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Burn:Cycle (Windows 3.1)

Burn Cycle Windows 3.1
Genre: Action, Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV), Video backdrop
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Shooter
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi
Published by: Philips Interactive Media International Ltd.
Developed by: Trip Media
Released: 1995
Platform: Windows 3.1


You thought you were just o small-time data thief. You were wrong. Figure out just what went wrong on your last job, or the Burn:Cycle virus will eat through your brain like battery acid in two short hours.


Your time begins from the second you hit NEW GAME on the Main Menu Screen. If you want to resume a saved game, choose RESTORE. Get a taste of life in Urban Central by hitting DEMO, or click CREDITS/EXIT to see the credits and leave the game.


Once you begin a game, you're seeing through Cutter's eyes. Whenever any action is possible, you see a cursor. Move the cursor around the screen to see what you can do.


If you're going to get rid of the virus, you'll need tools to use and items to barter. You can see what you're carrying at almost any point in the game by moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen. This brings up your inventory strip.
If you come across something that you'd like to take, move the cursor over it. If the item is movable, a grabber hand will appear.
Click and hold down either action button, then move the joystick. The item begins moving around the screen. Now drag it to the bottom of the screen into your inventory strip, and it's yours.


Once you have an item in your inventory, you can take a close look at it. Bring up the inventory strip, then click on the object once to examine it. Usually, you'll see the object in close-up. Look at all items carefully; sometimes there's more to them than meets the eye.


One object that you always carry with you is the virus. Its skull icon can be found on the extreme right of your inventory strip. Clicking on it brings up the Virus Screen.
Here's your way of knowing how much time stands between you and oblivion. Once you've started the game, there's no way of stopping the clock. If you need to take a break, you must save the game and restore it when you come back.
You can also control some game functions from the Virus Screen:
RECAP - replays the lost movie you viewed.
RESTART - returns you to the Main Menu. Any progress you've made since the last time you saved is lost when you choose this, so use it wisely.
SAVE - allows you to name and save your current game.
RESTORE - takes you back to a previously saved game of your choice.

The Virus Screen will occasionally appear on its own to remind you of the time remaining and to give you a chance to save your game. You can be sure that it will I pop up when your two hours have been exhausted, followed immediately by a painful death for Cutter.


When the Virus Screen appears, you'll often hear Cutter's voice. Most of the time, the voice is just commentary on your current situation. Occasionally, though, it offers hints. Should you get stuck, listen closely to this inner voice. It also comes to you once in a while when you're just wandering. If you'd like to interrupt this voice-over at any time, press either action button.


Short live-action movies play throughout the game, showing your interaction with others and with your world. Through these, you can discover who put the virus in your head, and how to get it out.
If you missed any details from a movie, you can see it again by hitting RECAP on the Virus Update Screen. This will play only the last movie you viewed. Should you want to interrupt a movie, press both action buttons simultaneously. This will cause the movie to quit playing immediately.


If Sol Cutter is going to survive the next few hours, he'll have to take a trip to the Televerse. Getting around this world inside a computer is a lot like moving around in Cutter's real world.


This is the Pulse. From here, you can get to any other place in the Televerse. If you're in the Televerse and want to get back to the Pulse, move your cursor down to the bottom of the screen, and the pulse jump cursor appears.
Click when you see this cursor, and you return to the Pulse immediately. This is important to remember, since lots of places in the Televerse have no formal exits.


Sol Cutter's first job is to get out of the heart of Softech, where a shockburst of data has flattened him. Someone's messing with Cutter's mind, and not even paying for the privilege.




Sol Cutter Softech is in the building and thought feverishly, what do you do? How to defuse growing the virus in his brain reserved for two hours? Yes, it will tell you the problem ... but the first thing you need - so it is out of the maze alive. Take the helmet, turn right and shoot the guard: then follow in the direction while dealing with the other on the way Garden. The move should be as follows: forward - left turn - forward one step - turn right - go ahead - turn right - forward two steps - turn left - forward - left turn - forward one step - forward to the exit of the maze. You entered the loading dock. Take two steps forward, and you will be presented the following picture: Cutter runs to the aid of her friend Chris. but he does not have time, and the girl dies. Now activate for 10-15 seconds your existing bomb (this time will be enough to have time to go away), put it under the door and run off.

The bomb exploded. Follow and formed passage, go to the body, Chris, her Open your jacket and take a credit card and a key. Then go ahead. Soon you will see the car, walk up to it and insert found in Chris key into the lock. Once in the cabin, place the image on the panel in the center and press the button.

Turn the POWER SYSTEM and turn left: about display are arrows - move them and press the button again. By controlling the gun, point to the place where you want to fly (in this case, you need to follow in Urban Central). Then turn right and turn the VTO. Be careful: just after take-off you will be attacked.

But problems will arise: damage to a small skirmish your machine, but important detail, so that upon arrival in the city you will be forced to look for a replacement. But first, hitting the Urban Central, you need to find a building with a circular logo on the entrance - a bank. Going into it, you must go to the credit machine and inserted into the womb of his Credit Card. You will see a puzzle, which should solve before the machine roll away your cash. The puzzle consists of six figures, you have to restore to their original location, and then press the center of the cross. It was possible - get 100 credits and go to the bar, which is located on the corner near the bank.

