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Police Quest 4 (DOS)

Daryl F. Gates Police Quest: Open Season
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Narrative: Detective / Mystery
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

Police Quest - one of the famous series of the company "Sierra On-line". It is dedicated to the work of American police officers, whose noble motto, as you know - "To protect and serve." In the first part of the series focused not so much on the side of a detective story, but on the daily, routine work of the police. It was not so bad, but still films about the police where the most interesting police work. Creators realized this and made the "Police Quest - 4" in the popular thriller genre, and the theme - maniac-eater - rather, characteristic of a thriller than for ordinary police work. The fourth part of the series, of course, looks the most impressive because of the widespread use of digitized video images - before the image of the hero on the screen was a draw, but not "photographed". Actually, the whole plot of the game is built on digitization. Add to this an exciting detective story, lightweight and easy to use interface - and it becomes clear that this game is worth to do.
The protagonist of "Police Quest - 4" has become a new character - Detective John Carey of the Los Angeles Police Department, Homicide. From his face, and the narrator in the following description of the game.
To control the game uses the mouse. The mouse cursor changes its appearance depending on which function is currently selected: go, look, etc. The left mouse button performs the action with the subject or object on which the cursor is. Pressing the right button loops through all the available features.
When the mouse cursor takes the form of a police car, which means that in these moments you can only watch what is happening, but do not interfere with it.
After starting the game, you get to the start menu, it consists of the following items:
PLAY GAME - start the investigation from the outset.
RESTORE GAME - to restore a previously saved game.
CREDITS - to know the team that created "Police Quest - 4".
INSTRUCTIONS - find out where you can go to if you are having technical problems.
QUIT - exit to DOS.
During the game in the bottom of the screen there is an area with buttons utility functions that you can select with the left mouse button. This area may not always be present on the screen and only appear after you move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen.
This area contains the following function buttons (left to right):
- To go (the mouse cursor to a walking man) - the movement of the detective Cary.
- Watch (the mouse cursor in the form of the eye) - Inspection items and objects on the screen. Sometimes a careful examination of the object leads to what appears on the screen enlarged image of the object with which you can perform various actions
- To act (the mouse cursor to a hand) - This function enables the widest range of activities that depend on the particular object-take, push, pull, etc.
- Talk to (the mouse cursor as a "cloud") - to speak with an animate object. Sometimes in the course of the conversation topic of your next replica to be chosen from a list of topics.
Try to talk through all the issues.
- Apply the selected object (the mouse cursor to a selected object) * is placed in the button image of the selected object, if available, otherwise the button is blank.
Any remaining buttons can be called by the left mouse button, but can not be assigned to the mouse cursor for action on the screen.
Police Quest: Open Season CD- The button to call up your property. In the window you will see the pictures of all of your items and four additional buttons (from left to right):
- Inspect the item.
- Touch the subject.
- Select a subject for its use.
- Close the property.
- Map of the city (IDA). The red dots on the map show the places where detective Carey can go in my car. As the game will appear on the map new places.
- Window system functions and indicators:
SAVE - save the current game.
RESTORE - load a previously saved game.
RESTART - to begin an investigation anew.
QUIT-exit to DOS.
PLAY - continue.
A symbol of the company "Sierra On-Line" - a tedious and unnecessary information about the creators of games and copyright information.
question mark - a certificate of appointment of various indicators and buttons in this window.
SPEED - the speed of the game (it makes sense to reduce it in those moments when you need to quickly and accurately action).
VOLUME - the volume.
DETAIL - a level of graphic detail the status of all of these indicators is regulated by the appropriate buttons with symbols "+" and SCORE - Information on the number of points scored. As you might guess, points are awarded for a correct action, and even then not always.
- A certificate of appointment of the buttons in the bottom pane.
- Mode indicator areas: green light corresponds to a constant finding the area of ​​the screen, and red - the emergence of the field only when the cursor is moved to the bottom of the screen. You can freely use the mouse to switch the mode as you prefer.
And the only advice in the course of the investigation you will often talk to different people. In talking to cycle through all the available themes, without it you can not get your important information and because of this investigation may stall.



