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Space Quest 6 (DOS)

Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and Select
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1995
Platform: DOS

Skip intro if VMD error - 51
He had the fanfare die down , announcing the victory of another intrepid space hero Roger Wilco over the vile mutants enemies of all progressive mankind , as he was again demoted , stripped of the captaincy , stripped naked ( in the literal sense of the word ) and yet again becomes a janitor at second-class spaceship «DeepSliip 86 " , commanded by a little kooky lion ( worth a listen as he said in his televised speech to the crew says " personal thank you" to each member of the team or how to play in his basket for cats , from which controls a ship ) .
In personal life, Roger - too solid matter. One of the charges , in particular, was highly influential women seduction . And the fact that Wilco saved her from certain death and they loved each other - so it does not count . As a result , a couple separated ( as they say - given orders to his Procyon it the other way ...).
Well, this is the current sad state of things. However, Roger would not be himself if and in this quiet place not find a regular intergalactic enemies and would not made a new novel...

Virtual space

Space Quest 6 titleThe first obstacle for Roger in cyberspace - is a highway, passing in all directions, at different angles, top, bottom, side, from anywhere. However, the recipe is simple enough to overcome it - constantly go forward, not paying attention to the position of Roger, move wherever he looks. Some time later, you reach the place that resembles an abandoned construction site and looking more or less normally. Right near the entrance, under the poster PARDON OUR DUST!, Is a screwdriver, take it. Further, folded brown rail, take a large board. Now it's time to visit the office of the building, which, apparently, is in a trailer with a sign OFFICE. Opening the door, Roger gets not just anywhere, but in the ... world famous shell WINDOWS. Menu called MAIN click on the icon TAKE-A-NUMBER, to get a numbered queue. Phone Roger - 3, the current queue number - 5, and therefore the secretary in the menu RECEPTIONIST, does not want to serve. Have to cheat a little bit - open menu NUMBER CHANGER (HANDS directly on the room) and use a screwdriver to tighten up inside the room to the desired position. It remains only to ring the bell BELL, and secretary, making sure the queue to miss Roger menu FILES. 
This menu proved a huge repository of documents. It has three passages, each of which is responsible for the files starting with the letters A-I, J-R and S-Z. Going into this passage, Roger stands before a huge procession drawers with matching letters aisle. The whole passage consists of several successive, screens. Yes, too heavy to be found in this mess want us compromising. Need to collect five important dossier. Each of them, after removal, to view objects in the screen (use EYES) to be able to gain access to the next file. Needless picking occurs in the following order; 
RANCID NIGEL - the name of the thief Roger, his record in the drawer for the first letter R, after the last letter Q. Since the box near the top, it is necessary to build something like a ladder from neighboring boxes. Open three boxes with the letter P, located on the diagonal leading down and to the left of the desired box. Before view box (using HANDS) and take the dossier walk to neighboring box with the letter P (using FEET); 
BELEAUXS, DR. N. - name of the laboratory of Dr. Mark A. LAB this dossier is not difficult, it is on the first screen, the fourth and second from bottom left; 
SANTIAGO, STELLAR - that's what turns out to be surname Stellar - drawer file is in the first screen, the second left and bottom; 
SHARPEI - ominous name of the old woman, clearly implicated in the abduction of Stellar. Box is on the same screen, second from right, and the third from the bottom. To him also, as in the case with RANCID'om, it is necessary to build a ladder to the left of the neighboring boxes; 
PROJECT IMMORTALITY - draft of immortality - that's where the shoe pinches, now the doctor does not wriggle. Box is on the second screen, second from right, and the top. To access it, you must also build a ladder. 
Now we must somehow physically secure the collected material. To do this, leave the store (exit on the left, under the inscription EXIT). Once again in WINDOWS, put all five files in the icon with the printer (its name - PRINTER). Somewhere in the distance you hear the sound of operating the printer, then everything goes as it should, but to pick up printouts, to get back to the normal world. To do this, leave the office, go back to the highway and confused, before reaching its end (on the same principle as before), you thus reach to the end of the virtual world. Roger will once again be in the lab. 
Taking the right of the computer printout and show it to Dr. Roger seeking from him a confession that Sharpay has financed its development in the field of immortality and now she is in a miniature form inside the brain Stellar, is preparing to seize the new body. However, Dr. sincerely repents and ready to help Roger. It reduces its space shuttle and sends the final with Roger inside the body Stellar. 

