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Full Throttle (DOS)

Full Throttle DOS
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and Select
Published by: Brasoft Produtos de Informática Ltda.
Developed by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Released: 1995
Platform: DOS

This masterpiece is a very long time occupied the first place in the various charts. The guys from Lucas Arts, created such famous hits as Sam & Max Hit the Road, Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle, and in this case did their best. Here is the result of their work - Full Throttle.
Nice graphics, great sound, great story - a seat to the monitor and see for yourself.
The F1 key is the main menu of the game, where:
- LOAD - load the game;
- SAVE - save the current position;
- PLAY - start a new game;
- QUIT - exit to DOS.
In this menu, you can also enable / disable the accompanying music and titles.
In «Full Throttle» you are the Ben, the leader of one of the strongest gang rockers POLE CATS.
Ben looks like it should look like any self-respecting rocker: leather jacket, a wide leather belt and a two-day stubble (very fashionable for Americans) - these are the signs by which you can easily recognize your hero. All control of the game is most convenient to carry out with the mouse. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, the aid comes easily and the keyboard.
Full Throttle title
If you want to work on a game object or another actor, move your cursor over the form of the cross. Crosshairs should appear around red frame. Click the left mouse button, and you will see a menu (if it does not appear, you can throw your mouse):
- HAND - take an object to hit another character, and so on ...;
- Leg - kick the object (very useful for vyshibaniem doors);
- ROTH - talk to other actors play;
- EYES - consider the subject closer.
So, let's start ...


The game begins with the fact that you find in the trash Ben Bucks. The impact on the tank cap by hand (or, simply, hit it on the right), and your character will be selected to freedom. Go right. Front of the bar is a motorcycle Ben, but its keys somewhere lost. Knock the door of the bar with his foot and walk inside. Try to talk to the bartender and ask them what actually happened. Oh, he does not want to talk about ... Oh, how it has an interesting earring in the nose ... "Let me see!" (The impact on the bartender hand.) Received from him the keys, go outside and sit on the bike. Go up the road. Along the way you will meet a guy from another gang. That he missed you, beat him until he fly off the bike. Well, reset? And now a surprise. The guys who had taken your gang, and work a little on your bike. At full speed and he falls off the front wheel ...
Ben woke up in a strange place, very similar to the garage (of course, very similar, it's garage is). He belongs to a girl named Marin, whose sister and brought you to it. Marine will tell you that the bike can still be repaired, but it does not have the necessary spare parts. Learn from Marin exactly what it needs to repair and where you can get it all (simply loop through all the issues that are on the list.) The first thing you need Marine gas burner, but recently she stole a resident of the town by the name of Todd. Well, go to Todd. When you walk out of the garage, you will see your savior - sister Marin. Talk to her about what happened to you. After a conversation with a girl you behave very strangely - as soon as you got out of sight, she would sit in the car and umchitsya.
Then go to the trailer in which he lives Tod. Knock on the door. Method of work, but the door will not open. Of course, he did not confess to the theft. Then, while Todd is at the door, to knock her leg, and the poor, the unfortunate owner will be a long rest. You go inside, open the refrigerator and take a piece of MEAT (now repair the bike and go to the Marin kebab!).
All items that are at the Ben kept his belt bag, access to which you can get by clicking the right mouse button.
Open the locker, next to which is Todd, and take the LOCK PICK. Then stand on the light box, which is located behind the door, and go down to the basement. There you will find the much-needed you burner. Go back to the garage and give the precious Marin finding her. Now you need to get the front FORKS. It can be found on JUNKY YARD, owned by Todd. But first, go to the tower, located on the right edge of town. Open the door to pick.
Pick the lock and go to the dump Todd. Near the gate you will see a chain, pulling you up the gate. But as soon as you let go of the chain, the gate slammed shut. What should you do? That's right, hang on the door lock. Climb the chain on the fence. Go down and try to take a heap of scrap metal desired plug ... Far from it. There is little monster that draws you into the flight. You'll have to part with your potential barbeque.
Jump down and run to the right. Throw a piece of meat at the near blue car and faster back. Climb the fence and walk in it right into the cockpit of a magnetic valve. Turn it on and lift the car with the dog. Leave the faucet on and get out. Now I can go down and take a fork. Go to the Marin and give her a plug. In the garage, take the GAS CAN, which stands to the right against the wall, and a hose hanging on the wall. Go to the tower with gasoline. Sign outside and touch the ladder. Alarm is triggered. You can, if you want one just once to see how the local police shoots well, nothing terrible will happen. But in fact, after the alarm went off, you'd better hide behind the big tank, standing next to the tower. Police will land and start looking for you. While you are looking at the top, go to the police aircraft.
