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Slipstream 5000 (DOS)

Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Flight / aviation
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Front Street Publishing, Gremlin Interactive Limited
Developed by: Software Refinery
Released: 1995
Platform: DOS
Slipstream 5000 DOS control keys
«Slipstream» has all the properties of the races, "Formula 1", so popular in the twentieth century. But a flying sports car eclipsed in the first decade of the twenty-first century, thanks to a special anti-gravity technology and the creation of worldwide ten great racing tracks. Lucky pilots instantly became idols and heroes of millions of people in all corners of the planet, which greatly contributed to the broadest advertising company and trade various related products. In «Slipstream» people have seen attractive lifestyle, not just a competition, and pay any price, to somehow join him. Tickets for the race were more precious than gold, even at the beginning of the season and on sale for a few months before the start of the competitions. The magnificent spectacle rumble, explosions, crash and speed it was impossible to miss.
Slipstream 5000 DOS title screen
The player is a «Slipstream» takes on the role of one of the ten pilots to passing long distance championship in ten races to become the best slipstrimerom season. Tracks are arranged in the most popular locations worldwide. You will fly along the Thames in London, past the Sphinx in Egypt, the Grand Kyanonu in America and so on.
Scenery around the tracks unusually varied and very effective. Sun and snow, palm trees and skyscrapers - all this will surround you during the season, making each journey a memorable one, unlike others.
After downloading the program, you get to the main menu «Slipstream»:
ONE PLAYER - version of the game for one participant;
MULTIPLAYER - the game for a few people;
SAVED GAME - playback of previously recorded current state of the game;
CONFIGURATION - the installation of gaming options;
BEST DRIVERS - a list of top racers, considering the fastest lap on the performance of each of the tracks. Before starting the game, you need to set some important pre-game performance.


Setup menu includes multiple options, each of which contains a detailed menu.
- REAR MONITOR - turning on / off the rear-view monitor. At the same time you activate mounted on the stern of your plane camera. When enabled through it on a single large screen, you can see what's going on behind you. First of all it concerns hanging on the tail of rivals. This mode is useful because you can just see the launch of missiles and take timely measures to ensure that escape out of the fire;
- WEAPONS MONITOR - on / off the monitor arms. When enabled, the camera is activated, which directs the chosen weapon in the air and increases your chance to hit the target. Follow flashes and puffs of smoke from the enemy planes;
- LANGUAGE - choose the language in which the program will work with you (English, French, German);
- TRACK MAP - Enable this option to have the screen shows a map of the route was. It is particularly useful if you're on this track for the first time, as will anticipate the unfolding situation, to assess the complexity of the approaching turn and so on. In addition, it can help you see where the enemy;
- SPEED DISPLAY - two modes of operation speedometer: kilometers or miles per hour.
DETAIL - This mode allows you to significantly change the level of detail of fine series «Slipstream». This capability is necessary to optimally customize it to fit the capacity of your computer:
- ENVIRONMENT DETAIL - detail representation of the environment. There are four modes, ranging from VERY LOW (very low) to the HIGH (high);
- CLOUDS - on / off of the sky, showing clouds, clouds and other things;
- SHADING - picture mode your ship from NONE (minimum maturity) to SPECULAR (full roundness of forms);
- TEXTURES - the degree of coloring of details:
COARSE - rough, FINE - maximum quality;
- WINDOW SIZE - the size of the game screen: NORMAL-normal, REDUCED - reduced;
- SHADOWS - the presence of shadows cast by objects in the game.
SOUND - sound menu:
- SOUND EFFECTS - on / off sound effects that accompany the game;
- ENGINE SOUNDS - adjust the sound of the engine from Shutdown to normal mode OFF NORMAL. QUIET - a muffled sound;
- SPEECH - on / off speech of the characters;
- MUSIC - volume setting background music - the off, dimmed, normal.
CONTROLS - choice of control:
- PLAYER 1 CONTROLS - control for the first player;
- PLAYER 2 CONTROLS - control for the second player;
- CALIBRATE JOISTICK 1 - the first joystick calibration;
- CALIBRATE JOISTICK 2 - the second joystick calibration;
- REVERSE ACCELERATOR - on / off the back of acceleration. If you select OFF, you will not need to press the gas to propel the ship. Moreover, its use causes the opposite effect - the plane will slow down up to a full stop (with long-term retention). This frees you from having to constantly concerned about increasing engine speed. To ON returns the accelerator in normal mode, in which the rate increases at constant pressing and releasing it, you start braking.
As an input device for control «Slipstream» can a keyboard, mouse or joystick.