Adventures in the gastrointestinal tract Stellar

In the most inopportune moment shuttle Roger stalled and fell to the surface of the stomach - ran out of fuel. Have to look for something that can replace it. As for access to space, bring suit and helmet from the cabinet, but exit from the race without a helmet - in man, it appears, and so you can breathe. Outside, first remove alveolly adhering to the nose, and capillaries, hanging from the left engine of the shuttle, and then climb into the opening leading into the stomach (lower left of the landing site). Carefully go down the wall of the stomach (a few times FEET, all other climbing are also carried out.) Once at the bottom of it, take a feather. You can also pull out of the wall and clip the thread. Connecting them, Roger will receive a beautiful throwing the hook. To apply it, climb back up the wall to the inlet, and throw an impromptu detour to another hole, visible in the upper part of the stomach. Now you can climb up on a thread. Once in the esophagus, climb to the top and pull out the jammed pill, it will fall down. Now go down below to jam food and tickle feather using the esophageal wall. As a result, Roger slightly pinched, but made our way to the intestine, previously lockable black metal insects - their corroded gastric juice. By the time Roger will come back, everything will be fine. -Released pill nothing happened - apparently, requires a stronger solvent. Climb up into the intestine (pass to the left) and go through without stopping, its first section. In the next section, you can see on the right side branch, climb into it. Now Roger is on a kind of fork. Go right first. Advancing blocks something like a blood clot. Put into a bottleneck al veollu (resembles a bunch of berries) and try to inflate it (using MOUTH) - after a while it will expand and burst the passage. The next part of the cave resembles, which fall from the ceiling numerous drops. Catch one of them with the helmet. Return to the fork and climb the upper path, walk in it as long as you reach the shore of the lake from the bile. From tape to connect the capillaries in the long hose and connect it to a manual pump (to screen objects.) Recall that the pump and electrical tape were taken from the glove box on the shuttle. You're only using the pump to pump a bit of bile in the helmet Roger. Now it's time to go back into the stomach. Along the way, there is some problem - rolling stone. But it's not dangerous and when it breaks, take some of its fragments. Directly into the stomach dissolve the pill with a mixture of the helmet and take a handful of colored powder. 
Again climb into the intestine. Now go to the third part of it and come down to the left. Coming so some distance, Roger notices tapeworm. Further descent will lead to a shameful death of our superhero. In so doing - feed worm pills content, it now strongly anesthetized and it can safely sit down and go to the appendix. Within this process can break off a piece of Roger from silver available out there and tear of the piece of red nail from a paperclip. With these trophies on the same worm can go back. The road continues to the space shuttle. From his silver can easily tuck (fuel tank is slightly taller than the flashing red light at the engine, if all goes well, the lamp is lit green). Get in the "shuttle» (HANDS at the door with porthole), sit in the pilot's seat and insert the CD-ROM, this Roger doctor in a special receiver SUBROUTINE PROGRAM CARD, located on the left of the dashboard. It remains only to press INITIATION, and "shuttle" rushes to the desired point Stellar brain. 
Battle for brain Stellar 
Exit procedures in the brain, identical landing in the stomach - you need only wear the suit. Access directly to the brain is blocked with a protective film. Help overcome her piece Nail found in the appendix. Tearing film, Roger goes down, and now we must go to the left. On the next screen, the path terminates between the convolutions of the gorge. Tapping twice on the part of the brain FEET for precipice you make Roger jump. However, it turned out he is not very good, and your character will hang on the edge. However, a few clicks of the same FEET help him get out. More on Roger meets two unfriendly guards robots, opening fire on without warning. Thank God, they are so stupid that their quarrel is not difficult - gently moving closer and away the top, and then throw in each of them in turn fragments of stone. As a result, a short fight landscape adorned by two metal fresh corpses, and the path to the elevator that passes through the brain Stellar, free. Elevator control is carried out by three teams: 
UP - move up; 
STOP - stops the elevator; 
DOWN - move down. 
Now you are faced with a difficult task - to find the nerve center of Stellar responsible for cough. For this we need to drive around to find the middle and right of the elevator the green plate with the inscription: COUGH CENTER (through tablets using EYES). Plug in found the nerve center (near the elevator) a piece of paper clip, and Stellar, clearing his throat, cleanse the dam, located at the bottom of the mine. Get down there on the elevator and climb up to the open passage (using HANDS). Inside the robot sees Roger committing excavations in another brain. He frankly admits that is none other like Sharpay, and she announces that it's too late, the body of Stellar will be captured and Roger do anything about it can not. 

Well, Grandma, hold on!

