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Alone in the Dark 3 (DOS)

Alone in the Dark 3
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Visual: Cinematic camera
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Survival Horror
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Infogrames Europe SA
Developed by: Infogrames Europe SA
Released: 1994
Platform: DOS

Adventure series «Alone in the Dark» is self-representations. Among other adventure games series «Alone in the Dark» released a masterful synthesis using vector objects and the general atmosphere of eerie gothic horror. Situation, "The Haunted Mansion" was at one time a favorite topic of writers, but in games it is somewhat less popular.
Alone in the Dark 3 title, AITD3
Jed Stone adventurer once dug up the graves of ancestors sacred Navajo and found a statue of an eagle of gold. To this place the crowd surged obsessed by greed people, and soon there arose a settlement. Its history began with a bloodbath between the Navajo and miners, in memory of her village called Slaughter Gulch (meaning "massacre"). There were rumors that the Navajo shaman cursed village and its inhabitants. Thriving place - there was a railway line in tunnels under the mountain miners were mining, and suddenly ... For no apparent reason Slaughter Gulch was thrown all its inhabitants and turned into a ghost town, which many in California.
Abandoned house in the 20's. nasheyu century attracted the attention of a film company. It was decided to make a film-western right in "natural settings." Send out in Slaughter Gulch crew did not return back anybody. Among the Missing - Emily Hartvud. Her old friend, a private investigator Carnby, goes to Slaughter Gulch to investigate (both hero familiar to experienced players «Alone in the Dark-1"), he still does not know that what happened is even more of a background than it looked from the first sight - his enemies are evil forces beyond human understanding ...


The first thing that catches your eye after you start the game - is its main menu with the following items:
- BEGIN A NEW GAME - start again;
- RESUME A SAVED GAME - restore previously saved game;
- DIFFICULTY LEVEL - the level of difficulty (it is recommended to choose EASY - because the difficulty only affects the activity of the enemies and your original health);
- RETURN TO DOS - out of the game in DOS.
After the game will be restored or re-started, it's time to control the actions of the detective Carnby. The arrow keys allow him to move from place to place, turn and even back to back away. If, instead of the usual one-touch "up arrow" quickly press twice and hold it, then run forward Carnby.
When the detective finds an object, it has two choices: take the item with you or leave it TAKE LEAVE. Carnby can carry an unlimited number of items, but in an extremely large property is rather difficult to navigate.
At any time during the game at Carnby has a desired action or thing; pressing the space bar will cause them to take advantage of it. To select an action or object, you must press ENTER, and then the screen will appear at the top of the vertical menu. The first item in it is always ACTIONS, that is to say "action" and is followed by a list of items. After the cursor to some position of the menu, pressing the right arrow leads you to clarify the menu at the bottom right (to get back out of it, use the left arrow).
Possible actions only three:
- FIGHT - fight. Pressing the space bar will translate Carnby in a fighting stance, and the arrow keys will allow strikes and kicks. Yet fist - not the best weapon, so it's worth as soon as possible to get something a gunshot;
- OPEN / SEARCH - open / view;
- PUSH - push.
When the cursor is on an item ACTIONS left, next to the "hard drive" in a figure indicates the current life Carnby. Specifying for each menu item depends on the item. Usually there are options:
- USE - to prepare the subject to use;
- DROP / PUT - drop / put.
Sometimes there are also additional items specific to the subject, say THROW - throw, and so on. If the selected item is a firearm, the left shows the number of charges to him.
Pressing ESC during the game brings up a menu system:
- RETURN TO GAME - back to the game;
- SAVE GAME - save the current state of the game;
- RESUME A SAVED GAME - restore previously saved game;
- DIFFICULTY LEVEL - to change the level of difficulty;
- MUSIC ON / OFF - turn on / off music;
- SOUND EFFECTS ON / OFF - turn on / off sound effects;
- DETAIL LEVEL HIGH / LOW - high / low quality graphic details;
INTERMEDIATE SEQUENCES ON / OFF - turn on / off the intermediate rollers; - QUIT - Quit the game.


