhance the realism of imitation, the authors had to work fairly to create the right from the point of view of the physics of movement. For example, in fast cornering you will bring a bit to the side, when fired from a rifle perspective will shift slightly up (simulating the recoil), and so on. Suffice it to say that the firm has hired a consultant specifically for the more reliable of the laws of physics in the game.
To pass the «System Shock» you have to visit in the world of data - kiberkosmose. We remind you that the implanted module docking with the terminals allows you to get the data space. He looks like a three-dimensional grid within which are symbolic representations of real objects managed from here (for example, some of the doors can be opened only when you remove the locks that are in cyberspace).
Cyber ​​security guards and numerous other enemies constantly attacking, destroying the integrity of your system. Well, the immersion in the world of data, can be dangerous to your health!
System Shock DOS avatar
So, April 7, 2072 A talented hacker gets into the network of the corporation "TriOptium" trying to get inside information on the space station "Citadel". Protection Service Station hacker catches and delivers to the station. Much to the surprise of the young man, rather than turn him over to justice, one of the senior officials offered him a "non-traditional order." He is given access to the main computer network of the corporation, and it removes all the restrictions imposed on the system Artificial Intelligence "Shodan" control all the electronics station. Instead, an attacker not only forgive his past sins, but also to produce neuro-chi-rurgicheskoe surgery, implanting module connection terminals kiberkosmosa. After the successful completion of the operation, he falls asleep and wakes up the camera improving in six months ... And soon after waking learns that he is one of the latest, and perhaps the last living person at the station, now filled with bio-hostile mutants and cyborgs. As you move the situation starts to become clear ...


PLAY INTRO - to repeat the demo, Pre-fying action.
NEW GAME - Start a new game.
CREDITS - information about the authors of the program.
CONTINUE - continue previously initiated game (first made available to the signature).
Once you have chosen a NEW GAME, you will be asked to menu CONFIGURATION, where you need to register by entering your name, and select the levels of the four main aspects of the game:
If you prefer an active struggle with numerous robotic cyborgs in the style of «Doom», try to put COMBAT - 3, CYBER - 3, a MISSION and PUZZLE - 0. However, if you lose a wonderful adventure with a gripping storyline. If you value most in the games is not only an opportunity to test the speed of their response, but immersion in the virtual world, set MISSION - 2 or 3 and you will not regret ...
To start the game, use the START.


Movement and manipulation of objects in the game can be carried out with the keyboard or with the mouse. You can play using only the mouse, but you can not restrict using only the keyboard. The mouse is absolutely necessary to move the crosshair. In other cases (for walking, weapon selection, and other activities), the authors have provided the appropriate keys. The most convenient option, perhaps you can consider moving the keyboard (corresponding arrows), and all other actions (including the head turns and squats) - using the mouse. However, it is a matter of taste plays.


8 (S) - to move forward.
7 (Z) - move to the left diagonally.
9 (C) - move to the right on the diagonal.
4 (A) - turn left.
6 (D) - turn right.
1 (Q) - escape to the left.
2 (X) - the movement back.
3 (E) - dodge to the right.

Turning your head:
R - look up;
F - look right;
I - look down.

Position of the body:
T - get up;
G - sit down;
B - to lie down.
1 ... 5 - the inclusion of devices on the left side of the display (the numbers correspond to the icons from the top down).
6 ... 0 - switching instruments on the right side of the display (the same way).
F1 ... F5 - Information on the left MFD (small multi-functional display in the lower left of the screen).
F6 ... F10 - Information on the right MFD.
SPACE (J) - jump.
SHIFT (complete with the forward movement or rotation) - run or a quick U-turn, respectively.
TAB / SHIFT + TAB - change weapon.
ENTER - shoot.
BACKSPACE - clear the display (full-screen).
ALT + V - switch the display to full screen mode (and vice versa).
PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN - through the pages of the inventory. CTRL + U - change the color of the frame.
ALT + N - enable / disable tooltips. (When the prompt, items / buttons, etc. will be provided with the comment.) Is very useful for beginners, it is easier to look for things in the dark and find secret doors.
CTRL + S - save the game.
CTRL + L - load the game.
ALT + O - certificate of the game screen.
? - Refer to the keys.
P / PAUSE - pause.
ESC - options menu.
ALT + X - exit to DOS.
To climb the ladder, you have to go up to the wall and hold down the forward movement, press "jump» (SPACE). Do not worry if you do not get to climb up on the first try, try again (main turn exactly perpendicular to the wall).

During the game, press ESC at any time, get the opportunity to go into the operating menu of the program:
LOAD GAME - load a previously recorded state;
SAVE GAME - write to the drive current position;
SOUND - make adjustments to the sound;
OPTIONS - change some game settings - the degree of detail in the image and to perekonfiguri svetokorrektsii-ing the mouse to left-handed ...;
RETURN - return to the current game;
QUIT - exit the program.

Game screen

Top left to right

- Biometrics - indicators of your health. The Blue Line - the energy, the red - fatigue, lilac - Chi-wave;
- REGULATOR heads turn. You can select one of the three positions of the head: Looking up, right, down, select the upper, middle or lower portion of the rectangle or smoothly adjust the angle of view by moving the "handle" of the regulator;
- CONTROL OF BODY. Thumbnail image of a human figure is conventionally divided into sections. Pointing the cursor to different parts of the image and clicking the left mouse button, you agree to change the position of the body (you can sit, lie down, stand up, dodge to the right or to the left);
- SCALE OF HEALTH AND ENERGY. Note that the energy consumption depends on the number of enabled devices. Particularly energy-intensive light, shield, O-gravity boots. If you no longer have the energy reserve, all appliances are switched off automatically.


- The right and left are the icons (2 to 5), which are used to enable / disable different devices (map, flashlight, shield, and others). At first, the game is available to you is only the second icon on the left (including full screen mode). In the course of action, you'll receive all the new features and gradually fill in all the empty cell.
Bottom left to right:
- Left multi-function display MFD (MULTI-FUNC-TIONAL DISPLAY).
To his left, there are five buttons picture. Buttons from top to bottom:
- WEAPON - your current weapon;
- ITEM - the current object;
- MAP - map;
- TARGET - target;
- DATA - data.
The information is displayed with different degrees of detail, depending on the version of the software and hardware that you currently have.
- The central display, the bottom of which there are four buttons picture.

On it you can get information about all the things available to you, and to manipulate them. The buttons on the left to the right:
- MAIN - core subjects;
- HARDWARE - Hardware;
- GENERAL - subjects of common purpose;
- SOFTWARE - software.
You can choose the item by pressing the left mouse button to use it by pressing the right button and remove.
- Right Multi-Function Display MFD (similar to the left).