Keyboard control

For the first player:
UP - move down;
DOWN - move upward;
LEFT - move left;
RIGHT - move right;
SPACE - the accelerator;
ENTER - fire;
S - range of weapons for the subsequent shooting;
ESC - abort the flight and return to the menu.
For the second player:
Q - move down;
A - move up;
About - move left;
R - move right;
M - accelerator;
X - fire;
Z - choice of weapons.


The deviation of the joystick handle causes the direction
up - move down;
down - move up;
Left - move left;
Right - move right;
A button - the accelerator;
In the button - fire;
On the button - choice of weapons (for GAME PAD).

Mouse control

Similar to the control with a joystick. In this case:
Left button - the accelerator;
right button - fire.
The function assigned to the weapon selection keyboard. If the proposed configuration is not to your liking, you can redistribute the keys for both players. To do this, select the menu CONTROLS PLAYER 1 or 2.
On the resulting allocation scheme to select an input device (top right). Then click the cursor key note requiring replacement (while it glows red). After that, type the option and confirm your choice OK. Image asterisk next to the selected button means that it is on the KEYPAD.
- LEYEL - set the level of the upcoming races. Apart from the usual options for these values, in this case the chosen degree of difficulty depends on the length of the season (if you choose the type of game championship):
EASY - level for Beginners (6 laps in a race);
NORMAL - for good players (8 laps in a race);
HARD - for seniors (10 laps in the race). - DAMAGE - mode on / off the possibility of obtaining damages your vehicle. In an OFF collisions and hit enemy aircraft missiles will slow its movement, but the extent of damage will remain the same, equal to zero. Thus you get the option of immortality.

Mode select the type of racing

ONE PLAYER - a game for one participant.
In this case, you will participate in the competition, where your opponents will be nine computer pilots. To do well in the race, you will need all the skill of the pilot "Formula-1" and, not least, the art in the management of the aircraft.
PRACTICE - Practice.
This mode is ideal if you are not familiar with the next track or do not have sufficient experience to «Slipstream». Use this mode to practice and improve their skills. You'll be flying around the track with no rivals. More precisely, the goal will be, but in the race they do not take part, as the layouts targets for improving accuracy.
Take a few laps on it to get up and running and, more importantly, to get used to the route. In this case, no one will bombard you with blasters, and you, in turn, can work out in the element competition.
In the training mode is available initially only track ARIZONA. To go to another track, you need to play in the mode SINGLE RACE (see below).
After gaining access, re-start the development of new routes with only training mode.
SINGLE RACE - a single race option on any of the available tracks against nine computer opponents.
To go to the next step, the track in Chicago, you need to
in the competition to take place no lower than fourth. In this case, you have to admit the new arena. Before you start the race naney, be sure to select PRACTICE, to explore the route. Single race - it is a real struggle for a second. In addition, you run the risk of permanently die in the fire of your rivals. On the other hand, you have the right to clear their way by force of arms. Once you have decided to act in a single race, you have to choose the means of transportation in the menu SELECT A VEHICLE, and then set on board the necessary equipment, depending on your desires and budget. (This will be discussed below.)
CHAMPIONSHIP - selecting this option, you will begin an exciting adventure of the ten races, passing alternately on each of the tracks from the «ARIZONA» to «NEW YORK».


Once you have decided on the mode of the race, you need to pick up a vehicle and driver who will be driving on the highway. Choosing rich - ten candidates. Each has his airplane. Hovering your mouse over the ship, you will see that the cockpit open, inviting look inside. Click you get to the screen dating from the pilot, where:
ACCEPT - to take part in the pilot his team;
CANCEL - cancel the selection and return to the SELECT YOUR VEHICLE;
VIEW - a closer look at the plane and get information about the selectable pilot. By clicking the cursor on the portrait of the pilot, you will hear his battle cry.
In order to proceed to further manipulation associated with the start of the race, click ACCEPT.
The following menu will determine which track you will fly in the race.


