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Screamer (DOS)

Screamer DOS
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade
Vehicular: Automobile, Street racing, Vehicle simulator
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Graffiti
Released: 1995
Platform: DOS
Screamer DOS control keys
The leader, probably, is to recognize all the hit «Need For Speed», amazingly made «Electronic Arts». Closest to him in terms of graphics and other visual moments of the game is the company «Graffiti», about which we are and will be in this chapter. Immediately a reservation - fun «Screamer» you only get on the Pentium, 486th at a high level of detail considerably slow down and reduce the image quality deprives this race almost half of their entertainment.
Screamer DOS title
More paint the beauty of the game, we almost would not (take my word, it looks extremely cool, even in details drawn objects that have no direct relation to the game - spinning blades of windmills on the roadside, flying over the route of helicopters and airplanes, busily scurrying back and forth trams etc.). In short - there is something to see. But those who thinks «Screamer» vulgar paraphrase «Need For Speed», - is deeply wrong. The game is based on different principles and the plot has a very, very important.
So, after you download and view a demo of long you are in a long-awaited main menu of the game.
There is work to do. In short:
NORMAL GAME - a single version of the race;
CHAMPIONSHIP - the beginning of the new season or reproduction interrupted;
SPECIAL MODES - competition for the three special modes;
NETWORK GAME - setting online play;
OPTIONS - Set mode of gaming options.
With these settings, and begin. But first, a few words about the graphic resolution, in which the program works. When setting up the SETUP, you have to set the desired mode SCREEN MODE VGA or SVGA. The latter option is naturally preferable, but requires at least 12 Mb of RAM. Otherwise will have to be content with a simple VGA, but, however, is very good quality. In addition to SETAP set the input device with which you'll be driving all over the game - it can be a joystick or keyboard, the latter - is preferable.
By default, involved in the management of the following keys:
UP - accelerate;
DOWN - brake;
LEFT - turn the steering wheel to the left;
RIGHT - turn the steering wheel to the right;
LEFT ALT - include a higher gear;
LEFT CTRL - to include a lower gear.
In the menu SETUP, if any of the keys do not fit, you can replace. To do this, the desired line to light red, press ENTER, enter the new button and confirm the change.
But let us return to the main menu «Screamer».


DETAIL - the level of detail, the degree of drawing all game objects and vneigrovyh:
- LOW - low;
- MID - average;
- HI - high (for fast cars).
DIFF - the difficulty level:
- ROOKIE - beginner, the most simple;
- NORMAL - average;
- PRO - the most difficult.
LAP NUMBER - the number of laps on the track, which you must pass before you cross the finish line. There are many options - 3, 5, 10, 25.
Keep in mind, how much will be set to this option, so you'll have to go further in single races. (As for the championship, it always starts at the elementary level and with three laps. But this - below.)
SPEECH - on / off voice-over comments about the events taking place on the track and on your personal achievements in the race.
MUSIC - on / off music. As for this mode - the game music emphasizes the excitement and dynamics of the struggle, however, eventually get bored.
VIEW RECORDS - a statistical mode, which records all your achievements in the game available on the six major routes:
As you set a new record, this list is automatically updated. The lines are marked in the list of letter R, recorded program, but view from beginning to end, you can only last race each track (if it was a record.) To do this, from the menu select the name of the VIEW RECORDS (turn red) and download the replay by pressing ENTER.
And the statistics of each of the tracks is in two categories:
BEST TOTAL TIME - the best overall time of arrival;
BEST LAP TIME - the best time of one lap.
After finishing all the pre-game setup, pressing ESC you return to the main menu of the game.


The single-race only affects the high score table that can be rewritten in the case of your particular successful performance. On the example of a single race, we tell you about the most manipulations are identical in all other competitions.
In the single player race to start out ten cars. Your car is the last position (as well as in all the races of the championship). However, before you get behind the wheel, you have to do a lot of preparatory operations.
ENTER YOUR NAME - enter the name that you register the program. Here, as in all other modes, it is important to fix the set of records.
TRACK SELECTION - track selection for a single race. Available in this mode, unfortunately, not all the tracks «Screamer», but only three (they will be the first in the league):
- PALM TOWN - race in the modern city. The canvas is quite narrow and rather tortuous, and a ring that you have to overcome - the shortest of all, in the game;
- LAKE VALLEY - the fastest and easy to pass route. The only thing you can prevent the win and set a record - far too beautiful scenery against which the action unfolds;
- LINDBURG - extremely tortuous and difficult track, laid down on the narrow streets of the breathtakingly beautiful country town. This - the most serious challenge in the single race and, perhaps, in the championship.
Anyway to determine the place of the race, go to the choice of car.