Plug all the same piece of paper clip between two sparkling wires right. Hooray! The robot is destroyed, but the brain Sharpay unharmed, flew up and grabbed Roger. If something does not come up, then it will have the power to break your hero spine. Apply a last resort - show Sharpay unfortunate fish. An old-fashioned grandmother was raised on the fact that fish is useful for brains, and paid dearly for it. Eating fishes, she finally bent (from her poor, was to know what alterations not only visited this rich phosphorus product). 
All ends happily. Roger manages to be the natural way to get out. Doctor returns to it normal size, and you see the final image - Roger and Stellar, embracing, standing in front of stars. However, on the face of Stellar all the same sad expression, but you know, so to speak inside her health - it is not surprising ... 
At this all the puzzle «Space Quest 6" end. It remains to look to the future and continue to wait immortal series.


Spacecraft "DeepShip 86", which is currently attributed to Roger , reached its destination point - the planet POLYSORBATE LX. Some crew members are given severance in order to enable them to relax after a long space journey . Since it was decided that the ship is not too dusted in a couple of hours, and Roger , oddly enough , also was among the lucky ones. And then came the solemn moment of teleportation the gloomy planet. Roger ready pressed "Start". But apparently , the robot in charge of this operation , something messed up . In the end, after " landing " on the surface is visible only upper torso Roger. Anything below appeared in the ground and Wilco can not escape yourself.
Fix possible misunderstanding , caught in a passing humanoid robot. Once out on the will inspect rusty bicycle, located slightly to the right of the place unsuccessful landing - Roger tinker a bit and sderet identification card .
Now we should define the streets and squares of the city. And those and others - three and joined street triangle. The area in which you are now , will be called teleportation area ( for obvious reasons) . Heading up from it , you get to the Casino area , to the left - the square Uranus ( as it is more like a radioactive waste dump ) . Accordingly, if you go down to the Place du Casino , you'll come to the square of Uranus , and if there - upstairs, walk back to the Place du Casino . Here's a geography ...
Little orient wander through all these places until until you see a traveling photographic cabin. Take a picture in it ( apply it money). Well, you're in luck , because the next client this box, it seems, simply devoured . Photographing exhausted all cash reserves Roger ( and was something only one bukazoid ) . It's time to solve the age-old financial question . First you need to get at least some status somewhere on this planet. To do this, paste the picture to Roger previously found on a bicycle in the identity card (do this in the screen objects.)
Again, walk around to all the streets until you find the man in a dark green cloak - it hunter escaped androids . Talk to him twice, and you should do it from close range . The first time it will ignore your harassment , but the second - will get the job. You are required to find 50 bukazoidov escaped android. In this case, the screen will display a subjects search facilities ( datakoder - a rectangular box with a display and keys ) .
Now go to the area and go to the Casino bar «ORION BELT» ( building on the left , the entrance is someone like Neptune ) . Inside the huge number of different alien creatures dazzled , but do not ignore them. Go right to the end and using an elevator up to the second floor . In the left corner to see suspicious company , sipping something obviously ill with a hose connected to a tap on the table. Show them your phony identity , and since it had previously belonged to the police , after a slight panic whole party is teleported to an unknown destination .
Inspect the premises abandoned illegitimacy opponent - take the remaining hoses, untangle them (HANDS on-line objects in the screen ) and move the container with liquid nitrogen ( this seems to be a local drug) from under the table to the right, into a dark corner to vent . When you click on the container cursor HANDS, he (that is , the cursor ) will acquire the appropriate form of the command ( the container). Then, having such a cursor on the vent, you will get Roger drag a box there. Now go down back to the first floor and try to open the door to the right of the lift - it will only kick in the fourth (used FEET).
Well, well , hiding in the basement of an escaped android . Beware, it could easily kill Roger , if you long to stand and look at it. Just grab the floor ( the stairs ) piece of pipe and runs back to the bar . When he returned, so to speak, to " people" go to the front , followed by command of four arms and brown , the bartender . Show him your fake ID , and because he respects the police , it will prompt you to choose from a list of possible cocktails. Book «SPECIAL». Now, when the bartender is busy , go behind the counter , open the mini fridge and take it out of the cradle of ice. Right from the refrigerator are four vertical pipes , each of which has a small round knob . Twist the third left ( Roger nothing should result ) and then break the pipe in this control (use HANDS). Now look to the left - between the entrance and bar, in the back of the room , hanging a bit lamp , casting down a vertical strip of bluish light. To the left of this band can be seen round hole ( the same right , do not mix) . Connect it and just using the broken pipe taken from crooks hoses ( remember that they must be disentangled ) . Quickly climb up again to the second floor and activate the container with nitrogen ( click on it HANDS). Evaporating liquid nitrogen will flow into the ventilation system. Quickly go down , go to the basement and see a wonderful picture - frozen alive android. But do not rejoice prematurely - Androids by nature very tenacious , and if you do not hurry up , your " buddy " thaw and Roger will turn inside out. To avoid becoming a victim of violence , hit the frozen reptile pipe fragment and collect its fragments using a broom and dustpan (these tools Roger had before teleporting to the planet ) . Now you only have to pass the collected pieces of ice scoop in the cradle of the ice ( in screen objects ) and can leave the bar with a clear conscience and a proud sense of duty .