At the scene of the crime called me late at night. The shock was great - the corpse of my best friend and colleague Hickman. Recently, Hickman worked in the department CRASH, for operations connected with the implementation of the criminal world. Signs of torture on the body suggests that the killing Hickman could be related to his work.
The first thing I took testimony from two suspicious guys that hanging out at the fence. In general, nothing intelligent to learn from the conversation was not possible, but just in case I made in my notebook notes regarding both.
A detailed survey of all police officers who were present on the spot, too, has given nothing - except that I have received a report of a preliminary examination. The report is useful for further cabinet scribbling.
On the wall I noticed the letters, daubed with red paint. All this looks like a "firm" sign of a local gang, he brought me this information in a notebook and asked to take a picture of Chester forensic inscription.
Upon further inspection of the scene of the crime I decided to look into the dustbin - just in case. Under the cover of the box I found ... body of a boy, riddled with bullets! An hour from bad to worse. It is not clear whether these two murders. I have a notebook he brought information about the discovery and asked Chester to photograph the second corpse.
I opened the trunk of the keys of his car and took his faithful companion - bag with a set of the investigator. I have carefully examined the corpse Hickman, described his view of a notebook and a piece of chalk, taken in the suitcase, marked the butt with traces of lipstick. Then I looked around a chalk outline around the entire body and asked to take photos of Chester.
At this preliminary inspection of the scene ended. There are guys from the morgue and took away the corpses, and I went back to bed.

Day 1, Monday

After a couple of parting words from his superiors I was in his office. A closer examination of the table it was found that there is a note, and the note I am reminded of the examination on the shooting, which will take place on Wednesday at the Police Academy. I rummaged in a drawer. The left box contains a photo with fishing - I Hickman. In the corner of the photos were scribbled phone number and word "GUNNER". I called the number listed, but the chief of CRASH was not there.
In the right box contains the standard form 3/14, which is supposed to fill in the preparation of reports. I moved the contents of records from his notebook and handed the completed report to the partner Hal. He also gave a report I received from the police at night. Conversation with Hal also brought some nuggets of useful information. In the office, there was nothing, and I went out to the elevator.
In the Parker Center in Los Angeles, there are not too many places where it is necessary to ride the elevator. Among them:
foundation - "B" - lab forensics, which employs Chester. Hall - "L" - from here you can go outside to travel around the city.
3rd floor - my own office.
4th floor - Front Desk of evidence,
I went down the hall and went to the investigation, but out of the center I got a surprise in the face of ever-present reporter Christie Bild. Christie bothered me questions as long as I did not come out of themselves and not shoved it aside. I'm afraid that this act somewhat damaged public image of our department.
The first place I visited was the morgue. I showed my local beauty icon Sherry and proceeded to the coroner's office, where Sam Hickman finished the autopsy. I talked with him and learned a lot of details about the results of post-mortem studies.
Then I went to the house Hickman - talk with the family. Hickman's daughter let me in, and I expressed my condolences to his wife Hickman. Unfortunately, from my questions she became hysterical, and I left - but soon came back again. By this time she had calmed down and answered my questions. In particular, I learned that Hickman recently abused sleeping pills - from nervous overloads. Perhaps a sleeping pill was the cause of his death after his body was found no injuries. I'm not too lazy to rummage around in the closet and found in the pocket of a jacket sleeping pills.
Hickman from home I returned to the scene on 77th Street. I went a little deeper into the alley, where the bodies were found. Burned-out house with one remaining wall ... and it is on the wall? A familiar sign! I examined the label - it coincides with the one found at the crime scene. In addition, the wall next to was riddled with bullets. I pulled out of his briefcase a special knife and dug the bullet out of all the holes, then gently loosened them by hand and put in a plastic bag from the same suitcase. All this goes to the examination.
I went back to Parker Center. Of course, I remember that go inside past the guard can only be one who is attached to the clothing business card. I'm on the elevator went down and talked to Chester. She rejected the idea that death is caused by an overdose of sleeping pills Hickman - my hypothesis was incorrect. Chester did not take the bullet, saying that they put first register in the department of physical evidence. I went up to the fourth floor and put a bullet on duty, asked to store them in standard conditions - without refrigeration. The attendant promised to do compiling all the necessary examination papers.
It is time for a little practice before the exams for the shooting. I went to the Police Academy, picked up the form and filled it with 13.5.1, gave the attendant. For a box of ammunition had to pay out of pocket. I got paid cartridges and headphones and went to the right. I put on my headphones and went to the central door. Shooting is known, is simple enough, get a gun and shoot at targets at a time when they become available. The main thing - to aim closer to the center and do not forget that sometimes you have to reload the gun.
Successfully shoot, I again went to the 77th street, but this time went right. The girl who played on the street, I showed my badge and talk to her. It turned out that the sister of the murdered girl * boy. I passed on the right, on the steps of the house where her mother was sitting. I again filed a badge and questioned her.
I went back to my car, and from there it went to the left. In the store I asked the saleswoman, just in case showed her the picture and raised her testimony in a notebook.
In the store I bought an apple and a tube of glue. After all, I remember very well that the remains found in a glue-like eyes of the murdered Hickman.
To the left of the store were two guys. I showed them the badge and talk, at the end of a call asking me to call the department if they remember something important. Then I went back to the place where the street was playing sister killed Bobby, and gave her an apple, then walked to the house. In conversation, she told me a strange thing - as if seen at the crime scene some woman in a red dress. Just in case I carried her words in a notebook, this information may prove useful.
At the morgue, where had to go on, I picked up the envelope with the assets of the two victims. I returned on both envelopes toiletries, Hickman and his wife gave me a bulletproof vest on the memory of her husband.
In the Parker Center I gave Chester sample of glue and went up to my office. There I turned on the computer and put your personal number - 612 (it's written on my icon) and password - "GUNNER", which was recorded for the memory on the pictures. On the main menu screen, there was a police database:
Gang Information - information on criminal groups.
DMV - Information about cars.
Hate Crimes - Information about the offenders.
Log Out - out of the database.
Of course, I chose the first option and was carefully review all the signs of gangs, until he came to the correct me. Yes, it was this picture was found at the crime scene and on the bullet-riddled wall! Information about the band was disappointing - these will not think before you shoot them unnecessary rights. I ended the session on the computer and left the office, and was a bit like back. Just at that moment the phone rang at my desk. I walked over and picked up the phone - called Emmo, one of two teenagers questioned me. He said that he has important information about the murder, and offered to meet on 77th street. I went to a meeting.
However, I was waiting for a big surprise. Emmo, rather than come up to me and fell to the ground and out of the window for me to start shooting. I had to act very quickly. I hid behind my car and put on a bulletproof vest, then made his way to the trunk and opened his keys, unlocked the lock on the "hard drive" and took the weapon. Shoot from the "hard drive" Man, that palil for me out of the window, it was a matter of technique.
And the most annoying thing is that I just cursed! It turned out I tore my intervention surgery department CRASH. It seems that it was necessary to shoot themselves in order not to give anyone trouble. Anyway, the first day of the investigation was over. Later I found out that I was able to solve the murder of a boy Bobby Washington, who paid the price for that would not help the gang. However, this does not relate to the murder of Hickman.

