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Gabriel Knight (DOS)

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and Select
Narrative: Detective / Mystery, Horror
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

"I see a black woman in a fire. Her features melt flow - and the wild beast looks me in the face ... Crooked knife on the altar becomes a tangle of snakes ... The Hanged Man opens his eyes, grinning at me ... Blood, fire and fear ... "
The protagonist nightmares. He can not sleep. You also lose sleep, if you take a pass this wonderful game.
In a sunny New Orleans is a series of murders. They have a ritual sacrifice in the style of a mysterious voodoo religion. Most of the poor are dying of fear. And then they cut out the heart, - the beauty, right?
Gabriel Knight DOSGabriel Knight, a young writer, collecting material for a new novel, chasing every skirt, bad dreams of nightmares. Without realizing it, he gets caught up in an investigation that leads him to the brink of paranoia. He will learn a lot about the ruthless wizards-killers - about their past and present.
You have to go with Gabriel all his hard way - to decipher secret signs, restore the magical figures, even fall in love and even to fail. This game will be a real challenge for your analytic skills, intuition, and, um, precision (good old pixel-hunting is still here - who would have thought that this would be a bunch of points a magnifying glass?).
Mysteries of very high quality and witty. Lots of interesting and sometimes even accurate information on the history, folklore and religions. The world around us is so lively, that sometimes it gets on your nerves (especially the endless rituals of greetings, farewells, "Hello, my dear grandmother," "Oh, come in, come in, Father!") A good sense of humor and, of course, an excellent plot.


A little advice: start the game, press HIDE ICON in the system tray, which has a view of the scale with a handle. This will make the overall window is always visible. What we see on it? In the right part of the 8 characters, depicting different actions:
Shoes - WALK.
Mask - WATCH.
The exclamation point - ASK
Kind of flat brushes - TAKE.
Gears - USE.
Brush the side - MOVING.
More to the right - call button box items, it looks like an envelope. When pressed, a window appears which shows you the available items and three more characters that are only used in this window:
The book - READ.
Gabriel Knight logoDoor-to-open. .
Mask - WATCH.
A little below - also useful button - ARROW, she can select items from the window. The selected item is displayed in the middle.
System window, cited above, is also used to restore the recording games and getting out of it, and adjust the volume of music and sounds, game speed, speed of output text.
Rather detailed description of the game in the beginning, the middle and the end becomes more surfaces to increase interest in the game. If you decide to play until the end, be attentive to things, because at the end they become a bit too much. So, fans of detective stories begin ...


First Day

On the table to the right of coffee and read the newspaper take. Take the tweezers and magnifying glass.
Flip through the book from the shelves. Next to the cash register Grace-take it gift certificate to the upper left. Ask Grace about phone calls (not once) and go to my grandmother (use the map of New Orleans).  Ask your grandmother to tell members of your family and everything. Climb the attic and find the book (on the couch). Set the clock for three hours (the dragon 12). Turn the clock. Take in a secret letter and a photo. Read letter. Go to the grandmother (right) and ask her about the type of photos on Heinz Pitter, from a letter of interest to you.
Head to the French Quarter. Log in to the police station, ask duty about photography and detective Moseley. Take him an envelope, consider photos stored therein. On Jackson Square (top left) to find black mime. Stay close to him and he will follow you. Move it (Small movements) down the park (on the left) on the track. When the police would get mime and it will disappear - the radio and turn it out of the park.
Follow the crime scene. Moseley will show the victim and the place where it was murdered. Drive up Gedde, see the corpse and leaves. Srisuyte to notebook drawing on the sand, when all disperse. In the grass (bottom right) to find, using a magnifying glass and take tweezers snakeskin th flake. On the waterfront take the clay and drive in French Quarter.
Find Diksilendskuyu pharmacy, consider banners reading, talk to dealer, show him a picture of a corpse. Ride in the area and check with the duty of Moseley. Go into the small door on the left into the office of Moseley. To the right of the copier input.Ask about the framework of risun. Go out and ask the girl sitting at the table, Franks, give you a deal: Could you get file for me? Learn the business and return. Go to Moseley and say that it was photographed. When will the photographer - tell me what you want comb your hair. Go and take a Franks deal on the table make a copy and put it back. Then photograph and go home. Let Grace would get information about Malia Gedeh.

