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Monty Python (Windows 3.1)

Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail
Genre: Adventure
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV)
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: 7th Level
Developed by: 7th Level
Released: 1996
Platform: Windows 3.1

When you register to specify only the name, the remaining 124 questions can be skipped with hold Enter key.
Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail - a comedy adventure game in which you along with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table at the urging of God and of British directors ( and just incredibly fun-loving people ) called "Monty Python" , go camping for the sacred Holy Grail .
Kill the Black Knight Burn the witch dead Throw , catch a cow - all these game titles, you will be able to play during his historic campaign and in which the authors are tastefully mocked already become classics of their genre games.
Monty Python Win3.x title screen
You get the incredible pleasure of fantastically zany journey through the ancient England. And, if you soak with honor all the trials endured by your ( King Arthur and his ragged ) share and still procure the stupid Grail , your name will go down in history as the name of the greatest of the greats, whose name went down in history as the great name , who praised his great feats of the greatest names that ... Damn ! What I've been crucified ?


The game is strictly contraindicated for people with unstable nervous system . Any attempt to stay in the game in a bad mood doomed to failure. In any case , do not remember a scene from the game in public - your laughter can cause a disproportionate reaction in the service of the house and if there had not yet played in the " quest for the Holy Grail ." Game play is a particular danger for people with morbid attraction to beauty. Due to the fact that the game is replete with scenes of cruelty and violence is not justified , as well as illicit sexual.


First you must answer a few questions in order to register for this game and then You can start the game.
Watch the video and listen to what God says .
Click on the floor and leave a bird , you dipararle and take the coconut loose when you give it.  Then click on the holes that appear on the ground, in the order they appear until show four .
When they are four , first press the hole to your left until a helmet , take it to your inventory.
Then click on the hole to your right until you leave some gold coins , Take them also for your inventory and then click on the hole you have in front of you until you get some bananas , Take them too.
The large notice board next to you , take the Grail , then tap the side of the poster advertisements and other image appear .
Now you press the down arrow on the right forward.
You’ll go “Plague Village” , once there you will see several dead , click here, then you will see it appears shoulder with another man who has not yet died , hit the shoulder of the man charged with the dying and then click on the executioner to give him the final blow to the wounded and deposited on the other dead.
Then you play “Drop Dead” , press start and will play a very peculiar tetris in which the parts are four arrows move , you do not need to win, when you finish playing avvay press run and return to the previous screen .
Click now on the curtains and fall a man , click on the bird and coconut that appear when you mates take the coco , click now on the man who fell from curtains and all armor hunting come to him, hasa come out last.
Then click on the open door that is next to the curtains until the woman make a hole on the wall with the cat (you’ll have to try more than once) , take the gold inside the hole .  Tap again to open the door and see a blue hand chasing the cursor , try not coga , if it does go to the top left of the screen by pressing the mouse button and Once there, release the mouse button and move the mouse tightly.  Click then on the closed door, and on the poop until you can grab the gold that is down and then on the left wheel of the car until it releases , then click on the poop until you can take it to your inventory.
Returns to the previous screen and click on poster poster edge until the Almighty , and his beard fall between any objects Zoot Medallion , pick up and return to Plague Village.
Click on the cart and you will see a dead man , take it.
Click now dead head carriage until it falls and leg of another man dead.  After continuing to push on the car in which there will be several explosions until a large red hole .
You’re done for now with this, go forward with the right arrow below.
Now you are in “Witch Village “, click on Bedevere and witch executioner twice.
Appears a new game “ Burn the Witch “ plays but do not need to win, hit escape to exit and go to the previous screen in which a bird appear again and a coconut , hunting the bird and get the coconut then click on the bird with helmet until a skull spit on the crowd, listening with attention to the music and you repeat pressing on people.
You do hear it properly but again pressing back on the bird until it spit out skull.
Now you must click on the window to the left where the crowd , who turn away , observed in the right window no money , take it.
Click now on until another witch flying on a broom .
When moving forward disappear .
Click on soil branches to your left and you will see the “ Black Knight “ .
You must fight him and beat him playing “ Knights in Combat” as Arthur, the mouse moves to it as if the knife and kill him , when you get hit escape and you can exit the game.  Click on the cow’s head on the right of the store, then shoot the bird that appears and take the coconut, you press several times a cow’s head to tell you the whole story.  Click now on the hole until it is filled with water .
Go to the store from there pressed tree leaf on the right side below and leave a witch , press it on the pimple from your nose and take the gold from his head, then click on the store and enters her.
Take away the arms , legs and trunk there , then open the closet and get there black stockings, Take the dentures trunk sacred , then open the drawers of the cabinet and top grab the gold, and Finally take the book out there on the bed , this is the Black Knight diary , read it until the PlaySquire magazine , then you must leave , take the Black Knight’s sword is next to the closet and leave the store , when you click on the tree out there about the store , click on the sheet more big and you’ll fall, you press on it once it is on the ground and return to the tree, but on the ground has left a key , take it and go back to the previous screen and grabs Witch Village Jose