The menu consists of twelve cars. In contrast to the same «Need For Speed», all the cars have no real counterparts, but each has some specific properties, significantly affecting the management and outcome. The choice should be reasonable, and we will try to help you do it.
In «Screamer», unlike most computer racing mode no free choice of manual or automatic transmission. However, the options are there, but they made quite original. Six of the machines are equipped with hand list (MANUAL) transmission, and six - automatic (AUTOMATIC). Each model has a manual and automatic version, apparently differing from each other only in the body color. But the difference between the models is not the point. The most important role played by three parameters - the maximum speed, the ability to accelerate the fastest and stability of the machine on the road, her obedience management.

So ...
- Box - automatic / manual;
- Speed - 340/343;
- Control - 3;
- Acceleration - 2.
(Hereinafter, the last two parameters are measured on a five point scale.)
- Box - automatic / manual;
- Speed - 336/340;
- Control - 4;
- Acceleration - 3.
- Box - automatic / manual;
- Speed - 332/336;
- Control - 4;
- Acceleration - 4.
- Box - automatic / manual;
- Speed - 319/324;
- Control - 1;
- Acceleration - 5.
- Box - automatic / manual;
- Speed - 329/332;
- Control - 2;
- Acceleration - 4.
- Box - automatic / manual;
- Speed - 338/343;
- Control - 2;
- Acceleration - 1.
As can be seen from the above list, the maximum speed (as, incidentally, the most rapid acceleration) can be achieved on machines with manual transmission. However - a lot of these masters, as the need to switch (and time!) Transmission will distract you from the road, and plenty of twists and all the time norovyaschie "prune" contestants will be for an inexperienced rider simply insurmountable obstacle on the path to success.
The best choice may be considered TIGER, SHADOW, and HAMMER. Their scores on all estimated parameters seem to be more convincing.
By choosing a car, you are at the start in anticipation of the arrival. (Number of laps and difficulty level initially should be selected in the menu OPTIONS.)
Before the start of the race to determine which of the proposed in-game camera angles you are most comfortable:
F1 - the view from the driver's cab through the windshield (no paneliupravleniya). This option is preferable, since it opens up in front of you the whole picture of the race, without distracting details on the dashboard and, most importantly, without closing the visibility;
F2 - the view from the cockpit with the instrument panel in the bottom of the screen. Everything is real, but it is less convenient because of the limited review;
F3 - the back, just above the car. This brings up a good perspective of the road, including the length of the car, but did not manage very convenient. At least this was the view from the cockpit allows you to set records (however, it may be that this is subjective);
F4 - a little further behind and above. The most common plan and maximum visibility in all directions.
Before you go, let's get to the control panel and displays the game screen. In the upper left corner of the counter laps LAP. The first figure - the number of the currently traversed the circle, the second - the total number of laps, which need to be overcome in this race.
In the upper right hand corner - an indicator of your place on the track POSITION. The maximum number (ten) means that you close your shameful race.
Above, in the center of the screen - is constantly decreasing white numbers. This display of time that you have left in reserve for the passage of the next CHECKPOINT'a (places on the track or just the end of one of the circles). The presence of these phases gives the game originality and special dynamics. In each race (whether single or in a tournament), you are constantly under stress, as it should be in a hurry all the time. Once you linger and do not have time to cross the line before the end of the allotted time - the race immediately interrupted discouraging sign: TIME OVER. You will then be asked to PLAY AGAIN. YES - to repeat the race. NO - go back to the main menu. This principle is the basis of every race «Screamer».
Depending on the level of difficulty, the time to complete a single race CHECKPOINT in different ways:
NORMAL - 41;
PRO - 36.
And the last option is very hard - one or two of the accident, and you do not meet the schedule and fly out of the competition. Among other things, even before the start line you are already limited in time. In fact, to accelerate and cross the starting line, given 15 seconds (however, this is something always enough).
On the left side of the screen (in the middle) are located timers passing race:
TOTAL - the total time from the beginning of the race;
LAP TIME - time of the current lap;
BEST LAP - the time displayed on the fastest lap.
In the lower left corner is a piece of electronic map route, allowing (if you remain at this time, which we doubt) to navigate the configuration of the track and to respond to the sharp turns and other traffic troubles. In addition, it is on the map is best to evaluate your position in relation to other riders participating in the event.
Bottom right (if you have not selected the form of the cab or from the inside, but without the panel) located devices, the usual place which - on the dashboard of the car:
- White ring - tachometer (rev counter). Off-scale on the red line - turnovers are too high for a given speed;
- Display KM / H - digital speedometer. Displays the current speed in km / h;
- Display GEAR - the gear room.
If you operate the machine with a view of the cockpit instrument panel (F2), all of the above equipment will take its usual place just below the windscreen (speedometer, tachometer and transmission number).
During the race especially not stand on ceremony - «Screamer» allows the collision and crash. And your car is not broken and does not fail. All that you lose - it's precious seconds and place in the race. So, in the lead with a good margin, can fail to fit into the rotation, in a matter of seconds to roll down from the first to eighth-ninth. This feature also contributes to a continuous stress, which feels even fairly experienced rider.
If the race is certainly not a success, you can press ESC during the race and try again. This manipulation will not help you to temporarily suspend the race, as to return to it will not succeed. However, the pause in «Screamer» is. By pressing R, you go to the stop menu of arrival. In addition to the desired area, in this mode can adjust the sound (MODE option is selected the appropriate mode,-VOL + changes the volume). The leftmost panel pause button - return to the continuation of the race. After completing the check-in and looked full videopovtor (if need), you can again repeat the race on the same track and the car, or return to the main menu of the game.


