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Ecstatica (DOS)

Ecstatica DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Visual: Cinematic camera
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Survival Horror
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Andrew Spencer Studios
Released: 1994
Platform: DOS

I began my journey in a good mood, racing on the lower earth (South, plain part of Scotland) and enjoying the solitude, relaxing under the hooves of my horse.
Finding a waterfall over a deep pond, I bathed and refreshed, and then stretched out in the midday sun to relax. Perhaps we are too slow to ...
Trying to make up for lost time, I strongly urged on his horse ... too hard, and rugged terrain with scorching heat collected its toll and the horse, and with a rider.
The journey through this part of the country - a dangerous occupation. The treacherous mountain paths constantly crossed, and many, even the more experienced riders, disappeared here. The sun was setting when we drove past the monastery. Twilight shadows enveloped us cold. In the deepening gloom, we were at the crossroads near the small village ...
I thought it was very timely. In the darkness, coming down to the ground, we were in need of water in the well.
The village was at a small bridge. Distance quite small, but as soon as I pulled up to the bridge, the atmosphere changed as quickly as the storm changes the weather summer days. I felt that something is wrong here.
All was quiet as the grave .... There were no children playing, no women, preparing dinner, or men, laughing and cracking jokes, returning from the tavern ...
What was wrong here?
Shop Right seemed safe enough, but for some reason its door ripped off its hinges, and what kind of dirty stripes on the walls?
Oh, God, what is it? ...
At the same time, we will suspend the authors and proceed directly to the story of one of the leaders in 1994 ar- Cadenet adventure-genre - «Psygnosis» company's game, which is called «Ecstatica».

Goal of the game

You find yourself in a village that seems abandoned. However, you will quickly make sure that the first impression may be quite misleading. Tirih village is under the influence of dark, supernatural forces, appearing in the guise of ghouls and demons.
Your survival depends on how soon you can understand why these terrible creatures appeared on the once peaceful streets. You must vacate Tirih from the wicked spell, or die trying.
Just start with the game options and character control.
At any time you can press the ESC, to enter the game menu with the following options:
START GAME (MALE) - start the game from the beginning, with the male hero-cause of;
START GAME (FEMALE) - start the game from the beginning, with the hero-ness women;
SAVE GAME - provide 10 files, one of which you can enter a name and save the game.
LOAD GAME - download one of ten previously deferred state.
SETTINGS - access to another menu, where:
- MUSIC - turn on / off the music;
- SPEECH AND SOWND FX - enable / disable it and sounds;
- SUBTITLES - turn on / off subtitles. (This option is required to activate. Not adding beauty in the picture, it will greatly help to deal with replicas of the characters. With their help, you can get very useful information, which eludes the ear of your attention.)


All movements in the game are carried out through the KEYPAD and remain unchanged throughout the action. Character can move forward in the direction of his glance pressing 8, despite what is shown in this view (that is, even though the character vdet screen inside or "outside" in the sense of you, or you).
1 - To raise / to put the subject of the left hand (you can only carry one item in each hand no backpacks and bags, unfortunately, no.).
3 - Raise / put thing right hand.
2 - Go back backing backs.
4 - Turn left,
b - Turn to the right.
5 - to dodge the blow in combat.
7 - Attack with the left hand or the object / weapon that is in it.
9 - Attack right hand or object / weapon.
8 - Go forward (face).
Character is determined to move forward buttons FI-F12. There are three modes:
FI-F4 - sneak (very useful to pass without a fight some enemies);
F5-F8 - walk at a normal pace (faster than sneaking, but also quite slow);
F9-F12 - run (well, to be on the lam from the troubles, but requires great care, because you can cater from the frying pan into the fire).
P - pauses the game. Return - by pressing.


