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The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate (DOS)

The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate DOS
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Bird's-eye view, Side view
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and Select
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Virgin Games
Developed by: Westwood Studios
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

The second of the game on a magical land Kirandii undoubtedly will delight you with its magnificent and expressive graphics. The game is full of humor and funny "jokes"; in many places, like the authors mocks the genre of "quest". Crooked and steep nature of the main character zantii leads to a lot of unexpected events and funny.
Country Kirandii was saved from the evil jester Malcolm, but ... there was a regular attack, and this time more serious - Kirandii slowly and inexorably disappearing from the face of the Earth. Disappear stones and trees, people and buildings. The Royal Mystics rulers Kirandii, scratching their heads and search through piles of books in search of the way to the. Salvation of the country.
Shortly before these events Kirandii a strange creature. Externally, it is the most common hand, without a head, and other relevant parts of the body. Hand became assistant magician Marco, but as it turned out, it is capable of and more. To execute the proposed plan of salvation requires hand mysterious "Anchor Stone" from the Center of the World.
Take the stone instructed the youngest of Royal Mystics - zantii sorceress; Zantiya it becomes the protagonist of the game. Get to the Center of the World is simple, because zantii house has all the necessary equipment ...
Start the game, you get to select one of four options:
Start a new game - to start the game again.
Introduction - look intro.
Load a game - to load previously recorded game.
Exit the game - exit to DOS.
Management actions implemented Zante game is very simple. You must hover over any place of the screen and click the mouse button. If your location can generate some action (for example, to bend the carpet in the house zantii - a small tip, or talk to your companion encountered), then Zantiya will do exactly what is required. If you specify the mouse on the most common location on the screen that does not require any action, then Zantiya just go there. By the way, you may find that the screen you have done everything you wanted, and you want to go further. In this case, you need to bring the cursor to one of the four sides of the rectangular screen and see what it will take shape. When the cursor looks like a prohibitory sign - there is no progress, and if you like an arrow - so you can go there, and you just need to click the mouse button. Similarly, you can enter the door of the cave, etc.
In addition, in your travels you will come across items that you can take with them for future use (for example, the house is zantii bush blueberries, valuable component of magic elixirs). To take an object, you click on it mouse button, the cursor takes the shape of an object taken by you, and you will most likely want to put him in the midst of his property. Drag the image of the object on the bottom of the screen, there is shown a shelf, and then click the button, the object will take its place on the shelf. Simple, is not it? If you now want to use the object, then you click on it again mouse button, move the cursor to the place of use of the object and click the mouse button again. If you have proposed a method of using the subject corresponds to the plans of the creators of the game, it needs to happen something interesting, if not - you will object.
It is quite possible that you have a lot of things and portray them all on two shelves at the bottom of the screen is not possible. Then you will be able to touch your existing items by clicking the mouse on the arrow next to the shelves.
Finally, in the lower left corner of the screen there is a button that says OPTIONS, with it you can go to the main menu of the game with the following features:
Load a game - to load previously recorded game.
Save this game - save the current game.
Delete saved game - to delete a saved game.
Game controls - setting the parameters of the game (the music volume, the volume of sound effects, etc.).
Quit playing - out of the game.
Resume game - to get out of the main menu and continue to the point where you left off.
At the bottom of the screen are two more important subject: the book elixirs and the boiler, but they will appear in the game at once. Recipes potions contained in the book will be given in the description, so you do not have to read it, but the pot is very important, there are mixed all the ingredients elixirs. Sometimes it is necessary to pour the entire contents of the boiler and fill with clean water to do this, click on the chain next to the boiler.


So you do not get lost in the numerous screens of the game, in the following description in Latin letters indicated the direction of movement zantii. N corresponds to the northern direction (ie, upward), E - East (ie, right), S - south (down) and, finally, W - west (left). If there are more letters in a row, then you have to go through multiple screens.
After an initial conversation with Faun Zantiya gets to his lab. There's been an unknown attacker and took all the magic equipment, and therefore to the center of the world will have to go on foot. Take a flask from the folds in the carpet, and the other - from the shelf. Blueberries also can take, but the game does not need it.