Day Two

Grace will tell you that she was able to learn about Malia Gedeh. Then he read the newspaper. Head to the police station. Near the door Moseley work something repairs wait until he leaves. Walk up to the door. Turn temperature max. SW aydite to Mosely's office to talk with him. Because of the heat, he would remove his jacket and hang it on a chair. Ask Moseley bring coffee and when he will sneak in He policeman icon. It hangs on a jacket. Head to the house Malia Gedeh.  Talk to her as a police officer, because you have a badge. Ask her about the Wood and pro lake Ponshartan. Flirt with her and she will drive you. Head to the Voodoo Museum. Ask Dr. Johnson's there until you get a number of points.  To the left of the door light box - turn on the fan. Go to the pharmacy and consider the old woman, to buy marijuana Voodoo. At the top right of the square-the artist. Pass it to the right and back. When the wind will blow his drawings, where to look. Come to the seller of hot dogs and give him a gift certificate, in return get a hot dog. Give it to the boy, and he would get drawing.
Give it to the artist, and instead show him pictures - copies and places crime and ask him to restore. Go to the cemetery, find the caretaker and ask for the Marie Laveau. Srisuyte from the wall of her grave symbols and go to the house Moonbeam. Ask her about the rituals before the day of St. John, about voodoo, snakes, masks
animals, how to deal with Grimuolde. When she would dance and turn away - Take the snakeskin from the cell. Then ask her to decipher the symbols the cemetery. Compare, using a magnifying glass flake and a snake skin - affects the similarity. In Ask the pharmacist pharmacy on masks of animals and his younger brother. Go to your shop. Let Grace found out about Madame Kazanoks.

Day three

Twice ask Grace about phone calls, then the phone number Rieter, check the newspaper, sell mistress neighboring places the painting for $ 100. On the right curtain for the entrance to your room. In the bathroom, take the gel (red on the shelf) call (on the table on the right) ON 555-1280 Madame Kazanoks. Call veterinarian, 555-6170 and find out about her, also report the dance lessons Castro.  Call Reither 49-09-324-3333, talk and go to the cemetery. Find the crypt Cide (two screens to the right), talk with Mali and go after it leaves the pharmacy.  Buy a crocodile mask there for $ 100 and brings good luck oil. Go to the area - Take the artist reconstructed image. Go right to a fortune. When it zatantsuet - touch it and from it you drop the veil. Using a magnifying glass look on It flake and return the blanket hostess. Go to the university. After the lecture, Find Professor Hartridge (cabinet to the left of the department) and ask him about SARDIT SANS COR «, show the photo and drawing. Go back to the store. Ask about Grace VEVE and ask them to find out about the figure. Now you need to be on interrogation Kresha - go to the office of Moseley. After the cathedral Sv.Lyudovika in the locker room (right) on the shelf at the bottom of the right take the collar, and in the closet - shirt and attach collar to the shirt. Go to Madame Kazanoks, dress shirt and Spread the gel, tap and call a priest. Upon entering, ask her about CARDIT SANS COR «- tell me what this means» hornless ram «, about Marie Laveau, a human sacrifice, the true queen of voodoo church, a bracelet of snake. Make the imprint of her bracelet with clay. Go to the bar «House Napoleon «, talk to the bartender about voodoo twice about visitors ask about Seme (in the center of the chess table), and Voodoo. Oil Sema Show and tell him, « Oil Sema Show and tell him: «Can not you guess why Marcus all the time wins? «» It's a powerful oil voodoo «» It even jackdaw can bring good luck. «
When he wins the game, let it cast bracelet and go.

Day fourth

Get information from Grace, check out the newspaper, pay attention to the man outside the window. Exit to the area and call Kresha - but it will go away. Go to the park (in the the upper left part) refer to a fortune teller (Dzhizha). Go to the Sema for a copy bracelet and drive in the tubing on view of Jackson Square. Use binoculars and Make sure the meeting Kresha with drummer. Find Kresha at St.  Louis, show him a copy of the bracelet and ask about the drummer, of all the rest.  When ask about the voodoo church - he dies. Srisuyte with his chest tattoo.