So back to the beginning of the story. Many around you do not like. There is a natural desire to "do his feet" that ye do. Turning back, you go back to the bridge. Your horse, and with it the salvation nearby. But it was not there. Shaky bridge collapses, and you miraculously caught on the edge of the cliff, to stay alive. But, though not for long. Since there is no place to go except for the village, and in it, obviously, the disorder. Ahead of the event, tell me what really happened in the all-Tirihe. The cause of all ills - negligence maid local magician that when cleaning the laboratory of his master did something wrong ... As a result, the village was filled with an army of evil spirits - evil pigs, dragons and the aggressive dragons, bears, surprisingly powerful and bloodthirsty, gone too far and the bulls etc., etc. ... all these creatures have probably their own names. But we do not know them. And it is no good. Time for historical digressions is clearly not enough. From walking pigs with an ax, we have got off easy with some fists, and then start already in serious trouble. Popped huge growth bear easily twist your character, and, hanging upside down, for some time to practice boxing. Tired, he briefly leaves. Now, it's time to tidy up first impressions and reflect on the merits of the game graphics ...
Externally similar to Ecstatica loved by many series of «Alone in the Dark». But the creators have gone much further. Taking the main idea - to move the hero in 3D space with a view of him as if from switching one after another, camcorders, they significantly improve the graphics of the game. This also applies to background images, on which the action takes place (all the buildings, objects, stairs, trees, tunnels, walls and so on completely 3D and extremely carefully traced)
and, most importantly, it is reflected in the appearance of all the characters in the game. In place of the angular, triangular plot «Alone» come much more impressive rounded shape. Heroes once acquired greater credibility and become much more vital and natural. Maybe a little bit annoying excessive nakachany muscle, but it is a consequence of the structure depicted ellipsoidal shapes. In general, the creators of «Ecstatica», apparently, very fond of his characters. All of them, and the girl we saw at the beginning of the game strolling near the entrance to one of the houses, and the monk, one of the few survivors in the church tower, and half-dead, tortured by demons men - all of them are similar to each other, each has its own peculiarity, its only their inherent appeal. And so completely with every character. But especially lovingly authors reacted to the creation of monsters. Ego is not surprising, because it is them in the game most of all, they give all the special events, no matter what do not like, flavor. Called to terrify, they do not act on the psyche plays a negative, but, on the contrary, the most terrible and evil of them cause a smile rather than disgust.
But your character is not to smile. Throw off the shackles of its hinges, he stops in front of the eternal choice - and that, in fact, do. Edakii geroy- necessarily at a crossroads. Tell me - do, in principle, can be anything you want. The game is built on and that you are given almost unrestricted freedom of choice. You can go anywhere, as most doors in abandoned houses or open just torn off its hinges. You can go to church and climb the bell tower. Open tavern, shop, barn. Can you, after leaving the village, go to the forest. If desired, outside the village you will find the Abbey (a squat stone building with double gates). Very close and lock. Its gates hospitality beckon. But no need to hurry. So in fact you can and stay without a head. But there are also dungeons, and much, much more. And let rural landscapes you are not confused, - most fraught with mortal danger. For any turn you can expect any another creature. Even pigs with axes when stray into a flock, become very unpleasant. In addition, they all have a set of special fashion tricks. So it can be difficult to cope with them. Those pigs, for example, is a little gape, do not miss the opportunity to jump you to the back of the neck. And there is only one - to restart the game. By the way, immediately advice - often subscribe. Ten files have enough hard in order to avoid the need to repeatedly replay the episodes bungle. And yet, do not stop looking. Behind each door you can wait for some useful items, carefully scattered hand creators of the game: a knife, a sword, mace, and the like. Without bloodshed it would not do, but bare hands can take only a few monsters, colorful dragons and all the same pig. The rest of the enemies to require a much greater respect and attention.
