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DOOM 2: Hell on Earth DOS
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: Horror
Published by: GT Interactive Software Corp.
Developed by: id Software
Released: 1994
Platforms: DOS, Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Doom 2: Hell on Earth control keys
Is the sequel to the popular and revolutionary game Doom, which was published last year. In 1995, Doom II won the Origins Award for "Best PC game in the style of fantasy and science fiction in 1994." Unlike Doom, which was distributed by shareware-mail-order scheme, the game Doom II was sold in stores.


Action game begins shortly after the events of Doom. The player controls a nameless again a Marine from the game , the violence against the forces of hell on Phobos , Deimos and Mars in the original game . Once on his native soil , he discovers that she, too, was a victim of the invasion of monsters .
Over 30 levels (not counting the two secret ), the player once again faced with hordes of hell . At one point, he learns that the few surviving humans are at the spaceport . With it, they save on the transport ship. The hero is the only living creature on the planet and calmly awaits death, satisfied that human civilization is saved and can be reborn again somewhere in the depths of space . But a few minutes later, he gets a message from the fugitives that they found a place where our reality invaded by the forces of hell . Marine gets to the gates between dimensions , but sees no way to close them . In search of solutions , he goes to hell. In the end he finds a home huge demon and kills him. In the agony of the demon destroys hell, and invasion of Earth stops.

Recognition of the game

Doom II was very well received by critics and players. The number of copies sold has reached two million. At that time it was the most commercially successful game id Software: Received income was approximately $ 100 million
On the basis of this game was developed with episodes of Final Doom TNT: Evilution'' and The Plutonia Experiment.
After the release of Doom II most of the creators of the mods switched hands with Doom on it.

Versions of the game

Doom II is available in versions 1.666, 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9. The code name for commercial. In Russia, the most prevalent was not supported by id Software version 1.666 of August 25, 1994 (official version 1.666 dated 28 August) [source not specified 787 days].
In addition, has been ported to Linux, FreeBSD, and other UNIX-like operating systems, AmigaOS, etc.
There are also ports of Doom on a variety of game consoles: Game Boy Advance (release date 28 October 2002), Zodiac (11 May 2004), Xbox (3 April 2005), Xbox Live Arcade (26 May 2010).
Joined forces id Software and Microsoft Doom II has been ported to Windows, and the port is sold on the site id Software to date.


The game Doom II did not differ much from its predecessor either in terms of technology, either in the field of graphics, or in gameplay. The essence of the game still was to find a way to move from one level to another, by way of destroying the monsters. Little innovation in the area of the gameplay can be considered that, instead of three small episodes that can be played in any order, the game contains a great episode with periodic text plot inserts. This means that the player does not lose chosen weapons, ammo and armor to the beginning of a new episode.
As in Doom, level design changes as the story progresses. For example, on Earth Marine fighting on military installations and in the streets. Designers have tried to create three dozen different levels - from small cards like "arena" to the intricate mazes. The final level is turned on the one hand not very complicated in design, yet extremely rigid, can not relax for a second.


No major changes in the player's inventory Doom II did not bring , but the weapons and bonuses were replenished every game by one kind of items.


The game has added only one new weapon - a shotgun (born supershotgun - « superdrobovik ") - enhanced version of the shotgun. It is found in Doom 2 and Final Doom, uses 2 rounds for the shotgun for a shot , but has a much more powerful attack ( not 14 , as can be expected , while 20 kartechin by 5-15 points of damage on each , making possible the damage is slightly smaller than the corresponding damage from missiles) , and a high chance to knock the enemy's attack . Accuracy of buckshot is very low. Occupies one with a shotgun. Inflicts 100 to 300 units . If during recharge dvuhstvolki pay attention to hand the character , you can see that it lays the bullets with the left hand , however, appears to have enough fingers , hand, he holds the trunk, too, left .


The only new object is Megasfera (born megasphere), white ball with a moving face mankubusa inside , increases the amount of health and blue armor to 200 points ( ie , gives the maximum amount of health and armor player).


