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Bioforge (DOS)

Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi
Published by: ORIGIN Systems
Developed by: ORIGIN Systems
Released: 1995
Platforms: DOS

Fine twisted science-fiction intrigue «Bioforge» the player does not come out at one point, spilling over the flow of information, and takes place gradually. Scattered scraps of information collected add up to a coherent picture of the very end. The author of the script was a professional science fiction writer, so reading many texts in the game, though not necessarily, to a large extent on the working face of the program and its perception. By genre «Biofoige» - a typical adventure game, but it has elements of dynamics and even martial arts. «Biofoige» once again working on the high reputation of the company «Origin».
Of water drops from the ceiling, you come to mind and see in front of the bare walls, and medical equipment and hanging in the air unit, which strongly ordered to lie down on the place and threatened reprisals for disobedience ... What is this, a prison cell or a hospital ward? Who are you and where? Why your body half turned into a mechanism and coated steel armor? Memory is almost empty and does not give any answers. Cracking down on the bothersome mechanism, "nurse" is a quick, at least, karate techniques are stored somewhere in the subconscious and in time to remember. That is found in the cell electronic notebook. He keeps a mysterious phrase: "They can disfigure my body, but my spirit will remain intact ..." Cyborg "ter-minator" goes in search of his identity and of his memoirs. Everything that happens to them is presented to the player in a full 3D. You see the rebellious cyborg and his entourage on the side and the angle changes depending on its position - as if in a movie, where the director chooses the winning and spectacular position for the camera. All the characters are synthesized and are counted during the game, and their movements, whether walking, running, or fight, look pretty natural and free.
Bioforge title
A classic case of a similar technique were games in the series «Alone in the Dark», but «Bioforge» differs significantly higher quality: the characters are something much more than a simple set of polyhedra. To record the movement was used special hardware and software package with the poetic name «Flock of Birds» («Birds flock"), its information is removed from the actor, dressed in full of a variety of electronics and sensors suit. These data and then formed the basis for the graphics core «Biofoige».


At the very beginning of the game to choose the level of difficulty. Recommended use level EASY - Other distinguished from it only by a tenacious and moving enemies, and the complexity of puzzles and the plot remains the same. Most often, you will have to control the actions of the main character, cyborg Lex as "outside." The arrow keys on the numeric keypad (keypad) can move in three-Lex realm to walk, turn, etc. If the up arrow pressed together with the SHIFT, Lex does not walk, but run (it is often needed during the game.) With the transfer of key tokens from normal mode to battle back and forth. In combat mode Lex fights opponents with combinations of the CTRL and ALT arrow keys on the numeric keypad (CTRL - kicking, ALT - punches and objects).
ENTER key allows lifting objects from the ground, or vice versa - to throw them to the ground.
SPACE key allows you to use a subject that Lex is currently in his hand, or to perform actions such as opening doors and so on. The way in which the object will be used, select the computer itself - in any case, the application is quite meaningful and predictable. Key features of the computer P is Lex. It is already working with the mouse, the cursor is a three-fingered hands. Clicking on EXIT or pressing the ESC key returns you to the previous menu level.
Contains the following items:
- INVENTORY (speed call - key I) - Items Lex. Clicking on the arrows at the top right enumerates various items, READY can take an object in hand to use;
- JOURNAL (speed call - key J) - a journal with notes Lex. New items appear in it as the story, and their appearance is accompanied by a music signal. Reading them is optional, but very interesting;
- DIAGNOSTICS (Speed ​​Call - Key D) - diagnosis of the systems. Contains indicators:
HEALTH (health) - a value from 0 to 100. Restore lost health, you can either use kits or bioremediation function (for her - a moment);
ENERGY (energy) - a value from 0 to 100. The battery charge Lex;
PFD PROTOTYPE (prototype PFD) - charge of internal weapons;
BIOLOGICAL REPAIR - the status of biological recovery. In the normal state is INACTIVE. Clicking a mouse button causes the LED status changes to ACTIVE, and health increases by lowering energy;
- OPTIONS (speed call - key O) - system functions (symbols are listed from left to right): a way out of the game in DOS (the speed-dial - ALT + X); save game (speed call - key S); adjust the volume of music and sound effects; recovery of the game (speed call - key L); return to the game;
GAMMA - gamma correction of image brightness;
CREDITS - about who should be grateful to receive from the game fun.



