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Day of the Tentacle (DOS)

Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle, DOTT
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and Select
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Developed by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

Day of the Tentacle - another comic adventure company LucasArts, known for such masterpieces as Monkey Island and Loom. This time you will be brought to save the Earth from the evil tentacles, decided to conquer the world. .
The tentacles are usually harmless and peaceful, are not able to harm even an insect. But this time the unpredictable happened. One fine day, two tentacles: green and purple, and decided to walk quietly stood at the river terribly toxic waste. Lavender Tentacle said: "Something I want to drink," and headed for the coast of the river. Green buddy yelled "Do not drink! (From the author: become a kid!) ", But it was too late. Lavender tentacle swallowed deadly liquid. After a terrible scene of mutations of the poor grew tentacles hands, and his face became threatening. Perched on a small hill, it looked to the sky and has issued a monstrous cry, "I will rule the world".
Save the planet from a terrible fate to be you through three friends, known from the first part.
Tentacles day is very similar to a funny cartoon. But now you are in the role of a participant, not an observer. For the beauty of humor and the quality of performance the game can compete with the best representatives of the genre.


For the rest, I will explain all actions in the game are made using the menu at the bottom of the screen:
Give Pickup Use
Open Look at Push
Close Talk to Pull
When you hover over the object used in the game, there is the name of the object. Thus, you must first select an action from the menu and then on the screen.
For example, in order to talk to Dr. Fred, select Talk to, and then put the cursor on it. During the dialog, you can select various sentences to achieve certain actions of the person or learn something important.
Feature of the game is that in it you control three different characters: Bernard, Laverne and Hooge. This allows you to make the passing game more complicated and unpredictable, especially in combination with the time-travel, when a character that is in the past to change the future, thus helping your friend.
G Key give
P Key pick up
U Key use
O Key open
L Key look at
S Key push (shove)
C Key close
T Key talk to
Y Key pull (yank)
1 Key switch to Hoagie
2 Key switch to Bernard
3 Key switch to Laverne
1-6 Keys (during conversation) select dialogue choice
F1 Key save
F5 Key load
Esc Key or Left and Right Mouse Buttons (simultaneously) bypass cut-scene
F8 Key restart game
Spacebar pause
[ softer music
] louder music
+ Key faster message line speed
- Key slower message line speed
. Key clear dialogue line
Ctrl + M Keys mouse on
Ctrl + J Keys joystick on
Ctrl + T Keys toggle text on or off
Alt + X Keys or Ctrl + C Keys exit game without saving
Ctrl + V Key version number


In the role of Bernard in the early

  1) Where is the secret lab?
      Open the grandfather clock
  2) Where plans for the battery?
      Ha bulletin board in the laboratory between the generator and
      Sludge-o-Matic machine.

In the role of Haughey

  1) Well, how am I supposed to save the world?
      Let us find the Red Edison, make the battery, charge it and plug
      her in a time machine.
  2) Where can I find the Red Edison?
      Climb into the grandfather clock in the foyer and enter the secret corridor.
  3) Who is behind the man in the walk?
      This is Ben Franklin, he knows a lot about electricity. Talk
      with him after you have done the battery.
  4) What is the mummy?
      A dead cousin Ted - it will help Haughey in its affairs.
  5) I can not get the Red Edison to give me the battery.
      It needs oil, vinegar and gold. You have it all
  6) How do I get Gold?
      You need to pull off the table golden pen, but you can catch. you
      to get rid of people. See the fire alarm - it is necessary
      start a fire. To start a fire, you need to make Jefferson
      start a fire.
  7) Jefferson did not want to work on a stump.
      It should uviditet that it is necessary to Washington.
      It would be nice to Washington was cold!
  8) How to make Washington looked frozen?
      Get his jaw trembling as if it is very cold.
      Replace it with false teeth jumping on the jaw, which
      is in the assembly hall in time Bernard.
  9) How do I get jumping jaw?
      Open the sexual lattice near the fireplace, and then chase the jaw and
      it falls into a hole and pull it out.
10) Washington takes no jumping Celeste.
      You need to find a cigar, and use it to get out of his mouth jaw.
      You need to take a cigar from raspostranitelya in the assembly hall in time
11) How do I get the cigar in raspostranitelya?
      Break it lighter, so he was not able to use it. you need to
      replace the gun lighter in the assembly hall at the gun-flag from the room
      Dwayne. Dwayne's stopping you chair. You have to make him go away and Bernard
      be able to take the gun-flag.
12) How do I get Dwayne to leave?
      He is in a state of depression. He must help the good news.
      If someone admired his idea ... Let Haughey take a letter
      from the mailbox and give it to Bernard. Bernard will give it to Dwayne.
13) and Well? I lit a fire, but the stylus to drag the gold does not work.
      You need to close the pipe anything. Take and use a rug.
      Take the rug near the fireplace.
14) Where can I find the oil?
      Check the kitchen for oil.
15) How do I make vinegar?
      Let's start with a bottle of wine in the room of Franklin.
      Wine, if not closed, old age turns into vinegar.
      Give a bottle of Jefferson for his time capsule.
16) How do I open a time capsule?
      Laverne is to open it in the future after the tentacles dig
      capsule. Now Laverne should find something that-be open
      iron canister. Let Hoagie give Laverne opener. now she
      be able to use it in the Colonial room to open a temporary
      capsule and give vinegar Haughey.
17) How do I remove Lavergne from the tree?
      See the part about Laverne.
18) I put all the pieces from the battery redhead, and I now have a battery, but it
     does not operate.
      Look at the battery. Use a kite Franklin charging
19) Franklin said it is very sunny for experiments. How to make it rain?
      Wash carriage brush, soap and water.
20) I have found water. And where brush and soap?
      Brush in a drawer in the bathroom. Soap in the truck, take the maid.
21) Soap can not find.
      You need to make a mess in the room in Washington. Use the bed,
      pull the rope on the wall, then run out into the corridor and take the soap
      of the truck.
22) How do I get started again Franklin's kite?
      He needs vodoneprnitsaemy material for the snake. lab coat
      in the laboratory of Red waterproof. Give Franklin robe, then
      use the kite to the battery. Push the snake team
      Franklin. Now, take the battery and slide it into a time machine.
23) How can I get a lab coat?
      Auburn will give it to you if you believe. Give it a advertisement for a
      work and he will hire you as an assistant.