Place the canister on the ground and open the fuel tank. Pass the one end of the hose in, and other impacts on the mouth. When the tank is full, you will be noticed by the police. Run away quickly and go to the garage. Give gasoline Marin.
That's it, your bike will be ready for use.
Before leaving Marin asks you to find her uncle, with whom she split in childhood.
Well, now go!
However, you're not far left. The road was blocked by police, who are still looking for you. To travel farther, go back to the tower with gasoline and run the siren. That's it, now the path is open.
Meanwhile villain Ripburger executes his evil plan. It kills the president of corporation "Corley Motor", hoping to take his place in the future. Fortunately, my sister is near Marin. She can take a picture of the time of the murder.
At this time Ben arrives to a place where there are all these terrible events. On the outskirts of town, Ben meets his gang guys who Ripburger surrendered to police. After talking with them, he goes in search of Ripburgera and finds a dying president. He asks Ben to find his will, which is hidden in a safe at the plant and make it public. And the last thing he asks for your character - to find his niece, Marin. Ben promises to fulfill his last wish.
But the most unpleasant ahead. Ripburger presented the events so that the president is a murderer Ben. All the roads are placed police cordons that check passing vehicles. Hop on a bike and ride back to the garage Marin.
There you will find a broken camera belonging to his sister Marina, and photographs of young Marine with his uncle. Now go to the bar. There sits the driver and plays knives. Ask him to help you pass through the police cordon. He refuses, because it is too dangerous. Get out of the bar and go to the back patio, where you're already familiar trash. Hiding it will give you a sister Marin ID CARD. Go back to the bar and give witness to the driver. Now he agrees to help.
You're lucky, having passed through the cordon, you will find yourself on an old farm. Here Marin spent her childhood. You go in the house. How do you think, where all normal people keep their tools? That's right, under the pillow. Take it from a metal crowbar and break the lock on the trunk. Take out the pictures. Get out of the house and sit on his "faithful horse."
But suddenly out of the blue swing open the garage door and flies out Marin on a motorcycle. Ben rushes in pursuit, but to catch up with her he can not. What follows is the story, which shows how hard times have drivers traveling from areas not controlled by the local traffic police.
Next to the destroyed bridge Ben discovers a poster that says that a certain hero with RAMP and well-equipped motorcycle made the jump across the canyon. (Yes, there were people in our time!) Ben wants to prove that he was not born shit, but he needed to jump himself trampoline and some parts for the bike. Travel back to the highway and take the road through the canyon. The first person you meet will be the former leader of your gang - the father of Torquay. After talking with him, you will learn that jumping is in the hidden cave - a refuge gang «CAVE FISH», and that all of the gang rockers drive their bikes with infrared glasses. To get into the cave, you need these glasses.
After saying goodbye to his father Torquay, Ben goes on. On the way you will meet representatives of various biker gangs. Beat everyone you can, and remember that shot down rocker arms up to you, though, in principle, you would only need a chain and a wooden board. Chain necessary to bring down the rocker, which usually escapes you with accelerators. Wooden board you will need to "remove" the rocker gang «CAVE FISH».
Having seized the infrared goggles, go to the cave. Press ENTER. Inside you will find a trampoline. Impact on him hand and attach to a motorcycle. Go back. On the next screen you will disengage and re-jump on it by its hand. While Ben otderet springboard several icons which are oriented rockers «CAVE FISH». And, as you will see shortly, this precaution was unnecessary.
Take the ramp and go to the bridge. Place it on the edge of a cliff. Now back to the overturned trailer with fertilizers. Operate crowbar of the trailer, and then his hand already on the trailer itself. As a result of these manipulations will turn Ben trailer and trap intruders will be ready. Return to the abandoned farm. There you are waiting. But it does not matter. As you can see, you are not in vain swarmed in a heap of fertilizers. Now - back to the trailer. Impact on the wrecked car crowbar. You have to take out the last desired item. Well, now you are ready to pounce.
Attention! You should be: Accelerators, antigravitator, shot with a broken car, and, of course, a trampoline, standing at the precipice.
Now, just ahead!
Arriving at the plant "Corley Motor", go down the road to the stadium. Go to the souvenir sellers and talk to him. When he turns his back, grab a yellow rabbit and return to the motorcycle. Sit on it and go up the road.