Here is a bridge, and behind it abandoned houses Slaughter Gulch. Boldly go, and do not be afraid of small "favors" from the local population - then everything will be much worse. You will find yourself next to the saloon. Before you enter, walk on the porch and look to the right can of gas. Now you can in the saloon. The first step is to gather the scattered objects in the saloon: key, maraca (with tables) and oil in the corner. In a small closet under the stairs are broken box of matches. Although it is not necessary, fill with gasoline cinema and watch the last film footage shot. Go to the bar and do not pay attention to the arrow above, it does not hurt you. Search the shelves behind the counter, there is something right: wood alcohol, bottle bottle and flask. Flasks will fall further, using ten items they restore health.
Throw a bottle against the wall and take out the pieces token. Go to the piano on the left and use the badge, yes, that's so began the history of the village Slaughter Gulch ... Your property was added oil lamp. But in the song flashed and useful information, it is time to use it! Again, go to the bar and push the left horn of the skull. Keeper of the basement is not particularly strong in the melee, but his guns can be quite unpleasant. Run out from behind the bar, vymanivaya it, and run around in circles, until he wasted all shoot bullets. Then you can and deal with their fists (watch out for more gun serious opponents). Take out the ace of diamonds and golden bullet. Jump into the door behind the bar. If for some reason you do not have a lamp at the piano, you can get it here, in the dark. Fill it with oil and light a match, use lamp - will light. What a nice tavern! Remove from the wall cane and read the note on the banner, open the door on the left flank. To scare snakes, use rattle and climb up to the open passage in a prison cell. Here you will constantly worry especially annoying ghost. It can kill only "on time", so do not waste time in vain! In heap of rubbish lying on the bunk stone, take it and approach the door. Cane hook key and open his cell door. Freedom!
Throw a rock in the hallway on the wall, it falls out of the indian amulet. Down the hall - the camera with a drunk, precede it with wood alcohol. Drunkenness to no good arguments! Who do not believe - can he be sure of drunks there was only a flask. Take! Amulet allows you to go through the magic pentagram in a side corridor. First, find a room sheriff, search the table and take out his sheriffs badge and bullets for winchester. The key to unlock the weapons rack and locate the winchester. Read the posters on the walls, they write something interesting. In the room opposite the open stove. Surprise! It is not necessary to fight him on the cam, it is better to immediately will release in move the gun. At the end of the hall closet push to block they shudder to blow the doors, then open cabinet and take out shotgun. It's time to climb up the ladder. There are scattered so much all useful! Take the whip and find a place illuminated from time to time in red. When the lights went out, not wasting a second run and grab woodoo hangman's hill and just as bright - back. If you do not have time ... at least it will be clear what happens to those who go through red lights. Next on the floor lying cast iron plate and cartridge belt. Place the iron plate in the manner of body armor and bring down the whip hand with a bag of gold coins (bag full of gold coins). Charge Winchester golden bullet and gave her the annoying arrow. In place of the corpse remains sack full of scorpions, take it. Take me back to the steel door and open it old cowboy way - several shots of hard drive, five or six bullets would be enough. Knock, knock,
Santa Claus came! Come in and immediately apply a lighted lamp. Voodoo sorcerer strangle you if you do not use a rope hanged guess voodoo. Perepravte in open hatch bag of scorpions (that someone would be delighted at the bottom!) and pull the lever, the hatch closes. Poshar'te good for him and take a stick of dynamite and a piece of dried meat. Go back to the corner and kill the two archers and go to small room. In sight there is Gatling gun and another flask, and a barrel - short fuse. The wick should be a dynamite stick, and all together - in the crack around the barrel. Open the door, matches, light the wick - Do not just stand, might explode! The roar of the explosion is better to listen to the next room. Incidentally, since the gun is you do not have forever, do not wait to use it for "rainy day."
The wall formed a break, enter and stand on the stone slab with a painted arrow - hidden mechanism to open the door. Go down the corridor as long as you get to the door. Defeat another shot and go to the side, to the car. Sheriff's badge replace the missing gear and whip hook lever. True, the whip when it will be lost forever, but the door will open. In the room behind it - another flask and bullets for winchester at the end of the board. Before jumping off the board in the window across the street, make sure to thoroughly disperse. Matches light the lamp in the corridor needed to open the door. Before you enter, is acquainted with the plan of the house on the wall. In the room pick up a newspaper clipping sheet from newspaper and read the story. Put the dried meat in the hours, get token in the corner and take the night valet. The painting is flask, it is also useful. Go straight through the picture. In carved bedposts are arrow, take it and use it on kupidonchike with onions. Open the drawer under the mirror and take a 30/30 bullet, bulb and pearl. Push the mirror and take a fortified him key. Again, go through the picture and return to the corridor. Select from the floor costume jewelry ring, one of the key open the locked door and enter. Break the diamond ring, in the end will receive a separate ring (ring) and a separate diamond. Insert the diamond dragon figurine and take bullets for winchester. Pick up from the floor flask, instruction sheet and diary. For fun read what is written there. On the balcony to a window, behind which hides the shooter, and Put the window the night table. Who would have thought that such a primitive thing can ruin a cowboy? Push harder swinging shutters, and it forms a bridge - Login arrow into the room and search the table, will find a key. Take the shutter release, instruction sheet and flash. Enjoy the pictures hanging on the walls and return to the corridor. There is one locked door, the key will open it. Use a blower and slide flash is ready. Now go!