In the role of Bernard

  1) Where can I get a diamond for a time machine?
      You need money. If Dr. Fred sign a contract, which is
      safe in his office, in fact the problem is solved.
  2) How do I get the doctor to open the safe?
      Talk to Edna about the doctor ...
      Euthanize the doctor giving him a decaf in his Krushka that
      you take out of the kitchen.
  3) What's the combination of the safe?
      It knows only the doctor. You need to find a place where you can watch
      him. Hablyudayte for a doctor on TV in the room Edna.
  4) How do I get rid of this nasty Edna?
      It would be good to push her out of the room. Prevents only the sword of the statue.
      If a statue holding a sword in his right hand.
  5) How to make a right-handed statue?
      Let Haughey take the left-hand hammer from the workshop and the Red
      replace it with a right-sided room Jed and Heda, then
      push the Edna.
  6) Dr. Fred tapped the lock very quickly. How would this thing slow down?
      You can slow down the image on the TV. Take a videotape
      Green tentacles out of the room.
  7) The doctor still does everything very quickly.
      Try instant replay. Use the tape on the VCR,
      press the red record button. Rewind the tape to the beginning, then
      toggle switch EP right. Start watching. now
      Bernard knows the combination and will be able to open the safe.
  8) How do I sign up? The doctor had disappeared!
      He did not disappear - it is tied to a bed in the attic.
  9) The protection does not let me to the doctor.
      Make your way through the pipe.
10) Dr. Fred can not sign a contract. He is tied.
      Take the rope.
11) How do I remove the red tape?
      If anyone could take his place ... Can help one
      family members?
12) How do I move Ted?
      Use the rope with a roller. Tie the rope to Ted. standing on
      roof, pull the rope.
13) The guards do not be fooled.
      Vykraste Ted red. Take the paint from the attic.
14) How do I get the doctor from the attic?
      As well as Ted pulled back. Tie the doctor, go to the roof and
      pull rope.
15) I freed the doctor, but how to wake him up?
      You need organic coffee from the kitchen.
16) How do I drink this coffee?
      Use a funnel out of the box near the washing machine at the doctor.
      Pour coffee.
17) The doctor does not want to sign a contract.
      Tell him that you stop the tentacles themselves.
18) The contract is expired.
      Let Haughey send it in the mail from the past.
19) Where can I find a postage stamp?
      We have Ed Terrible album marks. Take out of invisible ink
      Dwayne room and use them on the album marks.
20) So, the doctor got the money, but he does not order the diamond.
      Take bankbook doctor from his office, then look
      TV and call the store.