Once you come to, immediately go to battle mode and beat medical robot that he could not get a shot of sleeping pills. As a result, the robot flies off to the force field in the doorway and it explodes. Pick up on the floor and read his blog, you will catch as a piece of meat. During the failure, in the force field run out into the hallway. Come to the only inhabited chamber. The floor is torn hand. While it will not particularly useful, but it can be if you want to use instead of clubs. Again, take a moment when the field goes off, and run through the door. Once you're in the room, a mad prisoner attack, so roll on the ground meat to distract him. Time will be enough to pick up a blog, a photo and a fork. Once you grab a fork, a prisoner attacked again, and you can kill him, or just to get away from the camera.
In the hallway, try to break down the big door next to the camera, it will fail, but the door a little to give, and from the panel in the wall will fall sparks. Open the panel with a fork, and inside is a simple puzzle game.
Move the boxes so that they form a link between
red diodes. If you do not want to mess with the puzzle, the complete solution is given in her diary insane prisoner.
Once the code is entered, break the door.

Control center

Inspect the monitor to the wall and turn off the force field in the chamber number 4. The ego will allow you to include a panel of medical robot on the table and bring it closer. Throw a severed hand on the floor, with the help of the robot, move it and turn it a gripping manipulator. The robot so that the hand was pressed to the scanner at the closed door. Go to a cell number 4, pick up the diary and read it - it contains code. You can also pick up the flute and play on it - it will add some new entries in the log. Go back to the Control Center, enter the code on the System Security and move the robot back a little to get there yourself - the door will be opened only under the weight of your body.


Run and hide in the hallway near the elevator to the big robot you had not noticed. As he passes by, run down the hall, into the room with cold chamber on the right. There are also more straightforward, but also more sophisticated way, just run down the hallway zigzagged to shoot the robot does not hit the target.


Inspect '84 {monitor to the left of the door, then go to the far end of it and press the red button to open the aperture in the floor. Turn the valve to increase the temperature in the cold chamber, and then tighten the valve again and close the aperture.
Go back to the monitor and inspect it again - this time from the cryochamber cyber monster will come out and attack. Run off to the far end of the room and there is a monster hit as long as he does not lie down to rest on the diaphragm (it is not too long,
so do not hesitate.) Click the button to the monster fell down and started a fight with the local monster. Fighters pour liquid nitrogen, screw tap and go down the stairs (press SPACE).


Go to hinged bridge to until you get to the two holes in the walls. Climb to the right hole (you need to get up very precisely in the right place), where you will encounter a guard - it will have to kill to get the blaster. Return to the room with the cold chamber and run down the hall to the elevator. To kill the robot to find a "dead zone" in which his shots do not hit you, and gently without exposing himself, thrust into it six or seven shots of the blaster. The first attempts may be unsuccessful - try again. It is difficult, but very real. Finish off the robot, go to the elevator and choose the first level.

First level

When the door opens, do not hurry to leave! Blaster fire in the wall, so that the reflected shots and killed two droid guards outside. Try not to hurt yourself! When droids explode cautious approach closer to the door and kill two more - this time your shots to be reflected from the windows. Exactly the same way and straightened with the two remaining droids. To shoot a big gun, give a couple of kicks the guard - it will include a cannon. Do not overdo it, by the dead guard will not be good! A cannon, shoot the two amphibious ships. Kill the guard, go back to the elevator and go to the third level.

Third level

Without leaving the elevator, stand in the corner, where the robot will not reach you, and shoot him with the familiar way - with reflection shots from the walls. From the elevator, go to the operating room.


Meeting with Dr. Mastaba ends temporary loss of consciousness. When you come to, you have lost a blaster, but later you will again get a weapon in combat. Talk to Dan tethered to a desk, and when he asks to kill him, show him a picture of a girl. Find and collect a battery and a first aid kit, and if you want to read the information from computers. Get out and go to the chamber at the end.

Room at the end of the corridor

Kill the guard and put on the suit with a machine in the hall. Go to the bottom of the platform and use the terminal to go down. Kill the guard, pick up from the floor of his walkie-talkie, and a mysterious cube and blue battery nasal branch of the ship. Go back upstairs and look at the monitor reactor to know the access code. Locate the control panel repair robot, draw it through the airlock into the reactor chamber. Encounter with their second robot platform.


To enter here and stay alive, you need to wear a suit. Time here is very important, so save your game and turn on the light bridge. Run across the bridge and shot twice in Drogga, then nurse a small circle to get his attention, and immediately run back across the bridge. Turn off the bridge when Drogg will run on it. If at this point the computer will notify you that before the explosion of the reactor is about half a minute, is shru restore and try again. Turn on the bridge and run the reactor. Pull the two levers located on the side columns, and then enter the code from the console of the reactor 125. After the destruction of the reactor is stopped, go back to the elevator and go to the level of number 4.