There are plenty of options for passing this game. So much that it might even seem that a specific "prokhodilki" and not at all. This is partly true, but only partly. In spite of the enormous freedom of choice, there are a few key aspects of the game, without the right of passage that this game will never end. You can find a good weapon, to perfect the technique of battle, find a place in the village where, lie down, will regularly improve their health. As a result, probably, you will even be able to destroy all the enemies, but the good of it will not be any. The inhabitants of the village will not return and left, who closed the Abbey, who in the dungeon. And evil will remain unpunished and therefore ready for new exploits. To avoid this, we will give you tips for proper passing game from start to finish. But you leave a certain niche for the flight to your imagination.
Believe me, so good games as "Ecstatica", not so much to take and pass her for a couple of hours on the detailed step by step walkthrough.
So you're at a crossroads - what to do? Do not waste your time, start the detailed examination of the premises. Pick up can be a lot of different items, but bring benefit only a few. You can, of course, to play and to mice busily Mota underfoot, but it will only delay you, without bringing any effect. The first thing you need - get weapons. In one of the houses nearby there are quite suitable for militaristic purposes knife. Here are just guarding his squad pigs, but the tail you should bring to the house easily bear who sneaks up behind you on the heels. And you do not have time to raise the knife, like yourself in its paws. And then - the torture and martyrdom. So this option to get hold of the weapon, though tempting, but no longer. Sabre also close. But it remains to be found. But the enemy does not sleep. In short, the place where you started the game go (better sneak) to the right. If you're lucky and you will not notice the sign on the door to the left of you. (Do not get to the end of the house. From time to time there is a bear in there.)
Entering the house, you will see a sad picture. It is a respectable-looking man killed a dragon legs, sort of green beast. Dragon, in fact, quite harmless. It is better to kill him, but, in the end, if he just take off the door - too well. Immediately raise the mace from the floor (do this then you will not be able to). Bite a stranger asks you for help. Pick it up.
Next in the demo mode, the program will take you to another home in the kitchen. Here you will hear the confused story saved about monsters, werewolves and all the horrors witnessed that you were. Nothing really useful people will not tell you, but the room where you were with him, will be very interesting. Right from the entrance on the shelves lie grass. Be sure to take them. This is the first key in the game. However, your employment may was Michurin. interrupted by an unwelcome intrusion. Knocking door, you will be attacked rather hefty bear, friend, in addition to all the techniques of professional boxing. The main rule in a fight - keep your distance. Nothing terrible has not happened yet. Boxing, and because you have a mace in his hand. Bear it for some reason does not like and folds after two or three good punches. True to win is still very far, but the mood you have improved, and the enemy is in the grog. (Be sure to save to disk a positive result.) By the way, the wall is an empty barrel. In between rounds, it is possible to sit there. But to get out, after all, have, since the ill-fated bear is not going to go away, and will wander, looking blankly around. It was then selected and embed it two or three times and back off. Skip strikes impossible. Like every other monster, the new owners of the village by the sight of blood just fly into a rage and throw themselves at you with double the agility and ferocity. One way or another, but you have to get out of this room. Even if the enemy and will not wallow in your feet and beg for mercy, is still going, or rather, flee (F9-F12), taking with him the herbs from the shelf.
On the street, turn right and run to the door, protected by a huge bear. You can try to sneak past him. But this is not always obtained. If the bear woke up - it is necessary to bleed again. The most suitable weapon for him - a sword, mace and will fit at the worst. Next - up the stairs. There take the diary and try until you are not attacked, learn more spells. Go further. When you see the absolutely incomprehensible device (instrument of labor and means of production of the local magician), go for it. Grass will be automatically thrown out your character directly in the device. Attention! Just what you've been following the key moment of the game, brewed a potion that will be necessary for you to later become a ... squirrel. (Thus, «Ecstatica» is very similar to a good quest, where the right thing to be done at the right time and in the right place. And nothing else. And the arcade elements give the game more dynamic and excitement.)