W. leaving home.
N. Take the mushroom.
W. Dig into the stump, where you will find the book of spells; however, some pages torn from it. If you want to look in the book, just click the mouse on the image below it.
NN Break off writhing root of the tree and take the bulb.
N. That the owner of the ferry. Free carry Zante he does not want to, and the negotiations end in failure.
EE Take the second onion and talk to Marco.
S. Colored bugs sitting on the tree - it is a kind of puzzle. When you click the mouse button on the bugs, it lights up the light and sound musical note. Click again; This time series will be succeeded by two beetles. Remember the order in which they sounded, and play it. If done correctly, it will sound for three beetle, again you play the sequence, and so on, until one by one does not begin to sound all seven bugs. Beetles play you a merry tune, and you have not yet forgotten the color sequence RECORD !!! You'll need two more.
NWWWWN Take from his property flask and fill it with water from the pond, then pour water on flaming bush with berries, berry that is not burned.
Now you can take the berries, it is enough per serving. Go to the house. Take a bag of fertilizer, a stool and a flask. In a conversation with Herb and frogs you'll learn about pirate treasure that is buried somewhere nearby, but believe it is not necessary. Get out of the house.
Push SW tree, which almost felled. Tree falls through quicksand Zantiya can approach the trunk to the arm of the skeleton and take the key.
W. Take a look at the tree. It can not be that in the hollow was nothing! That's right, you find there is a pot for cooking magic elixirs. Go to the edge of the water and feed the bulb crocodile, he starts to cry. Collect his tears into an empty flask.
N. Take sulfur (yellow stone at the top of the left) and fill the empty flask with hot water from a geyser. It is time to prepare your elixir, all the ingredients for that you have.
Put in a pot:
- Writhing root.
- Sulfur.
- The bulb.
- Crocodile tears.
- Stool.
- Hot water from the flask.
The water in the boiler will be bright green.
Fill her flask (the stock will be enough for three of the flask, but need only one).
S. Ye Ye Ye in the cave! When you reach the mouse, it turns out that the mouse does not want to let you further. Use cooked on zantii elixir, or simply on the ground next to the mouse. The mouse runs away in fear, the channel is clear.
E. If you press on the tooth, it glows a certain color. You see - well, that you've recorded on the screen of the color combination with beetles. Play this sequence on the teeth and the skull is opened. Open the chest and take the key out of the chest Alchemist Magnet and cheese.
W. W. Take cheese anglers.
WSS Apply fertilizer at the bottom of the mouth of carnivorous plants and release Marco. You can talk to the rescued Marco, if you want.
E. Take the boat anchor. Now select from your property Alchemist magnet and use it to anchor; will anchor the gold.
W. N. Surprise! Ferry is no more, he accidentally burned the mail dragon. Dragon will help you if you find four lost them letters.
WW Take the letter from the hand skeleton.
WN Take the letter at the bottom left.
S. E. EE Give collected letters dragon.
EE S. Take the letter at the base of the tree.
N. W. W. Take the letter.
SSES Pick a letter from the roof zantii.
Give NWNN last letter.
Flying on a dragon ends with a soft landing in a haystack with tsoterey virtually all property. Dig in a stack and take out the empty flask.
S. Take a bowl and vinegar. Give the letter to the farmer Bob.
W. Turn the tap on the pipe and remove the wheel from the stick. The water goes through pipes and will operate the grinder with a dynamo.
EE Take Alchemist Magnet. Elephant tusks to pull over, water will moisten the garden, and you can gather a salad and radishes.
WN From haystacks appears a ghost; - if not, go to the next screen and then go back. Talk to the ghost, and apply it to an empty flask.
S. E. Apply the flask with a ghost on a scarecrow. Specter, delighted received the body begins to be worn around the neighborhood.
WW Apply radishes on a stone mortar under the crusher. Scoop out crushed radishes your existing bowl and fill the bowl with vinegar. Pounded radishes + vinegar = mustard !!!
E. N. Applying sheep flask - a flask filled with milk. Take an ear of wheat.
S. to go into the basement. Pour the milk from the flask into a machine for making cheese. Bring the machine into action and take the cheese. Here we collect all four horseshoes and scissors. Get out of the basement.