Day 2, Tuesday

The day began with the unpleasant conversation with the boss. The city has found another corpse cop killer and handwriting is the same. I spoke with Hal for the latest news on the case. Then I had to go down the elevator down to the lab, and to ask for his gun * Chester someone wanted to know where he got fired from the last night of the bullet. Chester at the same time I found out the last results of the examination and received an invitation to an evening in a bar.
The corpse was found on the lawn near the mansion rap star Yo Money, and I went there in the first place. At home, I noticed a silhouette, drawn in chalk on the ground, and he brought this information in a notebook. Moving closer to the front door, just in case I looked at a flower bed near the house and found a broken shoe.
I knocked on the door and showed the big man icon-bodyguard, then said that I wanted to talk to the owner of the house. I was led inside. The first thing I noticed - a woman in a red dress who was smoking a cigarette. I remembered the words of Bobby's sister and has decided to take a sample. Opportunity soon turned up - the phone rang, Jo and the woman in the red turned to him, and I instantly grabbed the cigarette from the ashtray. After that, I talked to Jo. Nothing of substance Yo did not say, other than the name of one type of stalking his phone calls - Dennis Walker. This type has already been registered for their case to the police. Jo and I showed a woman in a red shoe found me, but none of them did not recognize her shoe.
I went back to Parker Center, went to the office and reconnect to the database. At this time, I was interested in data about the offenders, specifically - Walker (Walker). I found out where he lived and went there.
She knocked on the door, I showed her a police badge and asked permission to enter. Walker was clearly a fan of Hitler - in the room rattled Nazi marches, all the walls were painted with Nazi symbols. All this noise did not give anything to hear, and I reduced the volume. Walker, however, when I turned away and jumped out of the window, and burst into the room with some girl with a knife. I immediately brought the gun at her and ordered to throw the knife down on the floor and keep your hands behind your back, then handcuffed her.
In my office I came back with the first catch. I had to endure an unpleasant conversation with an irate mother of the murdered police officer Garcia. I filled out the report on Form 3/14 and gave it to Hal, then picked up a box of the new form. In any case, I looked in the computer information about the arrested Wendy James (James) and her daddy Strauss (Strauss). Both were members of the Nazi organization "Aryans for justice." On my desktop, lay another note from the head - I piglashali the funeral Hickman. Unfortunately, the note was too late, and funerals have long been over. At least, it was worth to call his wife Hickman and express their condolences.
Along the way I stopped at the Police Academy and then practice shooting to pass the exam tomorrow fully prepared.
Hickman's wife opened the door, she was in mourning. I walked in, said a few words of comfort and left.
Evening at the bar was hopelessly spoiled the appearance of the chief. He asked me a hefty scolding, threatening official trouble.