Fourth level

From the far end of the corridor beyond the big robot guard. Once the movie is over and you will have a free hand, start shooting, so do not miss - second chances. Finished off a few shots of your opponent. Run to the door at the far end, and open it, thinking simple puzzles - using buttons on the panel to expose a pattern in the form of a glowing ring.

Landing field

Go left and go down the elevator to the narrow ledge. Run along the ledge past the droids will not run until you reach the tunnel and over the lake of acid. In front of you two gray stone blocks - they serve the stairs. Go down to the bottom of them and use the cube (teleports device) to get to the downed assault ship.

In landing ship

Once you get to the big door, there will captain. Fight him and kill, pick up a big blaster and electronic key. Open the locked door with the key, and use the monitor located on the steps. Launch a rocket into a stone pillar and wait for the monster of the lake did not swim up close to the site of the explosion. Another couple of missiles kill the monster and at the same time will create a small bridge of his corpse. Take a first aid kit and get out of the ship. Save your game and prepare cube-teleporter and take the warhead of the missile near the ship. As soon as possible run to the right, cross over the lake on the ledge and run to the tunnel. You should have enough time to throw the warhead before a closed steel door and run out of the tunnel. After the explosion, go back to the tunnel that leads to the area of ​​excavation.

Excavation area

Save Dr. Asher from flying "mosquito" - you can shoot him or kill with his bare hands. Go to the doctor, give her medicine cabinet and get the machine-language interpreter with local civilization translator will be useful in the temple, hidden behind stone blocks in the lake. Leave the doctor and go to the next room.


Drogg falls from above, slay him, and he will flee ignominiously. Go to the open sarcophagus, decide the color puzzle (you'll need to combine the colors on the top and bottom diamonds) and take the unit out of the sarcophagus - if applied at the inlet of the pipe in the next room, you will be able to travel through the pipe.

Central hall

Use the remote control in the center of the room to turn on the tube the other - it needs to dial the remote pattern corresponding to the pattern over the entrance to the pipe. Do not try to include the top tube - it will end only battles with countless army of "mosquito". You first need to turn on the left tube, which leads to the Hall of weightlessness.

Hall of weightlessness

You can not control your movements, but the shot of a large jet blaster will give your body a boost. Shooting in the right direction and acceleration, you can finally fly in front of the tube.

Camera Drogga

The floor of the chamber is precarious place in which you can fail, so tread carefully. It is time showdown with Droggom - walk up to him, hit him to the ground and hit blaster kick, so he can not get up. Of the murdered Drogga fall shimmering cube - turn it on to get a new powerful protection and to pass through the force field.

City of Aliens

Before you - a huge cave that was once the city. Use the panel on the left and solve the puzzle by pressing the color in the following order: green, red, purple, yellow, blue, orange, blue, purple, yellow, red, green, purple, orange, yellow, red, purple, red, green, purple . When the entire interior of the outline will be filled with color, draw near to you, and peace-loving stranger will hand battery. Do not kill him, it's cruel and pointless! Change the battery with the one that you have installed in the leg and head room in weightlessness to the central hall. The battery allows you to use your inner arms (PFD), but do not abuse it - the energy is needed.
In the central hall, open the pipe leading to the hall with the gravitational rings and fly there.

Gravity of the ring

Dodging flying debris, step on the arrows on the floor to change the position of the rings. If you renumber the ring left by the numbers 1 ... 6, the correct procedure would be 1, 6, 4, 1. When the ring and align the background opens a huge hole, get out of the room through the pipe.

Central hall

You can return to the excavation area - just to be sure: the gateway destroyed and doctors kidnapped (but you can read her diary). In the Central Hall of the remote open the pipe leading to the temple. Use a break near the tube to see what is happening in the church. Top button open the portal and, when paratrooper look into the hole, press the down button and push it. Re-open the portal ... The second trooper throw a grenade. When the grenade will fly to you, quickly pick it up and throw back. The delay will cause a grenade exploded in the tube, not on the surface. Use your protective field with the cube, and then get out on the pipe surface. Get out of the temple and run down the ledge to the landing site. Along the way you find a few Marines - what to do with them, you already know it. On the cornice will be a place in which to skillfully alternated running and stop crying shots will drop you off the ledge. One of the fallen troopers find your blog with a new code for the door lock. Open the door to a pattern of two bright horizontal lines above and below the elevator go up to the level of number 3.

Third level

Kill the commando, who guards the corridor, then, if you wish, go to the operating room and rummage in the classified information on a computer. Across the room at the end of the corridor go down to the ship, replace the charged battery in the foot with one that has been left by you on the floor. Place the battery in the alien ship and get in the cockpit. If the battery is left with enough energy terminations automatically.