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Gabriel Knight 2 (DOS)

Gabriel Knight 2 DOS
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and select
Narrative: Detective / mystery, Horror
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1995
Platform: DOS

In the game's story intertwine German popular mythology and the real facts from the history of Bavaria. From ancient legends borrowed stories about werewolves of German history - the events of life and reign of the "last of the true King of Bavaria" Ludwig II. These components are added to the traditional mystical and historical detective components - bloody murder, "secret society", sexual intrigue. The main characters: the ingenious and resourceful American writer and bookstore owner and part-time private detective Gabriel Knight and his assistant in the affairs of Grace Nakimura. At the end of the last part of Gabriel inherits a castle in Bavaria and the Ritter family Shattendzhager title. However, as it turned out, this honorary title imposes on its owner a serious commitment - to protect the local population from attacks supernatural beings. Attacks werewolves and other mythical monsters are long gone, but did not move to Gabriel castle of his ancestors, and to put in order their new property as his ability Shattendzhagera were in demand. The inhabitants of a small village hired him to investigate the horrific death of a little girl - they believe murdered by a werewolf. Gabriel and Grace to solve multiple puzzles in Munich, the famous castle "fabulous" King of Neuschwanstein, go to the deep forests of Bavaria. Their efforts will be rewarded heroes learn the "truth" about the mysterious death of King Ludwig II and find the "lost" opera by Wagner.


Gabriel Knight 2 DOS title screen
The game is divided into six "chapters", one CD-drive each. The player alternately controls Gabriel and Grace. The main characters are investigating separately: Gabriel in a suburb of Munich, and investigates a series of mysterious attacks and Grace Rittersberge collects information about famous black wolf werewolf past and goes to museums and other sights of Bavaria, studying the "white spots" biography "fabulous" King Bavaria, Ludwig II. By the end of the game heroes to combine their efforts for the successful completion of the investigation.

Game characters

Of the permanent characters of the series in this game there are three: Gabriel, Grace and Gerda. Detective Moseley on the plot, is mentioned several times Gabriel and Grace, but the game does not participate. The player will turn control the actions of Gabriel and Grace.

The main characters of the game with which to deal with the main characters:


The victims of the attacks.

Before beginning an investigation Gabriel was aware of three episodes of the attacks and four deaths. None of the victims of the attacks did not survive, the bodies were torn to shreds, some partially eaten. At the murder scene were numerous traces - a reddish-brown fur, saliva, footprints, similar to the wolf or dog. According to the clues in all cases there were one animal, the test results detected wool and other traces clearly indicated the innocence of the murders have escaped from the zoo wolves. This, however, has long silenced by the police have set up for their capture.
  • The first victim - a young woman was murdered in the woods, where she went to a picnic with her husband. This happened two days after the disappearance of wolves from the zoo. The murder took place just north of Munich - near Eching.
  • The next two victims - teenagers - were killed 12 days later in Feldkirchen, east of the city, where they went to walk around the rocks.
  • Toni Huber - died two weeks later in Lohhame on her parents' farm west of Munich. Witnesses - the parents of the deceased - claim to have seen a huge wolf and confident that this - a werewolf, because he was a "human eye" and he "knew what to do". Gabriel Knight was hired by the parents of the murdered girl for the investigation of this crime, as well as a group of villagers to prevent similar incidents in the future.
  • Karl Grossberg, '52 - furrier from Munich. He died in the city center, on the corner of Dinershtrasse, not far from the lodge. Grossberg murder happened after, as Gabriel took up the investigation and immediately attracted the attention - it was not like the others that have taken place in the suburbs. Probably Grossberg was not a random victim. Gabriel's suspicions are exacerbated when he learns that the victim has provided any services to members of the Lodge.
  • In a more detailed study of police files and binders local newspapers revealed that suspicious disappearances in the Bavarian forests occurred in the past, for at least ten years. But the body has not been found, and all the victims were considered missing. Moreover, there is likely, though not deserving of special trust witness allegedly having seen about six years ago, a huge black wolf in the Bavarian National Wildlife Refuge.