Going back through the magician's room, which is a diary, pick shrushechnogo bear and wade out into the street again. Look for a big squat building with an open gate. This barn. Sign in. Bear falls to the floor, and the girl, the one you saw from a distance at the beginning, will show you the entrance to the dungeon. To do this, you need to go a little bit beyond. Remember this place. It is very useful to you in the future. But not now. You are still too large to squeeze into its narrow arches. Sign up here out of pure curiosity and look inside. If you're still not tired of fighting, you can try their hand at the skeletons. But this is optional. But to find a church in the center of the village need to without fail.
Demons are obviously very not respect someone else's religion. Otherwise, why would they perpetrated here a rout? All upside down, something is burning, and on the rope swings, unfortunately, already dead, the priest. If you're interested, you can climb the bell tower. But surviving bell ringer will not show you the friendly feelings. Not because it is bad. Just after Vidocq you experienced this adventure, he took you for another monster. True it is absolutely harmless and you are not to lose combat skills, you can easily throw it down a few good punches. But to do this is still not necessary. He's ours, he's good. In short, the top can not walk, but the piece of wood on the floor in no case will not miss. This is your second ingredient for magic potions and tinctures (as you want). Drag it to the machine and to submit after the grass. By the way, in the church you could take with them, and the Bible, to wallow in the corner. But in this case you would have to stay on time and without weapons. A place of a turbulent. That and look - zaderut for a sweet soul. So we do not recommend, it is better to risk their lives to make one more salable in the church, take the same Bible and leave the village in search of the abbey. If you do not know where it is, it will leave in search of a long time. But you will not be bored. You will have to wait for new monsters, new thrills. If the dimensions of your new enemies you inspire fear, run away, do not hesitate. Remember to catch up with you, no one can. And with your agility you can even get away from the very narrow corridor.
To reduce the time to search for the abbey, advise the nearest landmark - the door to the magician's house, which has long been lying lifeless killed you bear mutant. Then - to the left, and so to the exit from the village. After passing the fork, take the path (in some - not say). After a short walk in nature, you will see a stone building with a closed wooden gate. Before him walking hunched man with a crutch. Without the Bible, there is no need to appear. The monk on the roof would not let you in, but your interest is there. (Strange to say, he also received you, for the werewolf may, indeed, to live with wolves -. A wolf howl ...) But the Bible - your password and skip. As soon as the monk hear your version of the fragment of the Holy Scriptures, he will let you inside.
On the way back to the village do not forget to disrupt flowers. If we can bring them to a magical device (you have not forgotten where he is?), You can prepare your drink completely. (A Bible leave somewhere in the order of Abbey for her can be attributed to the church, but do not need to ... Dangerous...) Before describing the most unusual and interesting, we emphasize once again - if you're alive and full of energy, you are free to do whatever that you came into our heads. Walk everywhere. This is the case when the process is, in our opinion, even more interesting outcome. Before you drink and become a protein (by the way, if you do something wrong and become a frog, do not rejoice - this is not correct), try to correctly assess the state of your vitality. If you're limping, holding on to listen to you bad hand - then you are seriously injured. The easiest way to bring myself back to normal - to find a barn and prostrate in a fairy grass. Rise - and ailments is gone. The game is generally plenty of fun and unexpected transformations. You can, if possible, to fly on a broomstick. Can pozhurchat and fun on the grass or on the house wall and the like pranks. Not to mention the possibility of instant correction of your character's gender at the beginning of the adventure.
So, take a drink and calm turns into a protein. If you do not forget where is the barn, run there quickly. Do not let you catch the girl and go out into the corridor. Having strayed a bit, you find a way out. It spells you leave, and you will become a man again. Thank elder, lift off the floor the sword that he will throw in you. Getting out of the dungeon, find the way to the lake. Met enemies try to kill him. On the banks get the stone, stand on it. Introduced queen grant you the rank of knight. Especially those not proud - to complete victory over the enemy it is still very far away. But now you can go and to the castle.