In the role of Laverna

1) How Laverne removed from the tree?
      Wood should disappear.
2) How do I remove a tree?
      Let Haughey talk with Washington about how to cut down a tree.
3) Washington cuts only cherry trees, and it's not cherry.
      Paint the wood in red, then talk with Washington.
      Argue with him about the felling of trees.
4) Laverne in jail. As it get there?
      Let her talk to the guard and say that she had to use the toilet or
      that she was not feeling well.
5) And how completely out of jail?
      You need to make the costume-schapultsu. Take a picture of tentacles out of the office
6) And who sew costume?
      Betsy Ross costume sew in the past. She sits and sews flags.
7) Laverne can not get to a time machine.
      You have to go to jail again, and then tell the guard that you need
      the toilet.
8) How do I climb up on the roof?
      Use a fireplace.
9) How do I reach the costume?
      Take the handle Bernard and use it on the flagpole. then
      turn the crank.
10) How do I get a security guard to open the watch?
      Get rid of him. What is he like? He loves to chase and catch
      runaway people. Now we have to find a runaway people.
11) Hikto escapes.
      Get rid of the jailer. If you win the competition, you can help
      meal ticket.
12) How to win the competition. I have no rights.
      Ted, mummy, like a man.
13) Ted not leave the room.
      Use rollers. Then push.
14) When will the competition?
      Hado register Ted. Take the card in blue tentacles. he stands
      near the fireplace.
15) When will the judging?
      Talk to the judges that they do their job.
16) How Laverne win?
      Get rid of Harold.
17) How to get rid of Harold?
      Hado make it look sick. A time-Bernard
      a rubber vomiting. Hado remove it from the ceiling. Turn on the music
      system, push the speaker on the center of the room green tentacles,
      then take the vomiting and let Laverne use it to Harold.
18) I got rid of Harold, but Ted can not win.
      Ted should have a better smile, laughter and hairstyle.
19) How to make the best laugh?
      Cut the clown with a lobby with a scalpel and get out of it
      bag of laughter.
20) How to make the best smile?
      In talking horse in time Haughey cool smile.
21) Do it like a horse to take?
      She has false teeth. Hado euthanize a horse.
22) How is it put to sleep?
      Textbook Bernard can lull anyone.
23) How to solve the problem with the hair?
      How about spaghetti?
24) But all the same hairstyle is not so hot.
      Use a fork from the kitchen in time to head Bernard spaghetti
25) The guard is gone, but all the same people do not go away.
      You have to scare them.
26) What could scare people?
      Wild animal? Skunk?
27) And where to find the animal?
      A black cat? Paint the white fence, and when the cat will rub your back
      on the fence on his back will remain a white stripe.
28) And what to paint the fence?
      The game has no white paint. Use the Booboo-b-gone from the doctor's office on
29) I can not catch the cat.
      Use the toy mouse from the attic of the past.
30) Cat - selfish - the mouse does not!
      Distract the cat using the creaking of the mattress.
31) The cat is very fast for Haughey.
      Use the creaking mattress at the far bed.
32) I went to the lab, but how to run a generator.
      You need a hamster out of the room in time Ed Bernard.
33) Ed kicks me out of the room.
      Give him a book of stamps.
34) Hamster in our time, and I can not send it to the future.
      Freeze it. Put it in the icy car.
35) How do I unfreeze?
      Defrost it in the microwave oven.
36) Frozen and wet hamster does not want to work.
      Maybe it will warm sweater? Sweater lying under a man sleeping in the bedroom
      Time Bernard.
37) How can this guy to wake up?
      Machine, shaking the bed, throw him out of bed, but need coins.
38) How otkovyryat coin of gum?
      Use the crowbar.
39) The guy in the mask does not want otdavt scrap.
      He needs help to get into the car. Give him the keys, you can
      take in the bedroom, if you close the door.
40) I can not send sweater in time.
      2 problem - it is very big and very wet. Washing machine can
      help, but you need a lot of coins.
41) Where a coin to take?
      Use the crowbar on the machine with water.
42) Bernard can not take a sweater from the washing machine.
      And let him take Laverne.
43) I forgot, why do I need a sweater?
      To warm the hamster and make it work in the generator.
44) Hamster escaped.
      He is in a mouse hole. Do you need a vacuum cleaner.
45) Where can I get the vacuum cleaner?
      Let Haughey uses a piece of advertising from the entrance to the cleaners
      suggestion box in the lobby.
46) hamster stuck in a vacuum cleaner.
      Open the vacuum cleaner and remove it.
47) The generator works, but I can not connect it to a time machine.
      Use an extension cord out of the room with Elvis Presley in the cellar window,
      and then connect it to a time machine.

All together: Hoagie, Laverne and Bernard

1) I am very small - what to do?
     You need to go to the middle room, and then into the hole and take the ball
2) How to deal with a bunch of tentacles?
     Use the ball.
3) What to do with old-tentacles?
     Let he shot the doctor. Tell him about it - offer
     shoot the doctor.