As they say, the catcher and the animal runs - when you get out , and hunter androids right there. Come closer , give him pieces of the android and get their money bukazoidov 50 . Also gets you free datakoder . As for the fan rake up the fire by other hands he seemed large no luck - any android , only one known to him ( probably a special humanoid ) defroze way and after a brief showdown again escaped. However, you have it in no way affected. Wilco has done his job , Wilco can go.
However, as times go , then do not . There, on the Place du Casino , just to the right is a video arcade «ARCADE» - it's time to visit it. Once you enter inside, right at the entrance to see a arcade machine , and next to it - black alien. Talk to him and he will offer to play a great game «STOOGE FIGHTER III» - agree (LET'S RUMBLE!). Choose your fighter and go! Using the trackpad ( on the screen ) , you can move right, left and squat . Buttons A, B, C, allow to apply different strokes . But whatever you are doing now , losing is inevitable anyway - apparently , the enemy knows a secret . Discard the match - Revan -sha (NOT NOW, THANKS) and go to the area of Teleportation . On the right side of the street leading up, there is a door with a sign above her burning OPEN. Go to it - you'll find yourself in a liquor store . Apparently, his master greatly feared bandits force field and a pair of homing lasers - corroborated by . But you're not going to rob him , just buy a bottle of hellish mixture called brandy ( the old man will submit a handful bukazoidov available ) , and for the twenty get what you need .
Leave the store and see the area on a new character - an alcoholic in terrible condition , not long ago freshen the nip and utterly frustrated . Talk to him, would be dismissed from the drunkard hall of arcade machines mechanic. For a bottle of alcohol he is ready to talk about the secret code for the game «STOOGE FIGHTER III *. God is with her , with the twenty , give the sufferer just purchased brandy and receive in return a piece of code (A B B A C A C A) and fish, which, as it turned out, was in the bottle. Go back to the video arcade and call your recent offender to a new duel (now Roger bolder and bet 300 bukazoidov that win ) . At that moment , when you choose a fighter ( in this mode until you press the desired nominee ! ), Enter the secret code using the buttons strikes. If you do everything correctly, the additional button with which you can easily win both rounds . Due to the above actions , Roger will be richer by 300 bukazoid .
Roger abduction
Now go to the square of Uranus and move to the left until it stops. As a result, Roger gets into a local hotel . It would be nice to relax a bit - pay porter (gray miracle Yudo , for the same gray bar, right). You'll get a code card room 1220J. To get into it , it is necessary to climb the elevator (HANDS on the scoreboard with arrows on the left of the elevator ) . Once in the hallway , get the desired number ( the last left) and try to open it with the card . That's where the fun begins - come out of the elevator , two thugs ... And Roger wakes up in a room hung with posters flashy without their belongings , handcuffed and guarded by two monsters .
One of the guards key hung on a pole standing in the lower right corner . Crawl to him (FEET) and try to remove the (now HANDS). It did not happen quietly , lilac bully noticed it and took the key itself . But on the pole was a nail and its something you can really take (also HANDS). Open nail handcuffs, and Roger is free ( to some extent ) . Until the guard strongly attracted computer , it is necessary to think of something . Tear down the wall poster depicting PELVIS'a ( twice HANDS - remove the third time - to raise ) , put a poster on the floor ( between the guard and TV ) and get Roger to dance on it (HANDS already lying on the poster) . As a result, Roger static electricity and clicking using HANDS on the plate in the neck guard, you can breathe easy - the more he will not interfere . Search the corpse to take magnetic card - the key to the door. On the table to the right , on the red book , is your datakoder , take it. Further to the right , with kuboobraznogo device with the green light , take some chip with a sign BURLESQUE.
