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Shivers (Windows 3.1)

Shivers: What Darkness Conceals, Terror Reveals
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1995
Platform: Windows 3.1


Because of a bet made friends with the protagonist must spend a whole night in the museum of Professor Windlenot abandoned, never opened to the public in the past where two teenagers have disappeared. Exploring this impressive building, the protagonist will encounter at some point in the ghost of Professor Windlenot, who also died in strange circumstances in his own museum, and find that it is infested with ten elemental demons, called Ixupi. These wicked demons have the power to suck the lifeblood from those who stumble upon them, leaving at the end of a decomposing body. The player will be able to seal them forever in ten amulets, trying to survive.


Shivers is unlike any other adventure game published by Sierra, for many reasons. First of all, there is no inventory system, because your character can carry only an amulet at a time. In addition, it has a pre-set amount of health at the beginning of the game, which decreases every time it is attacked by a Ixupi without the amulet needed to capture it. When his health runs out, the game ends with the hero's death. There are many objects in the museum where you can interact with, and as many puzzles to solve in order to proceed. Each amulet needed to capture a Ixupi consists of a container and a lid, which are hidden throughout the museum and change their position every time you start a new game (ploy that allows the replay value of the title). Each time the player finds a useful clue to solving a puzzle, you unlock a "flashback" in the pause menu that allows you to review it whenever you want. There is a score that increases every time you solve a puzzle, you read a text, we observe an object and, of course, you catch a Ixupi.
Given the moderate success was developed a following, Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls.


The overall strategy

You can have in your inventory, only one subject. When you find a plate or a talisman, it becomes the sole. Pay close attention to where each dish or the talisman. If you exchange the newly discovered object to the one that was carried before, or will transfer closer things found far away, your notes will be useful.
Shivers titleYou can always notice the approach Iksupi - they create a unique sound. If you shave off quickly, it will remain intact.

Scoring system

Solved puzzle 6750
evidence 350
reading plaques 250
inventory item 2500
loss essence -1500
the written message for each room 300
If you see that roll some items - inspect them. They are not essential to the game, but can add points.
Use the tip of the mouse cursor, not the thickest part.
Look splash cartoon of how friends have locked you in the museum. Now is the time to set the option "text on".

Near the museum

Turn left - see the dragon gargoyle. The chain opens it - inside you will find a letter. Read it. When the letter fall to the ground, note the number in the dragon's mouth.
Go up until you reach a locked door. The box on the right drawled nasally that the museum is closed. Remember the mark on top of the doors and their colors. When you go down, get another set of marks to the right of the purple vase.
Do you need other input, so go down the path to the veranda. Find another set of marks and colors for tall items. Go behind the arch and get the fourth set of marks for a triangular stone. Go back to the side of the arch. Locate the mark on the bench. By the time you reach the front porch, you should have five sets of marks. Go to the very end of the path to find traces.
Log on to the veranda, open the metal box and choose his puzzle. From top to bottom, type 029, click on the left. Next job more difficult - here you need seven moves the upper to the lower parts rearrange pins, and vice versa. We denote the upper left part number 1, while the lower right is 2 (we assume left to right), free left pin # will be called, and the free right - *.

Next move

4 -> #
2 -> 4
6 -> 2
3 -> 6
5 -> 3
1 -> 5
# -> 1
Press lever (left). Come on.
Exit to the veranda and cross rising traces. When get close to Stonehenge, notice marks on the outside wall. Look down. Now use the mark and the color that you see to solve this puzzle. Go down the spiral stairs. Open the door and locate the switch on the left. Keep going down until the passage does not lead you to the underground lake. Open the stone door.

Underground lake

Find a corpse left. Take the book and read it. She appears as the subject 9.
Take a boat. In the boat, turn around to the opposite shore, look down, press the lever, turn around, look down, press the lever, straighten, press the lever (forward until doplyvёte to the opposite shore).
During pereplyvaniya appear water spirit and will take the essence. This can not be avoided. When pereplyvёte, look at the plate on the other side. Get out of the boat and go right. When you examine it, you will see the ghost of Professor Vindlnota to warn you. It appears at number 4. Inspect the mark on a plate for later.
Go down the tunnel and get the elevator. Your task is to arrange the pictures on the diagonal (each time differently, in my simple task). Enter the elevator - will be taken to the office of the museum.