W. It is time to prepare the new elixir * "sandwich".
Put in a pot:
- Mustard.
- Cracked wheat (to get it, put the wheat into the crusher, and she was released Scoop bowl).
- salad.
- cheese.
Fill the flask from the boiler.
Use a flask with elixir to zantii - including property appears sandwich. Touch a horseshoe to the electric dynamo. Horseshoe becomes a magnet!
E. N. E. The guards at the gate are not going to let the city of Zante. Place the sandwich on the ground until the guards will quarrel over the division - go to the city gate. Take the stick out of his mouth seahorse fountain statue, a fountain will work again.
N. (note: in the north you can go in two directions, you need to walk along the wall, not the door mustard shop). Tavern Doors will not open until you are again not reproduce the color combination on the round glass near the entrance.
Go to the tavern, take a cup and fill it from the barrel. You can have fun and drink beer Zante, but then fill the mug again - you need a beer.
Take candy from the barrel at the bottom left and wait until the pirates do not read from the stage his stupid poem. Try to get out the door, you will stop the pirates. Come on stage, read Zantiya least stupid poem could leave the club and fans of poetry.
Immediately return to the tavern, already there is a fight. Dzazhdy click on the guy in the striped shirt, and he lost a gold tooth. Apply the tooth Alchemist Magnet, pick up the lead tooth (pirate would not insist on the return of the tooth LEAD) and again Alchemical Magnet turn lead into gold tooth. Exit the tavern.
Just in case, save your game before you continue - there comes a little slippery moment. At the entrance to the tavern and offers cuttlefish appears to play a "thimble". Lay on the ground "happy" shoe (use of the horseshoe, which ends up looking, then to distinguish this from the other shoe) and let the cuttlefish gold tooth. Feel free to choose any shell, you have to guess either way; get the win and keep playing as long as you do not will be three gold teeth. Take the horseshoe back.
Give SWWS bowl whelps and collect it again. When he burst into tears of grief, tears fill his empty flask.
W. Lay alternately by each tooth grinder. Tapered teeth turn into gold coins.
N. Ye Ye Ye Pick whatever is at the bottom left of the screen.
E. (upper path). Apply a piece of candy from the tavern to the rabbit paw; will paw print. By the way, you can get it in another way - ottisnuv hands on a lump of mud, but to be specific, we assume that you have used candy.
E. Apply the stick on the hanging vines and move to the other side of the abyss.
E. Prepare an elixir:
- Put in a bowl and add orange peel to the same beer from the mug, so preparing sweet and sour sauce.
• Put in a pot "happy" horseshoe, with which you play.
- Put in a pot with a sweet rabbit paw print.
- Put in a pot of sweet and sour sauce from the bowl.
- Add dragon tears.
- The elixir of the boiler will be purple; fill them. your flask and apply bulb on the altar to have found the elixir of power. This elixir disenchants lapsed into a trance people.
WW Apply a portion of the elixir on the sheriff.
W. Go to the store and apply the elixir to the seller. When a seller comes to life, give him three gold coins and get a ticket to the ship.
E. Head to the fish. If you have no more elixirs, go back to the altar, from the boiler fill another flask and apply it on the altar, and only then come back to the fish. Please note: the water sticks out something dark. Apply at the site a magnet. That's the key! Enter the fish. Marco went to prison! Unfortunately, we can not let him rot here, so it does not get underfoot.
Use the key on the lock of his cell. Your attempt ends with Zantiya is in the chamber next door. Use the magnet on the key hanging - the sheriff comes and throw the key into the sea. Do not worry, everything is progressing according to plan. A couple of times click on the litter chamber zantii; raspletetsya litter into a long rope. By a lucky chance Marco is a fishing hook. Use the fishing rod on the window and caught a fish with a key in the belly. Take the key and unlock your camera first, and then - brand camera. Get out.
E. (lower path). Apply last batch of the elixir on the captain and give him a ticket to the ship. On the ship, hide your magnet minimized rope near the compass. Magnet knock the ship off course, and you will find yourself on the banks of volcanoes with only subject - Alchemical Magnet.
