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Pang (Amstrad)

Pang, Buster Bros Amstrad CPC
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / flip-screen
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Narrative: Crime
Published by: Ocean Software Ltd.
Developed by: Mitchell Corporation
Released: 1991
Platform: Amstrad CPC

A very strange platform game in which it is necessary, together with the opponent, to destroy various balloons within the screen with the help of various types of weapons (there are bonus views), the background of which is a beautiful image of a certain landscape.
And some balls from piercing will be destroyed immediately, some - will be split into two, and only ways to destroy them just mass (you can even blow up).
This thing belongs to the category of those "simple outwardly" games, which in fact are at least easy to master, but difficult to achieve a high result. The game is distinguished by a rather high degree of addiction, it is difficult to come off. If you add to this a wonderful schedule, then at the output you can get a wonderful "time killer". And for more this game does not pretend.