What a nasty two-headed monster! .. However, he is killed ridiculously easy. Stand on the platform at the marked cabinet on the left and apply the flash - the creature disappears. Throw medal in the piano and listen to the second part of the saga of Jed Stone. Take oil. Shoot at a target, a case will be opened, and from there take the flask and should war stick. Thread the lamp oil and jump down. As quickly as possible matches and light the lamp use it. While bats are not zakusali death, run to the left, the exit. Jump from column to column for as long as you reach the Indian. Show him the battle mace, he step back - take the box of cartridges and small key. Continue to jump on the columns, until you reach a dead end. Stalemate? Nothing like. Use Indian amulet, and get out again to the surface. The first thing straightened with a guy with a throwing the stars, take a flask, and then will new problem - the shooter, but of course you can handle and him. Remain lying on the floor, top hat and a key, grab it all. Key will open the far door. This is a library! Carefully poshar'te on the shelves, you will find the White Book,
Watch-Maker's Manual and Locked Book. Small key and unlock the last read it. Search the bust in the back of the room, there are pocket-watch. Take from the table printing plate, light the candle on the table and read with her white paper. Bring the proofs to the mirror at the table, where you will find another piece of the story of Jed Stone. Get out of the library and go back to the other locked doors in the lobby. To open them, it is necessary to move a few steps and use the pocket watch.
Talk to Morrison and take the story board. Place the cylinder on a bust of Lincoln and kill from nowhere which appeared green type (it is easier - from the hard drive). Stand stained-glass window in front and beat him with a shot of the hard drive, now you can climb the stairs. Strengthen military staff on a round slab in the center of the cemetery and throw to the grave with the initials O.E.J. (That is, one-eyed Jack) ace of diamonds, take Message.
In the kitchen, check the table, it is oil. Pick up on the floor, roll of film, and take out of the closet bag of pemmican. Grease nipples mechanism of fire and enter the dance hall. The fat man take a hammer, and the lady - box of cartridges. Run to the stage and be careful violinist will shoot! Examine the gramophone and take out guitar string, musical score and key to a safe. To a boy with flowers and a gun does not interfere with, kill it and go back to the kitchen. Pass behind the cupboard in the corridor, in front of you - a locked door. Insert the bullet into the lock 30/30 and hit it with a hammer to beat Castle. Examine a model station, take a blasting cap, map and light bulb. In neighboring room on a broken mounting table apply guitar string and bulb. Use a combination of notes and note three digits. Insert the film into the projector and see movie.
In another room, take from the table astronomy book, check the picture on the wall and continue to do so as long as the numbers at the bottom of the screen are aligned with the combination of notes. Log in to the bank, in turn, use to vault doors gem and key to the safe. Clerk of zombies steal your amulet, but he is very weak and killed by two or three strokes - take away his amulet back. The storage box of cartridges take and hill century's money. Open the window.
Take received from McCarthty's message. Hmm ... Emily you offer life in exchange for money and the key to them ... Take a seat in the corner of the flask, poshar'te in the truck and take the detonator box and box of cartridges. After a bit of intermediate rollers enter the station.
Push STATION sign the wall, to the guy at the top was not up to you, and take the floor key. Poshar'te in a pile of rails and take the eye-bolt. Three tap her on the bell to open the door. Run out to the outside, quickly consolidated cap and install a fence in front of detonators, the rock. At the water tower down to the ground and the key money and ...
Yes, yes, you are killed. Hmm. All what? No action has just begun! Navajo shaman brings you back to life - though in the body of a panther. Go to the saloon and go inside. Jump overcome destroyed stairwell, jump through the hole in the floor on the second floor and through the window - out.