Office museum

Carefully inspect the office, but avoid the fire. You should find: map on the wall, a newspaper in his coat pocket, a letter on the floor, the elevator for the tapestry, the message on the tape, the door to the studio and the letter in the table. Be sure to get the bull mascot in the bottom drawer.


The next room, which must examine - this library. Go through the door to the left of the fireplace. Walk a little forward and turn left. Enter the door and focus on the space to the right of the chandelier, beware - there may be a wax Iksupi. You must find all four books in the cupboard, items 8, 10, 11 and 12. If you get into the trouble, start with the only book that in mind - a "Black Book". Then the next - two right and orange. Then white, another four books on. Last - on one shelf below and purple. Further examination quickly detect even a single pass, but leave it for later.
Find the stairs in front of another bookcase and check it for the future. Exit the library through the front door, stay to the right of the stand in the center of the room and go through the double doors of the two columns. When you reach the steps will be taken further.

Strange beasts

Enter the room of strange animals, go to the far left corner and get the double doors (with green serpentine). Enter the room amazing plants and turn left, forward, then left again. You will find a mascot for the plates found in the office. If you have a dish, the talisman magically reunited with her, or else take the mascot, go back to the office and connect both items. You can cope with their first Iksupi (if he is still in the ashes of the fireplace).

Balance museum

Probably the most useful thing - it's blue prints. They are in a room secret depths. If you're in the office, return to the room of strange beasts, otherwise leave the room amazing plants and go left of the eagle's nest.

Secrets depth

Find another set of double doors in the room of strange beasts. Go through the door, mind map on the floor and check the screen Neptune-Poseidon. Here is a puzzle globe. Solve it (type "20N" and "75W"), and you will appear in the inventory item and very useful set of blue prints of the museum, number 14. Walk a little further and get the puzzle sirens-body at the end of the right corner. Solve it (press 1, 6, 5, 1, 6, 5, 7, 4, 2, 1), and opens the door to show the Colossus of Rhodes, the right of the body.
Enter the new pass and get the puzzle of the moving wall. You have no key to it, so I have to come back later. When the exit passage, see the dirty yellow stain in front. We did a quick look. Look Iksupi sand-land, which sometimes takes a stand on the left. If you go back to the globe, then go for it a little bit, right, forward, back and to the right along the wall. At the far end is a bit of yellow crystals, which can be Iksupi.

Facilities at the main entrance

Exit the room secret depths, return to the main entrance hall and look around some more. You'll find the stairs leading to the 2nd floor, a stone fountain with a hidden crane (note - can Iksupi), rear doors, behind which are outside the locked doors of the museum, two panels (one on the right of the table, the other - on the left of the fountain) and the door, which leads to the theater. Look in the drawer museum brochure, item 7. You'll need to find the skeletons in the museum. Find also one of the inventory items in one of the bird stuffed between the library and the office.


To get to the theater, choose the door puzzle. The answer to the rebus, refer to the "Egyptian Hieroglyphics Explained" (item 9), location - near the boat, on a corpse. Next, go to the giant eagle's nest, set the skull (blue), then enter the room and go to the depths of the mysteries of the underworld. Solve the puzzle of the moving wall. Then go through a couple of rooms and enter the room with three doors. Cross the maze.


Read the plaque, set the skull (yellow). Look oily area (caution - Iksupi) and notice an inventory object on the other side. Go back to the maze in the hall and then to the office.


Find a shop. Go down to the left and get the puzzle drawer. Pull out drawers with numbers 189a, 249c, 299, 417c, 458, 513g, and then turn the key. The key in this room, so go ahead, and decide to get one more thing. Keep going around the table, but do not approach the wooden objects of the human form - there may be Iksupi.