Law Office «Übergrau, Höffen & Schnell»

A company involved in the affairs of the family Ritter. Office is located in Munich at the Marienplatz, 21 right in front of the subway exit. The office has the full and credible image of the family. With all of the issues and challenges should contact Gabriel «Übergrau» in the first place. There's valued loyal customers and ready to fulfill even the most extravagant and time-consuming request potchas not related to the business of the firm. Moreover, to maintain the credibility of the company does not charge fees to prominent clients - such as Gabriel von Ritter. The company belongs to no one elderly gentleman Ubergrau, who personally does not appear in the game.
  • Harald Übergrau - the grandson of Mr. and junior partner Ubergrau. Harry is still very young, but definitely has a great future. The workplace is held as an experienced leader. Harry studied law at Harvard and was elected leadership of the company to do business Gabriel because of his knowledge of the English language. He is somewhat shy about his age and will do everything to live up to his high level of confidence. When he learned that Gabriel is investigating another mysterious crime, Harry can not keep a boyish enthusiasm and recognize that is a big fan of the literary talent of Gabriel and avidly read his latest book, Voodoo Murders, what confuses the author: Gabriel did not think highly of his literary abilities. But now Harry is ready to climb out of their way to help Gabriel in his investigation.
  • Frau Hogel - Harry's secretary, a young attractive woman. Ready to execute any orders of his boss, who, in turn, is ready to execute any orders Gabriel.

Die Koniglich-Bayrische Hofjagdloge (Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge)

