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Abuse (DOS)

Abuse DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Crack dot Com
Developed by: Crack dot Com
Released: 1995
Platform: DOS
Abuse control keys
The game was originally scheduled to run DOS and Linux , but has been adapted for Mac OS by Bungie Studios and Acorn Archimedes by R -Comp Interactive. End of 2000 the developers have reworked the sources that the game runs on Microsoft Windows and have placed the game in the public domain, with the exception of music.Three major projects were completed from this Abuse32 which allows to use the game under Windows with a higher screen resolution. It uses the original music with the agreement of single use. frabs for free Abuse fully public archive including play and sources, as well as some additional levels , the music has just been removed. Note that the executable can run Abuse32 archive frabs . Finally Abuse - SDL , a port source to use the SDL library and make it portable and functional game on Linux and Mac OS X. A port on the Wii as qu'homebrew is also available.

It is the year 2009. You play Nick Vrenna, a prisoner wrongly incarcerated in an underground high-security prison .
In this prison held illegal genetic experiments . One of them , led by Alan Blake, is to isolate humans genesis causing aggression. This genetic sequence called " Abuse " does not take long to escape and spread in the corridors.
A general mutiny then place in the prison guards, staff and inmates are infected and turned into bloodthirsty mutants.
Then you don battle armor that protects you against the virus and arm yourself with a gun. Then you must reach the control room located opposite your position to escape , but also prevent the water from the base to be contaminated Abuse and creatures supply to escape aboard a shuttle .
Enigma , test , monsters and robots security await you during this long decent into hell .

Gaming System


The player controls the character with the arrow keys on the keyboard, [top] key used to jump and [Down] button for activating mechanisms . [Ctrl] and [ Ins] used to change weapons. The angle of the shot and the trigger is a mouse. The left button is used to shoot while the right button is used to activate a special ability. Ammunition is limited in number and should be picked up by land. The hero has 100 points and he can recover by stepping on the hearts scattered throughout the levels.


In the skin of Nick Vrenna , the player must destroy the mutants in order to escape. Here is a sample of available enemies :
  • Mutants base (Reaper): These are creatures that appear more often and sometimes more than ten. They look like aliens from Ridley Scott, partly because they climb the walls and ceiling. They have the ability to jump. When they are in their cocoons, they seem asleep, but really are not. There are different kinds with different weapons
  • Red: The most common draw with normal laser, the same as the player, they are very resistant
  • Blue: Those are more resistant but also send the most dangerous special laser
  • The dark: They have grenades, they are very accurate but the Reapers are trying to grab the player before the start
  • Yellow: Very resistant armed rockets homing
  • Flying droids: They fly slowly and shoot with the same laser base than the player. This same weapon enough to put them out of harm's way.
  • Guardians skeletons (Skeleton guards): Most often immobile, they are still powerful because even armed grenade launcher as the player. They are rather tough but when they move, they are very slow.
  • Drones Fly: These small drones can seem a little dangerous when they are armed with laser, but some ultra powerful explosives. Flying several meters high, they are difficult to reach.
  • Drills: They roam the corridors and stalk the player. They are strength and speed variables.