Single race - not the most spectacular views of any competition, and «Screamer», in particular. Your skill level is really only checked the championship, especially in such a complex and multi-layered, as in this game.
After selecting a championship program asks you to determine whether you start a new tournament or continue the interrupted NEW RESUME. In any case would then need to enter the name that will be required, again, just to fix the records.
The game can participate in only one season (this also applies to special competitive modes where also there is only one current version of each). Starting a new season, you automatically erase the previous one. This applies to the series of passable tracks. Get access to the second can only be successfully passed the first and so (Success - then hitting the top three riders on the results of the next stage.) The first three tracks are familiar to you on the regime NORMAL GAME. Then there are three new tracks. If you have successfully overcome the fourth (the most beautiful city at night), a ride on it again, you can only after you start a new league and complete the first three-in.
In order to keep the current states of different championships (and special regimes), as well as to have access to the "hidden" tracks (available only in the tournament), following the successful completion of each race you have to go out of the game and copy the current state of the file in Choice.dat separate directories for playback of different games from the places that you need. Otherwise, you may get stuck in the league on the same track, say, the fifth.
If all goes as it should, you will unlock all six tracks available in the game. However, the plot championship this by no means exhausted.
So, you need to get into the top three winners to go to the next track. Before the next race, you can change the name and the car - critical it has not.
On the new track you again will start from the tenth position. (Even if you win the previous one.)
Championship «Screamer» is divided into six leagues. You start in the ROOKIE LEAGUE with the need to go through each of the tracks on the three circles for not very strong resistance opponent - all in the same way as in NORMAL GAME. (But make no mistake, successfully complete even ROOKIE LEAGUE you can not with the first call. And this just the beginning ...).
If the race is over our inglorious defeat, the program will comfort you, offering repeat check of the main menu option championship RESUME. Do you have an unlimited number of attempts to overcome the still-another track.
For each the segment of the championship you get points:
- First Place - 9;
- Second place - 7;
- Third place - 5.
The program leads and the total count of all arrivals.
When you have finished the fight in the league ROOKIE, you move on to the next stage - AMATEUR (amateur level), Tracks in this league are the same, but the competition is much more complex (skill rivals increases and the time allotted for the next CHECKPOINT compromised.)
Victorious march to league fans will put you in the end in the PRO'S LEAGUE (professional league). Here, of course, the conditions are even more stringent.
However, this is not the end of the script championship. Becoming the best among the pros, you will enter the BULLET LEAGUE - tournament of the highest class in «Screamer». This latest league is very different from the previous ones, and win it next to impossible - the winner must win it (take the first place) on each of the tracks!
After the arrival at each stage, you will be shown standings, where:
TRACK - a sequence of tracks traversed in the league;
POS - a place on the basis of race;
TIME - the time displayed;
SCORE - the number of points scored (9, 7, 5). By the way, the space below the third points are given, since you still have to replay;
TOTAL SCORE - the total number of points scored. This is the most important indicator, because for passage in the big leagues to overcome the barrier qualifying spectacled QUALIFY. So, if you need to dial 42 points, third place in each race you will not be enough. To expect to win, you need to consistently take the second position all the time.
This is the scenario in the championship «Screamer». As you can see, to win you have to successfully pass almost a quarter of hundreds of races, finishing no lower than third place, (a desirable and above). And the ending is just a killer - only absolute hit!
If you are tired of tournament fighting, moyamo distraction, for the benefit of a «Screamer» has all the features.


The game has three special competitive mode, less nervous and exhausting than the tournament, but in its own interest and gambling, in each of them you beat the records, and the ultimate goal - to improve existing at the moment the result.


All you need in this kind of competition - this is the best time to show on the same lap. The principle is the same as that of a single race - enter a name, select the track and the car, and then try to set a time record. All you have only one attempt. No razgonochnyh circles there. So try to start as soon as possible quickly, typing speed before crossing the starting line. At first glance it may seem that in this kind of competition the ideal option would be the fastest car. However, this is not the case. In particular, on the road LINDBURG machine stability and capacity for rapid acceleration will come in handy more than the highest top speed.
Once you set the record (and any result will be the first such), each next race on the track in addition to your machine will be present and a "ghost car". It's your car - going by the previous record schedule. You can at any time to assess how successfully pass this check it is for the location of this "intangible" of the second participant. By the way, we note in passing - in any physical contact with the "rival" you will not be able to join. So do not try to bunt the car ghost just wasting your time. On the left of the screen electronic timer will always show you the best index, and the current time for the next round. So you will always be aware of what you are doing.


