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Redneck Rampage (DOS)

Redneck Rampage DOS
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct control
Setting: Contemporary, North America
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Developed by: Xatrix Entertainment
Released: 1997
Platform: DOS
Control Keys Redneck Rampage DOSIn April 1997, there was a game in the genre «3D action» - «Redneck Rampage», made on the basis of the game «Duke Nukem 3D». The game interface is adapted from «Duke Nukem» and novelty is no different, but the main characters , interiors and landscapes certainly will not leave indifferent even seasoned gamers . Beautiful graphics offer your look urban slums , beautiful rural scenery , lots of pets , the interiors of rural houses , the walls are decorated with photos and pictures ...
We call two disadvantages game. First, the demands on computer performance. Secondly, the game is some inherent "wisdom " : the creators clearly overdone , so put away the keys and switches that need to search for them to spend enormous efforts .


This story is similar to hundreds of other stories of the computer world : the insidious aliens come to Earth to carry out their evil intentions to colonize our planet , and the two brave guys from the U.S. state of Arkansas - Leonard and Bubba - have decided to confront them .
Maybe the guys and would not scratch himself , but the aliens have stolen their beloved prize-winning sow Betsy , and that's no joke. Let Leonard and Bubba - "village" , but to experience the " redneck rage " (that's translated name of the game ), we would not wish anyone. Shouldered a crowbar and capturing the gun , Leonard walks on the occupied arkanzasschine , drinking whiskey, a snack pies with meat and crushes enemies along the way ...
 Bubba ? A moron Bubba looking for a way to sow .


  • Scrap ( 1). This is the heart of the native Russian cannon , unfortunately, can only be used for hacking grids and killing. The doors can not be .
  • Revolver is activated key 2, and shotgun - 3. A shotgun , if you wish , you can kill any animals at close range .
  • Automatic ( 4). The main problem for the fans with the power to pull the trigger - returns as a result of which you will for the most part did not shoot at the enemy , and in the sky . So shoot a very short bursts.
  • Dynamite (5 ) - a great tool not only to blow up the wall , but for murder. If you have a desire to pozverstvovat - throw dynamite at enemies . Just do not forget to go away .
  • Crossbow (6 ) - is, in fact, just a children's bow , which is inserted in place of the boom dynamite . It turns out that very long-range weapons with high destructive power . Fit and in order to blow up the wall.
  • Saw ( 7) saws and shoots iron discs . Keep in mind that if the drive will come up against something hard , he can fly off to you.
  • Hand stranger ( 8) shoots a bit of a plasma. Inconvenient and practically useless.
  • In order to take advantage of a barrel of gunpowder ( 9) , throw it in the midst of enemies , run back out and pal'nite on it. You will hear a massive explosion . Bowl for bowling (also 9 ), you actually do not need to go on one of the levels you will be able to play them .
  • Shooting chest (0 ) apply extraterrestrial , producing very fast turns. This weapon will give you a more difficult level. Shooting chest are most effective for killing their owners - female aliens.


Inventory of the game does not need a detailed description , because it is very simple : a bottle of whiskey , beer in cans (one or ligaments ) , the accelerator (the bottle with the inscription «XXX Moonshine»), with beef patties . Helmet with a pipe , more like a tin can of interesting designs , this game is scuba ( automatically under water) . Waders (at resemble overalls or trousers sets of chemical protection ) are necessary for the rapid movement of the mud ( automatically included when walking through the mud ) .


  • Main characters: Leonard ( you) - a simple farmer , who got aliens with their antics. Taking improvised weapons ( crowbar and revolver ) , Leonard went to war. When you have tight, Leonard is not averse to recuperate cheap whiskey . Remember that excessive drinking and overeating can lead to trouble. For two sensors in the right corner of the screen to check the contents of alcohol and food in your body.
  • Buba - " guiding star " Leonard . Leonard miserable jerk need to show the way to the next level . Usually he shouts : «Hi, lady. I'm here ». Do not try to kill him, but for educational purposes crowbar tap once to avoid this nonsense . If, however, you will certainly want to know what happens when you kill Bubu , we strongly advise you to "save" before this brutal action.

Enemies of the main characters

In this game you have to fight not only the newcomers and the people working on them, but also with representatives of the Wild: with mosquitoes , dogs and even with pigs (if you , God forbid , get into any of them). Everything in this world is hostile to you, animals, humans , aliens , tornados ... Even the doors in homes and strive to pin the death. Always be on the alert , the enemy does not sleep!
Most of the enemies is able to see or even just hear you and come closer . So do not be surprised if in a quiet street , just where there was no one will be a pack of dogs or a bunch of farmers. Do not even try to run away from aliens , demons and other nasties : still overtake . Often, only the ability to quickly use the keyboard or a joystick can save you from death.
  • Police - small frail peasants - are not able to cause any harm . To cope with them is not difficult.
  • Farmers are best to destroy the shots at close range with a shotgun . Usually, it works perfectly . Sometimes turn out to be effective and frequent shots from a revolver .
  • Mosquitoes - harmful creatures and surprisingly large . In order not to waste ammunition in vain , better aim .
  • Dogs are vicious and mobile. They are able to quickly deal with you , so take away or somewhere where you will not get , or flee , firing on the move. As a rule of good weapons they can kill if to aim properly.
  • Devils - also very mobile guys. They live mostly in the water and wetlands . To kill the devil as soon as possible , lower the barrel lower. In areas with large concentrations of imps better use of dynamite - and enjoy the spectacle of flying in all directions, eye and feet .
  • Sheriffs shot revolvers with two hands , and this dangerous. Try to get to them first, and then they are alive riddled with you. Against the sheriffs use a good weapon .
  • Female aliens - the mysterious creatures . They tout your sweet voice to brutally kill firing breasts. Very dangerous and trudnoubivaemy . Be careful in dealing with them . In one place for a long time do not delay . Run, shoot bursts, in short, do everything that they have not got - then you still have a chance to deal with them first. Keep in mind that women have a habit of disappearing , then appearing in the most unexpected places.
  • The aliens - big and clumsy , but they have a pretty powerful weapon that kills almost instantly. This - shooting hand . More aliens scatter around mines. When a certain percentage of agility and courage they can kill even at close range with a shotgun . But then do not forget to blow them up with dynamite : aliens have a habit to come to life at the most inopportune moment. Come to the place where you blew up a stranger, and take away the shooting hand , it still is useful.
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