Day fifth

Look at the newspaper, Grace will give you a magazine Wolfgang. Talk on the phone with Hatridzhem, Grace's learn about drums Parliament and ask them to get information about them.  Flip through the magazine and read the letter to Wolfgang. Ride to Grandma and ask her Criteria for Wolfgang. Ride to the university. Hartridge killed, but you need the information stored in his notes on the table. Head to the Museum of Wood and when you turn on the lash snake fan. After a conversation with Dr.  Ride home. You do not look well. Grace will remove from your face flake from the museum python and put in the green ashtray on the table. Using a magnifying glass to determine the similarity of the scales and found on the shore of the reservoir. Let Gabriel determine their together. Ride to the station. Tell Moseley death crash and Hartridge, ask about advancing the cause. Case closed. If you ask him to open up and show clipping a newspaper Entries Hartridge, snake scales and reduced design-it will try.

Day sixth

Flip through the newspaper and take Grace's book on drums Parliament. On the rug in front of Clergy of the door and take the key from the envelope Mozgli study and writing. Give Grace tattoo drawing Kresha - let you draw on the same. Present-day, it is for parties that there will be Mali and that you understand her jealousy. After a follow on Jackson Square (upper right corner) and use it on the drummer (at the gate) I'm glad the book. Move the message. Find a seller of donuts and talk with them. Persuade him to go to the police station. You also be sent there.  When the seller will all rush to buy their own lunch. You head to the office Moseley. Open the door key in an envelope sent by. Take the tracking device and two 'bug'. One of the 'bugs' hide in m uzee the left wall. Then go to the cemetery. With the already existing decipher the inscriptions on the tomb of the new Marie Laveau. Take a brick and leave your message. Go to the swamp and turn on the tracking device. Go to the white point.  Put on the mask animal and follow the clearing. Answer to the question «dambalah» and «ogoun badagris». At the ceremony, meeting Malia rasstroyte ritual.

Day seventh

Talk with Wolfgang on the phone on the table beside the bed under the poster take lantern. Look at the newspaper and follow in the cemetery. Click the button crypt Gedeh, turn on the flashlight, open the middle drawer and when you come to, take in Moseley's wallet credit card. Click on the button in the far right corner, and go back to the store. Call the tourist office and ask for the trip to Germany. For payment you have a credit card. Ride to the airport. In Find out about the ancestral castle of Gerda what she knows. Above the lion and take the knife Follow the bedroom. Pay attention to the labels. In the chapel of the drawings and inspect They ask for the poem and Gerda. Take the salt shaker, and in the bedroom, scissors, a roll and chamber pot. Wash your hands with snow outside the window and got a haircut. Bring the pot to altar in the chapel, pour salt in there and cut yourself with a knife. Get on your knees and read the scroll.

Day eighth

Take a stool key, open the library, write what the shelf which literature. Take the occult, geographical, sociological, historical, religious, archaeological books in order. Show the latest and Gerda tell book a ticket to Africa.

Day ninth

Enter the serpent mound, walk around the rooms, gathering at the same tile on the floor and walls. Do not forget the blue rod. You need to correctly place the tiles rooms (number of occupied hours, the number of snakes). Remain. Rod insert into the tile in the room north - the same as in the following - distract mummy right, and bottom scoot themselves. In a room near the entrance, use vine. Further, uncle, inserting the rod - you will find yourself in the inner circle. Right inspect the top and bottom of the table. In turn take two rod from the wall, the mascot. Using the rods, Try to lift the table top. You can try to cut at the heart of the mummy, on the request of his uncle - you alone again. In New Orleans, you have guests ...

Day tenth

Go to the store. Grace was stolen. Read the newspaper and a note at the checkout. Ask oklemalas Moseley what he knows, and follow in the cathedral. In the confessional right Insert the rod into the wall. Upon arrival, hide the rod, and the bug under the seat. Open front door - the story goes on the mound - you are at 6 o'clock. Follow against clockwise. At 4 hours on the table, take the second book, on the drums.  Go to Malia - 3 hours, the doctor - 5:00 and quickly get out. In 7 hours Take two capes and two masks. Go to the drum and from the first book Use SUMMON, in the second - BROTHER EAGLE. Save. Scoot over the upper right door. On the screen above, go to the doctor's office, a psycho. Using magnetic card from the wall opposite - otkryvaetsya any door of the church.  Get out of here quickly. At 1 hour, use a magnetic card and take there 3 stack of currency - you need something for a lock repair. At 8 hours, drugged Grace. When you see Moseley - wake her talisman. Mosley must clothe in costume boar, and you - the wolf. At the ceremony, do not waste time, use the mascot on Molii and then broste his Grace and Mosely. When you are caught, take idol. When there was a crack on the floor, lift Malia.