Day 3, Wednesday

The day began with bad news about the three new found corpses. It seems that the city opened the hunting season maniac. To start with, I had to go to the podium of the hall, where there was a press conference and hear a lot of words that our police can not protect ... and so on. However, the end of the press conference was more fun: throw at me with a club old friend Walker! I quickly and professionally arrested him.
In the office, I get worn out with Hal, Chester went into the lab and asked questions about the results of the examination.
Then I went to the Police Academy, where safely passed the exam on the shooting. The only thing that was difficult - with the completion of forms. After all, for exam need a form 13.5.0 and 13.5.1 do not!
In the parking lot for cars bezhoznyh I showed the cashier your icon, and talked with him, he told me the "magic words" for the inspection of the car of the deceased Garcia. I went to the parking lot and gave the words a keeper, he dropped me to the car. I have carefully examined the area and noticed a piece of paper between the seats. I took it and read two advertisements - one of the entertainment business, "the girls" and the other - about the cinema 'Third Eye'.
I went to the morgue showed a badge and went to Sam, where we had a long talk about the autopsy of new bodies.
After that it was time to visit the salon mentioned in the advertisement, "Beatty Kitty." On the street was a suspicious-looking fellow, I talked with him, to no avail. I went to the salon and showed the woman at the bar, his badge and a little talk with her. When I went outside, he has tinkered small next to my car! When he saw me, he ran away, but remained lying on the ground broke off a rearview mirror. I picked up a mirror and went to the bar where so badly ended last night. There I picked up a few dried-salted pretzels - a snack with beer.
From the bar I went to the park, there was found the third corpse. Guarding the scene - angry dog. I gave the dog pretzels and she ran away. I went to the scene, looked at it a little closer and dug up the earth. In the land lying bone, very similar to a human. I put the bones in a plastic bag and went to find in Parker Center, the laboratory of Chester. She refused to take my bone and forwarded to Teddy registration department of physical evidence. But Teddy in place was gone.
I went to the morgue, talked to Sam and gave him a bone. In some ways, this is a violation of the rules, but the time is expensive, and it was not until the formalities.
In his office, I drew up a report on a 3/14 on the found kosti.i gave a report to Hal.
Then I went back to the salon, "Beatty Kitty," revealed the girl behind the counter a broken shoe and talked with her. The girl said that a shoe can say anything except that the owner of Salon - Barbie. Finally, our conversation had tired her, and she reached for a cigarette. I took the lighter from the counter and gave her a light and absent-mindedly put the lighter in his pocket.
I came out of the cabin, walked a bit and came back. Behind the counter was already seated herself Barbie. I showed her a badge and a shoe, ask in detail about everything. Alas, she did not recognize her shoe - the size was too large.
I went to the morgue and on the steps of the most watched as reporters attacked Sherry, and she meets them something. I immediately hit the Sherry from reporters, I am afraid, will I again damaged the "publicity" of his department.