This is a very fun competition.
You, as usual, to show the best lap time. However, the means of achieving the desired result is unusual.
The entire range of each of the tracks split into several CHECKPOINT'ob, located far enough from each other. But the time allotted to overcome these intermediate segments too little. So much so that the usual way to get to the desired point in the allotted few seconds is impossible. To the aid of a red-white cones apart, usually in hard to reach areas of the road (where there is no normal race route runs). For each downed cone under the terms of the competition you will be charged one extra second. Shooting down five or six cones, did you get a chance to get to the next CHECKPOINT'a. And then - all over again. Once the time limit on roadsides and cones or, conversely, in the center of the road, when the laws of physics machine must be ejected to the edge ... There are also recommended cars with good stability and capable of rapid acceleration.
The current range is given on the display LAP TIME, the best indicator registered the program at the moment - scoreboard BEST LAP.


The ultimate goal - the same. Necessary to drive with only one attempt the fastest lap. And even on the highway cones are also present. And the time limit does not give any opportunity just get to the next CHECKPOINT'a usual way ... The key to success is, again, in cones, which in this case is not placed along the highway, across and in pairs, forming a gate, similar to ski slalom. The only difference is that knocking a cone, you're not flying out of the fight, and continue the race. The main thing - just go through the gate. Each hit adds a few seconds to the time available to overcome the region between two adjacent SNESKROShT'ami on the track. And, if you drive past the two gates in a row, it's almost true fiasco (TIME OVER). This principle holds for all routes, and get to the end (not that put the record) is very, very difficult.
On all public displays, as always - the current time, the best at the moment and recorded after the end of the next attempt - a proposal to repeat the check-in or return to the menu.


One of the main advantages of «Screamer» - the presence of the possibility of playing against the computer, not only the riders but also to race with real, live opponents. This is the most striking of the game modes as well as on the outcome of the race from both sides will affect purely human factors and, therefore, the result will almost always unpredictable.
Access to the online game is available only if your computer is ready for such work (IPX Network drivers are loaded, etc.).
Upon entering the mode, enter a name, select the make of the car and wait for you to join other online players.
The full version is available immediately Grid race eight real participants. However, if you have the desire to ride two or three, do not wait for others and "press on the accelerator" to start the action. The track is selected for the player who entered the game first. The rest of passively waiting for the start of arrival. At the end of the network will announce the winner of the race program and will give the best results.



The correct choice of cars, depending on the configuration of the track or the type of event is an absolute prerequisite for a successful performance.
If the track has a lot of straights and corners are gently - use the most Fleet vehicles whose maximum speed is higher than the rest. In addition to these routes are especially convenient car with a manual transmission, as "distorting the handle" will have relatively infrequently.
Accordingly, for the winding trails importantly instant acceleration and stability of the car, and the manual gearbox will give to the inexperienced rider will be sheer torture.
In accordance with the described features, change machines not only in single race, but in the championship, depending on the next track.
In order to understand the capabilities of each machine, choose NORMAL GAME in the same track and compare the features of management to make the right choice. The main criterion - the degree of skidding car on a bend. The less time you'll need for that to regain control of the moving car, the suitability of this model for a race along a winding route.

Manual Transmission

About facilities and the complexities of this regime has been repeatedly mentioned above. Add the following - in order to smoothly enter the turns (and out of) in manual box you do not need to throttle back, slow down and accelerate again. All that is required of you - to lose in front of superelevation one or two programs and, after turning again to switch them up (without lifting your finger from the key gas). This little trick is not acceptable in the real world, for «Screamer» very good. In addition, you have less chances to get lost in the buttons under both hands. In order to "feel" the car, train, again, on the same track with different machines, as described above maneuver is performed by different car is not quite the same.

Some features of the driving

The easiest way to get into the game to really - to drive 25 laps on one of the tracks in the mode NORMAL. Once you manage to overcome this marathon race, you are completely ready to race in a competitive mode.
Remember that cars are computer-controlled, not only preventing you reach the finish line first. In some situations, their presence near your car is a real help for confident driving on the highway. It is about the passage of steep turns. When your car starts to skid to the opposite side of the road, try to steer the car to the opponent (unless, of course, he is somewhere nearby). When you hit your move sideways stop, and the car gets straight ahead, almost without losing previously picked up speed. And your opponent is, alas, will fly to the margins and significantly lag behind.
Learn how to use this valuable opportunity.