Entering the saloon, turn right, take a step forward, then turn left again and go forward a few steps. You were at the Psychic Roulette. Insert the credit card into the slot Psychic Roulette and remove it when a label "REMOVE CARD". Now you have to surrender to passion - and play. Rules of the game: you have to fold the triangle of intersecting lines (white) and do not give your opponent the first to fly. By winning, go to the bar for a prize, but first insert a credit card into the slot that appears robot and pass the coordinates Televerse (the only way Cutter will be able to get into the "nevroset" - see below.).

Go to the Stoics the bar in front of you there will be items to choose from. You must select the object, called the Meta-Neural Card. Now, refer to the guy napping on the sofa at the other end of the bar. It Zip. But first, you must click on the right side of the terminal to you. There will be a monitor. Stand in his credit card and click on the upper leaf. After watching the small fragment click on the piece with a question, and the computer will connect you with Zipom. All you can go and talk to the guy.

After talking to him, tell him Meta-Neural Card. Instead Zip gives you Time Patch (gizmo slows the progression of the virus) and Decoder. On leaving the bar you will see a girl, fought back from two types. Shoot them all there for long. Girl's name is Gail, get acquainted with her, and she will present you a pager, then remove. Go to the hotel and stay near the machine, and then call the pager Gail. Newly emerged girl "nice talk" with a hotel security guard. Then, borrowing from Valea guard, access device, plug it in the Decoder, dial 1965 and finish the operation by clicking on the "ACCESS". Go to the elevator and open the door at the first stop. In the hallway, stop at the second door on the right. The room head to the safe on the wall. Open the safe, you have to crack the access code consisting of wires of different colors.

To understand the code, you need to connect all the wires by color in the correct order. To begin better from above - in order to avoid the closure. Closing leads to an explosion, so it is better to pre-stored. After successfully breaking the code button appears, click it, and the safe will open. Pick up items lying there: smoke bomb, money, crackers have locks and night-vision goggles, which immediately and put on. Turn around, go to the right wall and put a smoke bomb into the hole. Exploded charge fill the room with the green smoke. You have to leave the building, and this will help you score points. All the time monitor arrow - so that it coincides with the other hand. The only way you can move forward.

Once in the elevator, press its button - and you get out to the outside. The lady will be waiting for you at the bottom. Give her her share and go to the bar to Zina. Hand guy rest of the money, and he will grant you a spare detalyushkoy by car, the one that you are looking for. Go to the car and, once in it, open the rear panel. Replace faulty part by removing from the container on the left a broken and pasting works. Now open the panel with the inscription "RAD HAZ" - in front of you there next puzzle. Arrange the mirrors so that the laser is reflected from the three contacts, and the engine starts.

Then shall follow another long video sequences, from which you will learn that Gail worked for Softech, etc. etc., then you grab her hostage and go with it to the Dock (this bastard is implanted in your head a bomb).

In flight, you again have to shoot from the attacking heat min, and the successful completion of this journey will constitute your landing near the bunker with a door impressive size. This is the entrance to the Doc's lab. To get inside, you have to come to the door and fix it on the surface of the crackers have locks (oval orange thingy). Activate it by pressing a single mechanism. Now you have to work hard on one another conundrum: it is necessary to place the arrow so that the color contact is connected to the sensors on the right and showed 100%.

Cracking the code, you will fall into the hopper. Go to the machine and paste Green Orb, found you at the hotel. Believe the right, move closer to the hologram panel control and restore the tattoo on the screen. After a long sequence, you will find yourself in Televerse - psychological "nevroset". Go in there and listen Comfort ASCII, then go to Nirvana, Sound Sculpture Arena locate and talk with his old partner Dili. Then go back into the desert and restore the Sound Tree - just remove all the pieces from the tree and put them back in the correct order: high in the middle, a little up. Click the icon with the voice, and the tree will sway. One of the leaves on the tree should be red, click on it.

Go back to the Comfort, and ASCII will give you access to the Cortex, which code - 001122. Dock tells us that you are in a trap: our body is somehow "computerized", and you can go back, only finding three "spree" part of the themselves.

Go to Nirvana and hover over the golden Buddha head, click, and Buddha will return to you one of the parts of your body. Returning to Comfort and explode there ASCII - so you liberate another "piece" of the flesh. Now you need to get to the Cortex. There you have to find Chris and talk to her, this is what will allow you to be yourself.

We move on to the final part of the adventure. You ought to go through the door to the room and talk (talks will be long and philosophical) with some Valley, that will lead you to the final puzzle. She somehow neutralize the virus and enable and disable the bomb, located in your head. The main task: Antivirus managing to overcome the maze, disable subcontacts and get to the core. But ... damn defusing a bomb, you can not go back to ... your body. Nothing, good-natured Valley will offer you a new female.

Becoming, sorry, lady, Cutter will get in the lab and pick out your old head (the virus), and then to take it in Softech. Turn right and click on the control panel located on the left of the screen. As you move into the lab. Take the box with his head and left the room, go down the hall, in his old room. Here you will meet with the old ... Cutter, sitting on the bed.

There appears Valley: sell suitcases with him and shoot the guy and his bodyguards. Now you have to get on the platform to take off (via terminal). Pace forward, to the terminal, and say goodbye to a disembodied Valley then

"Poppy" gives you a farewell sequence of collapse Softech Corporation and win Sola Cutter. Is it just a Sol?
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