Scold carefully. There are two ways, but it is better to find the entrance, located on the right. It will begin the real tests and traps. Your goal - a tower. But to achieve it is not easy. Stone guard you are unlikely to miss. You can, of course, and a sneak. But it does not always work. On the road caught a few guards. Do not get involved in large-scale hostilities. If you feel that your life is in danger, run. Passing the stairs, go to the right side of the room. That's right, because the left you waiting for a dragon. Then - down. There already go in the middle. The main danger - the trap of the peak. Try to get on. Anyway, no other way. Downstairs, beware of other traps - copies of the floor. In the center of the room you will find two ipo6a, standing vertically. In one of them - the skeleton. You can not stand on ceremony with him. The second tomb is a skeleton dressed in a suit of armor. Here they are, and then you need. To get one, go past the coffin twice at close range and armor - your. All the rooms of the castle full of deadly traps and extremely unpleasant. Taking the coveted armor, go to another room. This spear will rise behind you, and the way back will be closed. Nothing to do but to continue on the path. On the way to find a few more passes, only one of which takes you to the old man, where you will discover a magical book. Do not forget to take it with me. You'll need it after the release of the lock.
Then return to the abbey. Your new task - to steal a bone, which lies next to the statue in front of which the monks are praying. They themselves do not need to touch it, well, only if you really want ... From the magic book and a bone in his hand go to the entrance to the dungeon quest. It is a nondescript hole in the ground. Coming through the dungeons, find the stairs and the old knight, with whom you have had to meet. Go outside.
The next task - to provide a magic wand. To do this, track down a stone circle, which is located outside the village, near the abbey. Go to the middle of the circle and get a stick (you have not lost the magic book and bone?). But the magic wand - it is not a goal but a necessary tool in the fight against evil. You have yet to kill the main monster in the game. You can be sure, 'if you come to this stage of the game, play the game till the end you are quite capable. Check if you have been signed in the last time, and then return to where you took the armor and the magical book. For several stairs go down. Then you are in for a surprise - a copy of your own. After killing it, you will meet the king, or rather what was left of it - the skeleton. While he will talk to you, look for the stairs leading down again.
There's something you and waiting for your main opponent. You can even talk to him, but keep his wand away from him. Do not count on his goodwill. Just because you can not leave. Transformed into a terrible dragon, he lashes out at you. And to live you never left, if not done everything right to this. And now the dragon swoops certainly dangerous, but your magic wand will do the trick. Two dozen strokes and evil forces retreated. The village and the people who have survived will be saved. And you there is still a whole life, which we hope will be as bright as this game.
These nodal points are. But beyond them the game is full of lots of interesting episodes, the successful solution of which will help you to stay in the mainstream.

A few tips on keeping fights

  • Do not climb on the rampage, and do not rush things. Your strokes should be prepared;
  • Causing two or three punches step back. But do not forget that the enemy was shocked and concerned about the state of his own health. Therefore, your next attack can be successful;
  • Enter into the battle, including the run mode F9-F12. This allows you to quickly navigate and maneuver;
  • Do not forget about the button 5. With it you will be able to dodge the many direct hits;
  • If the fight is shaping up to have failed and you have missed a few slaps in the face, do not tempt fate, turn around and run away. Legs - also a good weapon, and a barn with grass magic waiting for you;
  • As a shelter from the demons use the most unexpected places, such as cupboards in the rooms. To this end, entering the next room, carefully inspect for the presence of such secrets;
  • Before the start of the battle to save the current game option SAVE;
  • At the beginning of the game set itself the task to find a more powerful weapon. The most appropriate - a sword. From his punches will not stand most of the werewolves;
  • To combat the most important thing for you - constantly keep a distance so that the enemy could not get you to the place. His attacks react quick step back and sharp retaliation.
Now it remains for small - to sit down at the game and go through it to the end.
We sincerely wish you success.
Very much the villagers Tirih sorry. Though they did not speak in Russian, but still our brothers on reason. Help them please!