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Sam & Max: Hit the Road (DOS)

Sam and Max Hit the Road gameplay
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and Select
Narrative: Comedy, Detective / Mystery
Published by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Developed by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

Click "Push Me" button in the middle of the screen.
"Sam and Max ..." without exaggeration, be called a phenomenon in the genre of "quest". Cartoon graphics in the style of "animated comic" different rare expressiveness and charm, the main characters only cute. The special charm of the game adds a few black and grim humor, but to fully appreciate it can only expert in the English language.
The main characters of the game, Sam and Max - a couple of private detectives "civilian police", they are investigating the abduction of a snow man out of the panopticon. Once these two were the most popular American comic book characters. Phlegmatic and good natured character of Sam's dog is very different from the unbridled temper and violent bloodthirsty rabbit Max, adoring, in his own words, "violence" * but together they complement each other - usually Sam "brains" and Max takes all the dirty work.
Control of the game implemented with a mouse, the cursor it looks different, it depends on the kind of the currently selected action. The command to perform this action is given by pressing the left mouse button.
There are five basic steps, search them by pressing the right mouse button:
- See (the mouse cursor in the form of the eye).
- Talk to (the mouse cursor in the form of the mouth).
- Take (the mouse cursor to the empty hand).
- Use (the mouse cursor to a hand with a rattle).
- To go (the mouse cursor to a hand with two fingers down).
Press both mouse buttons is rarely used, it allows you to back out of close-up mode "examining" anything to a normal game.
In the lower left corner of the box is drawn, it is - symbol of your property. When you press the left mouse button on a box appears on the screen a list of all your objects and actions.
To dispose of the actions of the rabbit Max, to make the mouse cursor appearance of the head of Max, for this you can "take" Max on the game screen, or call up a list of property and select the image of Max there.
Interesting feature of the game characters talk to each other. When Sam picks a conversation with someone at the bottom of the screen displays a list of topics selected by mouse click.
Four themes are always present:
Sam & Max: Hit the Road DOS
question mark - ask a question.
exclamation mark - make a categorical statement.
duck - blurt out a deliberate stupidity.
hand with a red spot - to end the conversation.
In addition, the list of those shows images of objects or persons whom you wish to speak, select the desired image of your topics, and Sam clothe your desire into concrete words. Typically, this list appears after Sam wants about anything ask your interlocutor.
By moving the mouse cursor across the screen, he can change his appearance: opening or closing the eye, the hand with a rattle is compressed or decompressed, etc. This happens at the places where there are objects or items of significance to the plot. For example, opened his mouth says that at the moment you point to something that you can talk to.
When Sam decides to use his car in front of you there is an image map of the USA with the conventional signs of places you can go. New characters appear on the map as far as the investigation progresses. In the lower left corner there is a sign to the road, and if you go there, you will be able to get away and play some simple dynamic game. To pass the main game any value it has.
Talking about management, it is worth mentioning the key F1: pressing it causes the main menu. Here you can save your current game, load a previously saved or exit to DOS.
In the game there are a lot of funny moments, optional for its passage. Should not be limited to the minimum action - experimenting with everything that catches your eye, and enjoy the game only increase.
At the headquarters of Sam and Max's phone rings, which is where it all begins further adventures - a freak show some strange events occur. Two of the detectives assigned to investigate the case and to begin to get an official order from the courier waiting at the bottom.


Start with a careful study apartment. In a mouse hole hidden money "for a rainy day", take them. In the room on the right take the bulb from the lamp.
Get out of the house. Stripped cat crazy kind of - this is the courier. Unfortunately, in his excitement he had swallowed the order received, and you have to remove the paper from the cat's throat. Incited by Max the cat, rabbit dashing literally will turn the inside out and the cat would get the order. Get in the car and go to the freak show.
At the entrance to the freak show you will meet two nefarious types - these are your main opponents in the game, the torturer of animals and the singer of "country" Conroy Bumpus, and his bodyguard Lee Harvey. In the future, you will have no time to meet with them.