Insert the card into the slot , the door opens , and - forward into new dangers ! Roger was in some kind of control room , sitting here your second kidnapper - a real mountain of pink meat . Aggressive actions it is not taking ( too carried away computers) . Look for something that it does not encroach on your health in the future. Underfoot guard stands cardboard box - search me and take her Yeshe single chip with a sign CHURLISH. Apparently, using such chips and programmed behavior of these monsters. Remove the chip CHURLISH ( roughness ) corresponding plate (HANDS on her image in the screen objects ) and attach it to the chip BURLESQUE ( burlesque ) . Now give this creature guard. Apparently, he is always happy to insult someone and readily inserts chip where necessary. It worked! After a little strip tease , the guard removed , abandoning on the floor and clothes, and a belt with the controls .
Take Time (yellow square underfoot Roger ) , look at it (use a screen HANDS items ) switch and remove the force field ( gray) and transmitter ( salad green ) . Inspection terminated by pressing EXIT under pictures belt. Use the power switch of the field ( in the screen objects ) , and bluish force barrier to leave the control room disappears . But with a radio problem - does not work and that's it . Have to find another way. Look at datakoder (HANDS on his screen objects ), press OPEN / CLOSE, and it will open . Inside you'll see five blocks , each of which has a circuit board , chip itself and five relevant to this unit switches 1RK. Chips are removed from the board , and the board pulled out of datakodera . Temporarily remove all this and fold on the black box to the right datakodera . After that, put it all back in the following order :
block  fee  chip  IRK
A       RF   Spn   9
B       TT   Den   7
C       PS   Fer    1
D       FC   Rep   5
E       SE   Dim   3
Close datakoder ( again , press OPEN / CLOSE) , and turn it on (the button POWER). If done correctly , the indicator lights inscription ; HOMING BEACON ( beacon ) and fly a rescue ship that will take Roger out of this dangerous place . A second before the teleportation - stripper guard Roger manages to throw his fish (apparently from her is not so easy to get rid of ) .
Again on board «DeepShip 86 "
And what do we see ? Roger saved a girl named Stellar . Knotted " small talk " and , in general, pretty enough girl even more tired. Though Roger seems to be trying to remain faithful to his previous girlfriend , Beatrice ( the same woman , which we mentioned at the beginning of the story) , but he promises to visit the hospital where he works Stellar , ostensibly to " identify the kidnapper ." And at the same time , Captain «DeepShip 86 " received orders sledovatk planet DELTA BURKSILON V.
Again, no luck ... Once in the hospital , Roger sees that Stellar lies on the survey. Well, have to deal with in something useful. Try using DNA- analyzer ( hanging above the stand with a red cross ) . Large insect , and it is the same Dr. Jebb , prohibits touching the equipment . Talk to him, and he did allow a couple of minutes he borrowed analyzer . Remove the idle radio topknot bandit ( in screen objects.) Put them on a DNA- analyzer . The first press will close up, then put hair on your desktop. Successively press SCAN and IMPRINT DATACARD - this results in the magnetic card you will , which should help to expose the kidnappers.
Middle of the room is a large complex , DNA- Analyzer is only part of it. On the right side of this building is visible to a small door with two rectangular handles. Open it and take the syringe with morphine. In the left part of the room is a teleporter with a remote control . Insert it only just received the card , on-board computer determines the name of the offender COMPOST - NIGEL RANCID. And here is the finished Stellar procedure. They Roger exchanged views on the incident, and at this time the captain announces that you have arrived to the planet DELTA BURKSILON V. Well, everyone know their place - Roger has to go to his cabin .
Caught in the native walls , turn around and back on COMPOST. On the screen you will see the captain, and Roger will get the order to arrive at the transport department. To do this, select INTRASHIP TRANSPORT ( movement of the ship ) and with the number keys and the ENTER key to select your destination - TRANSPORTER, MORE position serves to switch between the two available COMPOST electronic pages destinations. Again by pressing ENTER and confirming that the need to transport (CONFIRM TRANSPORT), you finally move to the right place . ( In the future, this whole sequence of actions will be called simply teleported tatsiey . )
The transport department Roger again fell into the hands of the robot hal - turschika , and this time transporting the planet ended with the fall of two meters . From Captain Roger learns about the content of his job - pribgg the apartment of an elderly lady Sharpay to help her a little bit at home.