In single race mode you select tracks available to you from those who have been successfully completed before this, or the next in order.
In championship mode you will be automatically transferred through the race.
In the game for multiple players (MULTIPLAYER MODE) all the tracks permanently free to access. Before the race, you find yourself in a hangar, where you can have in your possession the money to purchase new equipment for the aircraft. First you have the measly $ 750, which you can not buy very much. But if you spend it wisely, you can strengthen your position in the fight for the lead. If you select a single race - the $ 750 is only possible to the amount which you have. You will not have access to many weapons systems, turbouskoriteli and other useful things, facilitating the race. In the championship at the start of you, again, only $ 750. However, during the race, you'll find the money at the track and get bonuses for the first six final places. As a result, having a decent amount, you can choose the perfect weapon and many other useful units.

Weapons bays

Each vessel participating in the competition «Slipstream», has two weapons bays built into the right and left sides of the body (LEFT ROD and RIGHT ROD).
If you only have $ 750, download both sections do not succeed, because the prices for weapons bite. To select the panel, which will be mounted guns, click on WEAPONS, then LEFT or RIGHT ROD. As a result, find yourself in the selection of weapons systems. In order to decide which weapons available to you, move the cursor from one to another. In this image will appear on top of the amount you need to pay to get this or that means. Green informs that the weapons you can afford, red - do not have enough money to purchase it. To install, click on the available weapons for financial reasons, and it takes place in an appropriate container. If you have enough money, do the same operation for the second system.
Your ship comes already loaded with standard blaster, which is very effective against vehicles - drones. If you use it skillfully against other slipstrimerov, it will be a good tool that slows the movement of enemies (especially when fired from a short distance). The damage done by the standard blaster minimal.
We offer you a list of all the weapons available in prelaunch equipment of the ship.


BLASTER - standard blaster installed on all machines.
Caused damage in a single attack - 1%.
Slows the movement of the ship, in which the shot.
Its effect is doubled when playing mode HARD MODE. DISRUPTER - when hit, the enemy ship temporarily loses control. Caused damage - 1% of the engine and steering wheels. Duration - 5 seconds. Price - $ 800.
FRAG - causes damage to the movement of 2% and management 1.5.
Duration of action - a constant. Price - $ 500. SUPER FRAG - more accurate in pointing than FRAG. Damage - 4% and 2.5 engine management. Duration of action - a constant. Price - $ 750. SEEKER - damage dealt: 15% and 2% of the engine management.
Action - constant. Price - $ 650. SUPER SEEKER - more specifically induced, rather than the usual SEEKER. Inflict Damage: Engine - 25% Management - 4%. Action - constant. Price - $ 750. AMBLER - for a while block engines. Damages - 1% of the engine and control. Action -
10 seconds. Cost - $ 700.
SCRAMBLER - the only homing missile, which is effectively seeking its goals even turns the track. Pursuing the enemy themselves to the inevitable hit. Damage - 25% of the engine and control. The action is a constant within sight. Price - $ 900. HYPER NEURO - completely violating vehicle control, which fired. All movements raked goals become hypersensitive, not susceptible to sustained control. The engine and rudders incapacitates by 1%. Action -
10 seconds. Price - $ 500.
SMOKER - emits smoke from the tail section of your ship. Especially useful if you use it in the tunnels. Action - 10 seconds. Price - $ 600. BOMBER - attacks the accelerating target and causes damage to 1% of the motor and control. Action - 10 seconds. Price - $ 650. Reload time - 20 seconds.
MINI MINES - small anti-aircraft air mine.
Discarded, they hang in the air at the place where you get them
left. Damage - 10% of the engine and control. Action
- Hangs in the air 10 seconds. Price - $ 500.