To fire-breathing mustachioed guard missed you the owner of the panopticon, you have to give him an order on the investigation. He will let you into the tent to a Siamese twin brothers Cushman. Talk to them, it appears, from the panopticon missing snowman Bruno, besides, he kidnapped a girl, giraffe Trixie. Cushman brothers have to issue you a ticket for free use of the attractions. In the tent, pick up the piece of evidence - a tuft of wool snowman out of the puddle and get a jar of severed hand of the famous criminal Jesse James.
Go out and find a freak show attraction prize "Wak-A-Rat". You need as agile peel rats on the head with a mallet. Some work to knock at least 20 rats in the 40 - and you win a prize, without a flashlight bulb, insert the bulb out of your apartment. Right next to the rat attraction, in the same tent, is a lens on a stand, take it.
Here nearby attraction is a rotating cone. Talk to the technician sitting and persuade him to run a cone. While Sam and Max will spin out of their pockets will take off all of the items, but it's not terrible. After spinning on the cone look at your property and make sure that loss. Talk to the technician and ask him a receipt for the return of a lost, go with the receipt of the tent by finding lost items (located to the right of the fire-breathing caretaker). There you will not only get your property, but also in error will be given by someone lost a magnet. Look at the magnet - you'll learn a new place on the map, "Fish World".
Get in your car and visit the eatery "Snuckey". In the eatery you must do several things:
- Pick up lying on the ground at the entrance of the cardboard cup.
- Buy a box of candy with nuts, "pecans", and for that, take the box, talk with the seller and pay with their own money.
- Give seller a jar of jam severed hand. An experienced salesman pulls his hand out of the jar and give it to you.
Besides nut candies, you can buy the game of "naval battle" (instead of just the ships there avtomobilchiki) and a coloring book with pictures of the adventures of Sam and Max. No practical value, these things do not have, except for entertainment.
Please note that Max, getting into the diner, begins to ask the toilet, and the seller at the request of Sam gives him a key attached to it with a big file. Follow Max on the street and talk to him, as a result of your property should be a big file.
Go back to the freak show and go to the "Tunnel of Love" to the left of the main tent. Despite the enticing title, in the "Tunnel of Love" is nothing special - there are wax figures. Sit in a wooden swan at the entrance and turn on the flashlight inside the "Tunnel". Carefully drive the beam on the wall and find the button bar. When the swan will swim next to the buttons on the panel, use the Max. Swan stops and brave detectives will go to the wax figures.
Sam has to pull his beard wax figure, hidden lever will activate the ax falling and ... in the wall to open a secret door. Go inside and talk to the mole Douglas. Douglas agrees to give you the key to furgonchika Trixie, if you bring him the nut candies. Give him the candy and take away the key (it is normal crowbar). Douglas also tell you the story of a joint flight Bruno and Trixie of the panopticon, and tells of his uncle, the builder of the restaurant "Tangle" - on the map will have a new place that you can visit.
To get out of the "Tunnel of Love" switch located on the wall in the room Douglas switch. Go to the van and unpack the crowbar lock. Inside you will find in the cupboard membership card golf club. Look at it and you will be able in the future to visit a new place on the map - the club "Alligator golf." In the blue box on the floor is a suit, open the box and take it.
Visit the "Fish World". Skinny loser-angler on the bank can not catch fish, all his catch off into the sky by helicopter from the restaurant "Tangle", which is famous for fish dishes. But to deal with problems fisherman once detectives, and they leave with a whole bucket of fish that stood at the well.
The club "Alligator Golf" you have to take out trash can near the shop owner dodge out of the water to retrieve the fallen balls. If you attach it to a severed hand, you get a sliding universal hvatalka. Go deep into the golf course. The unequal battle with Sam and Max bodyguard Conroy Bumpus completed temporary defeat, and Max zashvyrivayut the middle of a pond with alligators. Sam wakes up and is taken to save another, for he takes a bucket of balls and put in his place a bucket of fish. Slashing it should throw the fish into the lake so that the alligators swam from place to place. All these operations must form a living bridge of alligators from the shore to the point of imprisonment Max.