Impregnable fortress, you see, is the nest of the gang «VOLTURES», where he is now Marin. Use the rabbit in a minefield (alas, it is a necessary sacrifice.) Pick up the remaining of the batteries. Go back to the stadium to the souvenir sellers. Take control panel machine and play with it until you sit down batteries. Now insert your batteries and send the machine in the side entrance to the stadium (right). Seller will run for it (and will be busy with that for the rest of the game.)
Take a box of rabbits and go back to the minefield. Use the box in the minefield and immediately collect as many rabbits. Now available rabbits one by one and work your way through a minefield in their tracks. When you walk to the end, you get caught rockers «VOLTURES», among which is the Marine. She misled Ripburgerom, believes that you - the murderer of her uncle. You are going to judge lynching. You only have one opportunity to justify themselves. Here's what you have to say:
- Let me go or else ...;
- I'll call you names;
- Diapered Dynamo.
Then Ben shows Marin photos, incriminating Ripburgera.
After reviewing the documents, Marin convenes board to discuss plans for revenge Ripburgeru. It turns out that today, the stadium will show and you decide to become a Marine with the participants (you'll need the first prize - a motorcycle, which has a code of spare parts to the plant safe.) When you are in the stadium and the show begins, do this: jump to the left jump to the brown car, and then, pushing her ahead, take her to the right springboard. Drive the car on the ramp and drop down (so your trampoline will increase). Now overclocking and jump. Your car will face Marin machine (do not worry, everything is going according to plan.) In the collision of an explosion, and Marin catapulted into the stands. Again, as provided in the plan, your clothes catch fire. Climbed to the roof of the brown car and choosing the time, jump to the blue car Ripburgera. When it will pass by your burning car, jump and run to the fire.
Well, these guys you are repaid in full. Now you need to steal the first prize. Run up to the stands, they will light up, and all the spectators quickly flee from the stadium. In the excitement of the children «VOLTURES» stolen prize. Look at the details laid out in front of Marin. Look on one of the parts number 154492. This is the code to the safe in the factory.
Talk to Marin and you will learn how you can get to the plant. Go there and go to the back yard. Locate the small triangular stone wall (near the flashing balls) and hit on it with his foot. Opens underpass. Get into it and find yourself in the office of the president "Corley motors." Operate a light foot on the square in the floor to gain access to the safe. Type the code 154492 and click entanglement monotone. Take out of the safe testament president and his badge. Now Ben has all the evidence implicating Ripburgera.
Go through the door and use a poster of the president to pass electronic lock, which is located next to the first door. You go in proektorskuyu. Yeah, Ripburger already started the presentation. Let's have a surprise for him. Operate once up on the projector and the left lever twice - on the right. The projector will burn, but will come from the next room for a mechanic to repair. Go into the room that used to sit mechanic, and use the photos on another projector EASEL. Now everyone will know who the real killer of the president. Ripburgeru (oddly enough) manage to escape. Marin (according to his will) becomes president.
Finding flight Ripburgera, Ben Marin rush in pursuit. But the enemy is cunning - to wait on the side of the road while you drive, it suddenly appears behind you. Only a miracle you remain alive. Once on the truck, hit the hand on GRILL. Next, lift PANEL, and when it tries to close Ripburger stick, snatched it out of his hands. Apply the stick on the fan and get in close for the cab of the truck. Use an iron crowbar on the far right pipe. Here to you guys podospeyut «VOLTURES *. Truck gets inside the aircraft. Ripburger open fire with machine guns, aircraft and pilots will hide, leaving management. Unguided aircraft about to crash. And then it needs real heroes (like you). Wary guns, climb into the cockpit. Turn on the monitor, standing in the center, and select menu items in the following order: TAKE OFF, POST TAKE OFF, GEAR, RAISE GEAR. You could stop the plane at the last moment. Little bit more, and would have been it!
Where is the Ripburger? And here it is, hanging over the abyss, caught in a machine gun barrel. You can say goodbye to him - he did not have so long to hang out. Go into the cab of the truck, turn on the monitor and select: MAIN MENU, DEFENCE MENU, MACHINE GUNS, CONTROL, SYSTEM OFF (which translates as: "Farewell, my friend").
Well, that's all, with Ripburgerom over. However, the time for you to take away his legs. Quickly climb into the hole under the truck. Look to your left and you will see your bike. Did you leave the iron in need each other? ..
Get in it, start the engine and forward - to new adventures!
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