Arimathea is under the stars dressed in green , once again caught Caballero screen Black and advances to the next .
Read the book until a page appears a bird , shoot and get the coconut.  Take the big heap gold four times , going to the next page and click on the film, after Dial Intershrub click the film is low , you should have at least 1.  128 gold pieces.
You must click on the Laurel and compose a message, then send the address where you have being Knights who say Ni, click on the Send button ( send) and out watch the video again , after passes to the next page .
You are in “Camelot “, press sobe the castle and watch the video that appears after you press on the castle and see a cloud with legs, you shoot it and reach for it places the cursor so that do not move until the cloud is placed at your side and so easier you click the mouse.
Re- click on the castle and see a bird with coconut , kill him and take the coconut.
Press again on the castle and take all the bricks until they leave the sun and another cloud with legs, click on the cloud on the right and if you give more gold you get .
Now you must go back to the previous screen , the book and page of Robin take banner that is in the top right of the page on the left.
Camelot advance again and pressed again about the castle until only the tower, press over it several times until you get to catch your inventory and click on the door , you get a coffin , open it and move on.
You are in “ Loimbard “ , click on the knights and then golden sovereign hand up and down until you can play “Catch the Cow” , do not need to win, to escape out of the game .  Click on Arturo and see a bird carrying a coconut, shoot it and get the coconut.
Click now on the golden hand with finger up , and then the second center small brick to the right , there is no gold , take it.Then click on the brick which is at the top of the left tower , the word “ Vous “ , take it to your inventory.
Now you must shoot the man who is right when he sees only the head and arm , until you see a samurai helmet you should take .
Then press the right hand golden finger down.
Click on the bottom of the second knight armor is Bevedere left until to leave the golden cup Rolly Polly .
Then you move .
You are in “ Anthrax “ , click on the star that is between the tree and the castle, below, until Zodiac symbol Virgo.
Click then on the top of the castle to appear bulbs , then you have to press on the four windows of the castle until the lights and also pressed on the branch of the right at the bottom goes a twig, click here and take the plants out Blossoms, after pressed on the basis of the new twig and leave other plants the Broccoli , Take them too.  Press again but now on the basis of the new branch and all will snow.
Now you must knock on the door of the castle several times until you can enter.  Watch the video and play “ Spank the Virgin “ , you need to win this you must click on all the girls dressed as fast as you can, and you should not click on those who are naked , you should do many points so you get bonus bonus and when you click on all the naked girls notes on paper the four numbers that come in their order of appearance.  You can now exit the game by pressing escape.
Anthrax out again and click on Zoot , you’ll see a flying cupid , shoot over it and pick coconuts.
Now you have to click on the plaque above the door and put the combination of four number you wrote down earlier, then the cup will be put silver shining golden , you should collect as Tail is Noldy .
Click on the tree on the left several times until the priest leaves gold deposited inside the trunk , take it.
Re-enter the castle and click on the virgins who are on the sides of the video screen , White first top left, then pink, then blue clear bottom left , then yellow , green and white again , until another virgin on the bottom center to get the body you are wearing for your inventory.  With all that goes on.
You are in the “ Caves Caerbannog “ observes how the knights are placed .  Click on the landscape and several explosions happen , continue pressing until one of the explosions is about the cave and Tim appears .
Double click sovereign Arthur, stop talking when Tim , talk to him .  Now you click on four gentlemen that are hidden in a rectangle in the landscape, sobe now press the cave and the white rabbit, but to move forward you have to kill the rabbit thanks to the bombs that appear in the lower right , go catch one by one, take the first pressing and holding the left mouse button before the rabbit runs the first knight the bottom left you shoot the grenade releasing the left mouse button , pick another and do own before the gentleman rabbit in the bottom right , then in the upper left and the top right , when you get to kill the rabbit, appear in the center hole and a dragon press about it , after the persecution takes the golden chalice that it has the Goldy Hail .  Now click again on the hole and you’ll see a bird with coconut leaves , shoot it and get the coconut.
Shoot the spirit that appears now and get the coin leaves D:
Click again on the hole , and come a wooden rabbit , take it.  Joseph of Arimathea placed on the stone that puts Joseph top left and proceeds to the next screen.
Now you are in “ The Bridge” , right click on the ropes bridge and gather the Huge Tracts of Lands , then click on the bearded man on the right and leave under your clothes a bird with coconut, coconut cázalo and picks .
Re- click on the bearded man and play it , it will ask you a few things and answer as you did when you register at the beginning of the game, if you mess up the game repeats from the same site until you hit .
Then moves forward.
Now you must use all the objects you have in your inventory and place them in certain places in order to put the nine steps that are missing the bridge, cross it and to finish the game.
Returns to the beginning , to the place of big cartel , and click on the side till you see Huge Tracts of Land , then take your inventory Huge Tracts of Land and put it on the poster.
In this way you will have achieved the first step.
Then go to Plague Village , take the Camelot Castle of your items and put it in the hole did earlier in the cart .
Then roll in the barrel the items that you need , the broccoli , the blossoms , the coconuts, vous , the bricks, black tights , helmet , bananas , knights , the poop , the sacred and bladder prosthesis sheep .
Go now Witch Village forward , you must click on the witch naked until a fig leaf in their shame , and then you have to put the body that virgin fucked . Then go ahead, enter the Black Knight Store , and put the Samurai helmet in head inside the cabinet.
Out of there and go to the book, go to the page of Sir Lancelot , the sword placed in the Black Knight
front page photo of Sir Lancelot .
Then go to the page of the book Knights who say ni, sobe press Dial film and Intershrub , must have at least 407 gold coins.
Now go to Camelot and placed the dead man you have in inventory in the coffin .  Go now  Loimbard click golden hand up, thou shalt put the wooden rabbit fucked in the stone above the left side below the vous .
Go now 8th Anthrax, and in the bottom of the screen to the right of the tree is a white hat if you click on it appears Zoot , Zoot put the medallion in your inventory in his cap .  Go now to the bridge , and put in the hole left stones Certain Death sign ( the sign of the death) , if you have any object you put it in the barrel of Plague Ville and if gold coins gástalas in Intershrub ( to spend all the coins might have to go back one page in the book to get gold to buy a plant exact ) .
Then click the arrow forward , cross the bridge , watch the video , use the key , open the chest and finally.