Day 4, Thursday

In the morning, I paid a visit to the morgue and talk to Sam about the results of his study of the bone, which I handed to him. At the same time had to be reprimanded for speaking with Sherry reporters.
Abandoned cars in the parking lot again I showed the cashier and learned icon next "magic words." They paved my way past the guards, and I proceeded to inspect the car, where it was found two whole body. This time, criminologists do not have missed, and inside the cabin did not have anything worthy of attention. I looked at the number of the car - E2BSY669. Certainly in the database Parker Center will I know who it belongs to.
So I did - it turned out that the number is registered for the Health Center. I went there. My icon is allowed to speak to the duty, and I questioned her in detail. It turned out the car belonged Luella Parker, who disappeared worker center. Physical description Louella allowed me to assume that it Luella corpse was discovered in the park. I spoke to the duty as long as it did not offer myself look Louella office. In the office, I picked up a cassette tape with recordings of rap music Io Mani and two folders with the latest cases dealt with by the Luella.
Coming out of the office, I again spoke to the duty and showed her the case files. So one folder belonged to Barbie, owner of Salon "Bitty Kitty" and the other - to Mitchell Thurman, who owned the cinema "Third Eye". What mysterious coincidence - these two institutions were mentioned in the clippings found in Garcia's car!
Before going there, I went to 77th street, the place of the first offense, and went to the wall where the bullet picked out. In bags lying around dirty, but strong rope. I took the rope itself.
The first thing I came to see Barbie and talked with her. According to Barbie, inspection Louella was called Barbie maligned ex-husband, whose name she declined to name. I did not push so far and went to the cinema "Third Eye".
I, as usual, showed a badge person in the booth, and he invited me inside. The audience is not there. I walked around the theater and looked into the ladies' room. Oddly enough, there hung ... a red dress. Strange, is not it? Then I asked Thurman long, and on the question of Luella he reacted surprisingly rapidly, even cried. He assured that all of this - the neighbors complain of the fact that he does not feed his dog. Generally Thurman made a strange impression on me - in my opinion, he is not quite normal. When I asked about the dress, he said that this dress belongs to his mother. After the conversation, he gave me a glass of tea and offered to watch a movie. I went into the hall. I do not know why, during a session I fell asleep. Strange - I dreamed of a notorious woman in red. But in my dream, she looked very strange and more like a man in disguise!
I woke up because Thurman was shaking me by the shoulder and was obviously trying to show the door as quickly as possible. I did not pester him with further inquiries and went to the salon "Bitty Kitty" and decided to visit the shop located near the Trade records and cassettes,
I gave the cassette holder of the office Louella. He said that the money for the goods do not come back, but offered to take anything in return. I took showcases a drumstick - I do not know why.
Finally, I again went to the park where the body was found Louella. Imagine, I again saw the dog! What a strange attachment to this place? To get acquainted with the animal, I threw him a rope, but the dog ran away. I ran over there as long as he found himself in a back alley. The dog slipped in the door in the wall and disappeared. I got out of the suitcase crowbar cracked the door in the wall and walked into the dark basement - albeit in the dark crowbar somewhere lost. I turned on the flashlight (same suitcase), fumbled the beam in the dark and found a wooden door locked with a key. I poked with a knife in the handle, which is set lock, opened the door and walked to the stairs. Instinct told me that for the half-open door waiting for me some danger. I smeared glue drumstick and stuck to her mirror, then the mirror on a stick stuck in the gap in the door and looked around. There was no one, and I calmly walked.
Someone's kitchen ... It is not good, maybe, but I opened the fridge. On the top shelf looked at me severed human head! Much clearer - for example, it became clear absence of limbs or parts with different victims. I'm dealing with a dangerous man-eating maniac. We'll have to take extreme care. I described the find in a notebook.
I walked around the apartment, the owner was not there, but the dog was sitting in the hallway. She was not going to let me go further. I gave her sleeping pills. The dog swallowed the medicine and the "open" position.
I walked down the hallway to the back room and opened the closet. There lay a shoe. I pointed shoe in a notebook - she was paired with the one that was with me. I peeled back pad under it showed hatch.
Stairs lead me in the closet, but was a door to the outside. I went out and found ... in the hall of the cinema "Third Eye". Well, it all became clear, the case for small - to catch an ogre Thurman. In the chair sat a woman, but I could not wake her. Only now do I realize how much danger was exposed, drinking tea with Thurman. In a cup certainly had a strong sedative.
In the lobby, there was no one. I removed from the rack buffet jar from the "Coca-Cola" and it showed the key. When I re-entered the auditorium, we had time to notice the passing Thurman - it was disguised in a red dress and carried on the shoulder of his new victim. The door closed behind Thurman, the key to it is not suitable. I tried to open the right door key in the hall. Ironically, the hall light was extinguished. I turned on the flashlight. The last thing I had time to notice - Thurman's face contorted in a dress. Then - the darkness.
I woke up in a room upstairs, my pockets were completely empty. Follow me closely watched dog - as soon as she had time to wake up? I could not get up, the dog was taken to bark. I reached out to a small rubber ball and threw it out the window. The dog jumped after the ball and left me alone.
I went to the bathroom and opened the wall cabinet, took out there for hair spray. The refrigerator in the kitchen, everything was still, but for some reason, Thurman put his severed head in his mouth my lighter. I picked it up and built out of cans and lighters makeshift flamethrower.
Finally, I walked down the corridor and went into the room where Thurman disposes of another victim. Of course, he saw me, he lunged toward the knife, but I managed to set fire to it from his invention, thereby safely disarm and end their investigation. The hunting season was closed.