When you start the race, at your disposal is turbous-korigel minimum power - DELPHINE INJECTION. The more established on the ship turbouskoriteli, the more significant its effect when you add speed during a race. TURBO choice is made the same as setting weapons. The main thing - the presence of free money.
DELPHINE INJECTION - increases the speed by 10%. Reload time - 15 seconds. Duration - 15 seconds. Price - $ 480.
COROLIS DYNAMIC - increases the speed by 15%. Reload time - 20 seconds. Duration - 20 seconds. Price - $ 720.
DUAL DERWENT - Increases movement speed by 20%. Reload time - 17 seconds. Duration - 20 seconds. Price - $ 960.
CLERIC QUINN - increases the speed by 25%. Reload time - 15 seconds. Duration - 18 seconds. Price - $ 1,450.
TECH TECH 301 - increases the speed by 30%. Reload time - 12 seconds. Duration - 17 seconds. Price - 2010 dollars.
Turbouskoriteli than more expensive, the more powerful it is. Turbo is used when you need to dramatically increase the speed to get past his opponent. You can only carry one turbouskoriteli, although on the track it can be recharged with the repair of boxes that are not only eliminate damage to the ship, but also recharge turbo. If, for any reason, do it during the race can not be hard for you to be a good result.


Aiming system plays an important role in the race. When you start flying, you only have a basic This aims system CPU. It's better than nothing, but not much more. To make opponents feel the power of your rockets, buy better targeting system, which can afford. All this equipment may be used in combination. If you both have all three systems, the success you almost assured.
CHARGER - a device that provides recharge your blaster, which will give it greater rate. TARGETTER - a system that increases the injurious power at the precise aiming. Significantly increases the probability of falling.
LOADER - equipment that increases the number of weapons that are taken on board. Ego can double the number of missiles and so forth ...
Completing the purchase and installation of any system, press EXIT, while in the hangar.
After loading WEAPONS, TURBO SYSTEMS and use the option START RACE, to start the race.


This is a major option of the main menu that allows you to store the result of competitions taking place - Championship «Slipstream», play it and continue from where it were. After each race, you are given the opportunity to record the result on one of the six available slots. Select the number, name and record. Subsequently SAVED GAME option, you can resume the game just before the start of the next in order of the race.


There are several different ways to play «Slipstream». This mode allows you to use one or more computers for the game with each other on a single machine or on two interconnected cable network or modem.
In order to play together, select the first option MULTIPLAYER.
Proceed depending on the need. If the game will be held on the same computer, use the SPLIT SCREEN (split screen). Then, determine the type of selected games:
HEAD TO HEAD - just the two against each other;
SINGLE RACE - the usual single race, where in addition to the two of you will be involved eight other contenders. It is necessary first to establish the desired menu CONTROLS control for two players. Further actions similar to those used in normal mode, with the only difference being that the selection of the ship and the pilot, and then download and on-board systems are produced in turn by each participant. For this you have available for $ 3,000. In this mode, you will have access to all ten tracks.
When doubles on the same computer monitor screen is divided into two parts - the upper number 1 ranked player, the bottom - the player number 2. If you play on the modem, network or cable, select the appropriate menu MULTIPLAYER SERIAL - Cable;
MODEM - game on the modem;
NETWORK - network connection.
Set the desired settings using the appropriate menus, links two computers and start the race. Here, too, all the tracks will be "open."