While in the elevator , turn the control panel and click QUARTERS ( exit left ) . The room looks more like a grandmother hospital than a dwelling - apparently health grandmother Sharpay really bad, but Roger is willing to do whatever she asks . The first thing , of course , wash using standing immediately mop the floor. The second request grandmother less pleasant - should wash toilet (HANDS directly on the toilet ) . At the same time it becomes apparent that Grandma 's up to no good . Third her request - immediately bring medicine from the cabinet over the sink . Roger is not a doctor, and while he thinks it is necessary to take Sharpay implementing its sinister plan - something she presses , and from the vent starts to go poison gas . At the same time she was also freezes without moving.
A little more - and Roger end , it is necessary to come up with something fast . Under the bed is visible hydraulic cylinder - tear off his old lady he was certainly no longer need . With this piston try to open the elevator door . Maybe Roger and could not be saved , if not for the timely intervention of Stellar - she pushed your hero in the elevator, but she was left with the door. From the sound of the explosion and shock- building can definitely assume that brave girl died ...
Roger despair no boundaries. On board «DeepShip 86 " Stellar organized funeral , and the only thing now Roger can do for her is to read the eulogy (located in the screen objects ) and to say a final farewell ...
Hijacking a space shuttle
The funeral was holographic. When they ran out, everything disappeared , and Roger was left alone in a huge empty hall . All that is - only the terminal COMPOST and right, any other screen . Turn it on ( button ON), enter the code 5551212 , and then press ENTER. Earn holographic device , and Roger will get a lesson on one of the most popular methods for cutting down the enemy. Well, perhaps it is useful in order to avenge the death of Stellar . Now with the help COMPOST teleport cabin Roger (ROGER'S QUARTERS). Turn again COMPOST, - and what Roger sees ? To him with a request for salvation turns ... Stellar itself . So she's not dead ! But you can not know the details , since the transfer immediately dropped. It is urgent to tell what happened to the captain.
Teleport to the bridge (BRIDGE). However, the conversation with the captain does nothing - the boss will not believe a single word of Roger and refuses to turn the ship back to DELTA BURKSILON V, to rescue from the clutches of Stellar Charlene . But Roger is resolute and decides to come back no matter what, even if I have to steal the space shuttle from the mother ship. That he immediately makes ...
From COMPOST teleport to the entrance into the bay of the space shuttle (SHUTTLE BUY ENTRANCE). There are two guards - one huge , like a rock , and the other - the normal size. Naturally, you should first try to deal with a smaller opponent . Apply it learned earlier reception (HANDS on guard ) . No luck , though not bully seems burdened intellect , but to understand what is going on the attack , he could, and Roger thundered in the ship's jail. Thank God it came to feed . When will it be possible to bring all the food with a movable table (probably after his second -in camera ) . Roger appeared a brilliant plan - need to build all of the food brought him food your copy . Maybe slonoobrazny jailer did not really notice the difference ?
So, connect the products in the following order ( screen items if you feel that some parts are missing , use the arrows at the edge of the field to enumerate all the available inventory )
- Connect two similar boats , and two fruit -like kebab sticks with colored balls ;
- Add to him a meal , something similar to the accordion ;
- Connect to the planned housing two loaves ;
- Add two brown ball ;
- Attach a head watermelon ;
- Finished composition by adding spaghetti simulate hair. Here's a fun cooking ...
Now wait for the arrival of the next truck , put the doll on the bed and climb up into the truck itself . Covered with cloth hanging , Roger freely leave the camera. Once free , teleport to the recreation area (8 -REAR). Do not attempt to open a second chamber , nearly invisible monster eats just Roger. In the recreation area , on the left , with the neighbor table, sits Milyaga android . Why did he Milyaga you understand by talking to him - at the request of Roger give a hand and eye , he answers consent ( probably acts first law of robotics ) . By the way , just need to talk with the android three times , and do not forget to take a treasured hand on the table .
After that teleport back into the bay of the space shuttle (SHUTTLE BUY ENTRANCE) to try again to escape. Former security on site . Mindful of past failures , look for a new way to neutralize the enemy. From plentiful feeding remained in jail chocolate bun ( by type thugs immediately clear that he is not a fool snack ) . But first, a little modify bun - upload the contents of the syringe , taken in the ship's hospital ( in screen objects.) After that, hide in a niche on the left wall of the compartment and put " otravlyushku " in a large bowl guard. Yeah , the idea should be put to sleep morphine burglar , but instead he became so to say " metamorfirovat " apparently on the syringe label implied that this version of medication effects on a large and healthy body . Go for a walk after such a huge security guard you are no longer a hindrance. It remains only to deal with the small - it is switched off with the same impact as before . While it scours and Roger picks up the key from the space shuttle . To open a steel door leading to the hangar , just press two buttons at the same time : one - hand , inherited from android to another dotyanet Roger himself . Wow ! In the hangar not one but eight pieces " shuttles ". To determine the correct , press a button on the key fob , hanging on the key ( in the screen objects ) - this alarm is disabled and becomes immediately obvious where to go . Now we just open the door , and Roger would be inside the ship .