Bedroom and class

Leave the shop and see where you're lucky you lift for tapestry. You will be taken to the fourth floor. Look for item 17 - Professor's diary journal. Note also watch behind the bed and the different faces of different times. In particular, note that with open jaw, as well as his time.

Library and a secret passage

Again, take the lift to the office and go to the library. Find a ladder, climb, turn right - you will see the statue. Turn back to the left, get the book that will open the statue and fill the next vacancy in the inventory. Click the thickest book, you see that the statue turned and discovered a secret middle. Down the stairs, turn left, forward twice, right, and - in the secret passage.
Turn left, get on the floor lipstick, left, left again - you will see another elevator. Open the elevator at least once in the game - it is the key to the puzzle. This elevator runs between the three main floors. Go back to the secret passage and get more items on the floor. If you turn right at the intersection, get into the dead end. Remember the secret passage in the serving room? This - his other side, and the door opens only one way!

Mechanical room and a generator

Turn left and around a few corners (find purse, number 15) and down until you reach the machine room and the generator. There's nothing here until the end of the game, but still have a look. Find the box labeled "Danger! High Voltage." Left panel is available, and under it - the section of the wall that is different from the rest. Go back to the main floor, go to the theater, and left the hall.

Clock Tower

Solve the puzzle in the side door of the theater hall (in the line to the right, enter GEOFFREY) and climb up to the clock tower. You will find there a ghost Beta, another plate and head. Inspect the mark to recognize Iksupi. Lose the plate and leave it with an "Anansi the Spider song." This will give you time gain. Work on the monitor, carefully referring to the fact that you see in the camera witch doctor. These two keys will help to solve the puzzle in other places. Watch dials and time are displayed on the video monitor. Solve the puzzle and find the item clock on the roof of the tower. Go down to the theater and at the main entrance hall.

Tombs and curses

Now take over the second floor. If you climb the stairs from the main hall, on the ceiling, you can see the chandelier. Carefully, another nychka crystal Iksupi. Through the double doors to enter the room of tombs and curses. Turn right and enter the room where once held Iksupi vessels. Leave this room, turn right and set the skull (green). Make inquiring face - notice the secret panel on the wall. We're going to explore other parts of the second floor and go back to this room later. Turn the sheets above the door and go through it.

Room soothsayer

You are in the hallway. Right dead end, so turn left, go around the corner and down the hall and to the left. Over the next corner and left again. Wooden Iksupi sometimes hiding behind a bunch of junk. Find in a far corner of the puzzle picture. Its solution provides access to the room soothsayer. Here you will find the ghost of Merrick, number 3. Read your destiny, toss a coin, and carefully note the first thing she says. This is the first of four puzzles. Leave the room and go back into the hall. At the intersection, turn left, go up again to the right and upward.


So, did you get to the third floor without a lift. Walk down the aisle of the new until you find more stuff and an A-frame on the wall. Another secret door. Log in to the warehouse. Turn left, go one box and go to the door to the planetarium.


Thunder and glow Iksupi sometimes appear in one of the screens, so be alert. Find a model of the solar system and choose your first rebus (item 8, 18-19 pages). Read the second. Go right and get the puzzle Pictography Tilla. Solve it and get one more thing. If you will walk to the left, you will see another door. It leads to the tower and down to the second level. Here we will use other means. Exit the planetarium through the same door that entered, open another two boxes in the warehouse and in the end get another box with puzzle alchemical machine. Solve it and get another thing. Inquire of the person - and the new door.

Inhumanity of people toward people

Go through the door to the island and found the skeleton of the cell. Click for a laugh pitcher in hand skeleton. You will hear: "I feel your pain." Examine other instruments of torture and ends with the gallows. Solve the puzzle (dial 120, then press the lever) and get the thing. Go down the stairs down from the gallows, go straight past the electric chair (here sometimes glowing Iksupi, so do not click the switch) and go into another room. In the end it will be the door puzzle. Solve it - get access to the next room. Find another conundrum between the two pictures. Solve the puzzle - get access to the aisle with six skulls and inventory object. This door will open when you return the rest of the skull in a museum in present their color.

