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NHL FaceOff '97 (PS1)

NHL FaceOff '97 PSX
Genre: Sports
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Interface: Direct control
Sport: Hockey
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment of America
Developed by: Killer Game
Released: 1996
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Second edition of NHL FaceOff. And although a picky gamer can easily find some graphic implementation flaws in this product (the animation technique of hockey players adopted by the developers today seems outdated), for hockey fans this is a great gift, completely captivating with its game action and a huge number of completely innovative finds. In terms of strategy implementation, the NHL FaceOff 97 hockey game has left far behind all well-known hockey imitators. Consider the new icon-based pass management system that lets you pass to any teammate at any time!

It goes without saying that all the usual components of hockey imitation are implemented here: all the NHL teams of the 1997 season, the All Stars 1996 team, provides for the creation of new players, replacements during matches, four game modes - Exhibition, Season, Play-Off and Practice ... An extremely advanced control system allows you to throw on the move, touch up shots, make false swings, and much more. Well thought out and ranked game difficulty levels that you can choose from. The game has become attractive for both novice hockey players and avid professionals.


  1. During a “close fight” of two hockey players, you can grab an opponent with one hand, and then use the other hand ...
  2. Using the icon controls, you can arrange a whole round of passes in front of the opponent's goal, which will confuse the goalkeeper, and you will have the opportunity to shoot into an unprotected place.
  3. Interrupt the opponent's attacks with forceful techniques, even if they go beyond the rules. A large number of goals scored by you fully compensates for the time spent on the penalty box!
  4. For greater efficiency of throws straight away, you can use the direction key to make them fly into the wall not in a straight line, but with a certain twist.
  5. During the breakthrough to the goal, carefully monitor the position of the goalkeeper. Do not fix the angle of the throw until the last moment, when you will understand exactly what is what.


Series of seven games

To achieve a seven-game streak, start a Play-Off Tournament with a seven-game streak before the season ends. Then you need to set the option to continue the Play - Off tournament. When the season is over, the old Play-Off tournament will also end, but the seven-game format will remain.


Almost perfect goalie

Use the normal procedure to create a player, and assign him the goalie position. Then, define his ratings as (in order): 72, 64, 72, 80, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72. Now although the overall rating is 77, this is the most effective goalie possible.

Extra points

To get an extra 20 points in the "create a character" option, press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2, bring each category to 40. Then raise it again to 99. You will hear a bell signaling that trick worked!

Super Players

On the Create Player screen, enter the following names (these are the names of the programmers from Killer Game):
  • Raja Altenhoff
  • Tom Braski
  • Craig Broadbooks
  • Josh Hassin
  • Tawn Kramer
  • Alan Scales
  • Kelly Ryan
  • Jody Kelsey
  • Chris Whaley
  • Peter Dille
  • Craig Ostrander
Enter "1" for the player's number, "F" for their position on the court, "150" for their weight, "R" for their skill, and all other numbers are the same. When you go over. When you go to the Sign Free Agent screen, you will notice that their total playability is now 99.