As befits the pilot sit in the left seat. Now you see the control panel "shuttle". First, press the POWER - it activates the energy system of the ship. The next step is to configure the fuel supply to the engine. Click ICD, - on the central display table will appear with the title: INTERMIX DISPLAY. Set in its position following parameters (sorting options by pressing the red box present in each position): 
Making sure that everything is installed correctly, start the engine starts. To do this, click INITIATION (directly under the button POWER). In order to "shuttle" flying only those who are entitled to it, provides check pilot retina, it is up to you and is currently required. There certainly useful eye android - quickly attach it to the tube with a luminous yellow scanner. If you do not have time to do it in time, engines stall. Then click again INITIATION and be more energetic this time. Since Android was clearly pilot, all restrictions on your fly will be removed. It is true there is no way to start a skirmish motivated dark trupperov of "Star Wars", and one of them throws Roger after all the same ostochertevshie him and you a fish. 
With being already in flight bound Captain Roger - he warns that the space shuttle flies directly to the anomaly that threatens death, and calls for an immediate return to the «DeepShip 86." Naturally, Roger refuses, and also naturally prediction comes true captain - "shuttle" falls into this anomaly and most, though not killed, but breaks down, still frozen in the midst of boundless space. 
Try to fix the ship. Roger handy flashing blue light, pressing it will cause holographic navigator. It will report that damaged divalium crystal, the main part of the ship, and stop the engine. If it does fix crystal, the probability will restart the engines, but only from an external source. Open the glove compartment under the center of the screen and take a glue ELMO'S GLUZALL, hand pump and a roller tape. To open the trunk and hood of the space shuttle, and then respectively TRUNK HOOD. Now you can leave until the pilot's seat (pressing EXIT). On the right wall of the central part of the "shuttle" see the outlines of the rectangular door (size of a human) and, more to the right, three square doors. Open the middle of them. In the niche of a greenish color flashes desired divalium crystal. Look at the screen objects - you still remained datakoder, and served as the beacon, after which he seems to have burned out. But no worries, open it and remove the small green crystal in the left bottom. Perhaps this crystal can replace part of a large breakaway crystal. Chop divalium crystal glue ELMO'S and well as having poured glue taken crystal (objects in the screen), connect them together. Hopefully, this design will work. 
Now it's time to start engines. On the pilot's seat has a pocket, and it is some piece of paper, take it. It shows how, in the engine are designated + and - terminals. Remember this game and record in this place. If, however, forget what's what, look at this piece of paper (with the inscription: RECALL) to screen objects (though there'll be less clearly). Open the door to the left of the niche with the crystal. Behind it is a space suit and helmet, take them. Put the first suit, helmet and then (take a screen objects and click on Roger). Now exit through the gate on the left side of the open space. 
In the open trunk, take a pair of wires for the ignition and a large banner reading: HELP! ("Help!") Attach it to the top of the space shuttle. If something is very, very long time to wait, it will happen - here and now Roger Failed to wait for a passing ship. His pilot was a woman and flirting with Roger, she is happy to help him. Cables connected to her ship, now your turn. Red cable is connected to the correct terminal and blue + ---- a bit of excitement and the engine starts! Pretty woman 
hurry and accept my thanks Roger flies (but not for nothing they say that the good never go unnoticed - the gateway of her vehicle crept something very much like "Alien"). And you have only to pull the abandoned dark trupperom fish from the left engine and can go back on board the shuttle. Once inside, sit in the pilot's seat and press INITIATION, the space shuttle will head to DELTA BURKS I LON V, the flight will take place with no surprises and the ship will dock with the complex, which is somewhere in the depths of which lost Stellar.
Searches cyber helmet 
Now you can leave the shuttle and without a spacesuit. Roger will be in the familiar elevator. Select this time floor called LAB A (exit left). The laboratory scientist Roger sees docking torus from the hospital ship, which considers crazy and suspected of involvement in the abduction of Stellar. All questions to answer this egghead refuses and leaves the laboratory. It is available here, you can connect your computer only with the help of cyber helmet. There is one on POLYSORBATE LX, it is necessary only to find on his exchange. 
