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Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct control
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Playmates Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Shiny Entertainment
Released: 1997
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)
MDK DOS control keys
Initially, the developers of the game was named Max, Dr. Fluke Hawkins & Kurt, but just before the industrial production of the game was renamed the MDK.
There are several transcripts of abbreviations MDK. The initial letters of the names of main characters of the game Max, Doctor, Kurt. Mission Kurt called «Mission: Deliver Kindness» («Mission: Delivery of Kindness"), and MDK stands for Murder, Death, Kill.


Description of the background action in the game MDK is presented in the form of a diary of an eccentric inventor, Dr. Fluke Hawkins, specializing in the invention are absolutely useless things. Dr. Hawkins makes some strange discovery, which he calls Flange Orbits. After he presents his discovery of the scientific community, it is questioned and mocked him.
MDK title screen
In order to prove the existence of the Flange Orbits Dr. Hawkins to go into space. To do this, he builds a spaceship called The Jim Dandy, and as an assistant takes with him his janitor Kurt Hectic. After the release of outer space, the doctor realizes that Flange Orbits, which he "discovered" in fact do not exist. Instead of being ridiculed back to Earth, he went into self-imposed exile, vowing never to return, as long as he did not really invent something useful. He is immersed in work on a Sixpawed robot dog, which gives the nickname Max.
During their stay in space, Dr. Hawkins sees a strange phenomenon - energy flows incredible power (Streams), which are aimed directly at Earth. Hawkins tries to warn scientists about the unusual phenomenon, but it has once again ignored. After a while, the energy flows begin spewing hordes of alien creatures - Streamrider-s that reside on Earth in giant ships, castles minecrawler'ah. Each minecrawler - a huge mobile fortress, which produces minerals, levels the soil, destroys buildings and whole cities on which it runs. The armed forces of the Earth quickly suppressed by space invaders.
Dr. Hawkins decides to take action. He constructs a unique protective suit Coil Suit, equipped with a reusable ribbon parachute and streamlined helmet, which is encased in a sniper weapon. As the doctor was in his old age, and the dog-robot had extra limbs, which are not allowed to use the suit, the servant of Dr. Kurt was the only one who could put on a costume and join the fight with aliens.
Kurt reluctantly sent back to Earth. Confronting the alien invasion is the name of «Mission: Deliver Kindness». During the game, the hero helps the sensible dog Max.


The gameplay is very similar to conventional third-person shooter. The player has a large arsenal, the effect of which is different in the mode of the machine gun and sniper mode. In addition to the usual running and shooting in the game there are a variety of mini-games, as well as small quests at the beginning and end of the level (see below). For example, Kurt will grab the bomber to pass for snowboarding and masquerade as a sentry robot to fool the guards.

Atmospheric entry

In order to get off the ship, Jim Dandy to the machine aliens, Kurt has to make the leap from the orbit of the Earth. Maynkrouler produces green light (radar), which is detected by Kurt gives the signal to launch anti-aircraft missiles from which to escape. At the same time the flight Dr. Hawkins throws ship various weapons that you can pick up a touchdown.


Each level is divided into special zones, called Arena. Each arena can have its structure, size, and methods of passing. Some arenas are large fields with generators infantrymen, some require proficiency in a parachute and jump on the platforms, some arenas require solving puzzles.
Despite the fact that the MDK only six levels, each level is composed of huge and many arenas interconnected linearly. Since the game was originally developed for the console PlayStation, the original version of the game you can only save the game between levels, and if a player is killed, he begins to level again. It was later released a patch that added the ability to save anywhere level.

Energy flow

At the end of each level to Kurt to fight with the boss, manager maynkroulerom, after which the hero, together with fragments of a huge machine begins to tighten the flow of energy. Being inside the energy tunnel Kurt has to avoid touching the edges, each such contact takes the player 5 health. After some time, the flow of his flight takes Max, which is connected with the ship tether Jim Dandy.
After the destruction of the last maynkroulera, Kurt nobody pulls out of the stream (in connection with the abduction of Max), resulting in a stream of Kurt brings to the world of aliens.

Twisted Suit

Basic protection Kurt - is Twisted Costume Dr Hawkins, thick armor made of leather-like material. The costume is well protected from Kurt different weapons, it also helps to avoid the deadly effects of atmospheric friction during a jump with Jim Dandy. The add-to-helmet costume is actually a sniper rifle. She is able to give rise to, and use up to six kinds of ammo. Three cameras allow us to trace the bullet to hit it into the goal. If you remove the add-in from the helmet and combine it with a hand suit, it will operate as a rapid-fire machine gun with infinite ammunition. You can also find a power-up to increase the capacity of the machine gun (up to 400 shots in a single power-up). The costume is also equipped with a parachute, which allows you to plan and come up with the flow of air.


Enemy in the game are the representatives of an alien race called Stream Riders (word for word from English. Riders on streams). The leader of the invasion is Gunter Glut. The aliens are using energy flows to transfer to the Earth and its maynkroulery extract all possible resources of the planet. Typically, the aliens attack in large numbers. Equipped with parachutes they are able to engage the air. Often there are generators that generate newcomers to until themselves are not destroyed. In addition, there are advanced aliens and their heavy equipment (tanks, bombers).

Iinteresting Facts

  • At the end of the game played music video that takes the group Billy Ze Kick (BZK). This is a song «No, no, nothing has changed» from the album Paniac, which in turn is a remake of the original composition in 1971 of the French group «Les Poppys» Clip contains fragments of the promo video games. The clip does not appear if you play on Easy difficulty.
  • The first episode of the game takes place in Laguna Beach (California, USA), where the head office of Shiny Entertainment.
  • In 2000 came the continuation of the game MDK 2 developed by the Canadian company Bioware.
  • On some levels of the game, you can find the icon in the form of a head worm Jim. If you pick it up, the nearby enemy crush fallen from the sky cow of video game Earthworm Jim from the company Shiny Entertainment. But if there are no enemies, the cow will fall to Kurt, seriously, causing damage.
  • For the Macintosh version of the game comes complete by the original iMac.
  • In one of the scenes of the series X-Files (episode Schizogeny) on a computer screen can see the game MDK.
  • In the version for PlayStation hidden rooms available.
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