The main difference from the original game have new varieties of opponents:
  • Heavy weapon dude - the military , turned into a zombie . Armed with the same , as a player, six-barreled gun , so it can be especially dangerous at large distances due to the speed of bullets flying . Nevertheless , it health bit of 70 units. After the death leaves his weapon containing 10 rounds of ammunition.
  • Hell knight - muscular powerful demon with curled ram horns on manners and strong hooves , like a baron of hell from the first part . From the Baron of Hell differ only in color of skin and less viable ( half as much as the Baron , that is 500 hit points ) . In addition , a knight of hell makes a different sound.
  • Arachnotron - much like a smaller version of Spider - leader of the monster , as the weapon uses a plasma gun , the same as that of the player , the balls of plasma differ only in green. However , its rate of about half that at the gun player, which is compensated by considerable stock of health - 500 points. The monster's name is a portmanteau . arachnid (« spider ") and cognate him .
  • Pain elemental - reminiscent kakodemona brown monster spit out of his mouth more and more lost souls , until it is killed. At this point, it explodes and releases three more. Pain Elemental monster was the first Doom, capable of creating other monsters . Although it is itself defenseless , he can deliver a lot of trouble due to the ever-growing army of lost souls. But he has a weak spot - monsters that are created in the same location where the solid object , floor, ceiling or wall, dying instantly . Health stock is 400 points.
  • Revenant - tall monster that looks like a skeleton , but different white solid armor - plates in place of the chest. On the basis of the description given by this monster in Doom 3, where it appears in exactly the same way , the bones revenanta surrounded by an almost transparent flesh , however, and if the developers wanted to implement it in the original Doom, then the sprite technology did not allow it to do so. Among the terrestrial enemies revenant one of the fastest on the speed of movement . As the use of weapons mounted on the shoulders of launchers, launching rockets, some of which may Homes (they can be distinguished by the smoke trail ) . However, in contrast to its ability to homing missiles at such fire power is lower than that of the straight . In the melee strikes at his bony fist . However, for a single melee attack animation sequence , allowing time to time running up to him , and to impose a melee kill even a weak weapon (the other monsters in this case, finish the attack started .) Although not a very large supply of health in 300 points , is one of the most dangerous enemies , but with monster infight generally inferior in strength more tenacious opponents. Revenant English word can be translated as "ghost ", " comes from the world" , which is a direct reference to his " dead" mean , or " Avenger ".
  • Mancubus, also known as simply fatso - a fat monster with a very small head and very short legs. Instead, he mounted the forearm launchers , of which mankubus launches three series at two fairly dangerous fireballs . A thick layer of fat and skin well protected mankubusa , but it differs a slow speed and large size , which facilitates marksmanship on it. Health stock is 600 points. The monster's name probably goes back to the Latin. mancus that can be translated as " impotent ", " crippled ", " imperfect ", with the addition of the "demonic " end " - ubus " . It is also possible origin of the «man» + «cube» + «us», that is, " cube man" in the Russian language is spoken figure called the " three-sided " by analogy with a large closet .
  • Arch-vile - the fastest of the land of monsters, humanoid gold. In English the word vile can be translated as "evil ," " low," " vile ," which vividly describes his unique ability to resurrect the dead Doom monsters. However, he lacks the ability to resurrect the bosses, monsters and other archvaylov without bodies (and the player ) . This is offset by the fact that , in addition to the ability to resurrect , it can also use an extremely powerful magic attack , creating a fire under a player , burning and toss it up to the very end . A further complication is that the monster is able to do so at any distance from the player and you can hide just around the corner . Facilitates the situation is that archvayla long enough preparation for the attack , during which over a player dancing flames , but do not harm him . Due to an error in the procedure of the resurrection of a bug : when you return to a life crushed by the resurrected corpse of a monster was able to walk through solid objects . [1] Archvayla can use to their advantage : the player is substituted under attack and running in the right direction to the right , but the high places , and then archvayl finalizing and throws it up high, and the player flies to the right place . So it is possible to overcome some of the obstacles without finding the right keys and the other way . Life has been relatively high - 700 points. Among the usual enemies after the second Baron of Hell in the number of health.
  • Icon of sin - the final boss in Doom II and Final Doom. In fact , it is not an enemy but an architectural structure - a huge picture of a demonic face on the wall, which are emitted from the forehead in the form of cubes shells with skulls on the sides , and two objects : the boss - boss brain, the life force which is 250 points, and to be a rocket hit a certain way, and " boss spawner ", which produces and cubes . After reaching its cube of the movement at this point appears randomly every monster , except zombies, boss of the Spider , lost souls and Cyberdemon . If a cube stops on the player , you will see the monster kills him under any circumstances , even if the player is invulnerable mode , using fraudulent codes. In the game there is an Easter egg, which can be detected by using deceptive code to walk through walls, and go inside the icons in a hole in it . It consists in the fact that the brain has a boss sprite , which is the head of John Romero, impaled on a stake . If you remove the sound icon that says sin by coming to her player and play it backwards , you get «To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero».
In addition, the secret levels taken from Wolfenstein 3D, there Wolfenstein SS soldiers of the same game. Their health is 50 points. Also, for the second secret level, there hung Commander Keen games from Commander Keen, who plays the role of a boss level: it is necessary to kill in order to go further, though he is completely harmless, can not even move. SS soldiers are no different from the zombies Doom, but shoot more often and have only a single sprite shooting, looked toward the player, which is why you can not always see that they have entered into monster infight.