To the left of the chair he was sitting on the doctor has a box that says: HI-TECH STUFF, open it and take a chip called CALLAHAN (red part in the middle of the box). More in this lab is currently doing nothing, uhodate (door open button to the right) and go back to the ship (floor DOCKING BAY, exit to the left). 
Once Roger is in the pilot's seat, shuttle undocks automatically and goes into orbit around the DELTA BURKSILON V. Pseudo-navigator tells Roger that it is possible to return to POLYSORBATE LX system using PTS. Turn it on the appropriate button on the console. Now double click on the fire on the red button terminal PTS (in the center of the cabin, near the retinal scanner) and take two slides. Next, be very careful! Each slide consists of positive and negative, separate them (in screen objects.) For orientation - positive is perforated film - no. PTS system scanner is over the button run this system and lights dimmed, put it on the positive and negative of the first slide of the second. It remains only to press the start button and the engine INITIATION select the desired planet. 
Arriving at your destination, talk to the holo-navigator and ask him to teleport Roger on the planet's surface (BEAM ME DOWN, MANNY). Before teleportation Wilco receive the signal transmitter, which will help him return to "shuttle". As usual on POLYSORBATE LX, after teleporting Roger turns on the very same area of ​​teleportation, which should be familiar to you already. Go left to the square of Uranus and go to the shop called «IMPLANTS N STUFF». Color steel boss is very interested in the proposed chip CALLAHAN and agree to exchange her cyber helmet. 
Now, when your helmet, return to the area and Teleportation by clicking on the signal transmitter (in screen objects), Roger will once again be in the space shuttle. Back to DELTA BURKSILON V and the laboratory LAB A - simply a matter of technique. In the laboratory, do not pay attention to the doctor, sit in a chair in front of the computer and turn it on (the button POWER). After selecting the item in the menu that appears CYBERFUNCTIONS, connect the helmet to the nest CYBERJACK, and Roger would be in virtual space.

Game Controls

Occupies most of the screen playing field , which depicts himself Roger surrounding his characters and terrain on which the current action games . All game control is done by the five basic commands:
FEET - movement. When you click this option , the cursor takes the form of two feet , and all the movements are carried out by Roger pressing this marker to the location you want . Switching to other screens, input / output capabilities lead to a modification of the cursor in the word EXIT ( however, possible rare exceptions , so that , guided hereinafter );
EYES - watch . Cursor in the form of an eye . As used herein , except in one case , it is not mentioned . English connoisseurs can explore on their own whatever they want , and get the proper help on this . And for those who does not speak the language , especially to anything and not have to look closely - everything you need and so you will find a description ;
HANDS - do. Cursor in the form of the hand . This command are carried out almost all the actions in the game ( possible exceptions will be marked separately);
MOUTH - talk . Cursor in the shape of lips. With the help of Roger communicates as necessary with all the characters in the game ;
POCKETS - Roger pocket in which it is collected during the game items . Clicking on this option calls up the objects representing a field in which there are direct images of all existing things , and the arrow keys to move screen objects up / down ( in the case if all the items are not placed directly on one field ) . In addition, you get access to five internal commands :
- CHOOSE - in this mode, pressing the object allocates it for use ; while it appears in the object located in the lower right corner of the game screen. The cursor changes to an approximate picture of the subject , and this thing it can be used in the right place in the course of a scene ;
- EYES - look at the thing - in fact , get some information about it ;
- HANDS - make the selected object a certain action , but only if it is possible ( such cases are noted in the description );
- HELP - Help on using window objects;
- PLAY - return to the game screen .
Above cursors resemble a triangle top corner which serves to guide the team on the playing field . Any action by pressing the left mouse button. All five major commands, you can quickly look through at a time, pressing the right key. In the depression of one of the selected objects on the other things leads to their connection , but only when it is in principle possible. Big rectangular box located at the bottom left of the game screen is used to display captions when talking characters.
In addition, there are two additional options :
HELP - Help management game ;
CONTROL - game settings menu consisting of five tuning positions governing numerical scale from 0 to 99 :
- SPEED - speed of the game ;
- DETAIL - the level of detail ;
- SOUND - sound volume ;
- MUSIC - music volume ;
- TEXT - output speed test titles.
In addition there are the following commands ;
SAVE - save the current state of the game ;
LOAD - to restore a previously recorded game;
ABOUT - Part -room version of the game ;
HELP - Part game settings menu ;
SPEECH - enable / disable sound acknowledgments ;
TEXT - enable / disable text captions ;
SCROLL - enable / disable scrolling ( screen moves smoothly or overnight );
QUIT - quit the game ;
PLAY - back in the game.