An elite men's club in Munich, on Dinnershtrasse, 54 (Dienerstraße, 54). According to the steward of the club, The Lodge - a very ancient society, but the club was founded relatively recently, in 1970, Baron von Glover. The club is located in a private villa, has considerable assets, including several hunting lodges in the Bavarian forest, where club members regularly travel to the joint hunt. The club consists of only 5 people, not including the President, Steward and newcomer Gabriel. This is due to high demands for beginners (belonging to the ancient German birth, surety of a member of the club, etc.), and the policy of the founder of the club. However, recently the Baron von Glover, to the dismay of some "old-timers", has become too liberal. For example, Gabriel was not difficult to join the club on a "personal guest" Baron. Members of the club unites noble origin and material well-being. In addition, Baron appreciates personal and business qualities of the applicant. Finally, an important rallying point is the "philosophy of the club," the ideologist of which is the background Glover.
  • Baron Friedrich Von Glower - the charismatic founder and president of the club. Statement says reluctantly, aware that his parents were originally from Bavaria, but he grew up abroad. By the time of his return "to the roots" happened to live in many countries - in North and South America, France, etc. By his own admission loves to travel, avoid permanent links. Disgusted applies to family values, so predstavitem is the last of its kind. A traditional German beer prefers red wine. Gabriel became a guarantor for its entry into the club. In the future, Gabriel enjoyed exceptional location Baron - Background Glover himself explains this by saying that Gabriel thinks much like himself, sees him as a potential supporter of his philosophy, as well as the fact that "there is a need to upgrade part of the club." The philosophical concept of Baron is close to the ideas of anarcho-primitivism and Hedonism, and is striving to bring man back to his natural physical destination, return his lost civilization in the process of physical ability: keen sight, smell, hearing, physical strength and agility, "predator", which, According to Baron, and is a man. Baron also considers unacceptable repression man of his natural desires and needs.
  • Baron Garr Von Zell - a typical representative of the "golden youth", from a family of bankers, but extremely ambitious and ambitious. Until recently - the second person in the club. A former favorite, the faithful follower of the ideological background Glover. The only member of the club, with the exception of Gabriel, to which the Chairman refers simply by name - Garr. According to Von Glover, Von Zell "always and in all the best for whatever he undertook." However, for some time (about a year before joining the club Gabriel), the problems began. Von Zell became more aggressive, unpredictable and uncontrollable. Gradually, his arrogance and his irrepressible ambition he alienated the other members of the club, in private conversations, often stating that "outgrown" the very background Glover. Apparently, it was his mean Von Glover, speaking of "the urgent need of renovation." Most of the members of the club would be happy to get rid of the background Zella, but it's not so simple: almost all of them - his debtors. Also, there is evidence of illegal mining of rare animals, which involved Von Zell, and obviously he Background Glover - though, apparently, after the rupture of their relationship to the hunting of exotic animals ceased. Gabriel his appearance caused a burning hatred and jealousy on the part of Von Zell, and was even accused them of espionage and cooperation with the police. In turn, the Von Zell because of his violent, bordering on madness behavior became the prime suspect in the eyes of Gabriel.
  • Doktor Klingmann - Doctor of Biology, University of Heidelberg, an expert in animal behavior. Section chief of the Munich zoo mammals. Known for his works devoted to the study of wolves and their behavior in the community. Inclined to idealize the wolves, considering them "the only beings who preserve the natural purity." In contrast to the generally accepted theory of natural selection offers its own - the so-called theory of the non-verbal "language death", according to which the predator selects a victim is not weak individuals, and one that is "ready to die", which is shown by its predator behavior. Clingman's colleagues did not share his point of view, and he had to be alone with their ideas until one of his lectures had not visited Baron von Zell, who proposed Klingmanu join the club. The philosophy of the club was a dream come true Clingman, and he gladly accepted. Soon after, escaped from the zoo two wolves: a young adult female and male Hilda Parsival. Wolves have never been found, and two days after the incident began mysterious wolf attacks on people in the suburbs of Munich. Clingman became the first member of the club, which was released on Gabriel. This is due to the "dock" Gabriel learned of the existence of the Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge. This happened a few weeks after joining the club doctor himself.
  • Preiss - known lawyer in Germany. According to Von Glover, one of Germany's best lawyers. However, other members of the club believe that Price fell so low and discredited, what happened to him, no one would be the case. Price himself explains the lack of work that is "so rich that he can afford to take on uninteresting things", and that "loves free time." The club attracts Price's above all a philosophy of hedonism, which he treats is simple - "If my body wants something - it's natural." Price's passion - a woman with whom he had, in his words, does "whatever." Among the members of the club Price reputed pervert tolerant attitude toward him by the President at all is puzzling. Rumors about the adventures of the Price is so unsightly that the prospect to spend the night with him in the same room strikes fear into the rest of the "hunters". Price does not seek to smooth its image as deeply flawed human being, on the contrary, his whole behavior and intimate revelations supports it. We can assume that Price had not alien to homosexual sex, but there is no direct evidence of this - maybe it's just his outrageous. At the same time, in the rest of Price proves sober and reasonable person. Easy and deliberately to be frank, ready critically and constructively discuss the other members of the club, willing to share information with Gabriel. Price committed Von Glover, and can not forgive Von Zell's his claim to leadership. Significant detail: Price - the only one in the club who do not owe Von Zell's, the rest of "hunters", in spite of his condition, unwittingly appeared in his debt.
  • Von Aigner - big manufacturer and trader. Inherited a network of butcher shops, along with the production, as well as a brewery. Unlike Price's epitomizes the sin of gluttony, "I love good food and drink, and I like people who like to eat and drink." Joined the club, for reasons similar to Price's motives - to be in the company of people who are used in what does not deny. Only one of the members of the club, who went on to direct violation of the law: it is through background Aigner carried supplies exotic animals as future trophies Von Zell and Von Glover. Co-defendant on criminal business with the latest victim - furrier Grossberg, familiarity with which has long tried to hide.
  • Hennemann Kay - an influential government official. According to the President, has excellent prospects for career growth within the "very high" post in the government, which makes getting to know him extremely useful. However, other members of the club, in particular, Price, hold opposite views on the political future of Hennemana. Henneman - drunkard, and, according to information from "informed sources", all that awaits him - is an honorable anticipatory pension, a decision which has already been taken in secret from him. Henneman closed and uncommunicative, does not like to speak in English. The only way to talk with him - have a drink with him, then he was willing to go to the contact. Periodically with Klingmanom and Von Aigner they go into a popular cafe "Donisl» (Donisl) in Marienplatz to "skip" a few beers.
  • Xaver - doorman at the club. Not being a full member of the club, not participating in trips and feasts, Xavier however - the oldest participant of the event under the name of Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge. Hired Von Glover more than 20 years ago, in 1972 - two years after the revival of the Lodge. Since then, Xavier - the permanent guardian of order and tradition of the club, a zealous advocate of the ritual and rules. Recent developments related to the adoption of a series of club doctors Clingman and especially Gabriel Knight Xavier plunged into a real shock. He was never able to come to terms with the presence of an "accidental American guest" in such an elite and prestigious institution. However, Xavier is very unsophisticated and greedy for flattery, and with the right approach to it is always possible to obtain the necessary information, and sometimes even more significant benefit.