Sam frees imprisoned in a box of Max, opening the door upstairs and rescued Max gives him a lock of hair of Bigfoot, who used to sit in the booth. Following that Sam will be able to open the door and at the bottom, the opaque portion of the booth and take the ball out there, "snowflakes". Ball, unfortunately, empty, and in it do not even have stoppers, but it will give you a new place on the map -'' Mysterious Vortex. "
Go to the restaurant "Tangle" and go to the museum at the foot of a giant coil. Attach a magnet to your "hvatalke" and sun'te resulting structure inside the ball - a magnet coil extract from the bowels of a lost ring. Come out of the museum and on the trailer go up the cable car to the top.
Talk to type in a turban and sunglasses, he entertains different bending of iron willpower. Ask for a sample, and your property is added to the bent wrench. Take the wires off the floor and connect them to the binoculars for viewing the surrounding area, and now will be able to spin glasses. Replace the lens of the binoculars. While watching it you need not, better go to "Fish World".
Wrench, unscrew the plastic cradle the fish in the river. At first, Sam climbs into the fish (for he is simply using fish), and behind it there should follow Max (Max use on the fish).
Angler was not destined to be happy enormous catch - big fish with Sam and Max inside rises to the top of the restaurant, "Ball", under the chef's knife. While the chef delves into the search for a suitable knife, use Max on the free end of the rope, which sticks out of the coil. Friends have to flee from an angry chef, but among your property appears coil of rope.
Go to the "Mysterious Whirlwind." This is a very abnormal place, here reigns the deviation from the norm; particularly impressive flying toilet at the entrance. In the cave go down the hall to the stop and go behind the curtain. So far, you have to take the third tuft of wool snowman.
Near the curtain in the hallway is the door. Remember its color and use the magic mirror in the hallway. Pulling the levers have magnets in Wonderland, you have to set it in that color, and only in this case, the door will open for you.
Behind it you will find Shuv-Oola, mole-mystic. Give him a ring of "tangles" and he will tell you how to proceed. It turns out you have to find a frog's Rock (as well Shuv-Ool indicate between which is located landmarks Rock), put the Rock wool tuft three snowmen and sprinkle magic powder. From him and you get a bag of powder.
Find Frog's Rock you with binoculars on top of the restaurant, "Ball." Turn the binoculars you can left and right mouse buttons. When the field of view will rock you between reported benchmarks, stop the rotation of binoculars. If you do not make a mistake, the map will Frog Rock, and you can go there. Return to normal screen, you can simultaneous pressing both mouse buttons.
As advised Shuv-Ool, put the Rock three tuft of wool and sprinkle the powder. Flew in a "flying saucer" will show you the way to Bampusvillyu, where he lives an evil Conroy Bumpus, and there you go.
In Bampusville to start go to the bathroom down the hall to the left, where Conroy is rehearsing his speech groups with Trixie and Bruno. When Conroy will get tired and go away, the road to the prisoners will block the light beam alarms. Go back one room to the right and take the picture from the wall of the naturalist John Muir. Then go down the hall to the right all the way to the bedroom Conroy. Take a pillow with traces of hair restorer and use hvatalki pull off the shelf over the door of a book - a guide to home care robot (by the way, the brand robot "Macrohard" parodies the famous company name "Microsoft"). Find a home robot and use on it the book, getting to the brain of the robot, Sam must include all cables. The robot will call the protected area and result in an alarm, it will distract Lee Harvey on his guard duties. While bodyguard Conroy understands the robot walk into the room on the right side of the hallway, where a helmet mounted alarm control. Sam uses a helmet and ... into a world of "virtual reality". He must pull out the jammed stone's sword and killed the dragon dwelling in the cave, and from the dragon's heart, he obtains the key to the alarm system.
