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Space Hulk (DOS)

Space Hulk DOS
Genre: Action, Strategy / tactics
Perspective: 1st-person, Top-down
Pacing: Real-time
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Electronic Arts
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS
Space Hulk DOS control keys
Hulk - an abandoned space ship. At the dawn of the space empire many huge space cruiser during long journeys strangely disappeared, and after many years, some of them came back from obscurity, without crew, flying on automatic control. Researchers have argued that within such karabli can find the mysterious ancient objects and weapons of alien civilizations. But most importantly, these ships lived and quickly multiplied horrible creatures called genestilerami - the deadly predators with advanced intelligence (something like aliens from the famous movie.) In order to study the objects inside the abandoned ships, and, not least, to stop the growth of the population genestilerov on board the ships were sent imperial troops paratroopers - cyborgs, armed to the teeth and loyal to his commander and the Emperor.
The theme and rules borrowed from a series of board games Warhammer 40.000 company Games Workshop. Space Hulk, however, more active game, although an element of tactics also extremely important. You control one or two teams of paratroopers, depending on the choice of the mission. Before you put a variety of tasks: for example, the defense cover the ship, destroying a certain number of genestilerov, cleaning the site, the recovery of valuable objects, etc. To successfully complete missions to properly dispose of paratroopers and to follow the plan of action. If you were lost in a difficult situation, or not well thought out scheme of actions - mission not accomplished. For the imperial soldier is worse than death.
One of the important advantages of the games are successful design and sound. Roar genestilerov, mechanical sounds of machinery, deaf gunshots create a real impression of danger and tension. Watched in horror as the red dot on the scanner is fast approaching from behind one of the soldiers, knowing that you can not have anything to help him. Then - a death cry, the monitor turns off. Quickly redirected as paratroopers to patch a hole in the defense. Very useful voice broadcast. If it sounds "Incoming on Three" (the attack on the third) - it is clear that the third terminator approaching genestiler. Nice to hear battle cries terminator type "Ready", "Let's Go", etc.
Control of the game is the mouse. Initially, the game asks you to select a single mission or start (continue) company DeathWing (set of sequentially executed missions). After selecting the commander explains to you of the mission and provides direct instruction. In some missions, you are arming terminators, but this is usually done automatically.
At the beginning of the mission time is frozen. You get a chance to read a map, map out a plan of action and then program the movement of paratroopers. In order to see the large map, right click on the little screen scanner. The time allotted for reflection is limited: watch dial FREEZE. On a large map can be programmed movements and actions of the paratroopers. Need to understand the importance of the program mode, as it allows tactically correct and most importantly - quickly locate members of the squad at the desired position, without which it is impossible to perform more complex missions. After programming is actually carried out the tactical part of the game. The program can lay five actions. We explain how to do it. Please select a paratrooper, which you want to set the program (either directly on the map or in the list). If it belongs to another group, click-K to switch to it. You can then choose to move by left / right mouse button on the icon at the top left paratrooper. If the figure is around diverging rays, the trooper will destroy the obstacles in its path, in particular, to shoot the closed door, in another mode, it will open them. Located to the right of the arrow indicating the team turn to the left and right respectively. Now just enter the place on the map, which should take a paratrooper. The right-most icon allows you to give the command to open / close the door. Move the cursor to it and press the left button, the icon appears the door is open, then you can press the right button, and the icon will become kind of a closed door. Now click on the door that you wish to close. To undo the last command, click on the icon with the crossed a square. After completing the program paratrooper select GO.
On the screen are four small and one large monitor. On the monitors shows the view from the cameras of every soldier. On the big screen shows a cyborg, controlled by you. In order to enable the commando to manual mode, left-click on any of the monitors. To switch to the second kommadu (if it exists), click on "". The other soldiers automatically kicking against attacks and perform the program (mortgaged by you earlier).

Below are the types of weapons

  • Power Gloves (PG) - gloves to be worn items are very rarely allowed to repel genestilera.
  • Lightning Claws (LC) - the most powerful weapon for close combat. It takes both hands.
  • Storm Bolter (SB) - the most effective weapon to defeat the enemy from a distance.
  • Assault Canon (AC) - a very powerful gun, but with a limit of 10 charges.
  • Heavy Flamer (FL) - flamethrower, emits flammable mixture that burns for a while.
  • Chain Fist (CF) - cutting weapons for defense.
  • Thunder Hammer (TH) - a powerful hand hammer to crush the attacking monsters. Used in conjunction with a shield (SH).
  • Power Sword (PS) - the energy sword is taken in the left arm.
Some of the "strange" tasks:
- When the mission requires "secure" the area (secure) - this means that you need to close the door next to the place they genestilerov (to close the door, you need to right-click on its edge). Sometimes you have to "clean up" the room (purify), ie burn area marked in red on the map of the flamethrower.

Tactical ploy

  • Cover your paratroopers from the back and try not to let the opportunity genestileram get you to neighboring corridors.
  • Best defensive in the long corridors: do not leave soldiers near the intersection of routes or in the rooms.
  • Manually perform complex maneuvers, move, requiring speed, program.
  • Flamethrower can break forward, cutting genestileram opportunity to come back in the fire.
  • Hedged Marines occupying dangerous positions.
  • Avoid continuous shooting, weapons sometimes jammed.
  • It is often useful to freeze time, to look at a map and think.