Police Munich

  • Kriminal-Kommissar Leber - the head of the city police. Expressive and uncouth man, but he was no stranger to sympathy and compassion. Leber was in a very difficult situation: the authorities, the public, the media require him to immediate disclosure of a series of brutal murders, but the result has been more than a month, "marking time". Leber is well aware that the official version is untenable, but contrary to common sense, desperately hoping that the killers will still escaped from the zoo wolves. Then he will be in the hands of at least some clues, and he will be able to show at least some results of their work. However, the killing continues, and the Commissioner in despair, knowing that he could not stop them, not to mention the capture of wolves. Obviously, if the police failed to find the escaped wolf in a month, the more they look meaningless, instead of looking Leber can not, otherwise he would be accused of inaction. For all of his ten-year career at the post office of the Commissioner, the case was the most difficult and hopeless, and at the same time, the loudest. Not surprisingly, Leber is longing to help in solving these crimes and is willing to compromise its core principles, including the principle of non-civilians to the investigation. However, the Commissioner is extremely intractable, and just will not allow "one of these amerinskih private investigators" to the papers in the case of murder. He must be sure that the exchange will receive a really valuable information that will be a turning point in the long-running investigation. On the other hand, the information that it will provide Gabriel in any case should not let the "civilian" to get around it in this case. Gabriel will make a great effort to connect all their skills in working with people to gradually catch the thread of investigation out of the hands of the Commissioner stubborn, and then send the police on a wild goose chase - solely in the interest of the case.
  • In addition to the Commissioner Leber in the police department are working a few more employees, in particular, the Assistant Commissioner of Police and the attendant Staetter - surly old campaigner, and does not like foreigners who can not and basically does not want to speak in English.


A small but very ancient town in Bavaria. Located close to the west of Munich. Founded by Martin Ritter in the first half of the XIII century. City Building was completed in 1438, when the city walls were erected.

Residents of the city

  • Gerda - Ritter manages the castle, which is owned by Gabriel Knight. In love with his uncle Gabriel - Wolfgang, who is no longer alive.
  • Werner Huber - unofficial leader of the inhabitants of the city, something like the Captain, perhaps due to its venerable age. The owner of the only tavern in the "Golden Lion» (Goldener Löwe), located in the central square. Werner Huber led a delegation of residents Rittesberga and neighboring villages who came to the assistance of Gabriel. There is no doubt that it was Werner Huber insisted on the need for intervention Shattendzhagera, though a formal investigation was made by the customer of his cousin Sepp - the father of the dead girl. Werner Huber - a very wise and cautious old man, he would not reveal all the cards to the first comer, but at the same time is able to skillfully push the right person in the right direction.
  • Sepp Huber - father Tony Huber. He lives with his wife on a farm in Lokhame, south-west of Munich. The farm is located about an hour's walk from the Castle Ritter.
  • Christa Huber - Sepp wife, mother of Tony. Her mother lives in Regensburg, Huber left her on the investigation by releasing his farm for Gabriel.
  • Pfarrer Joseph Getz - rector of the church of St. George - the patron Shattendzhagerov. Very calm and friendly person, but, unfortunately, does not speak in English.
  • Mrs. Gelder - works at the post office. Does not speak in English, but sympathetic to the new Shattendzhageru and his assistant. With the help of Grace will be a long time to maintain at least some relationship with Gabriel.

