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Rise 2: Resurrection (DOS)

Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Fighting
Setting: Cyberpunk / dark sci-fi
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Developed by: Mirage Technologies (Multimedia) Ltd.
Released: 1996
Platform: DOS
Rise 2: Resurrection DOS control keys How long have we not caught the buzz from the first part of the train mud thriller Rise of the Robots, but, drat, and the second has arrived in time! And the CD, it should be noted, has turned out decent. Gaming software developers, as noted several times - people are not stupid, and in principle is well understood that the introduction of a completely new game elements leads to glitches, slow workflow and causes a lot of confusion. In the interests of their ass, I drover - their own. And Mirage did not run up. It will fire a game has a wonderful graphics, great animation, and feature-rich Soundtrack. In the story - a classic of the genre, the battle for survival, and even robots that are lifeless and therefore - no blood. The game has a positive press and, apparently, will sell well.
Rise 2: Resurrection DOS title

What actually happened? A reasonable question, and even commendable. In the city of Metropolis in the corporation Electric Corp. began the next trouble. If you remember the story of game Rise of the Robots, then the sleepy company engaged in production of robots for peaceful purposes, but the evil system administrator, referred to as the Supervisor, decided to disassociate themselves from humanity (he-he was a computer, that at least explains his desire dissociate themselves), and so the disengagement was the most efficient (wounded and captured us and the spirit are not necessary), quickly shifted production to a war footing. Further called Rise of the Robots. This is the summary of the previous series.

News banal: the most progressive in the killer robots minions began to install the Supervisor human brains - of course, to increase their effectiveness. Interesting news: good cyberpunk, brother, our people, settled in the network "Electric Corp. 'Anarchy virus; supervisor lost control of cash kids gods of iron, the latter began to clobber each other, the winner will get to the Supervisor ... In short, humanity has a chance. Flag in hand, that to do with the drum, we have already explained to you - go ahead!

Thus, our attention is the new-tion and drygane The handle-mashestvo. That done, I repeat, soundly and even qualitatively (people have tried). But here's the thing - in all of the above, there is one thing spoiling detail. In the genre of "kicking them all down" classics dam. And all that fighting, inevitably compared with the MC. And now it turns out that everything is relative equivalent. The principal advantages of a Rise 2 no. The main difference - Resurrection less violent game than any of the thirty-three 'Deadly clashes. " Fighting robots are from an emotional point of view of a dubious cause a storm of interest and enthusiasm in only a generation raised on the transformer, if it is, of course, before finally choose the "Pepsi" and did not score on this ground for violence. Those who are found natural born killers movie about your loved ones, with one voice declare that the robots are not listed.

Do not want to sound racist in the eyes of the Sega-addicts, but platformers past heavy impact on the game. Control features are such that everyone enjoy the Rise 2 to complete the program will have to stock up GamePad, because with analog joystick or keyboard constantly having problems (hard to perform complex combinations optimized for joystick prefixal). GamePad is very rewarding in the game a great many secret ulars and other gadgets. The emergence of numerous articles "Secrets of Resurrection" is predetermined, as the game has a concept of a "crushing blow" and "progressive movements", and particularly successful in the case of the defeated enemy abilities could be privatized.

In the manual is full of hints to use in the fight against the enemy of all, the background is up to. So, the skill does not spend on drink, if long dig, the way to show the superiority of the true pros loham enough for all time coming popularity Resurrection.

To the music of the game put his magical hands of Brian May (!) Than the developers are very proud of. Artworks (11 pieces) recorded tracks, so they can not enjoy on a normal audio equipment. And this music is, on the idea of ​​the composer, should represent "industrial" but not at all scary. The result is not terrible, but qualitatively. And with the bells and whistles (minimal). The same applies to the game as a whole. If someone and enjoy, it's a long time. Patriots genre recommend the rest - on the mood ...