In contrast to the first part of the game Doom, the levels are not separated by episodes. In Doom II level 32, two of them - the secret. Levels are grouped in stages, between which the player is offered for reading text descriptions of the plot: MAP01-MAP06 - basements and rooms spaceport, MAP07-MAP11 - «hellish outpost», MAP12-MAP20 - city, MAP21-MAP30 - in hell. Apart - the secret MAP31 and MAP32.
As in the first part, DOOM II, each level has its own name:
MAP01: Entryway
MAP02: Underhalls
MAP03: The Gauntlet
MAP04: The Focus
MAP05: The Waste Tunnels
MAP06: The Crusher
MAP07: Dead Simple
MAP08: Tricks and Traps
MAP09: The Pit (« Hell ", taking into account Part - "that most everyone knows Pit" , as they call it Catholic) .
MAP10: Refueling Base (« Filling Station ") , comes from the technical Alpha Doom.
MAP11: O of Destruction!
MAP12: The Factory
MAP13: Downtown
MAP14: The Inmost Dens
MAP15: Industrial Zone (exit to the secret level 31).
MAP16: Suburbs
MAP17: Tenements
MAP18: The Courtyard
MAP19: The Citadel
MAP20: Gotcha! (" Gotcha " , short for «I've got you»). At this level for the first door in the middle of a large circular room with a platform Cyberdemon and Spider - leader who can make the face in mortal combat. The winner can get any of them.
MAP21: Nirvana
MAP22: The Catacombs
MAP23: Barrels o 'Fun
MAP24: The Chasm
MAP25: Bloodfalls
MAP26: The Abandoned Mines
MAP27: Monster Condo
MAP28: The Spirit World
MAP29: The Living End
MAP31: Wolfenstein ( German for " Wolf Stone" , a secret , a secret level exit 32).
MAP32: Grosse (" Large " , the name Beat the boss in the level of Wolfenstein 3D, secret ) . Two secret levels are the first and last level of the first episode of the game Wolfenstein 3D. Levels are made as close to its original , down to the secret rooms (although more of them ), but on a new level of graphics. The yield of the 31 -th level secret and is located on the 15th level, Industrial Zone, access to the 32 th level as hidden and is located on the 31 - m level. In Germany, Doom II came out without them because of the presence of the banned Nazi symbols , and when you try to go to the 31 and 32 levels by the cheatcode game crashes . However, the update is available on the internet game returns this symbolic levels ( enough to take the WAD- file from the English version).
In the Xbox version added to the 33rd level:
MAP33: Betray
Doom 2: Hell on Earth