Other places in Bavaria

  • Neuschwanstein
  • Museum Ludwig II
  • Wagner Museum
  • lake

Academics and consultants in other countries

  • Dr. Bertraim Barclay - doctor of historical sciences, professor at Yale University. Grace is likely attended his classes until leaving university. Looking at the code of the telephone number indicated on the card, Dr. Barclay lives in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • Josef Dallmeier - a specialist in the history of Bavaria. Interested reign and especially the personality of king Ludwig II, finds himself in something like him. He knows a lot of details about the life of Ludwig, takes his own point of view about the actions of the King of motivation - according Dalmayera, guides, biographers and historians simplify identity Ludwig, presenting it as either a misunderstood romantic hero or as a devout man, and therefore suffer from a deep sense of guilt, for their sexual orientation. According to Dalmaera, Ludwig suffered all his life from the fact that no one could give him as much love as he was ready to give away to others. Within five years Dalmayer trying unsuccessfully to gain access to the diary of the king, this is the only source on the life of Ludwig, with whom he is not acquainted. Dalmayer - open and sociable person, willing to unselfishly share the information available to it.

Heroes of the past


  • Wolfgang Ritter (1923-1993) - Uncle Gabriel, follower of "Shadow Hunters". Killed end of the first portion. Buried in the family crypt Ritter, in the church of St. George. After his death, the title of the property and the family moved to Gabriel Ritter. Gerd is a photograph of Wolfgang with a commemorative inscription.
  • Christian von Ritter (10.01.1820 - 04.03.1864) He tried to warn about the dangers of Ludwig II, which for him is a man nicknamed "The Black Wolf", but died on the day the letter was written, and not having to send it.
  • Victor Ritter (? -1753) - One of the glories of the past Shattendzhagger. Became famous in 1750 with the assistant tracked down and picked up a living werewolf Baron von Ralik and handed him over to justice.
  • Jurgen Ritter (1403-1461) - one of the glories of the past Shattendzhagerov. If it were built city walls Rittersberg.
  • Martin Ritter (1190-1253) - the founder of Rittersberga. In 1223 he built the Castle Ritter.
  • Baron Claus von Ralick nicknamed "The Black Wolf" - Alfinge lived in the XVIII century. Was cursed by an old gypsy woman for the committed violence against the gypsy girl, then killed himself. As a result of this curse became a werewolf. In April 1750, Viktor Ritter was caught, brought alive in Rittesberg and put in prison in the basement of the Town Hall of the city. After the identity of the city, was sentenced by a court to be quartered and burned alive at the stake. He was executed at dawn the next day. Residents Rittersberga went to Alfing to crack down on Ralik family background, as it was believed that the curse is inherited. However, none of the family background Ralik they could not be found.
  • Richard Horning - taught horsemanship Ludwig II. His grandson Stephan Horning - old farmer - from the words of my grandfather told Dallmayr many details about the life of the king, in particular, about a hunting accident that occurred with Ludwig, and the visits Wagner in Neuschwanstein in the last years of his life the king.
  • Paul Gowden nicknamed "The Black Wolf" a contemporary of Ludwig II. Nothing about his past is not known. Enjoyed the location at the Prussian court, it went different rumors: it was called a foreign prince, spy, assassin. Certainly was a dangerous man and viliyatelnym. In 1863, for any special services due to Bismarck and received the title of the land, and then changed his name and place of residence. His fate is unknown.
  • Frau Vogl

The process of filming

The shooting took place in a small studio in the town of Oakherst in California, where the headquarters of the Sierra. Film-making process led by director Will Binder.