Run a little until you get near the hole in the wall - there you can see the statue of Stone with the amulet in his hand. Jump to the statue and take the amulet.
Unfortunately, the return will not be easy - the road to the cemetery guard werewolves. Find a shop McCarthy, in an alley behind her is a barrel of tar, dip back paw. In the mansion next door to the studio to find the barrel with silver salts and also sun'te back paw. In the end, covered with paw firmly stuck to her crystals. Now you can go to the cemetery and kill both werewolves. Go back to the place where he was a shaman, and put the amulet in the fire. The magic worked, and Carnby again in battle!
The grave Take soap, and between the rails - colt gun. Go to the water tower. There you will meet counterpart. Perhaps more of the "Prince of Persia" you perfectly know that the fight should not be twins? Put the "Colt" on the ground, he will do the same. Walk up to him and touch his hand. Merge the two halves together, and Carnby turns into a dashing cowboy! Go up the stairs and go into the tank. Touching soap will fatal for Dirt, which will pick you up in the tank, and in its place will be a metallic brush. Take it and insert the plug with a hole, open the hatch in the floor, jump in there.
Take the engineer's notebook and read out of boredom, as Jed Stone is going to arrange an end. Take a dead leaf and apply it to the bust of an Indian, a stone slab step aside. If you want to map on the wall with the scheme can find caves.
Climb up the stairs and kill the two big guy, but at the same time will do without firing - we need to save ammo! Find a flask in the room and pick axe, and in the next room, take the sheets of paper. Now you need to find a way through the gap on emerging unexpectedly plates. Go "at random" and sign up more often, get to the other side, you can in a minute.
In strongman, blocking the road, is to embed the six rounds of the "Colt", and then finish it with a pick. Pickaxe as you defeat "logger" in the next room. Look carefully, you have to take away the following items: candlestick, water pitcher, Jed Stone's sketch book, scorched book and needle (needle). Go out into the open door and pour the water from the jug hand - by the way, the right place for this look so easy.
Enter the elevator, take the sex china piggy bank and break it on the wall, it will show a substantive microscope glass plate. Press the lever, lift moves to another floor. Place the slide under the microscope and note the order of the colors. It is in this sequence to open the door. In the next room take the table vial of poison, go around the corner to the grid. Grease a poison needle and apply a bottle of poison near distillirovochnogo apparatus - Carnby shrunk! Walk under the grate and as soon as the prisoner jerk to you prick him a poisoned needle. Take a piece of straw and the key to the goal, a well as the bottle of ammonia. The key unlock the camera inside, go out and ... Again, take the poison! This time a small Carnby must go to the mouse hole for a table leg.
The straw will help bridge the gap. Run with a straw at the ready and jump like a vault. Take the vial of potion. In the next room as quickly as possible to run up "exit lava "in the wall and pour his elixir. Spider temporarily fall behind from you and will treat. Carefully take the bucket of glue, but do not fall into the web. Soon spider decreases, and it can be simply squelch. Come to the light pole at the wall, grease hands with glue and climb up the wall. Again hurry: run up to the table and grab Hammer's head, then run up to the hole through which climbed here, and throw your head down. Headless guard go in search and will not interfere.
Take a lead ingot and winchester. Enter the next room and kill the very dangerous Chinese Kung Fu Cobra - Feel free to use the hard drive against him quite honestly. Take Cobra's wig and silver dollar, and the flask.
Silver dollar attach to the poster with the portrait, the door will open. Go there, but do not forget to take a box of matches! Go to the crucible and use on it matches, then put back ingot lead - this will free up Emily from the magical prison. Take the room scorched paper, evil wand with a mineral tip, ammunition and aztec legend parchment.
Enter the tunnel and immediately start firing at the enemy. When he dies, pick up the knife and throw the bottle at the door ammonia, to bring to life, Emily, she pulls you out of trouble. Wig Cobra hook hook above the door, it help unlock it. Next you will have a rather job. Running into the next room and immediately run up a statue of an eagle, to apply the rod of evil. At least opponents will be less. Take a flask and run into another room, where lift rubber glove, put her knife and cut the electric wire at steny.Teper turn the tap to the right of the cut wire and run back to the statue of an eagle. On the way, can grab a sack of coal. After a miserable death, Jed Stone, take the train, put coal into the furnace and fire up her matches. Pull the lever and ... watch the spectacular ending traversed you Alone in the Dark-3.