Secret passage of the second floor

Go back to the warehouse and enter the secret passage. If you turn right, then go down the hall and find the elevator. Take it to the second floor and turn right into the hall. Left again - some dead ends, go back to the intersection and turn right, wrap a few corners, ignore the two right turn and walk almost to the end. If you are in the end, a little tax back and find a passage to the tombs and curses.

Tombs and curses

Turn left and walk part of the way to the tomb. When you can turn right and turn the corner, you will find the Sphinx. Read the plaque, snorkel around the Sphinx (between the legs), and then touch the lips. Questions and behold sarcophagi and obelisks, solve puzzles (the answer to the rebus again look in the book "Egyptian Hieroglyphics Explained" (item 9), location - near the boat, on the corpse). New item. Keep going left past the sphinx to another tomb (Curse of Anubis), but beware Iksupi. Go back to the main area in this room, go up the stairs between the tombstones and solve the puzzle to access the door to the next room (the answer to this rebus is impossible to describe - you have to "pave" the way for balls).

Room funeral rites

In this room there is a skull. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left, forward, left again. Install it in blue. Turn right and go to the funeral chamber, avoiding Iksupi. Exit and turn left, follow to the far end of the room. Left to see the lion and find the diary Merrick - the subject 16. Follow to the far door. On the right you will find the sarcophagus of the animal and its hidden Chinese puzzle. Solve it - you will find an inventory item. Screen cremation can hide Iksupi. Open the door at this end of the room.

Room shaman

The room should be afraid of the Shaman Iksupi wax in one corner. Find a witch doctor in the other tracks on the floor and that disappear at a secret panel. Walk in the footsteps of their source and look up. Here, the camera used in the tower hours. Solve the puzzle to get access to the next room, go up to the drums, take a stick from the hands of witch doctors and nastuchit: RAM TA BO BA TA RAM BA; then put the stick back.

Gods and objects of slaughter

You are in a room of the gods and objects of slaughter which decide their second riddle and find the third. Look for horse chariot and the Torah. Turn the nearby stone and read his message. Go to the next room and set the skull (red). Find and solve the puzzle Semeriyskoy lira at the far end of the room - you will find one more thing. Do not forget to set the skull (red). Go back through the double doors and solve this puzzle door (left panel) to access the next room.

Room legends and myths

The first time you go in the room legends and myths, get two things: the puzzle of the music box on the right and left of a woolen bag. Solve the puzzle and find the item. Look for a bag, and the book will be the subject 5. Go to the other side, avoiding the wax snakes (Iksupi!) And check the box engraved Maori to find the next thing. Get out there and check carefully the next couple of rooms. Lots of stuff can mean Iksupi. Find the skull and place it in the red. When you find the stairs to the right, go over it - it leads to the planetarium. First, however, twice, turn left and around the corner, there will be a door. Open the door of the pylorus - find wardrobe Iksupi guarding the next door.

Word 9 of 10 Iksupi

I think at this point you have to catch as many Iksupi. Do not worry, that one still remains. It seems well designed. If you do this in the underground room, it opens a short pass right on the main floor. Try it!

Generator room

Get rid of all Iksupi except one (Iksupi thunder and lightning), you can search for a missing page 17. Go to the room and get the generator panel. If it is not open, it means you are not played. If it is open, double-click the switch - there will be 17 pages. This is your fourth puzzle. Read the book and decide rebus. You have to remember one part of the museum - the answer to puzzles.

Inhumanity of people toward people

Go upstairs to the third floor, in a room with a guillotine. Quickly go through the puzzle room and six skulls in the last room. Notice the trap door on the floor and inserted a stone wall with his two characters. Again, to the guillotine. Work with the screen and notice the same two characters on the dropped blade. Return to the room with the symbols on the wall. Now the stone moved forward. Touch him and enjoy the fastest run. At the end of it you will find the latest thing.

Generator room

Now for the last Iksupi. You can find it in the generator room, where he caught. Look final splash as number 18 and go home with friends.