Interesting facts about the game

  • The game was to consist of nine "chapters" instead of six. The scene of the other three parts of Bavaria was to be the XIX century, where the player had to manage by King Ludwig II. However, deadlines and exorbitant budget games made ​​their adjustments. Furthermore, the introduction of these parts meant increasing the already large number of CDs. The role of Ludwig II remained in the game only a few cinematics.
  • Actor Kay Kyuteru (Werner Huber) clearly enjoyed portraying bartenders in computer games. His next role was the "voice" bartender Griswold Goodsoup in the game The Curse of Monkey Island (1997).
  • The first German edition of the game came out without translation and subtitles, but because of the extreme violence was censored. The most shocking scenes were deleted and replaced with a black screen message appeared in German, briefly describing the scene. Later, when the game has been fully localized, she left uncut.
  • Most of the roles of the Germans in the game played by American actors. They speak German with a strong English accent. This created problems when duplicating games in Germany: it turned out that "the Americans" in the game speak German is much cleaner than "native Germans." Also, there were difficulties in the translation stage built on a misunderstanding of Grace Gabriel, or the German language, and "Germans", in turn - "English". The problem was "solved" peculiar: it was assumed that Gabriel and Grace speak at the usual German northern Germany, while the locals speak the "Bavarian dialect." In reality, people from different regions of the country are well aware of each other.
  • All filmed in the studio, the actors played on the background of the "blue screen", none of the crew did not go to Germany. Despite this, the boxes with the German version of the game was the inscription: "Exclusive shooting in Germany!" In order to attract buyers.
  • Telephone numbers used in the game is not accidental start with 555, as in many American movies - in the U.S. there are no such numbers. At the same time, there are rooms in other countries, such as Germany.
  • The phone number Ritter Castle - Munich, begins with the code 49-89.

Errors in the game

  • At the very beginning of the game in the video, where Gabriel wakes up on a farm Huber, camera close-up shows the scars on his arm, resulting in the first part of the game. However scars are not located on the arm and on the outer side of the forearm.
  • Keys to the "Volkswagen Golf" are similar and have a well-defined appearance. Car keys in your inventory Huber Gabriel entirely different from the real thing. Moreover, the car is not available.
  • The minister zoo Thomas is surprised to the fact that Dr. Clingman gives him an order to show wolves Gabriel in English and not in German.
  • When Gabriel tries to reproduce the full name of the club, its pronunciation is so bad that even a native speaker would not understand a word. However Ubergrau easily understand it, despite the fact that this name had never heard of.
  • The library Shattendzhager Grace finds a book on lycanthropy. The book is on the shelf between volumes «Das Nest» and «Der Arzt von Stalingrad». These works have nothing to do with the occult, and by means of highly of themselves.
  • Bookcase in the library consists of three sections: the left - biography, in the central - occult literature on the right - the diaries and records Shattendzhager. However, if you look closely, going to the left and right sections of Grace is looking for a book on the same shelf. Tom on it the same, and even stand in the same order.
  • Mrs. Smith first read the cards for Grace, and then to Gabriel. You may notice that both times fall the same card, but Mrs. Smith calls them differently.
  • Grace has very little German, but that does not stop her to read aloud the diary of his wife Cosima Wagner, who must have been written in German.
  • The authors of the game, seems to have been unable to determine what role in this story has to play the "language barrier". So, for Gabriel reading the local press - an impossible task for which he is even ready to cooperate with the Munich police. At the same time, the diaries Shattendzhager (XVIII-XIX centuries), and even a letter to the king of Bavaria, Christian Ritter, written in modern English. We can assume that this is not the original documents, and later translations, but in this case it is not clear to whom and why it was necessary to do them - because access to only members of the family Ritter, and all ancestors of Gabriel - indigenous Bavarians. In addition, under all the paperwork is signed, and the letter to Ludwig on the story uniquely authentic.
  • Brazilian religious society called «Manos Del Sol», which translated from Spanish means "Hands of the Sun", but in Brazil do not speak Spanish, and Portuguese.