Zantiya is on the banks of the volcano, where there is a passage to the center of the Earth. All the property again irretrievably lost. Note the large stream of hot air, which rises from the ground, it still is useful to you. Walk around the island and look for three things: two heavy stones and empty flask. With two heavy stones Zantiya able to jump into the beating up a stream of hot air, and it can not stand outside, and the bulb will need to prepare the next elixir. On the island there are several kontorok, but behind them are sitting solid rogues; talk with them any good, and they carry what they need from you, too, is meaningless. With two stones and bulb you can jump into the stream of hot air and get down to the Center of the Earth. Zantiya will be in a new place - and again lose all their subjects, so collect all the objects in its path.
E. (over the bridge). Take all that lies on the ground, including the heavy stones and a stick, and with the tops of palm trees take a little fluff.
N. Here, too, pick up the items. Stegosaurus not mind playing with you, toss a stick. After two shots and a heavy bustle Stegosaurus fall from the ceiling of a large piece of rock-and block one of the holes in the snake's head, this stream of air from the second hole skyrocket. Jump into the jet, and you will have two black stones.
SWWW Take the flask and stone. Apply Alchemist magnet on a piece of lead in the form of heart (it should be you, if you carefully select all of the items on the way). It is time to prepare the elixir of "teddy bear":
Throw into the pot one by one:
- Pooh with palm trees.
- Golden heart.
- A pair of small black stones.
Pour the elixir to an empty flask and apply it to zantii.
EE Jump on the back of tyrannosaur. Teddy Bear is a bait for the hungry lizard, and it will run. During the trip zantii possible to pick up a piece of red cloth from his former vestments.
W. If triceratops is muzzle east exit from this screen and log in again. To proceed you need to Triceratops stood snout to the northeast; Only in this case, apply a red rag to the triceratops.
Stupid pet rassvirepeet and strikes his head into the room pass. We lurks another surprise: "anchor stones" have no relation to the problem of Kirandii! Zantii must be out of the ground to climb to the sky, to the wheel of fate. Be sure to take after all the events of a sheet of paper and put it in place - in the book of spells zantii. Walk on the cave and pozatykayte heavy stones four small lava tube. When all the tubes are blocked, go into the room where once was a triceratops; a large lake of lava starts to gurgle, and out of the running streams of lava. Stand on a small island in the lava. If not all the necessary pipes are plugged with stones, nothing happens, and then you need to look any further. If you've done everything you need, then there is an explosion, Zantiya soars into the heavens and transferred to the next part of the game, as usual lost on the road all the items.
Pick up from the ground pine cone, then poshar'te in the hole, the remainder of the fall zantii; there will be an empty flask.
W, Take two servings of moss and earth will ride stone. Take him. Here, take the bars (bottom right), and a lump of snow.
E. Apply the bars on the flint rock and strike the flint stone rolling. The sparks set fire to the bars; Take back rolling stone and coal, the remainder of the rods.
Prepare elixir. Throw into the pot:
- A lump of snow.
- coal.
- Moss (one serving).
Pour elixir from the boiler into an empty flask.
W. Use the elixir to Knight that will not allow you to make the pass. From a hole in the wall take the chestnut.
W. Apply Alchemist Magnet statue in the air "manifest" box. Take out of it, and trap drums. Use the trap on a running leg. It is not for the passing game, but rather to understand the plot - it turns out that on a distant planet lived an evil wizard. The forces of good have suffered, suffered his excesses, and then blew it up, along with the planet, now independent pieces of the magician and fly through the galaxy and try to spoil everything, and especially dangerous hand (clear now?). Next to take the statue of the acorn.
EE Apply drums on trees, blocking the flow. Zantiya yourself proceed across the bridge. Try to sit in a booth. Squirrel snack and immediately decides to give up work. Give cone protein, chestnut and acorn, and then put it in a wheel rolling stone. Again, try to sit in the booth, this time will succeed. With a little adventure Zantiya will be on top of the mountain.