Lee Harvey too late Sam and Max kicks out of his room, it's already done ^. Go to the room where the sitting Bruno and Trixie, and turn off the alarm on the key rack on the right. Bruno thankful for salvation, but to return to the freak show is clearly not going to - he prefers to visit the gathering of snow people in the hotel "Wild Jungle"! Following him will go there, Sam and Max.
Log in to the hotel, where the rally (the entrance is located behind the car of our detectives.) Unfortunately, the rally allowed only yetis. Give yeti input file. Combing heels bring him in good humor, but it's not enough to get inside. Talk to the innkeeper, as a result of a call to beg her set of promotional brochures. Look at the brochure, it will give you two new places on the map.
To get started, visit the exhibition vegetable-portraits. Give the old lady a portrait of John Muir, and it promises to make a vegetable in the near future. Take a pumpkin-head Conroy Bumpus on the bench on the right. Get in the car again and Karlovy Vary in Bampusvill. In the rightmost room, use this pumpkin on the wig Conroy, replacement will not be held for you for free, but at least the wig stays with you. Go back to the exhibition of vegetables and request a pumpkin portrait of Muir as it is ready.
In another place of advertising brochures * amusement park - go to the site with the dinosaurs. Click on the button at the T. rex, as he tells us about himself, again press the same button. To turn off the dinosaurs so that its lower jaw dropped, then Sam will be able to throw a rope to the jaw. Tie the other end of the rope to the Max - as a result you get a dinosaur tooth! As for the mammoth, it is enough to use it with Max to score a mammoth fur.
Go into the park, the swimming pool with the resin. Conversations with ill-mannered child queue is useless, all equal to the attraction queue is not empty, it is better to go up the elevator. Prepare for the jump: Put on your paper cup sliding hvatalku. Use a screen to put a snap to jump, then use hanging on a hook elastic cord. While Sam and Max are hanging over the pool to the resin, use hvatalku with the cup on the resin. When they will again be at the top, again, use a screen for changing clothes and come down. Everything is ready to participate in a meeting of snow people.
The hotel "Wild Jungle" use resin on a suit of furgonchika Trixie, and then to stick to the mammoth wool suit and a wig Conroy. Put the resulting shaggy Bigfoot costume (this call will list your property and apply the "use" of the suit). Of course, the snow man at the entrance will notice your cheating, but your file do a good job - you can go inside,
Take a banquet table a bottle of wine and go to the small door to the right of the stage. Take a long, thin knife to ice. Open the door to the back of the room, what a coincidence! Conroy came to hunt for yetis ... While Lee Harvey looking for a network to catch and remove his costume (again, you need to do on the screen with the property!). Conroy decides to change into your robe, until he and Lee Harvey fumble in the refrigerator, use Max on the refrigerator door. In the frozen your opponents well persist for a long time.
For the salvation of yetis old chief rewards of Sam and Max titles of honorary chiefs. He asks to solve the problem, on which many generations of fighting yetis: to unravel the meaning of the four pillars of totems. The leader is waiting for you in your cabin, which can be accessed from the right edge of the screen with pillars, totems. Be persistent, the first time may not turn (walk to the hut on the screen is not visible at all).
Take your time to the leader, things are not finished yet. Go to the restaurant "Tangle" and go up to the top. Give a turbaned psychic knife to ice, and he will twist it into a tailspin. Corkscrew you open a bottle of wine and a cork plug the ball, "snowflakes" from "Mystery Vortex."
Go to the "Mysterious Vortex" and the room behind the curtain with a whirlwind visit booth. While around Sam and Max are raging energy fields, use the ball on a box, plugged tube, balloon filled with energy, and the tube will not allow the energy to get out.
Now go to the hotel, the totem poles, and then - in a hut leader.
Give him in turn four items:
Balloon filled with energy.
- Dinosaur tooth.
- A pumpkin portrait of Muir.
- Pillow with remnants of hair restorer.
The case of the missing ends of the panopticon is extremely unexpected, is not it? The Adventures of Sam and Max are finished and we can only hope for a possible way to continue this great game.