You set the mode of the race, chose the pilot and the ship in the hangar stocked with everything you need and are now on the track in anticipation of the launch. All that is left - to race around the track as fast as possible and fire at enemies. The first screen is a large variety of devices, displays and sensors that help to understand the situation and correctly operate the machine. MAP DISPLAY - mode digital map. Located in the upper left-hand corner. It is marked in green your route. Bright black and yellow cross - your location. White box - place finish and start. Gray mark - the location of nine rivals.
CURRENT SPEED - speed indicator. Located in the upper left-hand corner. Shows the magnitude of the speed at which you are moving at the moment (kilometers or miles per hour). CURRENT LAP TIME - display the time elapsed since the beginning of the race. Located in the upper right-hand corner. LAP NUMBER - number you traversed the circle is below the indicator LAP TIME.
CURRENT RACE POSITION - your place among all the participants in the race - a large red figure on the right. CROSS-HAIR - electronic sight crosshairs, located in the center of HUD. The sight is mounted on the panel and moves together with the machine spreads. Powered sight in fully automatic mode.
At the bottom, directly on the dashboard, there are five basic sensors. Left to right:
ENGINE DAMAGE - the device that controls the degree of damage to the engine;
WEAPON - the indicator of choice of weapons, ready to fight. Recall on board may not be more than three weapons systems-one blaster and two additional containers;
TURBO - display include turbouskoriteli;
CONTROL DAMAGE - light damage to a control system of your vehicle.
In the center of the instrument panel provides the scoreboard, allowing visually monitor the selected type of firing weapons or willingness to use turbouskoriteli. Below are two horizontal scale: green - energy needed to fire a blaster, blue - complete charge turbouskoriteli. Control button is responsible for selection of weapons, you can alert the system not only equipment but also the accelerator. When the scoreboard instead of guns lit sign TURBO, which means that instead of shooting you are ready to turn on the high speed (of course, if you have to, the corresponding energy).
Always be aware of the fact that the ship was in the best condition. Use the boxes recharge and repair, as well as the corresponding prizes are located in different places of the track.
His weapon is used very sparingly, being firmly confident that it will hit the target. Green sight is basically a navigation guide. To fire weapons will be truly ready, just as the sight will turn red. Ego means that the guidance system captures and maintains the enemy. Especially in this case, the effective firing missiles. However automatically zooms not all weapons. Take this into consideration when preparing his attack.

Items on the track

During the race you can pick up a lot of useful items that will help to significantly increase the power of your machine without leaving the track.
BOOST - accelerator. Signs with this inscription will help you to constantly increase the speed. They are equivalent in quality TURBO. The more you have in reserve energy turbouskoriteli, the better it will work BOOST. CASH - badges with the dollar. This prize will add balance to your regular 50 "bucks". At the end of the race they will be very useful in the hangar.
REPAIR - repair. There are two types of repair bonuses. The first one (with a picture of the turbine) restores the injuries sustained engine, the second (with a picture of the wheel) improves the failing operation. They help to survive on the road and do not take the time to check in to repair the pits.
TURBO - adds an additional turbouskoriteli your vehicle. This is vital in order to obtain the lead, especially in the last circle track. DISRUPTER - thing to be avoided at all costs. Consists of a round red sign with four white arrows. If you run against him control of the ship for a while will be completely broken. Before you have time to do anything, the aircraft has time to crash into a nearby stone cliff.
In addition to the items on the tracks and races are other equally useful devices and services.
RE-CHARGER PIT - boxes repair and recharge. Keep track of the number of received damage to your vehicle. If the engine is defective, the flight spacecraft slows down. When partially fails management, your plane is much worse than being heard rudders. On each track there are items of repair. They are easily detected by a radiant blue and white lights around the entrances in those tunnels, where are located. Use them to keep the ship in the best possible condition. For repair and recharge simply slip box, located deep in the right tunnel. DRONE SHIPS - on the routes in the air are some of the ships - the robots, drones. They can be shot, a successful hit will bring you extra bonus points. Do not use the rockets to destroy the drones. They will not give bonus points. Keep in mind that other slipstrimery have a very strong habit to pick the best bonuses after you destroy the ship - a robot. Do not forget, try to get ahead of them.
Pressing ESC during the race, you can enter into the operating menu, where:
CONTINUE RACE - to continue the interrupted competition;
CONFIGURATION - shry settings menu (same as option of the main menu, with the exception of inability to change at the beginning of the selected level of difficulty);
QUIT RACE - interrupt the race;
EXIT TO DOS - exit to DOS.
At the end of the next race of the championship, the program prompts you to (CONTINUE) to continue the championship by going to the next track, or (REPLAY) to view the previous stage. Using the FI, F2, and so on, you can choose a camera that will show you all the vicissitudes of the struggle.