Take a plume of feathers. Near the plume is a broom, it is also possible to take (though it need not). Enter the house. With a bull's head, take musk, from the floor • cannonball, and the shelf - an empty flask. Go outside and use the Alchemy Magnet turn the kernel into gold. Give a gold core of mummy of the child, and as she turned away, subtract the child candy. The child begins to scream, but no matter. Take a lump of snow. It is time to prepare the elixir of "abominable snowman".
Mix in the boiler:
- A lump of snow.
- musk.
- Plume of feathers.
• lollipop.
Elixir Pour into the flask and apply it to zantii.
It seems that the transformation of Zante Bigfoot is not too impressed mama and her baby, but to frighten them and you do not need. Go to the house, where you are waiting for the next surprise. Zantiya is in the ice palace loving Sasquatch (the present). Take a box of chocolates, a bottle of cologne, feathers and empty flask from the shelf. Exit the palace and take three icicles. Prepare a reserve second elixir "abominable snowman", only this time, mix the icicle (instead of snow), cologne instead of musk, plume feathers instead of a box of chocolates and candy instead, pour it into the flask. Apply an ice icicle wall (works only if the farm has another icicle). Sasquatch come out and carry off Zante back, but everything is going according to plan. Again, go outside and wait for the hunters did not come closer. Pour on their heads to make an Elixir. Again, apply the icicle on the wall. On etyut time it fails and Zantiya goes right to the hut Rainbow machines. Enter the hut. Rainbow Machine (plant center) deteriorated, and to fix it, to be filled with colored liquids seven balls. You do not need to previously recorded color combination, the color should be placed from left to right in a certain order of the rainbow colors. All the necessary ingredients for elisirov are here on the shelves. By changing the position of the three radio buttons near the shelves, you can take things from new and new sets. The fastest way is to prepare elixirs in the following order:
Red - hot air (hot air) + feathers (feathers) + red cover (leather folio).
Orange - Mustard (Mix ground radish + vinegar) + cracked wheat (ground grain) + salad (lettuce) + cheese (cheese).
Yellow - the snow (snow) + Musk (musk) + feathers (feathers) + candy (candy).
Green - writhing root (gnarlybark) + sulfur (sulphur rock) + onion (onion) + tears reptile (reptile tears) + stools (furniture) + hot water (hot water).
Blue - palm fluff (crystal fuzz) + a heart of gold (turn of the lump of lead Ahlhimicheskim magnets) + black pebbles (Teddybear eyes).
Blue - blueberries (blueberry) + amethyst (amethyst)
Purple - Horseshoe (horseshoe) + imprint paw rabbit (taffy footprint) + sweet and sour sauce (sweet and sour sauce) + tears reptile (reptile tears).
If you are in the correct order (from left to right) pour elixirs in glass balls on the plant, the Rainbow machine will work again. Exit the hut, break off from the roof of one of the icicles and apply an icicle on the roof to climb • upstairs.
After a short fight with hand Zantiya dresses up for the last time for the entire game.
E. S. We got to the wheel of fortune! Apply Alchemist Magnet antenna that reflects sunlight. The antenna will fade and cease to reflect the beam; Zantiya can enter.
To begin go up the stairs to the left and look at the broken car - it was missing gear.
S. Go right up. Three holes, you see - it's a known puzzle called the "Tower of Hanoi", only inverted. You have to shift all the discs in the left and the middle of the tower, and according to the rules on the disc can be placed only one other drive * Larger. Lesson a few boring, but not so difficult. When you shift all the wheels on the middle tower will fall out of his mouth gear, take it. When all of the disks will be on the left tower, take a stick. Get out and go back to the car. Put the gear axle and SAVE YOUR GAME !!! Before proceeding, please read the following paragraph. Use a stick to the gear wheel and driving gear in place. On stage there is the hand with Marco; I think he got in trouble again. Hand pounce on Zante after the second delay. Click on the bottom left, if you want to exit from the screen. Hand jerk forward and Zantiya bounces to the other side. After that, click on the tips of the fingers;
Zantiya will run forward and dive under the arm during the attack. Finally, click on the handrail of the hand, Marco released from their ropes and help you throw the enemy down.