Switching cameras

In the course of the race, and repeat the demonstration mode, you can change the angle from which you will see on the track or manage your aircraft:
F1 - the view from the cockpit (main mode);
F2 - the view from the car behind large (also quite convenient option);
F3 - view out the back tail of the chamber;
F4 - television camera, with which the report is;
F5 - free camera, located near the plane, which does not change its location;
F6 - the inclusion of a demonstration rear view camera. At the same time on the main screen appears a small monitor that reproduces a picture with the camera tail;
F7 - the inclusion of a camera mounted on your weapons systems.
In the game two partners on the same computer using the following keys for the second player:
F6 - the view from the cockpit;
F7 - back view;
F8 - the inclusion of the form back;
F9 - television camera.
F10 - free camera.
If you are using F2, when you press the camera, which is a demonstration will remain in place, showing how your ship will be removed.
When working with a free camera F5, keys INS, DEL, PGUP, PGDN can change the camera angle by rotating the camera around the plane.
Most of the change of regimes are look-up, despite the fact that the ship is managed independently of the camera switching.
Steadily moving in space is possible only from the cockpit or in the "behind the camera".
In the course of the championship after each race favorites flown totals points and prize money going, however, is not for entertainment, but for the next improvement in your aircraft. Count on a certain amount may be only six of the best on the results of this stage of the riders.
In the first place will be awarded 10 points and $ 650.
Next on the list:
2nd -450 dollars and 6 points;
3rd place - $ 350 and 4 points;
4th place - $ 200 and 3 points;
5th place - $ 100 and 2 points;
6th place - $ 50 and 1 point.
If in the course of the struggle, or your engine management system had deteriorated (the indicators have reached the maximum values, and the prizes repair the road had not been raised, as were left without attention and alarm boxes), your ship is broken, and the game is over.


  1. ARIZONA.Most of the route runs along the beautiful canyon on the river bed. There are several tunnels where there are seats for spectators (start and finish), as well as boxes of repair.
  2. CHICAGO. The track is laid in the center of the city and most of the runs in a narrow underground tunnel. Jump out to the surface only to again slip into the next gate or drive into the branches for repair.
  3. AMAZON.The whole trip takes place over the course of this scenic river. Only repair box is a mansion in the wild bush.
  4. LONDON.On the glorious city reminds unless the view around the spectator stands at the finish. The rest of the track, except for a few short stretches of land, is a huge narrow winding in all directions (including up and down) corridor.
  5. NORWAY.In Norway, as befits a northern country, it's cold, snow. The route along the canyon of the river, and no tunnels, except for the necessary repair boxes. All honestly and openly.
  6. EGYPT.Endless mazes, from the pyramid to pyramid. On the walls are a lot of interesting things, but there is no time to admire, as tunnels are narrow, winding and filled with, in addition, treacherously slams the gate.
  7. FRANCE.Disgusting, absolutely unsuitable for any racing crooked and narrow tunnel, which is not that fly, walk walk normally impossible. And no France is not in sight. But you can easily get lost for good.
  8. HAWAII.What do we know about Hawaii, except that live there "native Hawaiians"? So, nothing new in our geographical knowledge of the «Slipstream» not add. So, a few palm trees but a piece of the beach at the start. And the rest - underground and underwater (in a transparent tube) a winding corridor. And after a downhole France wanted something light, air ...
  9. TOKYO.The combination of underground tunnels with lockable gates and sections, laid on a shining lights of the night city streets giant.
  10. NEW YORK.Transparent tunnel under the Hudson River. Statue of Liberty and the sun setting behind the skyscrapers. It's beautiful. Decent finish «Slipstream».About ten racers can talk for a long time. But it is, in general, not very crucial for the overall understanding of the game. In addition, the relationship between them, as well as their relationship with the two leading television show «Slipstream» extremely confusing and contradictory. As for the professional qualities of each of the participants in that you will be able to understand themselves (and the photos, and following the completion of stages). The last thing that should be mentioned. If the flight you came upon an obstacle, release the ACCELERATE. The program and the anti-gravity system quickly put you back on track. But if in this situation, you will continue to vigorously revving, then permanently stuck in some not designed for that corner. And the good antigravity under the keel you!